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Ayurvedic Medicine ⇒ Ayurvedic means that it’s an approach to health that’s designed to help people live long, healthy, and well balanced lives ⇒ Medicine dealing with body and spirit ⇒ People came from many countries to the Indian Ayurvedic schools to learn about the medicine ⇒ Two main types of Ayurvedic medicine: traditional and Maharishi ⇒ The basic idea of Ayurvedic medicine is to prevent illness by maintaining balance in the body and mind

Meditation ⇒ Helps clear the mind and health issues ⇒ Considered a step towards salvation ⇒ Practices breathing controls and repetition of holy words ⇒ The goal of meditation is the realization of peace and purity


⇒ Indian people did not eat meat ⇒ The cow was considered sacred because they were thought to have the supreme human life force in them ⇒ Many Indians are vegetarians and won’t eat animals/meat ⇒ Instead of meat, people eat rice, dals, and vegetables ⇒ Food highly spiced


⇒ Means “joining” or “union” ⇒ Helps humans unite with supreme life force of the universe ⇒ Many practices including: exercise, breathing techniques, meditation, and service to others

Pigeon Pose ⇒ Helps make more supple and flexible hips ⇒ Helps relieve low back pain and stiffness

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