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#6 WORKSHOP I, Friday, 4:30-5:30 PM Location: Newton: Room A (Across from Meadow) Instructor: James Watkins, Wesleyan Publishing & ACW Press

Communicate to Change Lives Most writing books and seminars for Christians are very good at teaching the techniques of good writing and marketing, but very few specifically deal with how to write to change lives. In this unique seminar, you’ll learn biblical and behavioral techniques for changing lives with your writing and speaking. The Bible—and more recently modern behaviorists—note several ways in which people’s hearts and minds are changed: Cognitive theories Know > Feel > Do

Cognitive dissonance theories Know > Feel bad > Do

Social construct theories See > Feel > Do (imitate)

Two-step theory Know > Feel > Do (influence)

Behavioral theories Do > Feel > Know

No one theory is sufficient! And change is often incremental, so . . . 1. Have a specific goal Know > Feel > Do Know > Feel badly > Do

2. Grab attention with humor Increase comprehension and retention

3. Include testimonies of people influential to target audience See > Feel > Do

4. Provide an incremental action point Do > Feel > Know

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