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LAUREN ALLEN Lauren Allen is one of MOURs fashion writers. She is the creator and writer for her own blog Lauren Allens Fashion Blog. Her goal is to show that it’s possible to wear high fashion looks on a budget and to prove that fashion is for everyone no matter your size, shape or lifestyle!

TRISH ALLEN With her 17 years of hands on experience in the world of cosmetics, Trish Allen’s style has been noted as “classic”, “natural” and “timeless.” More than anything she loves to enhance the natural beauty that she sees in each and every face that she works on.

CECI AMADOR Ceci Amador has wanted to be a writer since the young age of 10. She is originally from Guatemala and has a passion for books, fashion, cooking, and traveling. She hopes to one day publish her own books and create TV series. Ceci is one of MOUR’s regular writer’s online and in print!

PAUL BRADLEY Photography for me was once a hobby that quickly turned into a passion. I love shooting fashion photography but will pick up my camera and shoot anything given the chance.  Photography has given me an artistic outlet but I’m more than happy to throw down on some beer, wings and football.  I’m happy to share this life with my wife Charity, our son Gavin, and our German Shepard Khaleesi and Ralph Cat.

JESS BREIER Jess is the author behind MOUR’s blog –Jess 2.0. Through a healthy diet and exercise she is becoming the happiest and healthiest version of herself and hopes she can inspire others as well.

CRISTIAN CABALLERO Cristian has been with MOUR since the second issue! He is a well know photographer in the fashion industry of Lexington. His work can be found in La Voz newspaper, with the Lexington Fashion Collaborative and more! His work ranges from fashion to weddings, events and model development.

JESSICA CAUDILL Jessica is the creator of the blog, Sorry Mom, I’m a Writer. She graduated with a MFA in Writing from Spalding University. She is a regular writer for MOUR’s printed publication and online blogs.

JEANETTE ALVAREZ HART Jeanette enjoys spending her free time with her husband Patrick; getting lost, breathing the air of new places and capturing moments through her camera lens. She loves sharing her passion for photography and is proud to be part of the growing MOUR family.

RACHEL DEBERDT Rachel DeBerdt is a professional freelance makeup artist based in Lexington, KY. She has a Bachelor of Arts from Georgetown College, and currently works full-time as a color consultant at Sephora. Editorial photo feature makeup and avant garde makeup design are her favorites but she also enjoys doing makeup for weddings and events. Later this year, Rachel has plans to try out for the Sephora Pro Team.

ELLEN JENKINS Ellen Jenkins is currently a student at UK with hopes of pursuing her dreams in journalism. She has a passion for style and the impact of fashion on the world at large. Ellen aspires to build a career out of empowering and inspiring readers everywhere with her enthusiasm for fashion.

OLIVIA DOAN Olivia spent most of her childhood in Florida. When she turned 20 she started to travel; moving to NYC for 6 months, then to Lexington and she plans on moving to LA soon. Olivia loves looking at how fashion trends differ in these places, as well as bringing her own style to each place.

HOLLY KRUSE Holly is the salon Owner/Stylist of Moxie Style Studio in Downtown Versailles, Ky. For the past 6 years she has been an educator for Goldwell, conducting various hair color and hair care classes. She TRULY loves and appreciates the opportunity to work with the MOUR team! What a blast!

ADAM LEWIS Adam is an upbeat, outgoing and serious person born and raised in a small Coal mining county here in Kentucky. He started fashion photography about 3 years ago and is inspired by cultures, the roaring 20s, 17th century fashion and nature.


KATELYN LINCOLN Katelyn recently relocated to Lexington from Boston, MA. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in fashion design from Lasell College and is thrilled to be a part of Mour Magazine and the growing fashion industry of Lexington. You can follow her on twitter @Katie _ Lincoln.

JAIME SHOULDIS Jaime is a graduate of the University of Kentucky with a Bachelor’s in Integrated Strategic Communications. Jaime is a wife, a mother, a lover of fashion and a collector of art from both local artists and exciting travels.  She also likes to dip her toes in the writing pool here and there for Mour.

ERICK MOORE A graduate of Eastern Kentucky University, Erick is a visual display merchandiser and freelance artist specializing in the graphic arts, mixed media fine art, styling, accessory production and fashion/costume design. His works have been featured in group art shows chronicled by Radar magazine, Frontiers,, as well as The Chicago Tribune, and his custom designs have made appearances on LOGOtv & VH1.

JOSE MORALES Jose Morales is a Lexington based videographer with 4 years of video experience. His primary focus is on weddings and quinceaneras, although, he enjoys working in the fashion world, as well. Jose has worked with La Voz newspaper and is currently in partnership with photographer Cristian Caballero running La Voz Fotografia, a photo and video service.

JON SHOULDIS Jon is Mour’s resident food and drink specialist, a long time food enthusiast and a lover of fine bourbon. He has an affinity for any food or drink that is new, inventive and challenges his taste buds.  In each city he travels he always starts by looking for the local Farmer’s Market and all the places he can eat.

JIM TINCHER Jim is a photographer from Frankfort, Kentucky and has been so most of his life. He bought his first 35mm camera as a teenager in the 70’s. He learned to develop negatives and photos in a darkroom he built in his mom’s laundry room. While serving in the US Navy Jim continued his photography. Today he focuses his efforts on fashion, seniors and model development.



MITCH PHILLIPS Frankfort Kentucky born and raised In Lexington is where I spend most of my days. Chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool and shooting some photos outside of the school. Photography Videography Graphic Design

ROY YEUNG Roy is a Hong Kong native who spent most of his life in Los Angeles, California. He is the Senior Graphic Designer at Feeback Printing and Assistant Layout Designer at MOUR! He also has worked as a photographer for LA based designers and MOUR.


DEAR READERS, With MOUR’s first year under our belt we look back with an overwhelming amount of gratitude. The nine issues that we have created thus far would not be possible without so many wonderful individuals who gave to us their time and talent. For that, we are forever grateful. MOUR’s growth excites us everyday and we only hope it continues to do so for years to come.

FEATURED: Model, Actress & Miss Kentucky USA 2009


Along the way we have made new friends and memories, created beautiful art and built a team that we feel extremely proud of. Our first year also served us with a very important life often does. We were given a reminder to cherish our moments together with loved ones with the loss of one of our team members, Lee Ann Christensen. Wife, mother, grandmother, MOUR Copy Editor and dear friend to many. A truly inspiring woman, she was stylish, intellegent, supportive and caring. We would like to honor her by sharing her list of things to remember. We only hope this can inspire each and every one of you to do something positive today and everyday. (See page 8). As we face MOUR’s second year head on - with all of the previous year’s experiences under our belt - we want to make sure you, our fabulous readers, know how much we appreciate YOU. Your support means the world to us. We can’t thank you enough for your continued support and looking forward to having you along for the ride.



Lexington’s Fashion & Lifestyle Magazine


THANKS A MILLION! Tamra & Maggie 7

Lee Ann's

"Things to Remember" Practice love & forgiveness in spite of what is done to us. Ask God for His help to accomplish this. There is a "light shining" always even in the "darkness". Greatness can be achieved without fame and wealth. It can be achieved through teaching others the important things - how to love something, find one's self and express one's self. Life needs a balance between arts and sciences. Creativity needs room to grow. Do something positive every day. Tell as many people as possible something good they do. Show love, affection and courtesy to others. Admit your mistakes and allow yourself to receive forgiveness. Forgive others. All people are of value. This issue is dedicated to Lee Ann, my amazing mother.

"I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living my Mommy you'll be."

-Maggie 8

Ask Lexi Q: I see that metallic is a big trend for Spring and Summer. How do I make it work on a more casual level? -Monica

A: Honestly – you’re never going to feel super casual in metallic. It’s so shiny! BUT that’s the best part, it makes a statement. However, you can absolutely make it work. The trick is to keep it simple with your styling. Here are a few options:

1) Pair your metallic piece with crisp white. 2) Pair with a neutral color. Grey works too! 3) Pair with a simple pattern (think stripes). Most of all, have fun and be fearless! XO Lexi

Q: Sheer clothes have been popular for a while now. Are they still on trend? I have a ton in my closet and don’t want them to go to waste. - Katie

Photo Credits: &

A: Sheer, still on trend? Absolutely. In fact, the Spring 2014 collections had plenty of sheer elements. I don’t think we’ll be seeing this trend disappear for quite some time. And I, for one, am totally OK with that! Sheer is a fun and playful style especially for Spring. If you’re concerned with feeling repetitive, try wearing your sheer in a new way. If you are used to wearing your sheer button down hanging loose over pants or shorts. Try tucking them into a high waisted version. If you normally layer with a blazer, try rocking your sheer solo. So many options!

XO Lexi

To “Ask Lexi” visit



Lexstreet Style: The Ballpark


It may have been a cold and rainy day but that didn’t stop Legends fans from stepping out on opening day to support their team. And although bundled up, no one forgot their BLUE or GREEN!


Lexstreet Style: Keeneland PHOTOS BY JENNA ANDERSON

Saturday April 19th was a gorgeous day to hit the track. Practically perfect weather made this day at the races even sweeter. Style spotting at Keeneland never fails to thrill with so many different personalities expressing street style in their own way. The ladies were light and airy in pastels and our guys - while a few in traditional track attire - surprised us by swapping standard khaki color for a more vibrant option. We loved it! Show us what you wear to the races by giving us a shout on Instagram @mourmagazine #LexStreetStyle #TrackStyle



Wardrobe Styling: Lauren Allen Photography: Roy Yeung Model: Laura Howard Makeup: Trish Allen Hair: Tamra Graves

Shorts: Bluetique | Top: The Black Market | Sweater: Calypso | Bo ots: The Black Market | Necklaces: The Black Market and Bluetique


Entire Lo ok: Bluetique

With summer comes parties and get togethers of various dress codes. Here are some suggestions for the picnic, music festival, wedding and cocktail party that you will be attending. Take the suggestions literally or change it up to fit your personal style and body type. The most important part is that you have fun and fe el confident. 15

Shoes & Top: Calypso | Shorts: The Black Market | Necklace: RnJ Accessories


Dress: The Black Market | Shoes: Bluetique | Necklace: RnJ Accessories



By: Katelyn Lincoln

Second-hand is First Rate!

A consignment shop provides the perfect combination of thrifty and fashionable -- the customer has the opportunity to make money and find that designer outfit they’ve been dreaming of, without paying the designer price tag. Considering the fact that most consignment shops donate unsold items to local non-profits, this model is the epitome of a charitable business with a social conscience. Check out my reviews of a few of Lexington’s consignment shops below and you will never need to pay full price for style again! Sassy Fox Upscale Consignment | 1301 Richmond Rd. #312

The staff at Sassy Fox has a discerning eye that allows them to bring you only the best in designer fashions. They accept brand names exclusively and reserve the right to refuse items based on their past experience. You can find formal wear, work wear, and casual wear at their Lexington location, and they also have a shop in Louisville. Some wardrobe staples I found at their Lexington store include nude pumps, pearl necklaces, and collared button-up shirts (perfect for the office!). Looking for wardrobe staples like these are a great strategy when shopping consignment because second-hand stores offer, almost exclusively, clothing from past seasons. Save money on timeless pieces that never go out of style, and splurge on that statement piece from the latest collection by your favorite designer! While I was combing the racks, I noticed a basket of free clothes hangers available to customers and a small donation box for the Lexington Humane Society by the register. These two seemingly small things are an indication of Sassy Fox’s commitment to its community and customers. Sassy Fox also donates unsold clothing at the end of each season to local women’s charities and churches. “Consignment stores offer a way to look great and freshen up your wardrobe without blowing your budget -- consignment is also a great way to recycle, trading out things you no longer wear and making money for new clothing.” -- Brenda Moreland, owner, Sassy Fox Upscale Consignment Room Service, Inc. | 933 Liberty Road | Having just moved (twice within the past year), I immediately migrate to the home goods section of every department store I go to. Even the discounted stores are still too pricey for me. So, when researching consignment shops in Lexington, to find one devoted to the home was a relief. You can find enough furniture and home accessories at the aptly named Room Service, which has been in business since 1994, to decorate your whole home on a budget. The styles vary as well, representing several different tastes of decor. Whether you’ve moved to a bigger place and need to furnish an entire room (or several), need a few basic pieces to pull your room together, or want to update the look of your bedroom, dining room, or office, Room Service can fulfill your needs. The store runs their sales on a schedule or mark-downs, starting at 10% off after 30 days and an additional 10% off every 30 days thereafter. While I was there I was able to snag an Ethan Allen coffee table for under $50! “The purpose of buying consignment is to acquire better quality for less money. This is especially true with some of the older furniture, the construction is much


better than what is being made and sold currently”, says Julie Selby, owner of Room Service. Some pieces may require a bit of imagination and re-styling (I plan to sand and re-finish my new coffee table -- thank you, Pinterest!), but one of the great things about consignment shopping is the chance to take what once belonged to someone else and make it your own. You can copy the displays at Room Service, which do a great job of helping you to see their furniture in your home, or get creative and come up with your own look. “Consignment stores are also able to offer a better selection of merchandise than traditional stores. Because we receive things from so many sources, it is like Christmas every day! Our store changes frequently as things come and go.” -- Julie Selby, owner, Room Service Ladybug Landing | 392 Southland Dr. | Ladybug Landing is an upscale consignment shop with a specific clientele in mind - kids! Every parent wants to give their child the very best and with Ladybug Landing, they can purchase brand name clothing, accessories, furniture, and even toys for up to 70% off the retail price. The shop itself is cheerful and welcoming with stylized displays that draw in the customer. They even carry some UK gear! The store is well organized with separate areas for children’s wear, a special section solely for boutique brands, and maternity wear for moms-to-be. While moms shop, children can occupy themselves in the play room, dads can wait in the designated waiting area for dads, and, of course, there’s a changing table for baby in the restroom. Parents can shop with confidence at Ladybug Landing because they don’t sell any items that have been recalled and you can find a list of recently recalled children’s items on their website. While perusing the shop, I noticed that much of the clothing on the racks still had original tags on them. It turns out that while Ladybug Landing consigns with moms and families, they also consign with children’s boutiques that are looking for outlets for their overstock items and clothing from past seasons -- meaning customers are getting brand new items for over half off every day! Sarah Meyers, owner of Ladybug Landing, says “I always love to see successful retail boutiques in our area because as long as people are purchasing their things, they will make their way to me next year!”, and she makes a good point. If you admire the retail shops in your community, you’re more likely to find the clothes and styles you want in that community’s consignment shops. But, in Ladybug Landing’s case, consignments come in from across the state and even beyond Kentucky borders. “I have consignors that find us online as well as those who used to live in Lexington that maybe moved away who still ship items here to consign”, says Meyers. “Probably my favorite aspect of my shop is that we are not limited to a set number of brands or styles. We receive a little bit of everything from traditional local designs to regional or European styles. There is something for everyone.” -- Sarah Meyers, owner, Ladybug Landing When thinking about local businesses that do the most good for the community, consignment shops are one of the first to come to mind. The idea of recycling while simultaneously sharing your style with your neighbor is one every frugal fashionista can get behind. I invite you to visit these local second-hand stores, either as a customer or a consignor and see for yourself! Share your fashion finds with me @Katie _ Lincoln on Twitter!



“…I don’t feel there are other stores that can even remotely duplicate what I’m doing.” It takes serious cojones to speak with such confidence, but after recently celebrating thirteen years of being in business, Melanie Williams has earned that privilege. As the owner of The Black Market, she has devoted a great deal of attention to detail and to her customers to create a downtown boutique all her own. “You can tell by looking at my store that there’s no real consistency, and I think that’s what makes it fun.” Since purchasing the store in April 2001, Melanie has gradually built up, incorporated fresh with found—something old and something new—enlisted the help of local artists, and put it all together in a reimagined space that’s eclectic and vintage inspired. Inside the delightful mishmash, one notices the painted tin ceilings, the concrete floors, hand painted signs, displays made from repurposed wood, her private collection of vintage figurines, skirts and greeting cards with florals and funny animals. Today, a pair of sandals sits by a pastel sewing machine; tomorrow, maybe a typewriter someone threw out. “It started when I was a little girl.” Melanie recalls where she got her love for different time eras, reminiscing about her grandmother’s colorful beaded necklaces and velvet pill hats. As a responsible proprietor of a boutique that sells clothing, she’s mindful of fashion trends but makes sure to create a seamless, seasonless palette of items that her customers will want to wear six months from now, forming a distinction between trend and trendy.


“I didn’t really know this was what I wanted to do.” An aspiring chiropractor turned businesswoman; she was young, in college, had little money, and decided she wanted to open a store. Thirteen years later, The Black Market stands out among a group of nearby businesses that are predominately owned by women. Melanie initially wanted to open multiple stores, and even contemplated an online store for customers outside the Lexington area who look for the unique style she offers. Then a customer walks in looking for the perfect necklace to go with her blouse, or asks something like, “Does this skirt really fit me?” And Melanie is there to give honest advice until the customer looks as good as she feels. With each year comes a different project for her one and only location: last year the signs received facelifts; this year, perhaps the walls will get a fresh coat of paint or get dressed in vintage wallpaper. “My goals change constantly.” Always thinking and on the move, owning a shop allows Melanie to channel her active nature, which is as vibrant and flowing as the fabrics that make up the clothing she sells. As shops come and go, so do ideas for her shop and for the neighborhood. But, just as she eventually purchased the adjacent space and turned it into a room for shoes, if it stays in her mind long enough, she makes it happen. She opened The Black Market with no more money to her name than what it cost to buy the space. She meets the artists who build the displays and signs; she goes to market and purchases every item; she helps customers put together outfits. Self-taught and self-motivated, she does it all. “People told me from day one ‘don’t work too much, you’re going to burn out. I have not once in thirteen years felt burnt out. I need days off— who doesn’t—but I love it.”







Originally from Honduras, Soreyda Benedit-Begley first moved to Kentucky in 1998 and since her arrival, she has been one of the greatest leaders of the fashion community here in Lexington. “I believe I was born a clothing designer. I’ve been sewing since I was 13 and began working in the fashion industry when I was 14 in a Maquila (sweatshop) back in Honduras,” Soreyda comments. She’s come a long way since those days, with runway shows in New York, Chicago and Atlanta, Soreyda is now one of Lexington’s most wellknown designers. Yet, Soreyda is known for much more than her amazing and unique designs. Here in Lexington, Soreyda is known for her community involvement, for her constant striving to get Lexington’s fashion scene to thrive and for founding Lexington’s own Fashion Collaborative. Soreyda’s involvement began with talks and lectures at the University of Kentucky and Transylvania University, about her experiences in the sweatshops; at the same time, she was doing custom sewing for clients that had heard about her from her various presentations at the universities. “One thing led to another, and before I knew it, I was already organizing the first Future of Fashion show in 2009. What truly drove me to get so involved was the desire I saw on many of my clients to have the option of buying locally made clothes and goods. Unfortunately, there weren’t all that many options, so I decided to take an active approach to it and that is how Lexington’s Fashion Collaborative was born.” Over the last few years, Lexington’s fashion scene has seen some big changes; still, Soreyda believes there is a whole lot more to come. When she first came here, Soreyda recalls how there was no “fashion-scene” to write or talk about; still, once it began to grow, many in Lexington were dubious and doubtful about it.

“The fashion scene is presented through the media in many places as something that is exclusive for the rich and the famous, and this is one paradigm of the fashion industry that we seek to challenge in LFC. We want everyone in Lexington to find their own unique style, to understand that fashion is not limited to what’s trending each season.” Being involved to such an extent as Soreyda is with the community is hard work and timeconsuming. So much indeed, that Soreyda now believes her greatest challenge when designing and working on her collections is the actual finishing part, “I’m full of ideas, yet short on time to sew. Making clothes has become a challenge for me these days; my husband and three kids are my priority and I try to focus on them as much as I can.” Still, if there is one thing Soreyda truly appreciates, it’s the artistry and craftsmanship that comes into play when making clothes. Her love for true craftsmanship in clothes is what makes her look up to designers such as Oscar de la Renta and Karl Lagerfeld. According to Soreyda, both of these designers use traditional fashion construction techniques - techniques that are, unfortunately, disappearing in the modern fashion world - along with valuing the importance of hand sewing techniques. It is these designers’ beliefs and practices that Soreyda wants the Lexington fashion community to see. Fashion is an art form; it should not be about mass production and price tags. “Here in Lexington, we have the advantage that we have started from scratch, and this has given us freedom to make the fashion scene here whatever we want it to be.” Without a doubt then, the fashion scene in Lexington is going to keep growing. It has come a long way, but it still has many more places to go and anyone can join in the trend. WWW.SOREYDA.COM WWW.LEXINGTONFASHION.ORG 21



Celebrating our 22nd year






One Year Old By Lauren Allen

Photo: Roy Yeung Model: Bailey Morken Dress: Naomi Campbell

Hair: Holly Kruse & Cheyenne Wells Makeup: Rachel DeBerdt & Trish Allen Nails: Yehiny Gabriel All Accessories: Bling It On All Shoes: Models own 23

The last year has been a whirlwind of never ending fashion for Lexington. MOUR has officially had its first anniversary and we could not be more excited. MOUR has grown from printing 500 copies every other month, to publishing 6500 copies monthly and still expanding. The fashion industry in this fast growing community is also expanding and thriving. This year alone, we have had 8 MOUR publications, 3 fashion shows, 2 art museum exhibits and countless fashion statements. We know that the people of Lexington love to have fun with fashion, especially at events in town like Thursday Night Live, Keeneland and even Kentucky Basketball games, and they have inspired us as much as we hoped to inspire them. From sassy to sophisticated and even edgy, Lexingtonians expressed their fashion sense while celebrating the change of seasons at many local events, and we were lucky enough to capture these looks through the “Street Style” segment in every magazine. Not only does MOUR love local fashion, but we also love local businesses. From boutiques to bars and restaurants and your perfect fitness locations, MOUR’s writers have explored all corners of the city to expose our readers to the best of the best that Lexington has to offer. We are only just beginning to tap into the wonderful talents of this town. In the last year, MOUR has put a spotlight on over 30 different local businesses that we recommend to all of our readers because we think they are amazing and we hope you do too.

Photo: Adam Lewis Model: Myah Winbush Suit: Elizabeth Galacia Earrings: MOUR Closet 24

Photo: Adam Lewis Model: Jenna Anderson Dress: Erick Moore


Photo: Jim Tincher Model: Grace Maas Dress: Erick Moore


Photo: Paul Bradley Model: Karah Miller Dress: Soreyda Benedit-Begley 27

Photo: Jeanette Alvarez Hart Model: Sarah Terry Dress: Jacques Mugnier One event that is on the fashion radar for this year is “The Event Lexington� from June 5-8. This will be a fun night of art, food and fashion, showcasing the immense creativity that Lexington has to offer. Lexington Fashion Collaborative has also been excelling this year. For the first time ever, LFC has been able to come together to display local fashion designers in an art museum for a Spring and Summer exhibit. The best thing about this is that Lexington is starting to embrace fashion as an art form as much as they are using it to express themselves in street style. LFC is a group that brings together designers, stylists, hair and makeup artists, writers and all around fashion lovers to do what they love. It also gives them a platform to show off their talents, similar to, and in conjunction, with MOUR. As we grow as a magazine, we hope to grow as a fabulous fashion family of readers, writers, designers and boutiques. Check back monthly for the newest issue and every day on the website for new blog posts.


Photo: Cristian Caballero Model: Halina Fedchanka Dress: Jacques Mugnier


Photo: Jim Tincher










mix it up: birthday surprise Since we are turning 1 this month, we thought, why not celebrate with a delicious adult beverage? A sophisticated spin on the birthday shot - enjoy May babies! By Jon Shouldis Photo: Jeanette Alvarez Hart

1/2 ounce - Dark Rum 1/2 ounce - William Wolf Pecan Bourbon Spritz of Lime Mix together ingredients and pour into shot glass. Top with 1 tablespoon of whipped sweetened coconut milk



Work it out with Almon Gunter By: Ellen Jenkins | Photography by Paul Bradley This month I had the awesome opportunity to get a personal training session with Almon Gunter, a worldrenowned motivational speaker, trainer, speed, strength and conditioning coach and two-time Olympic track and field qualifier. He showed me a great easy-to-follow, total-body workout that I’m here to share with you! (Almon suggests using a 5 lb medicine ball or weight with this work out! Also, before you begin the circuit, try a few minutes of cardio to get warmed up. I like running a few flights of stairs or jumping jacks. A few minutes of jump rope is fun too!)


STEP 1: Cardio Begin standing. Take three steps forward starting with right foot, bend knees and reach down to your right in a lunge. Return to standing and take three steps back. Repeat on the left side. Repeat step 5 times or until you feel warmed up.

STEP 2: Squat Begin standing, legs shoulder width apart. Bend knees and squat, keeping legs square and parallel to the ground. Return to standing. Repeat 5 times.

STEP 3: Side Shuffle Begin standing, take three shuffle steps to the right, squat and touch the ground on the right. Return to standing and take three shuffle steps to the left. Squat and touch the ground on the left. Repeat step 5 times on each side, alternating sides continuously.

STEP 4: Core Twist Holding a medicine ball or weight you are comfortable with, begin standing, squat down to your right root then stand and twist up over your left shoulder then return back to your right foot in one fluid motion. Repeat this step 5 times on each side.

STEP 5: Standing Core Begin standing, feet shoulder width apart, holding your medicine ball or weight down in front of you. Raise your weight up above your head then back down in front of you. Make sure you keep your tummy tight! Repeat 5 times.

STEP 6: Standing Core II Begin in same standing position as step 5. Extend your medicine ball or weight directly out in front of you, twist, keeping your hips square, to your left then swivel all the way to your right then back to center. Repeat twisting to your right first this time. Repeat step 6 times, alternating sides.

STEP 7: Almon’s Push Up Begin in push up position, keeping abs tight. Lower yourself all the way to the ground, then lift your hands off the ground and hold for 5 seconds. Put hands down and push yourself back up to start position. Repeat 5 times.

STEP 8: Reverse Push-Up Begin in a reverse push-up position with hands facing forward. Start with arms straight, supporting your body off the ground then bend elbows and slightly lower to the ground and back up to start. Repeat 5 times.


1. A beautiful but simple 5. Make it a theme!

table setting. No need to be formal, just have fun with it! Grab some fun cloth napkins from a clearance bin or sale rack and fold them on a beautiful plate and your table is instantly transformed. Don’t want cloth? Paper is great too! You can find fun paper napkins in almost every store. Grab fun colors, patterns and even ones with writing in both dinner and cocktail size!

Have a fiesta on Friday! Whip up your favorite south of the border recipes, grab some tequila and if you’re feeling extra fun hang up a piñata for decoration. Use colorful southwest style napkins, colorful plates and throw some brightly colored peppers in a bowl for a fun center piece for the table.


Want to throw a large 2. Fresh flowers from your local grocer or Farmer’s party? Send out invites Market make a great center piece for your table or a few weeks in advance to are a great way to add color to any room. Throw make sure you have a great them in a vase or an old bottle (we like crowd. You can use an e-vite to keep old glass milk bottles around or find simple and inexpensive paper invites to add a little fun) and you have a on websites like VistaPrint or Shutterfly. quick and easy center piece. Move your furniture to the outsides of the room, rent a few high top tables and put out lots of chairs. Make bite size food 3. Check out your local antique that is easy for your guests to mingle and & consignment shops for unique munch. Set up a bar, stocked with alcohol, table and serve ware (dishes, bowls, mixers and lots of ice, and let your guests platters, etc.) No luck there? Discount have fun mixing drinks and getting to know each shops like Homegoods and Tuesday other. Morning have great fun finds for your table.

4. Cold Outside?

Take your desserts to the living room, light a fire and cozy up with your favorite friends. Play a board game or just sit around have a few laughs to end the night. Summertime fun? Take the party outside after dinner to the porch or yard and enjoy some summertime drinks and sweets.

No matter the type or size of party you’re throwing, just have fun with it. Being formal isn’t always the most comfortable and inviting. Just make sure it fits your personal style so that you and your guests can all enjoy the party! By: Jaime Shouldis | Photos by: Jeanette Alvarez Hart 35


H O T SPOT: A CUP OF COMMONWEALTH BY: JESS BREIER PHOTOS: JIM TINCHER It’s more than coffee. It’s about community. A place where everyone is welcome and made to feel comfortable. A place with outdoor patio furniture inside. A place where local artists can display and sell their artwork. A place where, for an entire day, they gave away free coffee for any University of Kentucky student. It’s about giving back to the community. When Shelia Bayes Fine Jewelers was broken into they offered free coffee for the week to anyone that worked, in any capacity, with Shelia Bayes or made Shelia smile, because that’s what you do for your community, the same community that rallied behind them when they experienced their own break-in in December. Chris and Sal opened A Cup Of Commonwealth July 1st of 2013 with the mission of Embrace Community, Serve Others and Create Culture. When things get stressful or they feel they are straying, they refer back to the mission. Always coming back to the three core values of Community, Culture and Service. While working together at Whole Foods in Texas, Chris and Sal wanted to come up with something new and innovative when opening a new Whole Foods location. For the market’s bar they started “Buy Your Buddy a Beer”. From that the Pay it Forward Board was born. You can purchase a drink for a specific person, for anyone or you can make people meet a certain requirement. They have had people sing and dance and much more for their coffees. So stop on by A Cup of Commonwealth. Check the Pay it Forward Board for something that pertains to you. Buy a Pay it Forward coffee. Check out some artwork. Check out the jet pack. Oh yeah – they have a jet pack. Now all they need is some jet fuel.


105 Eastern Avenue Lexington, KY |



The famous words of Audrey Hepburn, “Paris is always a good idea,” certainly ring true in a little corner of Lexington. To find a small piece of Paris here in our own town, you don’t have to go far--just head over to National Boulangerie & Patisserie on Walton Ave.

As I sat at my table with coffee and a journal, I was instantly at home. I’m sure I sat there for an hour or two, admiring all the enticing breads and pastries, just wanting one of everything. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting the Boulangerie several times, and each time I have to try something new. The breads are incredible, This quaint, French-inspired bakery my favorite being the classic is the real deal. As soon as you French baguette. Fresh and walk in the door, you are instantly perfectly crisp every time, I’m sure transported to the City of Light with I get one almost weekly. one whiff of fresh, buttery croissants and robust coffee. The atmosphere The coffee is superb, but what’s even is simply inviting, the perfect mix of better is the hot chocolate. Rich trendy and cozy. Andrea Sims, a co- and delicious, the handcrafted hot owner, has decorated the stunning chocolate offers sweet warmth and interior with great style and attention comfort, especially during this endless to detail. With red leather booths lining winter weather. The bakery also the walls and beautiful white marble offers a variety of specialty teas, all everywhere, you can’t help but think of which smell amazing. In addition you’ve just walked into a café off the to the fresh breads, the Boulangerie streets of Paris! presents us with truly decadent pastries, all beautifully decorated by the hands of artists.

Recently, the bakery began offering a full menu of lunch items, including artisan sandwiches, fresh salads, soups and to-die-for quiche. National Boulangerie was opened in December by Table 310 owners, Krim Boughalem and his wife, Andrea Sims. Since then, the café and bakery has enjoyed a great success. Future plans for the bakery include a four-phase expansion within the same building to incorporate a restaurant as well as a market. Whether you’re looking for the perfect cup of French roast coffee and a delicious pastry or you need a little corner to sit and journal in, the National Boulangerie will surely inspire you! I insist you get on over to this fantastic new café and experience everything it has to offer. I’m certain you’ll leave feeling like you’ve just returned from a trip to France. C’est magnifique! 37

MOUR LIFE By Olivia Doan

Mother's Day Gift Guide Take your mom to Painting with a Twist. Experienced artists will walk you step by step through a painting, so you both come out with a masterpiece. $35 for a two hour session.

For the mom that’s been like an angel to you, pick up these adorable angel candles from Pink Spider for only $4 each.

Take your mom out on an intimate Mother/Daughter date at Charlie Browns. The restaurant walls are lined with books and the cozy atmosphere couches for seating and dim lighting - make for the perfect spot to catch up with each other. Plus the food is great!

Doing a DIY project is always a great way to show you put time and effort into a gift. Not only are these picture blocks easy to do; Mom will love them. 1. Get 2” wood blocks. 2. Print off your favorite family photos. 3. Apply a layer of Decoupage Glue (ModPodge’s Matte Glue) to the wood, and place a picture on. (The cut, rough edge of the wood will be harder for pictures to stick to so first apply a layer of glue and let it dry on those ends). 4. If you want a more vintage look you can sand the corners of the blocks down.


Pick a favorite picture of you and your Mom and put it in one of these lockets from HandPicked so you’ll always be close to her. $20 each.

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MOUR Magazine | May 2014 | The Anniversary Issue  
MOUR Magazine | May 2014 | The Anniversary Issue