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APPLICATION FOR CAREER TRACK Deadline for applying is February 15th Notification of acceptance will be sent by February 18th You must complete this application to be a part of the Career Track. The focus of the Career Track is now book publishing, marketing, craft, and career development. New criteria: 1. Must be registered for the 2010 conference. 2. Must have at least two books contracted with royalty-based publishers. 3. One of those books must have been released within the last 5 years. 4. You must complete this form and return it to be eligible for this track. 5. If you don’t meet this criteria exactly, but would like to participate, apply, and we will consider your application on its merits. Please fill in all applicable blanks: 1. Name________________________________________________________________ 2. Address______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ 3. Phone___________________________ Fax_________________________________ 4. E-mail___________________________Website______________________________ 5. Blog_________________________________________________________________ 6. How many books with royalty-based publishers have you had published or are contracted to write? 7. List books published or contracted by title, genre, publisher, and year released: TITLE




8. What is your genre?____________________________________________________ 9. Do you have an agent?__________ Who?___________________________________ 9. List any questions/concerns you are struggling with this year?

Note: Torn between the Career Track and another of Mount Hermon's excellent morning tracks? Well, here's the good news: all of the other morning tracks are recorded! (We don't record the Career Track to ensure confidentiality when we discuss sensitive issues.) So come join us, free from any worry about missing out. All the information you want and need from the other tracks will be available to you on CDs. Please fill out this form and: •

E-mail it as an attachment to by February 15. OR


Print out and mail to: Sally Stuart, 1647 SW Pheasant Dr., Aloha OR 97006 to arrive by February 20.