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Cheese and Yoghurt Antonis Karagiannis Yoghurt This is also where the delicious yoghurt of Antonis Karagiannis is produced in abundance; it is made from cow's and sheep's milk and boasts a rich, full and authentic flavour. It is as if all the scents of our mountains, protected by the Natura Convention, are gathered in a pot of amazing yoghurt, made in Antonis' unit in a traditional manner, based on the unique recipe of his mother, Mrs. Angela - an exceptional artist in making cheese and yoghurt! The unit is open to visitors: you can not only watch the production process but also buy its famous yoghurt! Try it with honey and Arnea walnuts. There is nothing better!

63074 Arnea of Halkidiki Tel. +30 6344 592833



Gastronomy & Wine  
Gastronomy & Wine  

Located at the foot of Agion Oros with its unique culinary particularity of a diet based on vegetables and fish for the 2,500 monks living o...