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The Natural Dentist Healthy Gums Peppermint Twist Daily Oral Rinse Review

A natural mouthwash can be any number of things; incorporating various ingredients from the herbal medicine cabinet and working with materials sourced without chemical additives or harsh processing, natural mouthwashes are sometimes very effective, while other varieties may fall well short of meeting users' expectations. The Natural Dentist offers a complete line of oral care products, and among these are its mouthwashes. The Healthy Gums Daily Oral Rinse in Peppermint twist is an ambitious product that mixes aloe vera juice (the product's active ingredient) with plant oils and various herbs including calendula and goldenseal. The formula even includes chlorophyll to promote moisture and oral health –an ingredient that turns the product a shocking green color. A complex mouthwash that strays from alcohol and other drying agents, this product may help halt bad breath, though it's likely not the dream solution for everyone.

Beating Bad Breath with The Natural Dentist Oral Rinse Taste is an important factor in any mouthwash, and can be especially critical for natural varieties. The Natural Dentist claims that this rinse is “new and improved,� with a peppermint flavor that's straight from nature. The taste is reported as being agreeable by some, though many users prefer the company's other, more citrus-like, flavor variety. Even with the use of fairly strong peppermint oil, users may pick up the taste of other ingredients, which, while not metallic or chemically flavored, may not be all that pleasant, either. The Natural Dentist mouthwash is primarily targeted towards improving overall gum health, and the plants and herbs included in the formula are typically used for promoting healthy gum lines and preventing gingivitis. Dealing with bad breath halitosis is an entirely different issue, however, and when put to the test, this rinse may be somewhat disappointing compared to other products. Developed by a dentist and accepted as a viable natural mouthwash product, the rinse has earned both praise and criticism from its users.

The Natural Dentist Oral Rinse Considerations for Halitosis

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Mouthwash Reviews | Best Mouthwash | Mouthwash TV

Aloe vera juice, along with the other ingredients in this natural formula, may do a good job of treating and supporting the gums, though its ability to kill bacteria that lead to gum disease may leave out certain types of organisms responsible for producing Volatile Sulfur Compounds, or foul-smelling gases in the mouth that lead to bad breath. More importantly, the rinse has been reported by some as leaving a clean feeling and fresh smell immediately after use, but the rinse may not last as long as desired –especially when eating certain foods, taking halitosis-promoting medications, or suffering from dental problems that contribute to oral malodor. On the positive side, the gentle nature of the rinse means that many parents may feel more comfortable about giving The Natural Dentist Oral Rinse to their kids for training good dental hygiene habits, though as always, it's best to talk with a physician or dentist before using with kids under the age of six.

The Natural Dentist Oral Rinse: a Bad Breath Dream or a Disaster? Whether this product effectively clears up any given case of halitosis is more likely to be a result of the type of bad breath encountered and the cause behind it. For dry mouth issues and some other types of bad breath sources, this may be the natural product that some consumers have been searching for without apparent end. Yet for heavy-duty breath issues that arise from more deeply-rooted causes, the rinse may simply be a natural-tasting gargle to achieve a clean feeling after meals. Sometimes, nature's power can be thoroughly impressive, while at other times, it can leave consumers wanting much more –the balance tends to tip on the specific needs of the individual buyer.

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The Natural Dentist Healthy Gums Peppermint Twist DailyOral Rinse  

A natural mouthwash can be any number of things; incorporating various ingredients from the herbal medicine cabinet and working with materia...

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