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The Mount Athos Area Kouzina 2014 Τhe Mount Athos Area Kouzina 2014 It will as always last a whole month: from 15 May 2014 until 15 June 2014 and will focus on local tradition, which wants the people of the Athos region to honour their land at every chance, thanking it for the gifts it offers. However, it will marry this tradition with gourmet creations, always based on local organic produce. Celebrations of nature, the sea, the land and its products, contests and traditional cooking lessons, flavours that highlight our organic products and rich produce, flavours from Asia Minor, ancient, traditional, monastic, Mediterranean, and gourmet dishes - created by local and celebrity chefs. Consult your activities program and arrange your vacation where you prefer, in the hotels that host kouzina activities or in those in the list attached to the program. Be assured that whatever you choose, you will be completely satisfied with our renowned hospitality. Enjoy!

With the signature of the Chef Ntina Nikolaou



Gastronomy & Wine  
Gastronomy & Wine  

Located at the foot of Agion Oros with its unique culinary particularity of a diet based on vegetables and fish for the 2,500 monks living o...