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EX-12W21/ skull bandhani silk maxi dress

EX-12W09/ jersey top+mirrored sleeves EX-12W08/ rabari’eye’sed skirt

EX-12W12/ patched-up rabari silk dress

EX-12W13/ patched-up silk ‘kangri’ jacket

Hand knitted scarves from leftover fabrics, each one of a kind!

EX-12W01/ cowl jersey handstitched top

EX-12W20/ skull bandhani silk trousers

EX-12W02/ ombre bamboo jersey wrap

EX-12W17/ mirrored degrade jersey dress

EX-12W1o/ mirror’n’studs biker jacket

EX-12W14/ skull bandhani silk maxi skirt

EX-12W19/ chevron silk halter dress

cotton-tussar scarves with recycled fabric decorations

EX-12W20/ knotted jersey tie-dye tunic

EX-12W06/ chevron silk and ombre jersey dress

EX-12W07/ chevron silk maxi with metal grille

EX-12W11/ bamboo jersey ‘quilt’ top

Example lookbook- Folk Punk  

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