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Obesity and overweight

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Weight Loss for life

obesity besity is the most serious public health problem of the 21st century. 20% of women living in metro cities are facing overweight and obesity problem in India. Control overweight & obesity in women,, improve the health, mental focus, physical activities, and boost

immune system of children, men and women creating healthy India.

How can i Lose my weight?

This is a very general question that clicks in every mind. To lose weight means you need to consume low calories food and have to do some physical activities such as Running,, walking as long distance etc.

Weight lose tips specially for women In the survey of nutrition agency, women are more suffered from their gain extra body weight than men. The reason is behind it consuming high calories diet and not any physical activities. Extra body weight is invitation card to invite chronicle disease such as sugar, diabetes, unbalance blood pressure etc.

 Avoid to eat high calories diet food

 Brisk walking and running

 Take the stairs walk

 Avoid the soft drinks

 Add physical activities

 You may intake fat burner

 Balance your diet Some weight related health problems  High blood pressure  Diabetes  Heart disease  High cholesterol  Some cancer diseases  Joint pain

provide balance diet and complete nutrition

Yash nutrition planet To stay fit & healthy‌..

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