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#13 WORKSHOP II, Saturday, 1:45-2:45 PM Location: Brookside (Beneath Dining Room) Instructor: Natasha Sperling, Bethany House

From Blog to Book From Julie and Julia to Stuff Christians Like, popular blogs are proving to be springboards for nonfiction books. Does your blog have the makings of a saleable nonfiction book? If so, how do you make the transition from writing for the Web to writing for the printed page? This workshop will explore the types of blogs that can successfully translate into book form, how to turn your material into a book proposal, and once contracted, how to shape your blog-based manuscript. (Note: Although there is some slight overlap, this workshop is not specifically about platform building or marketing through blogging.) Introduction

I. What types of blogs translate well into book form? A. Success stories B. Forthcoming C. Hook or gimmick

II. What makes a blog interesting to a book publisher? A. Popularity/high traffic B. Buzz C. Content D. Appeal beyond an online audience E. Platform

III. Creating a book proposal with your blog content A. Format B. Statistics C. Sample blog posts D. Describe how blog content translates into book content

IV. Your book’s outline A. Needs an overriding structure or game plan

V. Adjusting your writing style without losing your voice