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Visual Story A Special Educational Needs Resource Created by Rosie Emanuel for Mousetrap Theatre Projects © April 2012

Shrek The Musical is a show performed at a theatre in London called Theatre Royal, Drury Lane.  

You may need a map to find the theatre. Theatre Royal, Drury Lane is near Covent Garden tube station.        

To get to the theatre you will need to travel into London. You might take a bus, train or tube to get to there.


You can find the theatre by looking for the big, green Shrek sign above the theatre door. You can’t miss it!        

When you arrive at the theatre you will need to show your tickets to the usher. Then you can go inside and look around.                                                                                                                                                                                                              



There will be staff inside the theatre to welcome you and ask if you would like to buy a programme.      

Inside the theatre is a grand staircase. This leads to the theatre auditorium where the performance takes place. There is also an accessible entrance for wheelchair users.  



Inside the theatre you can have a look at the shop where they sell Shrek The Musical gifts, toys, CDs and programmes.  


Just before the show starts, you will go into the auditorium and find your seats. This is what the theatre looks like on the inside.        

Before the show begins you must turn off any mobile phones. You are not allowed to take photos in the theatre.        

When the show starts it will get darker. Now you need to be quiet. You will hear the orchestra start to play. People can clap at the end of songs and at the end of the show.        

There will be a 20-minute interval halfway through the show. You may want to go to the toilet. You can also buy a drink, chocolate or ice cream.        

When the show ends it will be time to go home. Remember to take everything with you when you leave.        

Enjoy the show!

Shrek The Musical Visual Story  

Shrek The Musical Visual Story

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