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Mount Pisgah Christian School

Upper School Academic Handbook Ninth – Twelfth Grades

Experience pisgah College Prep. Life Ready.


Mission statement To provide an outstanding college preparatory education grounded in Christian faith and values.

The Pisgah Prep Experience is defined by a strong academic foundation focusing on traditional liberal arts instruction in math, science, history, language arts and the humanities with particular emphasis on the arts, technology, and Christian service. 2

The Upper School offers a challenging college-preparatory curriculum that includes Honors level courses in each of our academic core disciplines, as well as a variety of Advanced Placement (AP) offerings. In addition to our strong academic foundation, our distinctly Christian context for learning challenges students to question the messages of a popular culture that, at times, devalues notions such as truth and beauty. Our focus on traditional liberal arts training in math, science and the humanities, as well as a strong emphasis on technology and the arts, gives students the tools they will need to be successful in college.

Upper School

Upper School

Course Selection and Changes, Schedules • The school cannot guarantee that all courses offered in a given semester or academic year will be available to all students. This is particularly true for students who for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to course failure or transfer from another school, do not follow the typical Pisgah sequence. • Specific combinations of traditional, honors, or AP courses may not be possible due to scheduling constraints. Additional limitations of elective opportunities may be expected based upon core course selections. • Some courses may be offered in one or more formats including: semester long, quarter long double period, or minimester only. • Preference for specific teachers will not be a consideration for course selection or changes. Student schedules will not be produced until the school has processed the signed re-enrollment contract and deposit. Contracts turned in after the deadlines are subject to the course availability regardless of the initial student course request.


Upper School

Grades and the Issuance of Credit • Mount Pisgah Christian School uses a numeric grading system. • Weighting of Honors and AP courses: At the end of first semester, 3 points are added to a student’s grade in Honors classes and 6 points are added to a student’s grade in AP classes. These points are not reflected on his/her report card. These points are added into his/her grade through the registrar’s office and placed on the final transcript. Students falling below 84 in Honors and 81 in AP classes before their points are added will be placed on probation for the next semester. The registrar will send a list of those students to the respective teacher and to the principal. A = 90 – 100

Excellent Progress

B = 80 – 89

Above Average Progress

C = 70 – 79

Satisfactory Progress

F = 69 - below


Credit From Other Programs Credit for course work at other schools and from on-line courses is granted to Mount Pisgah students with the following restrictions. • The school or program must be accredited by a reputable organization. • The course work must be completed by the deadline set by Mount Pisgah • The Carnegie Unit and the grade earned are posted on the transcript • The earned credit is NOT computed in the Mount Pisgah GPA • Transferred course work is NOT considered in determining Valedictorian and Salutatorian • Once enrolled at Mount Pisgah, a student may not take required courses at another school unless the course is to remedy failure in a Mount Pisgah course.


• A student new to Mount Pisgah may transfer credits for courses taken at a previous school. The student will be awarded equivalent credit towards meeting Mount Pisgah’s graduation requirements.

Summer School

Upper School

Transfer credit

• Students who fail an academic course for the year are required to satisfactorily repeat that course in an accredited summer school program. This course must be approved prior to enrollment by the Head of the Upper School. • All approved summer school study must be taken at a school or online program that is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, or SACS.

On-line Courses • Because on-line learning may not reflect the rigor and nuance of classroom instruction, Mount Pisgah carefully determines whether distance learning will benefit an individual student. Withdrawal, incomplete work, or failure in the course will be reflected on the student’s transcript. All on-line course work must be approved prior to enrollment by the Head of the Upper School.

Graduation Requirements • The following represent the minimum requirements for graduation. Students take a minimum of seven (7) classes per semester. Student progress and interests are considered each year so that modifications can be made to the individualized four-year-plans. The graduation requirements allow for maximum flexibility in course options. It will be the expectation that students will generally exceed these requirements in the pursuit of the most academically challenging curriculum available to them each year. It will be the responsibility of the student and the parents to monitor and ensure timely progress toward these graduation requirements, with the advice and counsel of the guidance office and College Advisor.


Upper School

• Seniors are required to apply to a minimum of three colleges and be accepted to one as a condition of graduation. • The administration reserves the right to modify graduation requirements for students. English

4 units


4 units


4 units

Social Studies

3 (4 recommended) units

Foreign Language

Complete through Level 3 with at least 2 units in Upper School (4 recommended units)

Christian Education

2 units (.5 each year)

Physical Education

1 (incl. Health) units

Fine Arts

1 unit


1 unit (incl. at least .5 Technology) units

**PE may be satisfied by 2 years of varsity sport participation

*Total Carnegie Units required for graduation: 23

Honors/AP Courses Initial Enrollment Consideration of application to an Honors course will be based upon the following criteria and the availability of the desired course. • The student must earn a two-semester weighted average of 87 or above in the pre-requisite course. • Students must secure a satisfactory recommendation from the teacher of the pre-requisite course. • Students must sign, along with his or her parent(s)/ guardian, the letter of commitment to the Honors policy and its standards.


The goal of the mini-mester is to expand the availability of student options and to allow students to pursue their academic passions in ways that continue to develop their own unique abilities. It is anticipated that the mini-mester will also support student participation in internship opportunities and regional and international academic trips that are not possible at other schools with a traditional and static academic calendar. The Mini-mester model is a variant of what many colleges offer between full semester courses, and has dramatically enhanced the elective opportunities available to our students. For the first two weeks of school in August, all students will have the opportunity to concentrate in two different electives of their choosing. These electives are in addition to the standard electives offered across the semester and are taught by faculty who because of their responsibilities to teach in the core subjects, are otherwise unavailable to teach elective courses during the traditional semester. All courses carry .25 Carnegie credits (1/4 credit). A new catalog of minimester offerings is generated prior to the registration period, spanning all academic disciplines. In addition, academic trips are offered annually. These trips do earn academic credit and, as such, students are required to complete associated classwork activities.

Upper School


Records and Transcripts • Requests for copies of transcripts must be made in writing, signed by the parent/guardian, and sent directly to the Registrar. Student records will not be released if there are any outstanding fees, book replacement charges, or past due tuition/debits. • The school reserves the right, and is obligated to report, honor and discipline violations including, but not limited to, suspensions and expulsions, to schools where students have applied for admission. • The school abides by the provisions of the Buckley Amendment, also known as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. If a parent wishes to view a child’s records, the school must receive a written request with a 24-hour notice. The school abides by this same Act with respect


Upper School

to the rights of non-custodial parents. In the absence of a court order to the contrary, the school will provide the non-custodial parent with access to the academic records and to other school-related information regarding the child. If there is a court order specifying that there is to be no information given, it is the responsibility of the custodial parent to provide the school with an official copy of the court order. In addition, the mere payment of tuition or child support payments does not, in and of itself, allow access to educational information concerning the child. The school requests divorced parents to furnish the school with a copy of the custody section of the divorce decree.

Class Rankings • Class rankings are calculated to determine Valedictorian and Salutatorian awards only. Valedictorian and Salutatorian will be awarded only to students who have attended Pisgah for a minimum of the two full years prior to graduation. Calculation of rank is based upon all eligible upper school credits. The numeric grade point average (1100) is calculated to 2 decimal points. Grades earned in the second semester of the senior year are not included in this calculation.

Senior Week and Graduation • Participation in Senior Week activities including Baccalaureate and Commencement are not optional and are a condition of graduation. • Students “walking” and receiving their diplomas at commencement is a privilege that may be withheld at the discretion of the administration for disciplinary reasons.


9th Grade Course of Study Subject



English Required: 4 Units

English 1

English 1 Honors

Mathematics Required: 4 Units


Geometry Honors

Science Required: 4 Units


Biology Honors

Social Studies Required: 3 Units

Government (.5)

Honors Government (.5)

Foreign Language 2 Units through Level 3

Spanish II (Level I courses if needed)

Spanish II Honors

Christian Education

Old Testament Survey

Additional Required Courses

Electives as required

Electives as required

High School Four-Year Course of Study

High School Four-Year Course of Study

10th Grade Course of Study Subject



English Required: 4 Units

English II

English II Honors

Mathematics Required: 4 Units

Algebra II

Algebra II Honors

Science Required: 4 Units

Chemistry or Integrated Science

Chemistry Honors

Social Studies Required: 3 Units

World History

AP World History World History Honors

Foreign Language 2 Units through Level 3

Spanish III

Spanish III Honors

Christian Education

New Testament Survey

Additional Required Courses

Electives as required

Electives as required


High School Four-Year Course of Study

11th Grade Course of Study Subject



English Required: 4 Units

English III American Literature Survey

English III Honors American Literature AP Language and Composition

Mathematics Required: 4 Units

Advanced Algebra and Trigonometry

Pre-Calculus Honors

Science Required: 4 Units

Human Anatomy and Physiology Environmental Science Physics

AP Biology AP Chemistry Physics Honors

Social Studies Required: 3 Units

US History

AP US History Honors US History Honors

Foreign Language 2 Units through Level 3 Christian Education

Spanish IV Honors Practical Theology

Additional Required Courses

Electives as required

12th Grade Course of Study Subject



English Required: 4 Units

English IV British Literature Survey

English IV Honors British Literature or AP Literature and Composition

Mathematics Required: 4 Units


Statistics Honors AP Calculus AB

Science Required: 4 Units

Human Anatomy and Physiology Environmental Science Physics

AP Biology AP Chemistry Physics Honors

Social Studies Required: 3 Units

Economics (.5)

Economics Honors (.5)

Foreign Language 2 Units through Level 3


Electives as required

AP Spanish

Christian Education

Christian Education Electives

Additional Required Courses

Electives as required

Electives as required

• Elective courses are divided into Core electives and General electives. Core electives are courses that meet the minimum requirements for graduation in a specific academic area. General electives may be taken to satisfy the Technology, Physical Education, and Fine Arts requirements or because they interest the student.

General and Core Electives Course Title

Course Number Fine Arts

Design Fundamentals


Art History


Advanced Studio


Painting 1 & 2

FAV 501 & 502

Digital Photography


Drawing 1 & 2

FAV401 & 402

AP Art


AP Music Theory






Intro to Drama


Advanced Acting


Stage Craft




Yearbook I


Yearbook II


High School Four-Year Course of Study



High School Four-Year Course of Study

Technology Integrated Computer Applications


Microsoft Office


Web Design I


Web Design II




AP Computer Science A


Data Structures & Algorithms


Physical Education Weight Training


Strength and Conditioning


Physical Education




Topics in Sociology: Sports Ethics


Christian Education/Bible Topics in Religion


Worship and Production

RES504 General




Topics in History




Expository Writing/Research


Creative Writing


Senior Study Hall


Intro to Speech and Debate




AP European History

HIS 903

AP Psychology

PSY 901

Competitive Debate


English The English department aspires to graduate students whose proficiency in reading, writing, thinking, and speaking skills will ensure success in college and in life. Four units of English are required for graduation. English I and II focus on building foundations in critical reading and written communication. English III and IV deepen these skills and focus on American and British Literature, respectively. Honors courses are offered at all grade levels. Juniors may elect to take AP English Language and Composition whereas seniors may choose AP English Literature and Composition. Math The mathematics program seeks to instill confidence in the student’s mathematical abilities and their applications in the real world. Students are required to earn 4 credits of mathematics at the high school level. Algebra I qualifies for one of the 4 required credits only if it is taken at the upper school level. Students must take Geometry, Algebra II, and Advanced Algebra and Trig (or Pre-Calculs Honors) as three of their credits. Students that satisfy this requirement at the end of their junior year will select statistics, honors statistics or AP Calculus for their math in the senior year. Student must pass Pre-Calculus Honors with an 87 or higher to qualify for AP Calculus.

High School Four-Year Course of Study

Course Descriptions

Students that enter Pisgah with math credits that do not follow a traditional sequence (e.g., Math I, II, etc.), must take a placement exam to determine the appropriate math course. Science Science courses lead students to develop critical thinking skills and a curiosity for the world around them. Students are required to earn 4 credits of science at the high school level. All students must earn credit in Biology and Chemistry. Students are strongly encouraged to take a course in Physics as one of their remaining credits. Students must have completed or be concurrently enrolled in Algebra II to enroll in Chemistry. Sophomores who do not take Chemistry will take Integrated Science to improve mathematics and basic science skills.


High School Four-Year Course of Study

Social Science The social science department seeks to develop good citizens through their knowledge of American history and its government. It also aims to improve students’ awareness and ability to interact in a diverse global culture. Graduates of Pisgah are required to pass courses in Government (.5 credit), World HIstory, US History, and Economics (.5 credit). Students are encouraged to earn additional credits in social sciences through electives such as AP European History, AP Psychology, or history electives in the minimesters. Foreign Language Pisgah offers students the opportunity to build their Spanish Language skills. Students who transfer to Pisgah already having begun another language may, with approval, use online learning to satisfy their requirement. Students are required to reach mastery of the third level of Spanish, or other language, and earn at least two credits at the Upper School level. Christian Ed Christian education is essential to Pisgah’s mission. As students matriculate, they take a course in Christian education annually in the following sequence: 9th grade-Old Testament Survey,10th grade-New Testament Survey,11th grade-Practical Theology, and 12th grade-Christian Education Electives. Technology Facility with technology is a core competency for nearly all industries. Pisgah requires students to earn .5 credits in technology. PE and Health Physical fitness is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Students are required to earn .5 credit in PE and .5 credits in Health. The credit in health is earned through the required minimester health course and engaging in the advisory program. PE credits may be earned through semester courses or by earning two Varsity letters. The two varsity letters may be earned in the same sport in two different years or in two sports.


Upper School

Fine Arts Fine arts education is essential to developing a 21st century skill set that elevates the importance of creativity, collaboration and communication skills. As a result, all graduates must earn 1.0 credits in a fine arts course. Pisgah offers courses in chorus, band, orchestra, theater, and visual arts.


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Upper School Academic Handbook  

Mount Pisgah Christian School Upper School Academic Handbook

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