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2009 Ponderosa Lodge Rate Information Per Person Package Plan – Regular Season Number of Nights & Meals 2 nights & 6 meals 3 nights & 9 meals

Per Person Rate $140 $185

Description of Package Plan

All rates include lodging, meals, meeting room(s), audio/visual, and recreation facilities. Ponderosa Lodge does not provide a wait-staff for meals. Therefore, guests must help with kitchen patrol (KP) service. Exclusive Use for Ponderosa Lodge: 125 full-time adults In order to book the exclusive use of Ponderosa Lodge, Mount Hermon requires a minimum booking number of 125 full-time adult guests. Should a group wish to book at only 100, Mount Hermon reserves the right to try and book another, smaller group (maximum of 50) during the same retreat. Family Retreats & Ponderosa Lodge Due to our housing accommodations, family retreats may be more challenging to schedule. However, Ponderosa Lodge currently serves a handful of successful family retreats. Should a family group wish to book, a youth rate may be applied as follows (for 2 nights & 6 meals): Adults Ages 18+, $140; Youth Ages 4–17, $66; Children 0–3, Free. The youth rate only applies when part of a family retreat and in room/cabin with adults. Youth Meal Rates are as follows: Continental Breakfast $4, Breakfast $4, Brunch $7, Lunch $6, Dinner $8. A minimum booking number of 125 is required for our family groups. Approximately 90% must be full-time adults and approximately 10% may be full-time youth.

Individual Meal Rates Meal Continental Breakfast Breakfast Brunch Lunch Dinner

Per Person Rate $6 $8 $14 $9 $14

Additional Rate Information

Value Season: A 10% discount per full-time registrant is available during the calendar dates of November 15–January 31. Booking less than three meals per night stayed: Should a group like to make a reservation for less than three meals per night stayed the deduction allowance for adults and youth (when a youth rate applies) is as follows: Breakfast: $1, Lunch $2, & Dinner 3$. There are no refunds for missed meals. 21

Recreational Fees: Additional recreation options (Swimming pool, Adventure Facilities, etc.) are available and fees vary depending on requests. Daily Registration: Retreat guests not staying overnight will be charged $8 per day, and $5 per day for youth (when part of a family conference). Part-time Guests: Throughout our many years of working with guest groups, we have come to realize that while allowing for part-time attendance may seem favorable initially, it actually ends up taking away from the overall community dynamic. Therefore, we do not encourage part-time attendance. However, should a retreat group need to accommodate a part-time guest, the minimum overnight charge will be the one night & three meal rate: Adult $102, and Youth $44 (when a youth rate applies). Missed Meals: There are no refunds for missed meals. Because we base our pricing off packages, if a conferee decides not to attend a meal during his/her conference stay, there will be no monetary deduction for doing so.