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Diploma — Social Work

Congratulations and Welcome to MRU! Welcome to Mount Royal University! We are here to help you begin your transition to becoming a Mount Royal Student. Within this document you will find advising and registration information that will help guide you through course selection and class registration.

YOU’RE ACCEPTED, NOW WHAT? Step 1: Review your Offer of Admission letter and follow all directions To maintain acceptance in your program, you must meet your conditions and final/official transcripts need to be received at Mount Royal by Aug. 1, 2014. Step 2: Pay your registration deposit To reserve your spot at Mount Royal you need to accept your Offer of Admission and pay your nonrefundable Registration Deposit of $200. Visit, select Apply then Accept Offer/Pay Deposit. Step 3: Activate your MyMRU account MyMRU is your online registration, fee payment system and one-stop information site for all things Mount Royal. Visit See directions on how to activate your account below. Step 4: Start using your MRU e-mail We will communicate important information to you through your MRU e-mail account. Check your e-mail regularly. Step 5: Be advised and register for classes Your program-specific advising information is available in this guide. Here you will find details on how to get advising information and register for courses. Course registration begins Apr. 14, 2014. Have you taken post-secondary or AP/IB courses? If so, we will automatically assess your transfer equivalencies once we have received your final/official transcripts. Once assessed, you will be able to view how the transfer equivalencies satisfy requirements for your program. Step 6: Pay Fees Tuition and fees are due Aug. 13, 2014. For more information on how to pay your fees visit Step 7: Attend New Student Orientation We’ll be keeping you up to date with important information on New Student Orientation (NSO), Sept. 2 & 3, 2014, to help make your move to Mount Royal a smooth one.

ACTIVATE YOUR MYMRU ACCOUNT » »Visit » »Select Activate Your Account » »Read and accept the Acceptable Use Policy terms » »Complete the details using your name, date of birth and Mount Royal Student ID number found on your Offer of Admission letter

To activate your student account, select the e-mail link in the top right hand corner of MyMRU. If you get stuck, check out the Activating your MyMRU Account tutorial found at beadvised/tutorials. For further assistance, please call the Mount Royal Technology Help Desk at 403.440.6000.

COURSE REGISTRATION GUIDE It is your responsibility to register in your courses and ensure that the courses you select meet the program/ graduation requirements. Your first year course requirements are outlined in this document.

REGISTER ONLINE »» Log into »» Select Student Resources tab »» Select Registration under My Account »» Register using the Look Up classes link »» Select Term and choose the appropriate term (e.g. Fall 2014 credit)

REGISTRATION ASSISTANCE Further information about registering for credit courses, waitlisting for a course, cancelling your registration, troubleshooting error messages, and frequently asked questions is available online or consult the current Academic Calendar. For assistance in registering for courses contact Credit Registration: »» 403.440.3303 or toll-free 1.877.676.0686 (8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.). »»

TRANSFER EQUIVALENCIES To be considered for transfer equivalency, each course must have been completed at a recognized accredited post-secondary institution with a minimum passing grade. Regardless of when a course was completed, normally it will still be considered for a transfer equivalency. However, limitations do exist for time-sensitive courses, e.g. Computer Science, Midwifery, Nursing, and Science. You can find more information online including timelines for transfer equivalency assessments and how to view your transfer equivalencies. If you miss the time line, as specified for any given semester, the transfer equivalency may not be established in time for course registration. This may affect whether a course prerequisite has been met.

COURSE PREREQUISITE REQUIREMENTS Prerequisites are listed in the course description section of the Academic Calendar and in the online Course Listings. It is your responsibility to ensure you have met the prerequisites for your registered courses. Failing to meet course prerequisites will result in automatic de-registration.

TRACK YOUR PROGRESS WITH mruGradU8 mruGradU8 is a degree audit program that will guide you in your course selection as you move through your program. You can access mruGradU8 through under the Student Resources tab. In addition to the advice you receive from your academic advisor, mruGradU8 is a great way to stay on track!



GENERAL EDUCATION General Education (known on campus as Gen Ed) is dedicated to creating intellectual habits and abilities that take you across academic disciplines and beyond one specific job description. At Mount Royal University, each Gen Ed course introduces you to thematic areas outside your major. Gen Ed invites you to experience all that academic life has to offer by exploring courses from other faculties and fields. A Gen Ed component is included in every bachelor’s degree, applied degree and diploma program at Mount Royal. The exact number of Gen Ed courses ( you take depends on the credential you are pursuing, but up to 30 per cent of your course load will be Gen Ed.

HOW DOES GEN ED WORK? Mount Royal’s Gen Ed has been structured to complement your program of study. You can tailor your courses to fit your interests and your schedule. Gen Ed courses are divided into four thematic clusters, as shown in the chart. The chart also shows the three Gen Ed tiers you will move through, depending on which program you are in. Gen Ed course requirements vary by program, so please check with your program advisor to confirm the courses needed for your degree, applied degree or diploma. For more detail, visit

Diploma — five Gen Ed courses required You will take: »»one Foundation course from Cluster 4; and »»one course from each cluster, which can be comprised of Foundation or Tier 2 courses

Diploma — Social Work To graduate with a Diploma in Social Work you must complete 20 courses. There are three components to a diploma: 15 core courses, five General Education courses and a practicum. To complete a diploma in two years you will need to complete 10 courses each year. It is your choice to the number of courses you complete each term. However, it is critical that you always complete the core courses each semester to stay on track. If you decide to take fewer than five courses per semester, make sure you take the core courses outlined in the Academic Calendar. To be a full-time student you must be in at least three courses (9 credits) to a maximum of five courses (15 credits). Courses that are restricted to specific programs (e.g. Nursing, Interior Design, etc.) will not be available to you. You can register only in classes for the Fall Semester at this time. The schedule of classes for the Winter Semester will be available at the beginning of October and you can register for your second semester towards the end of October. You must check your access date under the student resources tab to find your personal registration date.

WHO IS MY ACADEMIC ADVISOR? You will be emailed a more detailed advising and registration package by your Student Academic Advisor, Gina Coupland, or 403.440.6997. The Social Work Department reserves enough seats in the core social work classes for all admitted students to obtain a seat. Specific new student mandatory advising dates, times and locations will be e-mailed to you, please ensure that you check your e-mail.

FIRST YEAR COURSES All core courses must be taken in the sequence shown. For information on how to choose your Gen Ed courses, please see your advisor.

Year One, Semester 1 [Fall], Sept. – Dec. INTS 1240 – Fundamentals of Interpersonal Communication SLWK 1114 – Introduction to Social Work Practice SLWK 1187 – Social Welfare Policies and Issues SLWK 2224 – Practicing Social Work from a (Canadian) Indigenous Perspective PSYC 1105 – Introduction to Psychology

Year One, Semester 2 [Winter], Jan. – Apr. SLWK 1215 – Social Work Methods SLWK 1216 – Counselling Skills SLWK 1287 – Social Work Practicum I (3 days/week) PSYC 2235 – Life-Span Development General Education Requirement

MARK YOUR CALENDAR NOW Apply for residence NOW Apply for scholarships & bursaries Apr. 14, 2014 Course registration begins for new students Aug. 1, 2014 Final/official transcripts due Aug. 13, 2014 Tuition and fees due Sept. 2 & 3, 2014 New Student Orientation Sept. 4, 2014 First day of classes Students are expected to adhere to all critical dates and deadlines as outlined in the Academic Schedule of the 2014/15 Academic Calendar. For a complete list of dates and deadlines applicable to new students, visit Learn more about Academic Advising Services or to find your advisor, visit

YOUR STUDENT CHECKLIST Now Find out what courses I need Check to see if all my transfer equivalencies have been applied to my program Register for courses Check mruGradU8 in MyMRU Register for New Student Orientation Download MRU app

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August Pay tuition by Aug. 13 *Do not forget! Get my campus card Get my U-Pass (if I’m a full-time student) Activate gym membership (if I’m a full-time student) Buy text books

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Social Work - Advising Guide