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Oxyfresh Patented Zinc Mouth Rinse with Fresh Mint Review

Mouthwash makers are frequently producing new and potentially effective ingredients as research into oral health and hygiene continues, and it can be a little difficult to follow all of the latest developments. Mouthwashes that make use of zinc are becoming especially popular for their ability to neutralize VSCs, or Volatile Sulfur Compounds, and Oxyfresh bases its formula on both zing and a proprietary substance it calls “Oxygene.” In combination, the ingredients supposedly kill off bacterial by-products and prevent the growth of organisms that can lead to tooth decay. As with many types of second-generation mouthwashes, Oxyfresh comes as part of a pretty big collection of products, and using the mouthwash alone may not be the most effective way to use the item. Nevertheless, the formula has the potential to help some people experiencing bad breath halitosis find relief.

Oxyfresh Patented Zinc Mouth Rinse for Bad Breath: Flavor, Function, and More Oxyfresh's Fresh Mint Mouthwash doesn't hold any flavor surprises in store –it's minty, and while the flavor may be too strong for some users as a result of the use of peppermint oil, the lack of alcohol in the product means there isn't any burning sensation or lingering overpowering feeling left in the mouth. Xylitol is also an ingredient in the mouth rinse, and this helps to fight cavity-causing bacterial plaque while also adding some sweetness to the flavor. A bit on the natural side without being too raw, the flavor may take some getting used to but is agreeable for many users. The product attempts to be comprehensive for oral care as its ingredients work towards “eliminating” bad breath while also addressing potential dental health problems such as gingivitis and tooth decay. Oxyfresh claims to get rid of bad breath halitosis by clearing out VSCs from the mouth and the back of the tongue, and some users do report that their breath seems fresher after use.

Is Oxyfresh Patented Zinc Mouth Rinse the Right Rinse for Halitosis?

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Mouthwash Reviews | Best Mouthwash | Mouthwash TV

Though the formula apparently takes care of VSCs once they're produced, it's not clear whether the ingredients are able to neutralize the actual bacteria responsible for creating these odor-causing molecules. For some users, this may lead to breath that is noticeably fresher right after use, but which doesn't stand the test of time. When the mouthwash is used with a complete breath control system, of course, this issue may be better addressed. Oxyfresh's formula offers a different blend of ingredients that may provide hope for people who have tried other products without much success, though it's applicability to all cases of halitosis hasn't been conclusively shown. The product can be used for oral care and breath control in children over the age of six, but like most mouthwash products, it's advisable to talk to a dentist or doctor before use.

Oxyfresh Patented Zinc Mouth Rinse Opportunities for Eliminating Bad Breath This mouth rinse has been marketed as a good soaking agent for dentures and other pieces of dental equipment, and so may be of some use even if it doesn't solve a buyer's halitosis problems. The product may be a good purchasing decision for people with stubborn bad breath looking for something new, and is probably a good choice for those concerned about using a more natural product. Without specifically attacking all of the causes of bad breath, however, Oxyfresh is likely to disappoint the occasional user, as is the case with most mouthwash products. An ambitious formula that steers clear of dry mouth-causing alcohol and the most typical sweeteners, Oxyfresh presents a product that may be worth trying for halitosis sufferers, so long as it isn't expected to be a perfect solution for everyone.

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Oxyfresh Patented Zinc Mouth Rinse with Fresh Mint  

Mouthwash makers are frequently producing new and potentially effective ingredients as research into oral health and hygiene continues, and...

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