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WINTER 2016-17

From the Heart Mount Pleasant — The Heart of Westchester County

Tri-State Consortium

Assessing our schools’ performance Last month, Mount Pleasant Central School District served as host to 14 administrators and teachers from nine different school districts across the tri-state region. The Tri-State Consortium serves as a consultation group for members, all of whom are high-performing districts. Every three years, a group of “critical friends” is invited to visit the district as part of the Middle States accreditation process as well as to provide feedback to an “essential question” posed by the

The Mount Pleasant Central School District Newsletter

Volume 16, Issue 2

Teachers and administrators meet with “critical friends” at a round-table consultancy during a three day Tri-State Consortium visit.

host district. Because the essential question is developed by each district, the information received is very targeted and purposeful in helping the district reflect on current practices and develop plans for future growth. The essential question posed by Mount Pleasant administrators and teachers this year was “To what extent does the Mount Pleasant Central School District provide opportunities for all students, regardless of grade level or instructional

program, to construct viable arguments, justify conclusions, and critique their own, and the reasoning of others, while solving challenging problems in mathematics?” This question sought to explore the degree to which our students are effective critical thinkers. Similar to the question that was posed at our last Tri-State visit with regard to language arts, the district believes it is crucial for children to become good problem solvers across all subject areas. The focus on math came following a fine-tuning of the structure and curriculum in the math department over the past four years. Being a part of the Tri-State Consortium has many advantages according to Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Mary Ellis. One of the best aspects of the Consortium is the professional relationships that develop from working closely with colleagues from other high performing school districts and from learning about best practices in other area schools. While a TriState visit is infinitely informative for the host district, there are also tremendous benefits to being part of the group of critical friends that visit other schools. In addition to Continued on page 3

Important Dates Kindergarten pre-registration

Parents of children entering kindergarten in September 2017 should fill out a pre-registration form, available at www.mtplcsd. org. The form should be submitted by February 3, 2017. Pre-registration forms are also available in the Hawthorne Elementary School office and the District office.



Feb 2-4 at 7 p.m. Feb 5 at 1 p.m. March 26 at 1 p.m. J.S. Whearty Theater at Westlake High School

March 24, 25, 31 and April 1 at 8 p.m., March 26 at 1 p.m. J.S. Whearty Theater at Westlake High School

Out-of-district transportation forms

Students attending an out-of-district school in September, 2017 must fill out a transportation application and return it to the District Office no later than April 1, 2017. Applications are available at under the “Transportation” quick link on the home page.

FROM THE HEART • Winter 2016-17

Looking forward As we step into 2017 and continue with this school year’s work, it is an opportune time for us to reflect on the accomplishments achieved so far and commit to achieving our best as we move forward together. Susan Guiney, School buildings - Facilities Ed.D. Since school began in September, the district preSuperintendent

“The beginning is the most important part of the work.” Plato, The Republic

sented and successfully passed a facilities bond that focused on building infrastructure and safety in all of our schools. The summer of 2017 will see the beginning of this work which includes a new roof installed at Westlake Middle School and at the Westlake Auditorium. As part of facilities work included in the district’s annual budget, a new boiler system will be put into place at Columbus Elementary. Additionally, Hawthorne Elementary’s facade work will be completed this year. Information about these projects and others will continue to be provided at board of education meetings and in newslinks to the community. We are thankful and excited to begin these projects that will have a tremendous impact on our schools. Planning for the Future - The Strategic Plan Here in Mount Pleasant, we asked the question, “What will our school district look like 5 years from now?” Planning for the future can be a challenge! In order to create a strategic plan that meets the needs of our school district, strategic planning meetings have been taking place over the past year. Parents and members of our school community viewed the film “Most Likely to Succeed” and shared ideas about schools and

education with members of the board of education and the district. Teachers contributed their thinking about the future of our schools at faculty meetings. Groups of 8th and 9th graders were asked about their vision of their school. Finally, the district’s administrative team met to determine what really matters in our schools and what the future may be for the district. With the assistance of international professional developer and educational consultant, Lynn Sawyer, the district has a draft strategic plan ready for the board of education to review as we look ahead to 2017 and beyond. The plan commits to 6 areas of focus: leadership, academics, students, facilities, finances, and the community. Wildcats on the move! During the winter months, seniors begin to receive college acceptance letters. As you enter Westlake High School, notice the college banners decorating the lobby that represent the schools where Westlake seniors will be attending. Plans and auditions for the high school musical The Little Mermaid are underway for the spring and the middle school is in rehearsals for Getting to Know the Sound of Music. They are going to be sell outs for sure! At the December board of education meeting, we recognized the varsity scholar athlete teams and varsity athletes and coaches who had a great fall season. Check out their achievements in this issue. Wishing you a very happy, healthy new year and I look forward to seeing you in 2017!

Giving Students A Voice - Principal’s Leadership Group


What’s the best way to get students invested in their school and education? Let their voices be heard and give them a chance to be part of the decision making process. That’s what WMS principal Dr. Adam Bronstein is hoping to do. Modeled after the successful Principal’s Advisory Group at Westlake High School, the newly formed Principal’s Leadership Group (PLG) consists of 6-8 elected representatives from each grade level who meet with the principal and assistant principal on a quarterly basis to advise on issues of importance to the student body. Because every student is enrolled in a social studies class where they learn about civics, citizenship and government, it was a logical choice to hold elections within this class. Candidates were required to make a brief speech about why they wanted to repre-

sent their class, then the students voted on whom they felt would serve them best. As Dr. Bronstein points out, the role of the PLG is to help problem solve and prioritize the interests and concerns of the whole student body. Representatives are given the opportunity in class to gather feedback from their “constituents” and then bring their findings to the PLG. They brainstorm to come up with realistic solutions that can be enacted, and then report back to their class. Some of the issues raised in the initial meeting include: moving toward online textbooks, bringing in more recess equipment, opening up fields to allow sporting games at recess, and allowing cell phones at lunch. The PLG group takes these collective ideas back to their social studies class and determines by

majority rule what are the most important items to look into further. At follow up meetings, they will work together with Dr. Bronstein and Mrs. Parrottino to effect change. 7th grade representative Kelly Andrews is confident that their efforts will make a difference. She notes that all the teachers are extremely supportive and are happy to work to make the school a better environment for all. She says she “enjoy(s) being part of this group because I know I am helping my school and making a difference, even if gradual(ally).” Giving voice to student’s concerns and allowing them to understand the process and reasoning behind decisions made is a positive step in keeping the students invested in their school.

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school visits, Consortium members are invited to attend quarterly study groups as well as participate in conferences with world-renowned speakers. All of these activities keep educators up to date and push their thinking to the next level. Preparing for a visit is no small task. During the 2015-16 school year, a district Tri-State Consortium Visit Steering Committee was formed which was chaired by Ms. Ellis, and included principals and teachers. Members of the Steering Committee worked with teachers in their schools’ buildings to gather “artifacts” which allowed the visitors to learn about what we as a district have been doing in the area of mathematics. Artifacts included everything from student work and class assessments to curriculum plans and formal state assessment results. Additionally, surveys provided an opportunity for parents, staff, and students in grades 3-12 to share feedback about experiences related to problem-solving in mathematics. The visit, which lasted three days, consisted of an informative introduction by Superintendent, Dr. Guiney, an analysis by the Consortium of all the gathered

artifacts and survey results, interviews of administrators, math teachers, parents and students and finally, multiple classroom observations. These activities allowed the visitors to dig deep and give meaningful feedback to the essential question being posed. At the conclusion of the second day, a formal “round-table consultancy” took place to illicit more information, provide expert suggestions, and help the visiting team come to conclusions about what is being done well and what might be done better. The Tri-State group praised the Mount Pleasant CSD in several areas. They were especially impressed that all members of the school community were unequivocally opening their doors and eager to talk about what is good and what still needs to be done. They also commended the intensity and level of professional development that math teachers have received in recent years. They provided positive feedback about the structural changes that have taken place in the program (for example, departmentalization of instruction in grades 4 and 5, and “math-and-a half ” in the middle school which provided 50% more instruction

time for students each week). Finally, they praised the practice of student choice for 8th-12th graders in determining their path of study within mathematics. Recommendations from the group are in areas where the district continues to work. Ensuring that math is being taught consistently across grade levels has been a focus of the district for the past several years and has been embraced by the teachers. The district will benefit from an examination of the K-12 math curriculum and instructional practices. This ensures that what is being taught and assessed in each grade is preparing the students to be successful in the subsequent grade. Clarity about what students know, understand and are be able to do is the heart of curriculum design and instruction that occurs in classrooms each day. Collaborating with the Tri-State team, who has a vested interest in sharing knowledge about best practices in education, supports our work as a district to move forward in designing a curriculum that will create the critical thinkers of the future.

FROM THE HEART • Winter 2016-17

Tri-State Visit

High School Scholar’s Program

Principal’s Leadership Group pictured with Dr. Bronstein and Mrs. Parrottino

Back row (L-R) - 8th graders: Marilyn Morocho, Olivia Cartano, Isabella Graci, Juliette Galletti, Hamad Azhar. Middle row - 7th graders: Daniel Sanchez, Jack Davis, Avi Makhijani, Isabella Badagliacca, Michael Straface, Kelly Andrews. Front row - 6th graders: Jospeh Miele, Julia Zhinin, Christina Czechel, Jenna Cain, Johnathan Rubeo, Michael Clarke, Ryan Fudale (not pictured Taylor Crow, JP Fiorenza, Sera Mishra)

Students curious if they will be prepared for college level classes when the time comes now have one more opportunity to test the waters before leaving Westlake. Qualifying juniors and seniors can earn credits through St. John’s University in one of three electives taught by social studies teacher Mandy Goldstone: criminal law, psychology and sociology. Assistant Principal Dan Novak is very enthusiastic about the opportunity this affords the students. He stresses that the “experience of college level work is a huge benefit”. To qualify for college credits that may be transferrable to some universities, students are required to have minimum GPAs and college entrance exam scores. The classes have been well received by the students. Senior Blerina Verzivolli said the criminal law course served to solidify her decision to pursue a career in law enforcement. The lively class discussions, interesting guest speakers and field trips to local prisons keep the students completely engaged. For more information, students can talk to their guidance counselor.


FROM THE HEART • Winter 2016-17

Working together to improve our schools Chris Pinchiaroli BOE President

The annual budget vote will be held on May 16, 2017.

2016 was an exciting year. Just a few months ago, we said farewell to the Westlake High School Class of 2016 and then welcomed the Class of 2029 to Hawthorne Elementary School. We saw the retirement of several beloved teachers and staff, but then welcomed multiple new additions to our team. These new members of our learning community worked hard to collaborate with their colleagues and bring to our buildings fresh ideas about how to best prepare young minds for the future. For another year, your school board kept the district’s budget within the “tax cap” while supporting and expanding academic and extracurricular offerings. We asked you to support an infrastructure bond to make necessary repairs and improvements, and you did. We look forward to starting a number of “shovel-ready” projects by summer 2017. The work will be done in phases in all of our buildings. We

anticipate that real improvements will be evident by the opening of the 2017 school year. With staff and community input, we are putting the finishing touches on our Strategic Plan and will adopt and publish it in the coming months. The plan will be the end result of many months and countless hours of work all centered on questions such as “Where do we want to be in 5 years?” and “How will we get there?” We are also carefully monitoring spending and are working diligently to craft a fiscally responsible 2017-2018 budget that supports our existing programs and that provides the resources for adopting worthwhile initiatives that put students first. Our annual budget vote will take place on May 16, 2017 and we welcome your questions and input. So, thank you for a wonderful 2016 and join me as the District looks forward to an even better 2017.

Mount Pleasant Tech Updates Hour of Code

Mount Pleasant once again took part this year in the “Hour of Code”, a global movement to introduce students to the world of coding. The goal of the movement is to give every student in every school the opportunity to learn computer science with the hope of increasing diversity in the field. Mary Knopp, Library Media Specialist, coordinated several “Google hangouts” (live chats) with coders for the 6th graders. Karen MacPherson, a coding instructor at Fullstack Academy, told the kids it was “like learning a second language” and that “anyone can do it”. Students were encouraged to ask questions and learn more about what it takes

to pursue a career in computer science. Later in the week, they met in the computer lab and were introduced to Code. org, a website that teaches the basics of coding. The students were able to program the Disney character Moana to follow the commands they chose. Students at Columbus also had a chance at the action. Using the same program, 3rd-5th graders were able to manipulate Star Wars characters in ways they never thought of before. They learned quickly that accurate commands are essential to avoid unintended actions. The enthusiasm at all levels made it evident that this is an area of great interest to many. The possibilities are limitless!

Left: Coding instructor Karen MacPherson talks to 6th graders about a career in coding; Below left: 3rd grade students program video games; Below: Westlake students experiment with “Makey-Makey” in the new Makerspace area


Westlake’s Makerspace Thanks to a grant from Southern Westchester BOCES, Westlake’s library has a great new space for students to explore, create and construct. The newly laid out “makerspace” contains a Padcaster and green screen to simulate a video production studio, “spheros”- robotic balls controlled by a smartphone, and “Makey Makey”- an invention kit that turns everyday objects (such as a banana) into electrical conductors. Librarians, Phil Cutrone and Mary Knopp, and computer aid Dawn McFarland, in addition to middle school technology and math teachers Ely Perry and Angelica Cusma, have worked tirelessly to bring this exciting technology to our schools. While all have received training, they agree that the best way to utilize the space is to make it a place where students are self directed based on their interest and can learn through trial and error. Mrs. Knopp reports that “the kids love it! Through this process of inquiry, students are able to make connections between things they learn in class with skills needed to conduct successful experiments.” The staff is working to re-purpose a corner of the library to allow plenty of space for continued creativity and invite students to come in during their free time to learn more.

Veteran English teacher Janet Matthews had the trip of a lifetime in November. She was one of only 14 U.S. educators to be chosen for an exclusive Fellowship in the Middle East called Teachers Educating Across Cultures in Harmony From L-R: Janet Matthews presents to the Education Ministry in Bahrain. The entrance of Qatar Academy. Visiting (TEACH) hosted students in Abu Dhabi. by the Bilateral US-Arab Chamber of Com- Curriculum Leader, she spent 32 years as the English and Science departments colmerce. TEACH is a collaborative platform an English and creative writing teacher at laborated to develop the curriculum for bringing together US and MENA (Middle- Westlake Middle and High School. She was the Critical Reading and Research course East and North African) educators to share the ELA curriculum coordinator at West- to encompass honors science. During her best practices in teaching. lake and has numerous national awards presentations, Ms. Matthews explained The goal of the TEACH program is to and recognitions for her contributions in that the course strives to teach the essenfoster mutual understanding and respect teaching, including being chosen as a Ful- tial skills of deep analyzation of non-fiction between the two cultures. It helps Fellows bright Scholar. Her travels and teaching text in addition to effective writing and foster long-term educational connections have taken her to South Africa, Botswana, researching. For students wishing to earn and learn how to replicate student success Tunisia, Nepal, the Galapagos Islands and honors credit in science courses, they must seen in other parts of the world. Indonesia. She can now add Bahrain, Unit- engage in an independent scientific reIn that vein, the themes of this year’s ed Arab Emirates and Qatar to that list. search project in an area of personal interTEACH Fellowship included: 1) sharing During the in-country portion of the Fel- est. Ms. Matthews was able to convey the best practices for programs and teaching lowship, Ms. Matthews and her colleagues success of this program to educators in the methodologies, 2) closing the gap between spent 12 days traveling around three coun- Middle East who hope to develop the same traditional education and the needs of a tries meeting with many different players skills in their students. global workforce, 3) applying STEM (Sci- in the educational system. They convened The collaboration doesn’t end when the ence, Technology, Engineering and Math) with international business leaders to dis- Fellows return home. Often times, onto solve human issues and 4) creating glob- cuss ways curriculum can better address going communication between the Fellows al citizens in local classrooms. the needs of major employers. They met and their regional counterparts is estabOne of the challenges facing MENA edu- with curriculum directors at the Education lished to continue sharing best practices cators is preparing students to be innova- Ministries, and finally, they collaborated and develop curriculum plans together. tors for the future of their countries. The with school administrators and teachers One of the true benefits of the TEACH MENA education community has great re- to discuss the interests in STEM, the use of program is that the Fellows gain an underspect for their American counterparts and technology, the International Baccalaureate standing of the Islamic educational and culhopes to emulate some of the successful initiatives, and the importance of a bilin- tural practices and bring their experiences American teaching practices. gual education among other topics. back home to share with their students, The Fellows, selected from more than 80 Ms. Matthews’ extensive involvement in colleagues, and communities. Breaking applicants, represented 12 states across the implementing the 9th grade Science Hon- down the stereotypes and fostering an apUS and came from a variety of educational ors option program at WHS set her up to preciation for international cultures helps fields. Ms. Matthews certainly held her own be an excellent candidate for the TEACH create better global citizens and hopefully amongst this select group. Before retiring program. The MENA administrators were portends a more peaceful and collaborative last year, only to come back part-time as a immensely interested in how teachers from world for future generations.

FROM THE HEART • Winter 2016-17

Multi-Cultural Teaching

WMS - International Baccalaureate Update Well over a year into the candidacy phase of the IB Middle Years Program (IBMYP) at Westlake Middle School, administrators welcomed a visit from IB consultant Fred Meyers to solicit feedback on the progress being made toward authorization. Mr. Meyers met with IBMYP coordinator Dr. Susan Cowles-Dumitru, along with Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Mary Ellis, WMS Principal Dr. Adam Bronstein,

teachers, parents and students. They discussed the standards and practices being implemented to align with IB requirements. The school was highly commended and received extremely positive feedback. In all subject areas, WMS is progressing quickly toward their goals. Teacher training will continue over the next year with Westlake Middle School currently on track to be an authorized IBMYP school by Fall 2018.


FROM THE HEART • Winter 2016-17

And kudos to … Scholarship Winner

Congratulations to senior Aidan Healy who was awarded the 16th Aimee Chu Hung Braun TravelStudy Scholarship during the National Honor Society induction ceremony. The award recognizes students who give of themselves to others. Aidan is active in the Junior Corps of the Thornwood Fire Department serving over 600 hours and just completed training to be a “First Responder”. He also is being promoted to Eagle Scout this month.

Area All-State Musicians

Cordelia Jannetty performed with the All-State Mixed Chorus December 1-4 in Rochester, NY. She was chosen after she received 100 on her vocal solo last spring at a NYSSMA festival. On November 10 several Westlake students participated in the Area All-State Music Festival held at Purchase College. The musicians were selected to perform based on their high scores at the NYSSMA solo festival last spring. Chorus members included: Talin Bedonian, Aidan Glendon, Cordelia Jannetty, Brian Mesquita, and Serena Sam-Zee-Moi. Band performers were Deanna Forella on flute and Peter Vogel on baritone horn.

Athlete of the Week


Senior Kelly Martin was chosen for the prestigious Con Edison Westchester Scholastic “Athlete of the Week” award in December. She will be honored this June at a dinner with all the recipients and will have opportunities to win several valuable scholarship awards. Kelly is a member of the 2016 Section 1 Class B Volleyball Championship Team and Regional Finalists, boasting a 99 GPA and currently ranked #2 in her class.

63 inducted to National Honor Society

63 juniors and seniors were inducted into Westlake High School’s chapter of the National Honor Society in a ceremony on January 5. Inducted students have maintained a combined minimum average of 88 percent over their high school career and have demonstrated exemplary leadership, character and service. New inductees are: Jetmir Asllani Victoria Aviles Haseeb Azhar Talin Bedonian Sally Bedus Elizabeth Brentano Allison Brunetto Sara Bruni Juliana Castellano Amelia Caston Zachary Chapins Vanessa DelDuca Kiera Donnelly Joelle El Hamouche Tyler Eslauf Meghan Falanee Michael Farina Julianna Galluccio Luciano Giannini Emily Giuseffi Angelina Guarnieri

Ryan Hayes Jennifer Hutnik Allison Ianucci Cordelia Janetty Isabelle Joseph Taylor Karaqi Brian Kelly Kane Lyons Christina Mangione Gabriella Maniscalco Daniella Maric Philip Markuszewski Maeve McArdle Erin McMorrow Anthony Minda Daniella Mulvey Dhanya Mundackal Divya Mundackal Katelyn Murphy Caroline Murray Tanner Neal

Terence O’Brien Jesi Oswald Arianna Palmiero Charles Panzarella Christopher Panzarella Nicholas Papaleo Kelly Pierce Susan Pinchiaroli Danielle Porco Cayleigh Power Julia Remo Ariana Rich Julianna Roma Kathryn Ross Emily Rubino Lauren Schneider Christine Sharabun Kaia Sherman Stephen Simone Megi Syku Austin You

Italian Honor Society welcomes 32 members

On November 9th, 32 new members were inducted into La Societa’ Onoraria Italica, Sezione Francesco Redi (Italian Honor Society, Francesco Redi Chapter). The goals of the Italian Honor Society are to give recognition to students who have achieved excellence in Italian studies as well as to promote a greater understanding and appreciation of Italian culture and civilization. Inductees include: Sebastian Bogado Gina Calvi Zachary Chapins Vanessa DelDuca Joseph Di Liberti Daniella Drossas Joseph Ferri Olivia Fratta Brianna Greto Angelina Guarnieri Taylor Karagi

Vanessa Lembo Christina Mangione Gabriella Maniscalco Anthony Minda Daniella Mulvey Robert Musial Tanner Neal Arianna Palmiero Aaron Perl Nicholas Pippo Vincenzo Pullano

Julia Remo Ariana Rich Nick Rivello Julianna Roma Joseph Ruggiero Angelica Seigler Vincent Sica Nicholas Tobiasen Juliana Urrico Samuel Viveros

Lion’s Club Students of the were nominated by their teachers and guidance counselors for their exceptional Month Ali Falkenberg and Aidan Glendon have been chosen as Thornwood Lion’s Club Student of the Month for November and December respectively. The two seniors

service to their school and/or community. They were recognized at a Lion’s Club dinner in January and received a plaque for their “service above self.”


Westlake Middle School’s All 4’s on Paws club, a group of about 30 students organized by PE teacher Tina Nicodemo, help to raise awareness for pet adoption. They held a drive for pet toys and supplies for the Briarcliff SPCA. The club collected blankets, toys, and food. The students have the opportunity later in the year to visit the shelter and see up close all of the animals they have worked so hard to help.

Spanish Honor Society welcomes 50 members

The Lazarillo de Tormes chapter of the WHS Spanish Honor Society is a national high school organization which recognizes high-achieving Spanish language students in advanced level classes. Fifty new members were inducted on December 14. Induction is based Spanish scholarship, cultural leadership and integrity. New members are:

Ryan Hayes Sol Ibarra Cordelia Jannetty Brian Kelly Zachary Lubart Kane Lyons Kerrianne Maloney Daniella Maric Philip Markuszewski Maeve McArdle Erin McMorrow Dhanya Mundackal Divya Mundackal Katelyn Murphy Caroline Murray Terence O’Brien Jesi Oswald

Luis Pani Christopher Paniagua Charles Panzarella Christopher Panzarella Nicholas Papaleo Kelly Pierce Susan Pinchiaroli Danielle Porco Michael Pullano Emily Rubino Christine Sharabun Lauren Schneider Stephen Simone Megi Syku Nina Thur Austin You

English Honor Society adds 5 new members

Five new members were inducted to the prestigious English Honor Society on December 1. Inductees who have demonstrated English mastery, have had three articles published and have participated in literacy outreach are: Divya Mundackal Julia Remo

Ariana Rich Emily Rubino

Ryan Stastolla

The Westlake High School Service Club was once again helping others this season. The civic minded group, headed by guidance counselor Nick DiPaolo, brought Christmas joy to a dozen underprivileged families in the Bronx. They raised funds to purchase items from each family’s wish list, answered Santa letters and shipped boxes full of toys and clothes in time for children to open for the holiday.


Columbus Elementary School held a toy drive this December that yielded a truck load of gifts for boys and girls who would otherwise have few or no Christmas gifts. 4th grade teacher Tracy Armisto coordinated the drive to benefit the children of people being served by Westchester County Department of Community Mental Health, many of whom rely on the generosity of others to fulfill their holiday wishlists.

Victoria Aviles Haseeb Azhar Talin Bedonian Mikaela Birch Allison Brunetto Sara Bruni Juliana Castellano Amelia Caston Angelique Diaz Michael Dilapi Keira Donnelly Joelle El Hamouche Meghan Falahee Michael Farina Luciano Giannini Aidan Glendon Bryan Gramajo

WHS Service Club

WMS All 4s on Paws

FROM THE HEART • Winter 2016-17

Mount Pleasant students give back

Mary Jo Hernandez (Caldera/1980) was honored for delivering outstanding service when Aramark recognized 200 of its best from the 270,000 employees worldwide as part of its second annual Ring of Stars ceremony in Las Vegas in October. She was selected for demonstrating excellence in living Aramark’s core values. Mary Jo started her career with Aramark at Mount Pleasant Central School District in 2003 as a Food Service Director in order to balance her work and family life. Her boys (Henry T/2010 & JonCarlo/2014) attended MPCSD at that time. From Mount Pleasant Schools she was promoted to and currently holds the position of General Manager in Yorktown Heights.

For future inclusion, send alumni information to


FROM THE HEART • Winter 2016-17

Save the Dates

2017-18 Budget Presentations March 8 at 7:30 p.m.

Budget Overview and NonInstructional Budget

March 15 at 8 p.m. Instructional Budget

Both presentations will be held in the Westlake library

Mount Pleasant Central School District

Non-Profit Organization US Postage Paid White Plains, NY Permit No. 9415

West Lake Drive, Thornwood, NY 10594 Board of Education Chris Pinchiaroli, President Thomas McCabe, Vice President Laurie Donato Vincent Graci Colleen Scaglione Neglia John Piazza Eric Schulze Superintendent Dr. Susan Guiney


Correspondence Phone: 769-5500 • Fax 769-3733 Web: Editor/email contributions Alyson Walsh/

Wildcat News … Fall Season Recap CROSS COUNTRY

( 5-3 Boys, 8-0 Girls)

Scholar Athlete Team Coach: Sky Smith Post-Season/Sectional Results: Boys 11th place in sectional meet. Girls: 6th place in sectional meet All-League: Manny Corona, Arianna Edwards, Alexandra Leitch, Mary Lyons, Faith Summers, FOOTBALL


Coach: John Castellano, Assts. Jose St.Victor, Scott Reynolds Post-Season Results: Section 1 Finalists All-Section: Andrew Borrero, Robert DiNota All- Section Honorable Mention: Haseeb Azhar, Joseph Ferri Conference Outstanding Offensive Back: Robert DiNota Conference Outstanding Offensive Lineman: Andrew Borrero All-League: Achille Abate, Haseeb Azhar, Andrew Borrero, Nicolas Colabatistto, Robert DiNota, Joseph Ferri, Vincent Tully BOYS’ SOCCER


Scholar Athlete Team Coach: Dan Smith, Asst. Martin Rodriguez Post-Season Results: Advanced to 1st round of playoffs. All-Section Honorable Mention: Emmett McCormack All-League: Emmett McCormack, Wilmer Miguel GIRLS’ SOCCER


Scholar Athlete Team Coach: Alejandro Agudelo Post-Season Results: Advanced to 1st round of playoffs All-League: Jacqueline Andrews, Julio Contijo, Keira Donelly, Amber Lulanaj College Bound: Amber Lulanaj will play for Pace University next year.


What a season for these Lady Wildcats!

The Varsity Girls Volleyball Team had a great season finishing as Section 1 Class B Champions and NY State Regional Finalists. Coach Carmen Bates was named Coach of the Year. In swimming, senior Maeve McArdle qualified to compete in the state finals in the 200 yard individual medley and the 100 yard butterfly. She’s also a member of the state qualifying 200 yard medley relay team and the 200 yard freestyle relay team. Sophomore Faith Summers qualified to NY State Regional Cross Country Finals. She finished strong with an impressive sub-seven minute mile in the 5000 meter race. VOLLEYBALL


Scholar Athlete Team Coach: Carmen Bates (Coach of the Year), Asst. Gina Perino Post-Season Results: Regional Semi-finalist All-Section: Caleigh Carr, Kelly Martin, Laine Peterson, Sydney Roell All-Section Honorable Mention: Kelli Kinlin All-League: Caleigh Carr, Kelly Martin, Laine Peterson, Sydney Roell, Kelly Kinlin College Bound: Caleigh Carr will play for SUNY New Paltz next year. GIRLS’ TENNIS

Scholar Athlete Team Coach: Frank Chiera All-League: Lauren Unger




Scholar Athlete Team Coaches: Anthony Pizzolla, Lauren Pizzolla, Mike Darland Post-Season Results: Conference 3 League A Champions; Section 1 Runner up. All-Section: Maeve McArdle All League: Maeve McArdle CHEERLEADING

Scholar Athlete Team Coach: Lauren McNamara All Section: Sophia Falkenberg All League: Dylan Agosto, Sophia Falkenberg UCA All American Cheerleaders: Dylan Agosto, Sophia Falkenberg, Victoria Moschetta, Samantha Nocerito, Anna Sherman

From the Heart Winter 2016-17  
From the Heart Winter 2016-17