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OUR GOD PROVIDES by Roger Williams


n this our 108th year as a gospel and Christ-centered ministry, over 72,000 people will encounter Jesus at Mount Hermon. Many will come for their first time, others have returned here for decades. Other ministries have similar long-term impact. Wycliffe Bible Translators is now 72 years old, Billy Graham’s ministry launched in 1950, and Hudson Taylor began China Inland Mission (now O.M.F) in 1865! The core strength of each is the same: the gospel message, Christ at the center, and faith in God to provide. Some things should never change! Our Annual Ministry Report reminds us that God honors such focus on Him. 2012 was a wonderful year of faithfulness — both God’s and yours—and clearly God has richly provided! Contributions are

a clear indicator of trust, and here God has provided “more than we could ask or imagine.” The God who owns the cattle and the hills has bestowed His grace on us. What excites us most is the increasing camper days—people showing their trust, and our strong volunteer support —people investing their lives. This is the ministry arena where we see God at work and lives transformed! Within our rapidly changing culture God is completing His Kingdom, and we are called to serve. Moving forward, Mount Hermon must adapt as we engage a stillneedy world with the never-changing living Savior, Jesus Christ, and His gospel. Pray with us that The Lord, His gospel message, the Bible as inspired and authoritative, and salvation by faith in Jesus alone will always remain hallmarks of Mount Hermon.

Roger Williams is President and CEO of Mount Hermon. He and wife Rachel are in their 20th year of ministry here. Together they thank the thousands of you who are praying for Roger’s continued battle with cancer.


2012 ANNUAL Ministry Report by Alden Johanson


With Roger’s stage-four cancer diagnosis in March, and subsequent six-month medical leave, one might have had cause for concern. It is a mark of his leadership that our capable team was able to execute one of our most memorable and effective years of ministry. We are grateful to God for his faithfulness to us and the powerful work he did in the lives of those he brought to Mount Hermon. We are grateful for the volunteers, donors and staff who he used to do much of that work. And we are grateful that Roger is back at the helm, leading us forward. Below are some highlights that translate into numbers. The rest of this issue of the LOG tells the intangible story.


A slight increase, (about 500 more), over 2011, but approximately 4,000 more than 2009! Despite continued economic headwinds in California and the high unemployment rate in the Bay Area, attendance continues to move toward pre-recession levels.

While down by 4% from 2011, 2012 volunteer hours were still the second highest on record—almost 8 times the level in 2002. Besides providing Mount Hermon with the equivalent of 10 full time staff, our skilled volunteers bless us with their contagious enthusiasm and generous spirits.

2,639 7,308 DONORS


Donors keep demonstrating their resolute trust in the Lord & this ministry!





ENDOWMENTS $20,379 1% OTHER RESTRICTED $543,986 17%


Our faithful donors continued to bless us in 2012 with a 1% increase in the number of donations—but a 66% increase in the value of their contributions. This helped us to end the year with a $408,792 increase in our cash balance. As a result, Mount Hermon’s finances are in a very healthy position.

CAMPERSHIPS $256,397 8% UNRESTRICTED $2,379,700 74%

Alden Johanson has been Mount Hermon’s Chief Operating Officer since 2000. He served as Acting Executive Director during Roger’s absence. 4




In 2012, total assets, net of depreciation, reached an all-time high approaching $50 million—45% growth over the past 10 years. A major increase in 2012 included the purchase of 15 strategic acres of undeveloped land adjacent to Redwood Camp. (NOTE: Assets are “booked” at original cost, so the actual value of Mount Hermon’s assets is far above $50 million.)






$191,188 2%

$8,682,755 55%


$986,624 6%


$3,200,462 20%


$2,619,072 17%






$6,175,739 39%

$16,255 <1% CABIN PURCHASES $224,372 1%


$2,550,616 16%


$358,745 2%



$2,156,615 14%


$2,046,367 13%


$408,792 3%

$393,809 3%


$1,348,791 9%

This information is being published prior to the issuance of audited financial statements. Summary statements of key financial information for 2010 and 2011 are posted on our website at 2012 statements will be posted mid-year, as soon as the audit is finalized. If you have any questions or concerns about Mount Hermon’s finances, please contact Mike Perez at 5

THE ENVISIONED Part 2 of 4 FUTURE By Lisa Olson


In the last issue of The LOG we cast a glance toward the horizon, considering what might please God while serving our constituents in the coming decades. While prayerfully grappling with the possibilities, we have framed this in three questions: 1. How can we REACH more people? 2. How can we strengthen the IMPACT of our efforts? 3. How can we LEVERAGE the resources God has given?



more people

“Reach” can be a noun, referring to the number of people impacted by an action, or a verb, meaning to strive to achieve, to have an influence or impact, or to stretch out physically, to extend. Either way, Mount Hermon has an impressive reach! Each year we serve more than 72,000 people at our five locations. One third attend with our ministry partners— churches and organizations with their own objectives and programs, who rely on us to provide food and lodging, audio/ visual support, expert event planning, and world-class recreation. Another third come to our Mount Hermonsponsored overnight camps and programs, including summer youth camps, family camps, adult retreats and professional training events. The remainder come to Mount Hermon programs that may not include an overnight stay. These include concerts and hymn sings, team building workshops, recreation leagues and adventure programming such as the Redwood Canopy Tour. Today God has given us a broad vision for expanding our reach, to double the number of people Mount Hermon impacts in the future. We seek to directly affect 150,000 people each year! One way to achieve this is by strategically allying with ministries that are already having an international impact. Such reciprocal international relationships can strengthen our own ministry to the many ethnic cultures we now serve, while allowing us to export back to them some of what we do really well. We’re already exploring some exciting relationships, hoping to conduct pilot programs overseas in 2014.

Another way our reach may expand is by making it possible for people to attend a Christian camp or retreat, who would otherwise be absolutely unable to do so. We are already reaching out to compatible ministries serving inner-city kids, families of incarcerated parents, homeless families, and other groups with very specific needs. We intend to ‘tithe’ ten percent of our beds year-round, enabling many more people to benefit from our programs. A third goal is to expand our reach by increasing our partnerships with churches. It is our mission to serve the church by helping her to accomplish her objectives. As we serve through our camps, recreation, retreats, hospitality and training, we find that God uses the gifts and resources of the church to in turn accomplish the ministry of Mount Hermon. Our staff, volunteers, donors and board members all represent churches we are privileged to serve. We seek to be intentional in finding new churches to join this great tradition, to become part of the foundation for our next century of ministry. Of course Mount Hermon’s influence reaches well beyond the people we actually see here, and to whom we’ll minister each year. Here they encountered the living God in the midst of His beautiful creation, they’ve heard from His Word, and enjoyed the communion of fellowship with His people. They leave here changed by God. We know this change will ripple out into their communities and cultures as God extends His love and grace, showing His limitless reach through these, His people.

Lisa Olson is Director of Program Ministries. Having been an impactful leader in Christian Camping for over 30 years, she’s glad to share with you this vision of Mount Hermon’s future on behalf of the leadership team.


The excitement begins to build

By Nate Pfefferkorn


xcitement accompanies plans for the newlyacquired 15 acre parcel, just off Conference Drive, alongside the Felton Faire shopping center. As more detailed plans are released at community and county meetings, a much broader excitement is beginning to build.


ZONE 1 by Don Broesamle


As we continue to research the most strategic and effective use of this land, and are guided by several key principles as work progresses on the planning phase: • Keeping the property mostly open space and green. The “Green” aesthetic informing the design of any structures or facilities envisioned • Enriching the lives of families and children in a beautiful, natural environment • Focusing on recreation, serving both overnight campers and day-use guests • Blessing the local community and extending our local ministry impact We anticipate three main “zones” on the property with distinct facilities, user groups, and activities:

Zone One

Zone One, closest to Redwood Camp, to include the following features: • A pedestrian bridge over Zayante Road connecting with Redwood Camp • A 100 foot × 200 foot recreation field for games and activities • A dramatic retaining wall built of boulders alongside the field • A separated space for target sports • Various trails & peaceful, natural areas

Zone Three

Zone Two

Zone Two at the center of the property, including: • A Day Camp building with 6 classrooms supporting a robust summer community day camp program, and school year after-school programs • Outdoor recreation activities, with a children’s playground • Access to all the amenities included in Zones 1 & 3

Zone Three will be closest to the shopping center and much of the hillside. Zone Three will serve both overnight and day use guests and will have the following: • A community garden with 50+ garden plots • A world-class bike park with downhill “flow” trails, pump tracks, and skills parks • A 50–70 element aerial adventure park • A splash zone water feature • A dedicated building to support the above activities and provide retail and concession space • Parking to support the facility 8


by Don Broesamle



This blessing of land is a significant opportunity for Mount Hermon and will add to our already amazing programs, facilities and ministry impact. County permitting will take roughly six to nine months before actual construction can begin. Please join us in prayer as we work through this process, and also for all the staff, families, and children that will be impacted through this remarkable new facility. Follow the updates and join the conversation at Nate Pfefferkorn, is Director of Mount Hermon Adventure Ministries and leads the bustling Adventure Area, a keen ministry opportunity that directly impacts our surrounding community as well as every guest.



Last April Mount Hermon was FULL! One Sunday we waved goodbye to Bay Area Spring Camp, 1,200 Chinese Christians who’d utilized all three Santa Cruz sites for their annual Conference—this year with record attendance! More importantly, over 80 new believers had trusted the Lord that weekend! 200 pastors had just departed as Bay Area Spring Camp checked in. And then as BASC departed, staff was already preparing for yet another pastors’ organization, Growing Healthy Churches. Their conference, “Little Churches, Big Impact” was true to its name, encouraging and equipping small church leaders, offering them rest and renewal. And at what better place than Mount Hermon!

Someone told me, “We could never imagine while in seminary the issues and challenges in the church today.” And HERE they were finding encouragement! Bill, a charming man, spoke through tears of his concern for youth. Their evaluations and comments told us we’d done our job:

Pam Breen from GHC, shared, “People often mentioned the beautiful landscape— pink dogwood, bright azaleas—God’s presence was significant.” Yet, just before their check-in, staff paced quickly through the mall, clearing wind-borne debris, blowing leaves, emptying trash, folding tables. A tired team rallied to warmly welcome these pastors.

While fulfilling our mission to serve God’s church, God was working. One pastor wrote, “…we’ll have greater Kingdom impact on our community, teaching principles that will change our church’s mindset from ‘we can’t’ because we’re small, to ‘we can,’ because God commissioned us to serve.” Now THAT’s the recipe for “Growing Healthy Churches!”

“The food was terrific”—“Mount Hermon is a great setting”—“We felt so cared for.”

Mark Bradshaw is our Conference Services Manager. He and his wife Katie (Flynn) have just welcomed August, their first child, in to the world. 10




SEPTEMBER 17–30, 2013 You have experienced David Talbott leading a hymn sing at Mount Hermon, now experience David leading a hymn sing from where they were actually written! Join our British Hymn Sing Tour and explore the historic towns and villages of the great hymn composers. If you’re a lover of the great hymns, and want to learn more of British history, you’ll delight in this tour, during which we’ll combine with the members of several local churches for an on-site British-American hymn sing in selected cities. Dave on the piano and great catherdal organs is an added treat to participate. This is the musical adventure you’ve always dreamed of taking. Space is limited, so please enroll early, and plan on a one-of-a-kind trip of a lifetime with us! Led by Ken Carter Hosted by David & Carla Talbott

Email or call David to register: email phone 831.430.1241 11


By Jayne Price


eredith* wasn’t sure what a Reflective Retreat was. She had been going to women’s events for many years, including several at Mount Hermon. Knowing the stress that she had recently been experiencing, her friends encouraged her to come with them to the Fall Reflective Retreat. The description talked about a retreat that centered on rest and time alone to listen to God. While the ‘rest’ part was definitely appealing, she wasn’t sure about the ‘listening’ part. If she did take time to ‘listen to God’, what would He say to her about her life and current situation and how would she know it was God speaking and not just her own thoughts and desires? Putting her questions and apprehensions aside, she decided to sign up. Mount Hermon Reflective Retreats are experienced based rather than a speakercentered. Started in 1995 with just 7 guests, over the years they have quietly grown to serve over 350 women through 4 weekends in the fall and spring. There is a scriptural theme selected for each of the seasons and listening experiences created to interact with the theme. There is time to be quiet, time to listen to the ‘still, small voice’ of God. There are also rich times of fellowship with other women who are seeking to listen and respond to God’s voice. While Meredith wasn’t sure what to expect from the retreat she summed up her experience by sharing: “While each of the listening experiences was unique and special for me, I was

totally unprepared for the way God would speak to me through nature. While walking along the paths I could hear the bubbling sounds of the creek running through the forest. The wind blew softly, just enough to hear the whispered rustle of fall leaves, drawing my eyes to the tops of the towering trees. Then, as if God was summoning me, I reached out and touched the bark of a redwood tree. To my surprise, instead of a hard shell the bark was in soft layers, one on top of the other. As I explored the trunk I discovered a place where an animal had been digging into the bark, and I could see the exposed core of the tree. I realized at that moment that God was speaking to me about the layers of protection I had been building into my life. I clearly understood He wanted to strip these away so that others could see His presence at my center. This retreat wasn’t just about my learning more about God, but about being given new eyes to see His presence in me in new ways. It was about transformation not information. I now know to schedule both the Fall and Spring retreats as soon as the dates are announced. I consider these my lifelines for the year!”

Why not attend a Reflective Retreat yourself? Choose one this Fall: November 1–3 or November 8–10 All the information is here: Let God speak to you, and see His presence in new ways. It’s about transformation.

Jayne Price not only facilitates the Reflective Retreats with her heart and ear tuned to ‘the still, small voice’ of God, but also creates experiences in areas as Mount Hermon’s interior designer. 12


“We leave behind a legacy of one kind or another.” By Murphy Felton


laine and Keith Pickard have built a family, they’ve built a career as public school teachers, and now are watching their family build families of their own. Elaine and Keith are representative of a generation whose legacy continues to impact and affect our culture. Mount Hermon recognizes that adults are still growing, learning and accepting new challenges, so in 2011 Mount Hermon developed the conference “Creating A Legacy.” “When we read about the conference we immediately connected with the concept of being intentional in the legacy we leave,” said Elaine. “We could hardly wait!” The Creating a Legacy Conference is designed for adults 45 and older, who are approaching or navigating that stage that includes an empty nest, being “sandwiched” caregivers for young adult children and aging parents, transitioning to retirement, experiencing the loss of a spouse, grand-parenting,

or having a blended family. Bill Butterworth, Roger Williams, Ken and Mari Harrower and others will lead in-depth, interactive seminars each morning, giving insights for creating your legacy for the next generation. Each evening’s worship features equipping from Earl Palmer. “The teaching we received triggered ideas on how to leave a legacy with our grandkids,” said Elaine. “We’re not going to be the type of people who are sitting down, hands folded, eyes closed. Instead we’re doing life, and in the middle of it all talking with Jesus.” Rave reviews from our inaugural event has made Creating a Legacy a fixture on Mount Hermon’s calendar. We invite you to join Elaine, Keith and all of us at Mount Hermon for this year’s Creating a Legacy Conference, August 19–23. Learn more:

Murphy Felton is the Marketing Team Manager, and doubles as our Coca-Cola drinking, copy writing, text editing, social networking, team wrangler and resident cheese monger. 14


MEN OF GOD By Andrew Summers


ach summer at Ponderosa Lodge, thousands of students arrive bursting with anticipation of their week at camp. But some campers arrive exhibiting absolutely no desire to be there. I recall well my situation as a counselor, with students who were uncomfortable or nervous being away from home, and those who were just “too cool for school.” One thing I learned from my three summers in the cabin is that whatever the situation at the beginning of a week, the Lord can and will do big things! One Ponderosa Lodge counselor tells this story: “Jimmy began this week not wanting to be at Ponderosa—I caught him with a friend writing profanities on the bathroom walls. I told them I was glad they were here at camp, but that I also hoped they’d want to be here too. Jimmy came to me on Wednesday night and began crying, talking about the many mistakes he‘d made. We spent half an hour talking about God’s

abundant love and grace. By the end of camp, Jimmy left saying he wanted to be ‘a man of God’ with his friends.” God used that week at camp to forever change Jimmy’s life, but for many families the cost of camp is just too great an obstacle. That’s why we offer our Campership program, supporting hundreds of students each summer who otherwise would not be able to experience such a transforming week. Please consider partnering with us to give a week at camp to those who need it most. Each generous Campership gift encourages another “Jimmy” to be “a man of God.”

Andrew Summers is the newest member of the Advancement Team, whose life was forever changed at Ponderosa. He revels in how God continues to reveal Himself in this area of the Mount Hermon ministry.




eff and Samantha Zabel are committed Mount Hermon people, who’ve been deeply invested in this ministry for years in several ways. “Sam’s” first summer, in fact, was in her mother’s womb, and she hasn’t missed a year since! After both worked on Summer Staff and were later married, she and Jeff began attending Family Camps. Several years later, their daughter was born on the Sunday they were to arrive for Family Camp. Rather than miss the week, Sam and Jeff drove up from Southern California on Thursday with their four-day-old child, so that they could enjoy the last day-anda-half of the week. That’s dedication! Why is Mount Hermon so special? Sam reflects, “Creating time and space to simply be with Jesus is incredibly important, and often missed in the busyness of life and work. The chance to experience this every year there, in the immense beauty of God’s creation, is unmatched.”


With two kids and a third on the way, Sam and Jeff love having the opportunity to “get away” and spend family time together with the Lord. In 2006, after decades of camp attendance, Sam and Jeff decided to take the next step in their involvement with Mount Hermon. Joining our Associates Family was a natural step for a couple already so personally invested. “Mount Hermon has richly blessed our lives, and we have found great joy in financially supporting this ministry.” Over the years, the Zabel’s gifts have been used to bring others to camp— others who (due to finances) would not have been able to come. We’re so grateful for their heartfelt involvement and genuine trust. It makes this ministry possible. If like the Zabels you are ready to become an Associate—a team member in God’s Kingdom work at Mount Hermon—please contact Kerry Phibbs at 831.430.1237. Join the many others personally invested in God’s work at Mount Hermon.



ast year Mount Hermon purchased the 15 acres at our Conference Drive entrance. God alone orchestrated this, and the sale closed with “only” financing to arrange. Our bank provided the loan, and trusting the Lord we temporarily used unrestricted reserves for the $200,000 down payment. Then we prayed the Lord would replenish those funds! Three weeks later, while the Board met regarding this property, we received a surprising gift—for precisely $200,000! Really! Bill Walters, a long-time Mount Hermon friend, had included this bequest in his will. Bill, a decorated World War II survivor, worked 50 years in Electrical Workers Union No. 595. Bill once used his “ham” radio skills to bounce lasers off the moon, and to communicate with ham operators worldwide. He even assisted rescue operations during the Loma Prieta earthquake. Bill’s Mount Hermon involvements began years ago when he and Doris brought their four kids to Family Camp. Daughter Deborah recalls great times with her dad in the canoes at the boat dam, feeling like it was “a vast open lake with no one in sight.” Trailing four kids around camp kept Bill and Doris quite busy. When Bill moved to Aptos, he volunteered here as an electrician, and enjoyed our Hymn Sings and Concerts.

Bill exemplifies the Redwood Society— legacy-minded people who have included Mount Hermon in their will. We invite you to speak with us about joining the Redwood Society, too!

Bill’s farsighted gift will touch lives for decades through this strategic property. Currently, plans include a community day camp, BMX bike track, an aerial adventure course and a community garden, recreational and relational activities serving both Mount Hermon guests and our local community. We hope to reach people who’ve never heard of Mount Hermon, extending our vision and reaching a “ripe harvest field.” We’re forever grateful for Bill’s “legacy” confidence in the Lord and Mount Hermon.

Don Broesamle is our Church and Partner Relations Director. He’s been in many of your homes sharing the Mount Hermon story. 17



By JR Loofbourrow

In my 15 years at Mount Hermon the Lord has patiently revealed so much. My job has become my passion, mission and calling, and I’ve been richly blessed. I thank Him for it all! When Laurie and I arrived in 1998 our oldest son was ten. Today he’s married, and our youngest son is in college. Together we’ve experienced the “lives transformed” of Mount Hermon by plugging into Family Camps, Redwood Camp, Ponderosa Lodge and Kidder Creek. Laurie grew up at Mount Hermon and worked on summer staff, and our kids and daughterin-law have each served here as well. The Lord has literally molded and shaped our family through Mount Hermon.

Newton Memorial and the McAfee Fieldhouse were built, and we’ve replaced a cabin at both Redwood Camp and Ponderosa Lodge. We’ve built a waste water treatment plant, replaced a 300,000 gallon water tank (with another on the way), along with refreshing the Auditorium and the Snack Shop. Our Campership LIFE Endowment has now grown to almost $2M, allowing us to extend Camperships to those who could never before have come to Mount Hermon.

If you ask me, “what is the best part of your job?” I’ll answer, “the meaningful relationships with so many of you.” It’s an honor and privilege to be your friend and ministry partner. We’ve “shared life” together, and I know we will continue this journey as God brings you back to Mount Hermon in the years to come!

We’ve retired a few programs while adding numerous new ones that touch even more lives. We’ve put in an outdoor amphitheater and a skate park at Ponderosa Lodge, built the world’s first Redwood Canopy Tour, and added multiple ropes/adventure courses. We’ve seen our Associates Family grow from 300 to over 800, and most importantly of all—since 1998 we’ve ministered to over one million people. PRAISE THE LORD!

What truly amazes me is how the Lord has allowed me to be part of His plan in moving this ministry forward. When I arrived in 1998 Mount Hermon consisted of Redwood Camp, The Conference Center and Ponderosa Lodge. Reflecting on what has happened since then takes my breath away. The Lord has blessed us with Kidder Creek, Whisper Canyon, and 15 acres of raw land perfect for ministry at the entry to Conference Drive. We’ve acquired additional strategically-located cabins, and sold a few outliers. We’ve rebuilt a guest lodge while rebuilding or remodeling an additional ten cabins.

We’re confident Mount Hermon’s best ministry years are just ahead. IMAGINE the impact, IMAGINE the reach, IMAGINE the tens of thousands of lives transformed! If the next 15 years are anything like the last—buckle up!

JR Loofborrow is the Director of Advancement and serves on the executive staff at Mount Hermon. 19

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To make Book of Remembrance/ Honor gifts, include person’s name, “in memory” or “in honor,” name and address to notify of your gift, and mail with check (payable to Mount Hermon Assoc.) to: Book of Remembrance, Box 413, Mount Hermon 95041. Due to print deadlines, your recent gift may appear in our next issue.

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Upcoming Events Events held at Conference Center unless otherwise noted. JUNE

15 Liberty Quartet Concert 16–22 Family Camp Week 1 21–23 Men’s Fly Fishing Camp | Kidder Creek 22 The King’s Brass Concert 23–29 Family Camp Week 2 28–30 Moms & Daughters Horse Retreat | Kidder Creek 29 Christian Edition Concert 30–Jul 6 J.E.M.S. Family Camp


6 Dave Talbott & Alex Russell Concert 7–13 Family Camp Week 4 13 Buddy Greene Concert 14–20 Family Camp Week 5 20 Steve Green Concert 21–27 Family Camp Week 6 27 Fernando Ortega Concert 28–Aug 3 Dallas Theological Seminary Family Camp Week 7


3 Standards Under the Stars Concert 3–4 Redwood Staff Alumni Reunion | Redwood Camp 4–10 Family Camp Week 8 10 Celebration Choir Concert 11–14 Moms & Daughters High Country Horse Retreat | Kidder Creek 11–17 Family Camp Week 9 19–23 Creating a Legacy Conference 23–25 Hispanic Family Camp 30–Sept 2 Couples High Country Horse Retreat | Kidder Creek 30–Sept 2 Labor Day Family Camp


13–15 Revolution | Ponderosa Lodge 17–30 Mount Hermon British-American Hymn Sing Tour | Great Britain 20–22 Men’s Boot Camp


4–6 Fall Men’s Retreat | Ponderosa Lodge 4–6 Moms & Sons | Redwood Camp 11–13 Fall Women’s Retreat 11–13 Fall Men’s Retreat | Ponderosa Lodge 10 Hymn Sing 18–20 Fall Frenzy | Ponderosa Lodge 28–30 OSS Math Camp | Ponderosa Lodge


1–3 Women’s Reflective Retreat 1–3 Fall Frenzy | Ponderosa Lodge 8–10 Women’s Reflective Retreat 8–10 Fall Frenzy | Ponderosa Lodge 21 Hymn Sing


6–8 Fall Frenzy | Ponderosa Lodge 6–8 Christmas Concerts & Buffets, Craft Boutique 13–15 Christmas Concerts & Buffets, Craft Boutique | 888.642.2677

Youth Camps at Ponderosa Lodge, Redwood Camp, and Kidder Creek run all summer. See for details



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THIS IS SILAS. Silas wants to go to camp. But, Silas’ story is more complicated than many kids’. That’s why there’s GIVECAMP Find out more about how you can help get Silas and kids like him to camp at

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