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ProFresh Oral Rinse Review

A lot of fuss has been made over the so-called second generation of mouthwashes that employ oxidizing agents to kill bacteria in the mouth. Odor eliminators, as they are sometimes dubbed, are indicated for killing off the bacteria that release VSCs, or Volatile Sulfur Compounds, in the mouth. These VSCs are largely responsible for halitosis, so it would seem to make sense that a product effectively attacking these bacteria would work well against bad breath. ProFresh attempts to distinguish itself from other oxidizers in the category with its patented use of chlorine dioxide. Other products that use “stabilized� chlorine dioxide, suggest the makers of ProFresh, aren't as effective. The company proposes that no other brand can offer the same product quality, but there are other types of non-stabilized mouthwashes available, and the claim of exclusivity is a bit suspect. While there may be some performance differences between stabilized and active chlorine dioxide, ProFresh is not without its own criticisms.

Bad Breath and Tasting Troubles with ProFresh Flavor may not be the most important factor on all mouthwash users' lists, but those with a sensitivity to unusual or chemical-like tastes may have difficulty keeping up their regimen with ProFresh. Described by several users as tasting like bleach (or at least, it's assumed, a taste that corresponds with how bleach smells), the formula has proven unusable for some buyers because of its flavor, while even those who praise the product occasionally note that they had problems dealing with the taste at first. Though it may be a nice break from mouthwashes riddled with mint flavorings or drenched with artificial sweeteners, ProFresh may be off-limits to some potential users with taste bud sensitivity. This product is indicated primarily for fighting chronic and severe halitosis, though it may have fringe benefits for oral hygiene. Through managing bacteria that often accumulate in tooth plaque, ProFresh may help keep the teeth cleaner and less susceptible to cavities, though users concerned about enjoying a significant dental benefit along with their breath freshening should probably consult with a dentist before purchase. Buyers should also be aware that the formula is user-activated before use, and any prolonged breaks in the regimen may lead to a spoiled product as an activated bottle will only last for six months.

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Mouthwash Reviews | Best Mouthwash | Mouthwash TV

Healing Halitosis with ProFresh? As with many of the modern oxidizing mouthwashes, ProFresh enjoys a fair number of users who report positive results for fighting halitosis with the formula. Without the ability to keep new bacteria from growing, however, the product may not be the right answer for users who are after long-term protection, especially when dry mouth or medication issues are to blame for bad breath. ProFresh has undergone various lab tests to show that it helps eliminate bad breath after use, especially in comparison to oral hygiene regimens that don't use other oxidizer products, and if users can get past the taste, the product may be a workable way to fight bad breath problems. Not all solutions work for all people, however, and ProFresh is bound to leave the occasional buyer somewhat disappointed. Parents should talk with a doctor or dentist before letting their children use ProFresh, as the risk of ingestion may be too great, especially for kids under six.

ProFresh Potential for Beating the Bad Breath Test When typical oxidizing mouthwashes seem to have an effect on bad breath but seem a little less than optimal, users may want to put ProFresh to the test and see if this special form of chlorine dioxide is really capable of going the extra mile. For some buyers, the difference may make this a product worth buying in bulk, though for others, the best answer for breath may lie elsewhere.

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ProFresh Oral Rinse  

A lot of fuss has been made over the so-called second generation of mouthwashes that employ oxidizing agents to kill bacteria in the mouth....