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Mussels Mussels The region of Olympiada is not famous only as the birthplace of Aristotle but also as the top mussel-producing region of Greece, both in terms of quantity and of quality. Indeed the mussels from Olympiada stand out for their flavour, size, purity and cultivation methods. This is thanks to the crystal clear sea waters, that favour mussel cultivation. Mussels are a truly organic product, since no other use of food, therapy or other intervention is required, as mussels feed exclusively on seawater, which they constantly filter. They are a product of high nutritional value, rich in unsaturated fatty acids omega 3, proteins of high organic value and have scarcely any fat while, apart from all their other nutrients (minerals, carbohydrates, vitamins, regenerative and invigorating substances) they also have the highest contents of iron among any other animal food (three times bigger than beef liver).



Gastronomy & Wine  
Gastronomy & Wine  

Located at the foot of Agion Oros with its unique culinary particularity of a diet based on vegetables and fish for the 2,500 monks living o...