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Tom's of Maine Cleansing Mouthwash, Spearmint Review

Natural mouthwash products are becoming increasingly popular as a number of users search for formulas that take a different approach to freshening the breath, and Tom's of Maine has the brand power to help its Cleansing Mouthwash in spearmint flavor cause some waves in the market. Known for bringing interesting flavors and basic, easy-to-understand ingredients to its products, Tom's of Maine has made a mouthwash that earns raves among some users, but which is pushed aside by others as being ineffective or unpleasant to use. With a long list of natural ingredients that includes witch hazel, aloe vera juice, and menthol, this mouthwash may appeal to people in search of a natural answer to bad breath, though others are likely to find it's not the right product for them.

Bad Breath Beating Ingredients in Tom's of Maine Cleansing Mouthwash Flavor tends to be an issue for some natural mouthwash products, especially for users who are used to a sweet taste available in most major first-generation brands. Tom's of Maine earns mixed reviews when it comes to flavor; some users enjoy the earthy, different taste that's spiked with spearmint oil to achieve a cool tasting note, but others have a hard time getting past the taste of witch hazel, which is an astringent ingredient that isn't especially well-known for its kindness to the taste buds. Tom's of Maine Cleansing Mouthwash is targeted at addressing a host of issues in the mouth, including gum disease and tooth decay as a result of plaque buildup. Freshening the breath and preventing new bad breath from appearing are certainly ambitions held by the product, as well. As with many products, this mouthwash is produced with no testing on animals, though human testing through consumer trials yields both positive and negative feedback.

Is Tom's of Maine Cleansing Mouthwash the Bad Breath Answer? Whether Tom's of Maine can deliver the right formula for fixing bad breath likely depends on each individual consumer, and their specific case and halitosis source. Because the product lacks alcohol and contains moisture-promoting ingredients like glycerin, this mouthwash may be effective in preventing breath issues related to dry mouth, but the use of witch hazel, which is

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slightly drying, may counteract this effect to some degree. The natural plant oils and vitamin C included in the formula may do a decent job of clearing out bacteria, and some users have noted experiencing fresher breath after use for a fair amount of time. For halitosis concerns that stem from issues like drying or scent-fouling medications, however, this mouthwash may not be the best choice. Some users have noted that the formula leaves a “fresh� feeling in the mouth but doesn't seem to deeply handle breath concerns, and others report that the product has a burning sensation that makes it difficult to use. Kids may not enjoy the taste, though the natural ingredient list may make it a good option for parents concerned about the dental hygiene and breath of their entire family. Kids under six, however, shouldn't use the product unless directed by a doctor or dentist.

Weighing in on Halitosis Help with Tom's of Maine Cleansing Mouthwash When germ killers, oxidizers, and other typical mouthwash products prove to be too harsh or ineffective, people with bad breath concerns may wish to try Tom's of Maine Cleansing Mouthwash. Probably not the ultimate solution for every case, this mouthwash has some definite flaws but may help balance them out with the attention to natural ingredients and a more gentle approach to oral care.

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Tom's of Maine Cleansing Mouthwash, Spearmint