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#23 WORKSHOP III, Saturday, 3:15-4:15 PM Location: Brookside (Beside Snack Shop) Instructor: W. Dale Cramer, Fiction Freelance Author

Write Deeper, Write Stronger The surest path to publication

I. Write deeper A well-told tale must be like an ocean crossing. You may skim the surface if you wish, and enjoy the trip; you need not plumb the depths. But for those who are of a mind, there must be depths to plumb. Atlantis Requiem, Fletcher Carlyle A. The three C's of a successful writer Courage

Common Sense


B. Read over your head

C. Develop a sense of theme. Know where you're going. 1. Biblical themes, trends, patterns, metaphors.

D. Create deeper characters 1. Fear and Desire, a key to character 2. White hats/black hats, winning and losing

II. Write stronger A. The importance of a tough critic

B. Understanding your role 1. Fiction versus nonfiction, parable versus sermon

2. Trust your reader

3. Strengthen your prose a. Find your heroes and study them

b. Passive voice

c. Cross-referencing, the key to stronger verbs

d. Juxtaposing tragedy and comedy

e. How to tell a lie