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Winter 2015-16

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Volume 15, Issue 2

Facilities, strategic plan discussions

Westlake Middle School continues its IB preparation

In the fall of 2016, Westlake Middle School will submit a request for authorization to the International Baccalaureate committee to become an IB Middle Years school. The application will be the culmination of three and a half years of planning and aligning the school’s philosophy and practices with that of the IB program. Upon successful verification, Westlake Middle School will be an authorized IB Middle Years Program school in 2017. The IB program, with its focus on global contexts and concepts, was a natural fit for the district’s strategic goals of learner-centered classrooms that encourage deep thinking, collaboration and the application of knowledge and skills. The IB program also supports the social and emotional learning goals of the district with its focus on learner profile attributes that broaden the whole student including being caring and reflective, taking risks and developing open mindedness. Continued on page 2

Important Dates Kindergarten pre-registration

Parents of children entering kindergarten in September 2016 are asked to fill out a pre-registration form, available on the HES website: hes.mtplcsd.org. The form should be returned by February 2. To receive a survey by mail, please call the HES office at 769-5500.

Ann Reilly, Miquel Cohn and Lawrence McIntyre participate in the school-wide IB training day on November 3.

The architectural firm H2M will present its findings of the district’s building condition survey at the January 20 Board of Education meeting. The meeting will take place in the Westlake library at 8 p.m. The survey was conducted this past fall in accordance with state regulations that require school districts to evaluate their infrastructure every five years. The findings will help Mount Pleasant formulate a facilities plan to maintain and improve its buildings. Additionally, as the district’s current five-year strategic plan wraps up this year, a new plan will be developed to identify areas for improvement and growth, both long and short term. Included will be the advancement of programs and facilities work to support the educational goals of the district. The community will be asked to complete a strategic plan survey that will be available soon on the district website: mtplcsd.org. Anyone interested in serving on the strategic planning committee please call 769-5500 x 5501.

WMS presents Out-of-district transportation forms

Students attending an out-ofdistrict school in September, 2016 must fill out a transportation application and return it to the District Office no later than April 1, 2016. Applications are available at mtplcsd.org under the “Transportation” quick link on the home page.

Feb. 4-6 at 7 p.m., Feb. 7 at 1 p.m. J.S. Whearty Theater at Westlake High School Tickets may be purchased soon at showtix4u.com

From the Heart • Winter 2015-16

Westlake Middle School’s IB timeline Research and exploration

Prepare for candidacy

• Assess goals • Define philosophy • Identify school wide IB coordinator • Identify resources

• Document compatibility of WMS with IB • Show plans for moving to IB, including mission, professional development and program implementation



Prepare for authorization • Ensure staff access to IB online support center • Implement program trial period • Ensure at least one staff member from each subject area attends IB professional development activities • Receive support from IB consultant



Authorized as an IB World School (Anticipated)


IB preparation Continued from page 1


Currently, the middle school is in the candidacy phase of the IB Middle Years Program after submitting its application and being accepted last May. Throughout this school year, as well as the 2016-17 school year, WMS will concentrate on tailoring the delivery of its current curriculum and school philosophy to the IB framework. Mary Ellis, the district’s director of curriculum and instruction wants parents to know that the IB framework encourages practical connections of classroom lessons to the real world and does not displace the NYS curriculum. Rather, it “adapts the way kids are thinking about the content and curriculum that they are exposed to on a much deeper level.” Ms. Ellis said. She explained that the IB framework emphasizes ‘big ideas’ that students should understand and the mindset that governs their growth as a person. As for philosophy, WMS Principal Dr. Adam Bronstein said that the approach to teaching that has been developed within the district is “indicative of the shift in education as a whole” and will be easily tweaked to fall in line with the IB philosophy. In order to submit its application for authorization, the middle school must show that the implementation of IB program requirements are in progress or have been completed. These include: • Having a MYP coordinator • Whole school teacher professional development • Formal IB teacher training in each of the subject areas • At least one unit lesson adapted to IB for 2 each subject and grade level

Left, teachers discuss the IB Learner Profile attributes during the Fall Teacher Institute on Nov. 3. Right, an eighth grade student conducts his own experiment in earth science.

• Introducing the Learner Profile attributes and the eighth grade community project “Most of the work will be training our teachers, curriculum writing and communicating with parents,” Ms. Ellis said. To that last point, the school has held multiple parent information sessions this year and will continue to do so as the year progresses. An IB MYP page dedicated to informing parents about the transition is on the WMS website and is continually updated. Training

Formal subject training for IB began last spring and summer with teachers from science, math and social studies attending intensive three-day seminars in their subject area. According to Dr. Bronstein, the teachers who attended the formal training have come back motivated and enthusiastic, which was completely apparent when speaking with them. “It was amazing,” said social studies teacher Courtney Angle, who went for training last spring. “The instruction was great. We got lots of really great details and tips and tricks for implementing the IB framework into our current practices.” She came back energized and began to

adapt her lessons to include bigger ideas and overarching concepts. “When [my class] looked at the causes of the American Revolution, rather than doing the details and dates, we were doing conflict resolution. Our whole unit was spent looking at conflict, what does it mean, can it be resolved or is it inevitable?” This larger idea of conflict she said would be revisited in later units of study and could become an interdisciplinary theme as well. “These are bigger ideas that are more universal,” said Ms. Angle. “not just to social studies, but to life in general. That is what IB is all about, making things universally accessible to children.” The training helped teachers see IB better through their subject and learning alongside teachers from different areas and schools in different stages of IB adoption enabled valuable sharing to take place. “We created a Facebook page for the teachers we met from the IB training,” said seventh grade math teacher Alysia Catucci who attended a math training session last summer. She finds the Facebook page to be a great resource for sharing ideas and lessons. “There is so much more I can learn,” Continued on page 3

Susan Guiney, Ed.D. Superintendent

The district will continue its facilities maintenance and upkeep as a new building condition survey and facilities master plan are prepated.

The start of each new year brings hope as brighter days and thoughts of spring are on the horizon. During this time of joyful appreciation and reflection, our sights turn to planning the path before us. This year, the school district is completing the final year of its strategic plan. Since 2010 and the inception of the current plan, our schools have accomplished an incredible amount of excellent work. Classrooms have become learner centered, focusing on critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, and collaboration. Students are actively engaged and personally involved in the work of learning. In our schools, teachers are increasing their skills through differentiating instruction, working as Google educators, improving the teaching of reading, writing, and mathematics along with other content knowledge through professional learning. Our schools continue to grow as learning communities, where students feel empowered as learners and secure in their environment. Through a period of fiscal challenge and when other districts endured deep cuts in programs and staffing, the Mount Pleasant School District weathered the storm, maintained and increased programs for students, attracted and retained highly qualified teachers and administrators, remained fiscally responsible to our community and stayed within the property tax cap. Through efficiencies and streamlining costs, the district is in terrific fiscal condition as indicated by the recently completed New York State Comptroller’s audit, which you can find on our business office web page. Five years ago

Since the 2010 strategic plan was created, the district has made great strides. Transportation is running more efficiently, levels of security have increased in all of our buildings, the middle school is preparing for the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program and the district pursued two referendums to update its infrastructure and address 21st program-

IB preparation Continued from page 2

she said of the IB framework, “but I left knowing what I had to do in math.” Teacher training will continue with other subject areas as well. To meet the IB requirements, at least one teacher from each subject area must attend training before the school can apply for authorization. Ms. Ellis said the district is aiming much higher. “Over the next three to four years, it is the district’s goal that every teacher receives formal IB training,” she said. In the meantime, all staff received introductory IB training during the middle

matic learning needs. While the referendums were not successful, the district will continue its facilities maintenance and upkeep as a new building condition survey and facilities master plan are prepared. The building condition survey will be presented to the Board of Education at the January 20 monthly meeting. Our district’s accomplishments continue to make us proud. Westlake seniors achieve at high levels as evidenced by the incoming acceptances and scholarships awarded at competitive colleges and universities. Our students bring Wildcat pride to our campuses as they excel in music and visual arts, as thespians and on the playing fields as scholar athletes. All of these students balance challenging course work, superb academic achievement and determination to be their best. Thank you to the parents and all members of our school family who support our students and their fine work. Five years from now

As a district, we remain committed to excellence and to preparing our students for their future — much of which has not yet been invented! What will our school district look like in five years? It is time for us to begin the planning process and craft the next strategic plan to guide this work. In the coming months, we need to hear from you about the road ahead. An upcoming survey will be available for you to express your ideas and opinions and there will be opportunities for participation in the strategic planning process. If you haven’t signed up for the district’s newsLINK information service, please do so to keep abreast of all district news and opportunities for participation. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, too! Stay warm and I look forward to seeing you in our buildings as we plan for our district’s and our students’ future.

school’s fall teacher institute held on November 3. The full-day training fulfilled a requirement for authorization while providing an overview of the program for teachers and staff to help them better understand the framework, requirements and learner profile that is the foundation of the IB Middle Years Program. Implementing change

From the Heart • Winter 2015-16

The path before us

Teachers who have received training are sharing what they learned with colleagues in their subject area. They are beginning to roll out units of study as well. Ms. Ellis also expects that collaboration across disciplines such as English and social studies will occur very soon.

Learner profile attributes have begun to be introduced to all students in their advisory period and Dr. Bronstein has shared these student presentations with parents via the web page. Between this year and next, all of the IB requirements will be rolled out and Dr. Bronstein feels the school is on track to hit the fall 2016 application date. Following the application, a visit from the IB committee will take place most likely in the spring of 2017 to determine the school’s readiness. Ms. Ellis is confident that the middle school will be prepared. “We’ve already been going this way,” she said. “We’re on track.”


From the Heart • Winter 2015-16

Budget, facilities top list of board priorities On behalf of the Board of Education, I hope you and your families had a wonderful holiday season. In addition to our celebrations, the administrators and superintendent have been busy drafting the 2016-17 budget. Preliminary estimates for the Eric Schulze tax cap for the 2016-17 school year could be as low BOE President as zero percent. While the actual CPI percentage has not yet been released by the state, creating the budget based on the predicted estimates will be a Findings of challenge as we continue to meet the needs of the students while staying under the tax cap. Our goal the building will remain the same — students’ needs come first.  condition The intricate process of budgeting under the cap is in progress, with input from the Citizens Budget survey will Advisory Committee. Presentations will be held be presented in March beginning with the non-instructional budget on March 9 and the instructional budget at the on March 16. The adoption of the budget by the January 20 Board of Education will occur at the April 19 BOE meeting. meeting. Another look at our buildings

At this time, the district’s building condition survey is underway.  The survey, mandated by NYSED to be conducted every five years, will help the

Tenure Recipients

The following teachers will be awarded tenure after successfully completing their probationary terms: Tenure Date


School Position


Ethel Anastasiou




Ilana Cohen



district assess the condition of the school buildings while evaluating the need for improvements. H2M Architects, a firm from Melville, NY, will be presenting the findings of the completed building condition survey at the January 20 monthly board meeting. The community is urged to attend this meeting. We will be using the survey as a blueprint for developing a plan to upgrade our facilities’ most pressing needs in the near future.  It is vital that we have buildings that are safe and provide an inviting learning environment for our students. In closing, I encourage you to become an informed community member by attending school board meetings, visiting our website: mtplcsd.org and subscribing to newsLINK email.


A seventh grade class Skypes with software programmer Kristin Patterson to hear how she became a coder.

WMS students learn universal language


In December, Westlake Middle School took part in the global “Hour of Code,” a program that encourages people of every age to learn the language of coding. The week-long initiative was created in 2013 by the non profit code.org, to help expand participation in computer science. Last year the middle school joined the movement by having all sixth, seventh and eighth graders learn coding basics. This year Library Media Specialist Mary Knopp also arranged Skype sessions with computer programmers so the students could get a better understanding of the real-world applications of coding. “We have the programmers tell the students how they got into coding, what their jobs are and the rest of the time the students are asking fantastic questions,” said Ms. Knopp, who made a point of getting female programmers to speak with the students. She wanted all the students to see that programming is “not just a guy thing.”

Below, using code, students learn to make video game characters move.

After Skyping with the programmers, students hit the computer lab and went “under the hood” of video games such as “Frozen” and “Angry Birds” to learn how the characters moved across the game field. They learned how code commands made their characters move and they

were able to create their own movements using those commands. “We’re playing games, but coding, actually,” said seventh grader Angelica Alvarez, who was scripting her acorn and squirrel to go through a maze. “I’ve never done it before, but it’s good to keep your mind open.” Angelica said that Skyping with programmer Kristin Patterson helped her realize that this field is not just for men. “It’s very open,” she said. Technology education teacher Ely Perry used the Hour of Code as a jumping off point with his students. They spent the entire week using coding software to continue their learning and it was the perfect segue into their next unit: video game design. As for the students, they say it’s cool to see how their games come to life.

From the Heart • Winter 2015-16

Clockwise: Chet Edwards and David Marinelli speak to students; Victor Piacente hugs his nephew Dylan Pray; Peter Russo shows students the proper way to fold the flag; Carrie Mayer’s class salutes their veterans; Marine Phil Trerotola and Army’s Sam Riti and Peter Miele stand as their military songs are played by the Columbus band.

Remembering our veterans

Columbus students celebrate those who served

Columbus Elementary School honored veterans at its first annual “Take a Vet to School Day” on November 10. Thirty-eight veterans from all branches of the service joined students for a morning of stories, questions and above all, recognition and thanks for their service. The day was organized by teacher Christine Galbo who wanted every child to understand why there is no school on Veterans Day. “Two years ago I asked my students why we are off on Veterans Day and a student answered that it was “for some guy who died, I think,” she said, wincing at the memory. Over the summer, Ms. Galbo discovered a national initiative called “Take a Vet to School Day” started by the History Channel. The idea was met with excitement by Principal Michael Cunzio and plans were made for the school-wide event to take place on the day before Veterans Day. Staff and students reached out to relatives and friends who were or still are in the service and who wanted to share their stories with the students. On “Take a Vet to School Day,” veterans were treated to breakfast provided by the PTA and were joined by class representatives who dined with the servicemen and women and got acquainted. The breakfast was followed by a visit to a class, where the veterans shared stories about their time in the service. Ranging in age from their 90’s to their 30’s, the veterans helped the students understand what it is like to be in the service. From showing photos of themselves in the field, to teaching them

the proper way to fold a flag, the veterans helped the students better understand their lives and sacrifices. Gerry Petraglia, a member of the Army Air Rescue team in Vietnam, told Carrie Mayer’s class that as a disabled veteran he visits the VA hospital and sees many vets with no arms or legs and “some with no memory.” His plea to the children was “never criticize anyone, because you never know what the other person is going through.” Ninety-one-year-old Don Civitillo brought photos of himself serving in the Navy during World War II and captivated the students with his memories of combat in the Mediterranean Sea. After the classroom visits, the veterans were invited to the gymnasium where the Columbus Honor Band gave musical performances of patriotic music. Fifth grade students read poignant quotes about service and sacrifice as they called each veteran’s name to receive a red rose and thanks from a grateful student body. “Students spend a lot of time learning

about math, science and social studies,” Principal Cunzio told the veterans and the children in his short address. “But an event like today, where we invite honored guests to share their life experiences, these experiences are the ones you remember and take with you for the rest of your life.” Superintendent of schools, Dr. Susan Guiney said there was no greater way to make history come alive than for the children to sit with our veterans. County Executive Rob Astorino told the children that the servicemen and women “are some of the bravest people you’ll ever meet.” And to the veterans, he expressed his gratitude. “To each of you I offer my humble thanks,” he said solemnly. The morning event ended with the students singing “America the Beautiful.” As the veterans were filing out of the gym, Ms. Galbo found out just how much the day meant to them. “I finally got that ‘welcome home’ I’ve been waiting for,” an emotional Jerry Cowles whispered to her. Upon returning from Vietnam he said he felt no gratitude for his service, “but today, I got it here, at Columbus.” For more photos see the School News quick link at ces.mtplcsd.org.


From the Heart • Winter 2015-16

And kudos to …

Area All-State Musicians

Congratulations to the following high school students who participated in the Area All-State Music Festival held on November 5 at Purchase College. The musicians were selected to perform based on their high scores at the NYSSMA solo festival last spring. Area All-State Chorus: Ariela Abreu, Marissa Carpentieri, Analisa Caso, Elyssa Eliseo, Sophie Epstein, Jonathan Genovese, Aidan Glendon, Cordelia Jannetty, Mark Lariosa, Danielle Walpole. Area All-State Band: Alex Pasieka, Peter Vogel. Area All-State Orchestra: Rebecca Poole.

Eagle Scout

Senior William Giuseffi attained the rank of Eagle Scout this year after completing the requirements set forth by the Boy Scouts of America. FDR Park in Yorktown benefitted from William’s project which was to assemble 100 picnic tables for use at the facility. He supervised 16 scouts and adult leaders to finish the project in time for the state’s “Love Your Park Day.”

Rotary Students


Lauren Hutnik and Michael DiNardo have been chosen as Mount Pleasant Rotary’s “Student of the Month” for November and December respectively. The two seniors were nominated by their teachers and guidance counselors for their exceptional service to their school and/or community. Lauren amassed more than 650 hours of community service over her high school career by tutoring, working with her temple’s youth group and as a Certified First Responder and Junior Corps captain in the Valhalla Ambulance Corps. Michael has been the manager of the girls’ varsity basketball team for six years, volunteering 150 hours in each of his six seasons. He is president of the executive board of student council, president of Students Against Destructive Decisions, president of P.A.L.S., the school’s student mentoring program and the vice president of Service Club. The two were recognized at Rotary luncheons and received a plaque for their “service above self.” Read their full stories at: WestlakeHighSchoolNews.blogspot.com.

55 inducted to National Honor Society 55 juniors and seniors were inducted into Westlake High School’s chapter of the National Honor Society in a ceremony on January 7. Inducted students have maintained a combined minimum average of 88 percent over their high school career and have demonstrated exemplary leadership, character and service. New inductees are: Natalie Alfieri Michael Anderson Ilir Asllani John Bastone Brian Bennett Brendan Birkelbach Steven Buglione Chloe Burns Caleigh Carr Eleanor Caston Vito Ciraco Manuel Corona David DeLoughry Danielle Diaz Kyle Donnery Brian Eng Sophie Epstein Kathryn Facelle Alexandra Falkenberg

Deanna Forella Megan George Aidan Glendon Alexa Irizarry Lauren Johanson Jessica Kaplan Kelli Kinlen Victoria LaGrippo Matthew Latino Amber Lulanaj Mia Malandruccolo Angela Mangione Ryan Marron Kelly Martin Meenu Mundackal Jessica Nguyen Grace O’Brien Julia O’Connell Matthew Orlander

Adriana Pereira Rachel Pezzulo Alyssa Prauda Peter Psaltakis Stephanie Rizzo Olivia Schettino Jacqueline Siry Ryan Stasolla Nicholas Stivaletti Lauren Unger Francis Veltri Valeria Venturini Blerina Verzivolli Peter Vogel Danielle Walpole Benjamin Yamuder Briana Zambardi

Spanish Honor Society welcomes 25 members The Lazarillo de Tormes chapter of the WHS Spanish Honor Society is a national high school organization which recognizes high-achieving Spanish language students in advanced level classes. Twenty-five new members were inducted on December 3. Induction is based Spanish scholarship, cultural leadership and integrity. New members are: Michael Anderson Elizabeth Brentano Manuel Corona David DeLoughry Deanna Forella Alison Iannucci Alexa Irizarry Jessica Kaplan Amber Lulanaj

Kelly Lynch Kevin Morales Meenu Mundackal Grace O’Brien Julia O’Connell Matthew Orlander José Ormedo Christopher Padilla Michael Perfito

Peter Psaltakis Brenda Servin Ryan Stasolla Nicholas Stivaletti Kiera Tully Lauren Unger Blerina Verzivolli

English Honor Society adds 9 new members Nine new members were inducted to the prestigious English Honor Society on November 12. Inductees who have demonstrated English mastery, have had three articles published and have participated in literacy outreach are: Chloe Burns Jessica Kaplan Julia O’Connell

Angela Mangione Meenu Mundackal Noelle Santos

Kiera Torpie Lauren Unger Valeria Venturini


WMS All 4s on Paws

“Giving” was the theme of this year’s holiday toy drive at Hawthorne Elementary School. Gifts were collected for Hope’s Door, an agency that serves women and children who are victims of domestic violence. Games, toys, crafts and stuffed animals were collected during the month of December. Santa came to congratulate the students on their generosity.

Columbus Elementary School held a toy drive this December that yielded close to 150 toys, games and crafts for boys and girls who would otherwise have few or no Christmas gifts. The school teamed up with Ossining Children’s Center, a day care for underprivileged children to give them a Christmas to remember.

Westlake Middle School’s All 4’s on Paws club, a group of students committed to raising awareness about pet adoption, used the holiday time to hold a drive for pet toys and supplies for the Briarcliff SPCA. The club collected blankets, toys, treats and food. Club members also visit the animal shelter and assist staff members during adoption events.

WHS National Honor Society

WHS Art/Service Club

WHS Service Club

The National Honor Society held its annual toy drive for patients at Blythedale Children’s Hospital in Valhalla. The drive solicited new, unwrapped toys from the student body, faculty and staff and within a few weeks, the large decorated “Blythedale Toy Drive” box was filled with gifts and delivered to Blythedale for their young patients.

Members of the high school service and art clubs created handmade cards for an eight-year-old girl named Safyre who lost her parents and siblings in a fire two years ago. She asked for Christmas cards to fill up her card tree. In a single afternoon, between 40-50 students dropped in, designed cards and wrote personal messages to make Safyre’s holiday a special one.

Service club members also took part in Operation Santa, answering letters addressed to the North Pole. Groups of students took a wish list and, using their own money, hit the stores and purchased the requested toys and clothing. Club members wrapped and boxed the gifts and even paid the postage to get the items to the kids in time for Christmas.



2014 Amanda Hernandez, a Speech and Hearing Science major at SUNY Cortland has been awarded membership into the college chapter of Sigma Alpha Pi, the National Society of Leadership and Success. Amanda has been on the dean’s list in each of her three semesters and this fall she received the school’s Outstanding

New Student Award for her good academic standing, exemplary academic conduct and potential for campus involvement and leadership. 2015 Westlake graduate Nicholas Walsh achieved the rank of Eagle Scout this year and was honored in a Boy Scout Court of Honor ceremony at the

From the Heart • Winter 2015-16

Drives provide gifts to brighten childrens’ holidays

Pleasantville Presbyterian Church on January 2. His Eagle project was to repaint the main building and trap houses at the Mount Pleasant Sportsman’s Club in Briarcliff and add the organization’s logo on the front door. Nick organized the entire operation and directed many volunteers in the effort. A freshman at SUNY Albany, Nick is pursuing a degree in business. Seeking alumni news! Send info to efarrell@mtplcsd.org.


From the Heart • Winter 2015-16


Results of the 2015 Building Condition Survey will be presented Wednesday, Jan. 20 8:00 p.m. Westlake library This is the initial step to evaluate the need for facility improvements. Please attend.

Mount Pleasant Central School District

Non-Profit Organization US Postage Paid White Plains, NY Permit No. 9415

West Lake Drive, Thornwood, NY 10594 Board of Education Eric Schulze, President Laurie Donato, Vice President Theresa Fowler Thomas McCabe Colleen Scaglione Neglia John Piazza Christopher Pinchiaroli Superintendent Dr. Susan Guiney Correspondence Phone: 769-5500 • Fax 769-3733 Web: www.mtplcsd.org Editor/email contributions Eileen Farrell/efarrell@mtplcsd.org

Wildcat News … Fall Season Recap Cross Country

( 2-4 Boys, 0-6 Girls)

Scholar Athlete Team Coach: Sky Smith Post-Season/Sectional Results: Boys 15th place in sectional meet All-League: Faith Summers, Kate Pinchiaroli, Ciara McGivney Football


Scholar Athlete Team Coach: John Castellano (Coach of the Year), Assts. Jose St.Victor, Scott Reynolds Post-Season Results: Section 1 Class B Champions, Regional Champions, State Semi-finalists All-Section: Anthony Sardo, Gregory Alfieri, Paul Sacchetti All-Conference: Will Snyder, Michael Hernandez, Ryan Duffy Conference Outstanding Offensive Back: Anthony Sardo Conference Outstanding Defensive Back: Gregory Alfieri All-League: Anthony Sardo, Gregory Alfieri, Paul Sacchetti, Will Snyder, Michael Hernandez, Ryan Duffy, Jason Kalle, Michael Love, Drew Kapica, Thomas Castro, Nicolas Agosto, Joseph Ferri, Andrew Borrero Boys’ Soccer


Scholar Athlete Team Coach: Dan Smith, Asst. Martin Rodriguez Post-Season Results: Loss to Briarcliff All-Section Honorable Mention: Christopher Donnelly All-League: Wilmer Miguel, Vincent Cioppa, Christopher Donnelly All-League Honorable Mention: George Anastasiou, Brian McMorrow, Christopher Donato, Fernando Contreras-Lopez, Giuseppe Mastandrea Girls’ Soccer



Scholar Athlete Team Coach: Loredana Uguccioni, Asst. Eduardo Uguccioni

Great runs for football, McArdle

Football titles came pouring in to Westlake this year as Wildcat football took home its first Regional and Sectional Championships since 1983. The Wildcats advanced to the state semifinals behind a stellar defense that limited highscoring Nanuet and Marlboro teams to a combined five points in the sectional and regional quarterfinal games. Coach John Castellano was voted Coach of the Year. Post-Season Results: Loss to #4 Briarcliff All-Section: Megan O’Connor All-Section Honorable Mention: Eleanor Caston All-League: Alyssa Prauda, Brianna Rodemeyer Girls’ Swim/Dive


Girls’ Tennis


Scholar Athlete Team Coaches: Anthony Pizzolla, Lauren Pizzolla Post-Season Results: Conference 2, League 2 Championships: 4th place; Section Championships – 10th out of 30 teams All-League: Maeve McArdle Scholar Athlete Team Coach: Frank Chiera Post-Season Results: Isabella Morello, singles, loss in Conference III Tournament

In girls’ swimming, sophomore Maeve McArdle qualified to compete in the state finals in the 200m individual medley. She placed 42nd at the Girls’ Federation Championships.

All-League: Isabella Morello Volleyball


Scholar Athlete Team Coach: Carmen Bates, Asst. Nicole Petrillo Post-Season Results: Loss in semifinals to Hendrick Hudson All-Section: Stephanie Rizzo (4th team All-State) All Conference: Stephanie Rizzo, Caleigh Carr All-Section Honorable Mention: Kelly Martin All-League: Laine Peterson All-League Honorable Mention: Sydney Roell, Alison Iannucci, Alina Acevedo, Cayleigh Power Cheerleading

Section 1 LIberty Team Honorable Mention: Sophia Falkenberg, Samantha Nocerito

Profile for Mount Pleasant CSD

From the Heart Winter 2015-16  

From the Heart Winter 2015-16