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Cresson, Pennsylvania

You’re approaching significant changes in your life, and important decisions are on the horizon. So look ahead…look to the horizon. Leading up to it are the challenges of today. Lying beyond, the opportunities of tomorrow. Mount Aloysius College prepares you for what lies beyond. What you learn here, you can take anywhere. Yes, anywhere.




College provides an environment for you to try new things. • You develop skills and experiences that prepare you for your future career. • You learn to balance your individuality while being part of a community. • You develop a broader worldview, a deeper appreciation of the human experience and a richer understanding of service. • You gain the opportunity to study something simply because it interests you. You envision yourself in that kind of environment, don’t you? In all the right ways, Mount Aloysius College is that kind of environment.

Mount Aloysius College is: • One of the oldest Catholic colleges in the U.S. (established in 1853) • One of 16 Mercy-sponsored colleges and universities in the U.S. • Listed as a College of Distinction by Student Horizons, Inc. • Listed by U.S. News and World Report as having one of the lowest tuitions among private, four-year, comprehensive institutions in the Northeast.

ENVISION YOURSELF HERE at Mount Aloysius College

• Ranked by U.S. News and World Report among the best Baccalaureate Colleges in the Northeast. • Committed to Mercy values of justice, compassion, hospitality and service. • Nationally recognized on the United States President’s Distinguished Honor Roll for Community Service. • Proud of a positive record for safety and security. • Listed by G.I. Jobs magazine as a Military Friendly School — America’s Top 15%. • Committed to continue training for significant job placement rates in many fields.


So what is Mount Aloysius College really like? MAC is primed.

MAC is peaceful.

We continue to introduce dynamic programs that reflect new career opportunities. Our campus blends new facilities with our historic 19th century Main Building. It’s an amazing time to be a student at MAC.

Our safe and beautiful campus overlooks the Allegheny Mountains in the Laurel Highlands of west central Pennsylvania, with easy access to city conveniences and outdoor adventure.

MAC is passionate.

MAC is private.

Our professors are driven to help you succeed. Our athletic programs exude Mountie Pride. Our students make things happen.

We are committed to providing a quality college experience in a values-based environment.

MAC is practical. Our programs are designed to prepare you for the best careers of today and promising opportunities of tomorrow.

MAC is personal.


The friends you meet in classes, or at basketball games, or at lunch or doing laundry – they’re the same friends who will be at your wedding someday.

At Mount Aloysius College you’ll find an opportunity, wrapped in an experience, supported by a community. As you prepare for a rewarding career and a lifetime of learning, you will discover that the horizon is indeed just your starting line.

A Place of Cutting-Edge Research Under the direction of Dr. Merrilee Anderson, the Department of Science and Mathematics at Mount Aloysius received a $65,000 grant, funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF). The grant funds research of the effects of abandoned mine drainage (AMD) on some of the more than 3,000 streams in Pennsylvania affected by the runoff from abandoned mines. Working with a team of bright and capable Mount Aloysius students, Dr. Anderson takes a hard look at the real impact of these acidic compounds on affected water sources. The study has four goals: • Employ scientific method to verify sound empirical data; • Help MAC students understand the causes and effects of AMD and other strain on the environment; • Encourage MAC students to make their own ethical choices about energy and water use; and • Involve MAC students with their communities. Real scientific research involving Mount Aloysius students is making a difference, as water quality is measured with an eye toward improvement. Applied science, applied students means a better aquatic future in local communities and downstream.

Some things change

Some stay the same

1853 — Sisters of Mercy establish present day Mount Aloysius College as an Academy.

The motto of Mount Aloysius is Fides, Mores, Cultura, Latin words that express our fidelity to principle, moral integrity and the enrichment of life.

1939 — Mount Aloysius begins to offer college degrees. 1968 — MAC is one of the first Catholic colleges to become co-educational. Mount Aloysius College was named to honor Saint Aloysius Gonzaga (1568-1591), patron saint of youth and students.

2001 — MAC advances again as a comprehensive liberal arts and sciences college providing undergraduate and graduate degrees.


How does a college with more than 160 years of history respect its heritage while continually exceeding expectations? Excellent question. Here’s how we do it at Mount Aloysius College:

Honor Core Values

What’s Happening Now?

Mount Aloysius has held true to our Mercy values — justice, mercy, hospitality and service — ever since a small group of Sisters of Mercy emigrated from Ireland and established this institution in 1853.

• More in-demand academic programs.

Focus On What You Do Well

• Another new residence hall.

Mount Aloysius has earned our reputation as a comprehensive, liberal arts and sciences college that prepares students to begin a meaningful professional career or graduate/professional school, right out of college.

• Men’s and women’s NCAA D-III varsity athletics. • Innovative ways of assessing outcomes.

Strive For More

• Centralized academic and learning commons area.

New facilities and academic programs are dramatically changing this campus, and more are coming. Enrollment continues to increase, notably among students who live on campus.

• Expanded student engagement in our community and beyond.

As a MAC student, you join a community that respects the past, lives for today, and aspires for what lies beyond the horizon.


Why Mount Aloysius? • Students first • Total career focus • Mercy values

Who Chooses MAC? Most of our students come from Pennsylvania and the Northeast, but Mount Aloysius College attracts people from across the U.S. and around the world. Each one arrives with a distinct personal history and dreams for the future. Why do different kinds of students choose MAC? • Gifted students find academic rigor to build on their record of excellence. • Career-centric students find a range of majors that prepare them to begin well-paying, high-demand careers as soon as they graduate. • Rising students find both challenge and support along a pathway to success.

Who Does MAC Choose? Mount Aloysius College seeks students motivated by the promise of a great future and ready to do the work college demands. We evaluate each candidate for admission individually. Still, students who do well here tend to share certain qualities: • Curiosity about the world and openness to new ideas and varied opinions. • A sense of purpose, an appreciation for what one does not know and an eagerness to learn. • An understanding that life has meaning and that successful people always do something meaningful with their lives. So, do we have a good match?

What’s On The Horizon? MAC’s Master Plan details a range of proposed projects that will take MAC even further, including a new Athletic Convocation Center; expansions to the Library, Pierce Hall and Academic Hall; additional athletic fields; a reflection garden; and more.


Professional career markets never stop changing. Neither does Mount Aloysius College. We continually research employment trends and market demands, and add or change programs to address emerging needs. Our entire curriculum reflects this focus on careers.

Liberal Arts and Sciences Our core curriculum helps you to become analytical and reflective. You also learn to approach your work within the context of the larger world and the human experience. Considerable emphasis is placed on writing. It’s a “classic” college curriculum, reinvented for today’s careercentric students.

Start Thinking


Students share a common academic experience we call Connections. You are challenged to examine your convictions and open yourself to the convictions of your peers through the filter of a historical event.

It’s probing, interactive and interdisciplinary. It’s also social, with a community service component and a trip to a major city such as Washington, D.C., Baltimore or Philadelphia.

Think Harder Add an even higher level of intellectual inquiry with the MAC Honors Program. Through your four years, you interact with professors and other honors students to hone skills of critical thinking, persuasive writing and group leadership as you tackle the multifaceted issues of the human experience.

Never Stop Thinking As you zero in on your college degree, MAC’s Capstone Seminar provides you the opportunity to synthesize your entire college experience. You and your fellow students work through complex questions that examine the role of an educated citizen in today’s world. When you graduate from MAC, you will possess intellectual, professional and social skills to start a successful career or go on to advanced study.

Undergraduate Bachelor Degree Programs Division of Humanities, Social Science and Professional Studies Accounting Accounting: Forensic Accounting in Criminal Investigations Concentration American Sign Language / English Interpreting Behavioral and Social Science – Professional Studies Business Administration Business Administration 4-1 Cooperative Program (bachelor/mba) Business Administration: Health Care Administration Specialization Business Administration: Human Resources Management Specialization Business Administration: Management Specialization Business Administration: Marketing and Entrepreneurship Specialization Criminology Criminology: Correctional Administration Specialization Criminology: Criminal Justice Addictions Certification Criminology: Forensic Accounting in Criminal Investigations Concentration Criminology: Forensic Investigation Certification Education - Early Level Pre K-4 Education Education - Middle Level 4-8 Education - Secondary English English: Secondary Education Certification

Division of Health Studies and Sciences Biology Biology: Biological Science Specialization Biology: Environmental Science Specialization Biology: Forensic Investigation Certification Biology: Molecular Biotechnology Specialization Biology: Pre-Health Professional Specialization (Audiology, Dentistry, Optometry, Pharmacy, Podiatry, and other medical degrees) Biology: Secondary Education Certification Chiropractic 3-1 Cooperative Program (bachelor/doctorate of chiropractic) Dental Medicine 4-4 Cooperative Program (bachelor/doctorate of Dental) General Science General Science: Secondary Education Certification Math, Science and Technology – Professional Studies Medical Imaging/ Radiography 2+2 Medical Imaging/ Ultrasonography Concentration 2+2 Medical Imaging/ Nuclear Medicine Concentration Occupational Therapy 3-2 Cooperative Program (bachelor/master degree) Osteopathic Medicine 3-4 Cooperative Program (bachelor/doctorate of OM)

History/Political Science: Social Studies Secondary Education Certification Humanities – Professional Studies Information Technology Information Technology: Computer Security Concentration Pre-Law – Professional Studies Psychology Psychology: Counseling Specialization Psychology: Criminal Justice Addictions Certification Psychology: Forensic Investigation Certification Psychology: General Specialization Psychology: Human Resources Specialization Undecided/Exploratory

Applied Technology Business Administration Business Administration: Accounting Specialization Business Administration: Computer Applications Specialization Business Administration: Management Specialization Criminology Early Childhood Education General Studies Information Technology Legal Studies Liberal Arts Medical Assistant  edical Assistant: Office Management M Specialization

Pharmacy 3-3 Cooperative Program (bachelor/doctorate of pharmacy)

Medical Assistant: Phlebotomist Specialization

Physical Therapy 4-2 Cooperative Program (bachelor/doctorate of pt)

Medical Assistant: Professional Coding Specialization

Physician Assistant 3-2 Cooperative Program (bachelor/master degree)

Medical Imaging/ Radiography

Ultrasonography Concentration – Professional Studies

English: Theatre Concentration History/Political Science

Associate Degrees

Division of Nursing Nursing 2+2 Nursing (rn to bsn)

Undergraduate Minors

American Sign Language / English Interpreter Art Biology Business Administration Choral Performance Computer Security Criminology Early Childhood Education English History Humanities Information Technology Legal Studies Political Science Psychology Religious Studies Science Theatre Women and Gender Studies

 edical Imaging/ Ultrasonography M Concentration Medical Laboratory Technician Nursing Physical Therapist Assistant Sonography (General & Vascular) Surgical Technology

Master Degrees Behavior Specialist Counseling Business Administration (MBA) Community Counseling Psychology


Considering graduate school? Recent MAC grads are working on post-graduate degrees at schools including: Ashford University Boston College Boston University Bucknell University Catholic University Dickinson School of Law Drexel University Duquesne School of Law Edward Via Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine Gallaudet University Georgetown University Johns Hopkins University Mount Aloysius College

New York Chiropractic College Pennsylvania College of Optometry Princeton University Temple University Thomas Cooley School of Law University of Arkansas University of Notre Dame University of Pennsylvania University of Pittsburgh

Career market segments are becoming increasingly focused. Mount Aloysius College continues to answer the need with distinctive degree programs that prepare professionals to fill specialty niches. Picture yourself as a MAC graduate pursuing one of these rewarding careers.

University of Sydney — Australia Villanova University Weber State University Western University of Health Sciences West Virginia University — School of Dentistry Xavier University 10

Forensic Accountant Think CSI: Accounting. This degree program, designed with input from the IRS Criminal Investigations Unit, integrates Accounting with Criminology. IRS agents come to campus to conduct mock criminal investigations with students. Some graduates go on to work with law enforcement agencies, including the IRS and FBI, which deal with financial investigations and white collar crime. Others pursue forensic opportunities in corporate auditing departments and private accounting firms.

American Sign Language / English Interpreter American Sign Language (ASL) uses visual cues, such as the position, shape and movement of hands, body and face, to form words. As with any language, fluency in ASL requires study and practice. Students in MAC’s Sign Language/English Interpreter major build their skills in a Sony Virtuoso-equipped ASL Lab — an elite resource and among the only labs of their kind in this part of the country. Graduates of the program are highly qualified ASL interpreters whose skills are in demand wherever people communicate by signing.

Healthcare Professional MAC’s Nursing program has produced many of the state’s top RNs and the NCLEX pass rate of our graduates is unsurpassed. Our Surgical Technology program — prepares students in a state-of-the-art operating room suite. The Medical Imaging program — which involves students interning at prestigious health centers — prepares radiographers and ultrasonographers with exceptional technical abilities and a caring approach to their work.


Selecting a college is making a commitment to that school’s professors. In effect you’re saying, “I’m here, I’m ready to learn, and I want you to teach me.”

How can you be sure that members of the faculty are just as ready to make a commitment to you? At Mount Aloysius College, our professors give the college its identity as a center of learning where students come first. They came to this college to educate, they embrace their work as a calling, and they are accessible to their students in a manner unique to this comprehensive, private college. (By the way, all classes at Mount Aloysius are taught by professors, not graduate assistants.) In addition to distinguished academic credentials, most of our professors are also experienced practitioners. For example, we have business professors who own businesses, health sciences professors with years of clinical experience, and criminology professors in their second career after retiring from law enforcement careers. Who better to prepare you for a career than someone who’s been there?


“Coming from a large city, I started looking at large city schools, but when I visited MAC I felt really comfortable. The Nursing program is fantastic. The professors get to know us individually and they teach us using the latest patient simulators. I really like that my program is so hands-on.” Felecia Amoah Nursing 2+2 (Bridgeport, CT)

Faculty Research MAC faculty members are encouraged to pursue their own academic interests through original research, publications and conferences. Many of our professors involve students in their research, offering highly motivated undergraduates opportunities normally reserved for graduate students. Mount Aloysius College gives research a leading role in the education of undergraduates. In MAC’s Undergraduate Research Symposium, you learn what it means to be a researcher and a scholar, not simply a student. You discover how new knowledge is created and what you can accomplish when you actively engage your own research questions.

Recent undergraduate student research questions included: • What are the most effective pedagogical approaches in early childhood, and why? • What factors contribute to nurses’ satisfaction and retention in employment? • How does gender influence political choices? The Research Symposium touches every major. You interact more closely and frequently with faculty mentors. You learn how to support a viewpoint objectively — based on evidence — without an emotional attachment to the topic. It’s a high-level intellectual exercise that offers excellent preparation for any career or for graduate school (where you do more research). MAC even offers an incentive to research your topic well: undergraduates with outstanding research projects receive monetary awards.

Research That Works During the spring semester MAC students have the opportunity to participate in the Undergraduate Research Symposium where projects are judged in seven different categories. The Symposium provides a great opportunity to showcase research, team work and collaboration, and a lot of hard work!


Among things you must do to succeed in your life, two stand out: (1) Work hard for what you want; (2) Surround yourself with people who want you to succeed. If you’re willing to do the work, Mount Aloysius College will surround you with people whose goal is helping you achieve yours. Professors, staff, administrators, coaches, Sisters — everyone here knows that students like you are the reason they come to work. They also understand that the reason you come to school is to prepare for a great career, so most MAC programs provide career-related experience long before you get measured for your cap and gown.

Experience Careers — Before You Graduate MAC students get practical experience through clinical rotations, internships, student teaching, labs, service learning and more. Criminology majors, for example, work as interns in law enforcement, court administration, and corrections. Many are already certified as correctional officers before graduation. One alumnus, Stacey Porter (’89), went on to guard the President of the United States.

Student Stories Former Mercy Presidential Scholar and baseball player Patrick Mckee, ‘11, is in pursuit of his M.S. in Environmental Science & Management at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh. Following his graduation from the MAC Biology program, Pat was awarded one of two graduate assistantships at Duquesne, where he received a full-tuition scholarship and living stipend. As part of his assistantship, Pat’s main responsibility is to complete a biennial greenhouse gas inventory for Duquesne, while assisting with other smaller research projects. Outside of education, Pat remains an avid baseball fan and enjoys spending time with his college sweetheart, Lindsey Andrekovich (also a MAC ’11 Biology graduate), whom he is engaged to marry. (pictured to right) 14

MAC student interns build practical experience in a wide range of professional settings, including: • Clinical intern in a Physical Therapy practice. • Assistant to Watershed Manager, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, in long-term monitoring of stream viability for trout. • Assistant in the IRS Criminal Investigations Unit. • Business intern at Disney World. • Government intern in Washington, DC. • Teaching fellowship with the American Society

for Microbiology.

• Biology student participated in the Research Experience

for Undergraduates at the University of Tennessee Knoxville.

• Internship at the Institute on Philanthropy and Volunteer Services,

offered through Georgetown University and the Fund for American

Studies. Our goal is to help you enter the career market prepared to succeed, according to your plan. 15

Why Mount Aloysius? • New facilities resources  • Great • Technology for teaching  ore on the horizon •M

You’re part of the most tech-savvy generation ever, and MAC has your back with a 100% wireless campus, several Smart Classrooms, highly sophisticated laboratories and more. At MAC, technology isn’t an afterthought — it’s interwoven throughout our academic programs. Pierce Hall’s Health and Sciences Center includes a fully functioning operating room suite for surgical technology students. Labs for radiography and ultrasonography include the latest diagnostic imaging technology. Biology majors are supported by excellent labs, including facilities for DNA splicing. 16

The iStan nursing patient simulator has a heartbeat and a pulse, its eyes dilate and it responds to treatment. It even breathes and talks.

In our American Sign Language Lab, students signing can view real time video of themselves on their computer as they listen to audio exercises through the Sony Virtuoso digital language learning system.

Many academic departments have computer labs specialized for their disciplines, and general purpose computer labs are open to all students.

Each campus resident has a wired high-speed network port in their room, plus wireless network access is available campus wide.


MAC’s campus is laid out as an academic village. Student residence halls, academic and administration buildings, the student center, the Health and Physical Fitness Center, and the Library are all located along the Pedestrian Mall. The design of campus buildings complements our Main Building, a historic structure completed in 1897 and built in the style of a French chateau. Visible from across campus, this architectural gem is truly the heart of Mount Aloysius College. Our newest buildings have been designed to reflect a contemporary interpretation of this style. Picturesque, comfortable and inviting, our campus appeals to residential and commuting students alike.


“I chose MAC because of the quality of the program in my field of study and for the small college atmosphere. Your teachers take the time to get to know you on a first name basis, and you’ll never be treated as a number. Teachers take a personal interest in their students’ learning and truly want to see them succeed. On campus I am a Mercy Presidential Scholar as well as a Resident Assistant. I’m involved with various clubs including intramural sports, Medical Imaging Club, and Colleges Against Cancer.”

Dylan Kachmar -Earned an Associates Degree in Medical Imaging

and is currently working toward his Bachelors Degree

Persons of all faith traditions are welcomed at Mount Aloysius College. On campus, Roman Catholic services are celebrated in Our Lady of Mercy Chapel.


Our Lady of Mercy Chapel

B. Main Building C. Saint Joseph’s Hall D. Saint Gertrude’s Hall E. Alumni Hall F. Academic Hall G. Cosgrave Student Center H. Ihmsen Hall I. McAuley Hall J. Pierce Health and Science Center K. Health and Physical Fitness Center L. Library M. Misciagna Hall

N. Soccer Field O. Softball Field P. Baseball Field Q. Mountie Stables R. Athletic Convocation and Wellness Center

Parking  isitor: 1, 5 V Reserved: 2, 15 Employee: 2a, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 Student/Employee: 6, 7, 8, 13, 14, 16 College Owned Vehicles: 12, 12a  19

MAC PEOPLE MAKE THINGS HAPPEN Someone has probably told you, “You’ll get out of college what you put into it.” That’s absolutely true. Students at Mount Aloysius get a lot out of college because they put so much of themselves into it.


Whether they reside on campus or commute to school, whether they’re traditional college age or adult learners, MAC students dive into college life through programs and activities that are as varied as the people involved. A great college life experience is one reason that MAC is attracting more students than ever. Not surprisingly, more students than ever want to live on campus to get the most from their college experience. To answer the demand, MAC opened our second new residence hall in three years. These new homes away from home are configured as suites with all the comforts of home: two bedrooms, private bath, air conditioning, laundry facilities and 100% wireless coverage.

Want to get involved? Visit the Project Manager for Community Engagement and Social Entrepreneurship in Saint Gertrude’s Hall, Room 31, or email her at, or call at 814-886-6546


A culture of giving transcends everything we do at Mount Aloysius College. This creates a richness of experience no community college, technical school or state school can approach, and few private colleges can equal.

Here are examples of how MAC students are making a difference serving others: •

Students logged nearly 8000 hours of community service during the 2011-2012 academic year, which is about $200,000 worth of volunteer time!

Academic Advising, Residence Life and Athletics partnered to hold a Christmas food drive benefiting the Altoona Food Pantry.

Colleges Against Cancer Club and Student Activities partner to recruit MAC students, faculty and staff to participate in our annual Relay for Life event on campus.

Students, faculty and staff travel to Guyana and Mississippi yearly for week-long volunteer excursions.

The Center for Community Engagement & Social Entrepreneurship hosts monthly Days of Service providing site-related assistance to local non-profit organizations.

Student Activities and Career Services held a food collection for Haiti; students, faculty and staff collected nearly 2000 cans of food, which they then packed into a freight container along with other goods bound for Haiti.

Every student organization completes at least two community service projects per year.

The baseball team volunteers with Project Bundle Up to get winter coats for children in need. They do this yearly.

The women’s volleyball team volunteers to support a local volleyball league in Honduras.

The Community Engagement & Social Entrepreneurship Center partnered with SAAC to hold Mercy Youth Initiative, a monthly program that brings 7th grade students to MAC.

Members of the MAC community involve themselves in Earth Day, Make a Difference Day, 911 Day of Service, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, UN Day of Peace, Walk for Life, Coaches vs. Cancer... and the list goes on.

Mount Aloysius College partners with CONTACT Altoona and the WISE Women of Blair County to host the Annual Pathways to Empowerment Workshop for Women, a free workshop designed to help women get educated on how to change their lives for the better. 21

Whether you live on campus or commute from home, and no matter your age, you can fully engage in college life at MAC. Student organizations, leadership opportunities, activities and events, facilities to keep you healthy and fit, great places to hang with friends…it’s all part of the Mount Aloysius lifestyle.

Arts and Events Academic Honors Program Annual Madrigal Christmas Feaste Annual Halloween Dance Banned Books Events Black History Month Events Campus Ministry Events Career Development Programs Christmas at Mount Aloysius College Coaches vs. Cancer Clinic and Tournament Concerts Distinguished Speakers Entrepreneurship Resource Fair Family Weekend/Homecoming Friday Night Live Gallery Exhibits of Fine Art Health Services Symposium Library Film Series Mercy Week Moral Choices Lectures Mountie Madness Peace Walk Rock the Vote - MTV Theatrical Performances Vox Nova Choir Performances

Some Organizations Include: Black Student Union

Legal Society

Student Athletic Advisory Committee

Bowling Club

Medical Assistants Club

Sign Language

CAC (Colleges Against Cancer)

Medical Imaging and Honor Society

Students in Free Enterprise

Campus Activity Board

Nursing Student Organization

Student Government Association

Campus Ministry Team

Physical Therapy Assistants

Student Ministry Team

Children’s Advocacy Association

Political Awareness Coalition (MAC PAC)

Surgical Technology


PSEA (Student)

Theatre Program

Dance Team

Psi Mu Alpha

The Belltower (Student Newspaper)


Radiate (Bible Study)

Vox Nova Choral Group

Informational Technology Club

Scrapbooking Club


Student Accounting Society

Don’t see your favorite club? Start it — we’ll help!

Why Mount Aloysius? • Great friendships • A sense of belonging • The experience of a lifetime • Get noticed


If you’re a student-athlete looking for a big program at a private college, Mount Aloysius can offer what you really want: the opportunity to play — and win.

Athletic competition at MAC is the real deal. Our programs are competitive and advancing each year. With MAC’s elevation to NCAA Division III status, our student-athletes are in the unique position of writing the record books from scratch. You won’t simply join a tradition — you’ll help to establish it! MAC attracts a wide variety of student-athletes. The scale, competitiveness and attitude of MAC athletics fits what many top student-athletes are looking for. And we do want to emphasize student-athletes. Dozens of Mount Aloysius College student-athletes have been recognized academically at the national level. The women’s basketball team stands with Victory in front of the Health and Physical Fitness Center along with Head Coach Kristi Little-Kaack who led the Lady Mounties to playoffs in just her first season. It was the first time Mount Aloysius has earned a high enough seed in the conference standings to merit hosting a first round playoff game, since joining the AMCC eight years ago. 24

To find out more, complete a Recruit Questionnaire at athletics or ask your Admissions Counselor to put you in touch with coaches for your sport.

Athletic Programs Men






Cross Country

Cross Country






Softball Tennis Volleyball

Mountie Maniacs gather en mass at MAC basketball games. They’re dedicated. They’re loud. They bleed blue and silver. Mountie Madness officially starts the basketball season with a spirit rally, slam-dunk and 3-point contests, plus a chance to shoot from the floor for $10,000…wouldn’t that take the edge off college expenses!

Mount Aloysius College is a member of the Allegheny Mountain Collegiate Conference (AMCC) and participates in NCAA Division III intercollegiate and tournament play.

Intramural Sports “Chase for the MAC Cup” adds a level of competition to our annual program of Intramural Sports, including: 3-on-3 Basketball Bench Press Contest Dodgeball Flag Football Floor Hockey

Indoor Soccer Kickball Softball Ultimate Frisbee Volleyball Whiffleball 25

They say the best things in life are free. Somehow college didn’t make the list. Fortunately, Mount Aloysius College is startlingly affordable. Our tuition and fees are deliberately lower than you will find at other comprehensive private colleges. What’s more, MAC scholarships often result in a bottom line cost that’s less than other quality private colleges and universities, and often on par with public colleges and universities, and our students graduate on-time! Here’s some good advice about financial aid: Apply Early. When financial resources are gone for the year, they’re gone. Complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible after January 1. Yes, you have to reapply for financial aid every year you are in college. Yes, Mount Aloysius is ready and happy to help you!

More than 94% of MAC students receive scholarships and financial aid. The average aid package is based on grants and scholarships and is approximately $10,000.

To learn more, please contact a MAC Financial Aid Counselor at 814-886-6357 or toll free at 888-823-2220. We’re ready to help you make the money part of college work for you.

Ready to Apply? Great! We’ve made applying to Mount Aloysius College easy: • Complete  and submit the paper application enclosed with this viewbook. • A  pply online at (you can download a paper application there, too). • Call  the Office of Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions at 888-823-2220. Visit campus in person and we’ll waive the $30 application fee. You are planning to visit, right?

This viewbook provides a good introduction to Mount Aloysius College. The faces are real, the stories are true and the opportunities are waiting. But you really need to be here — in person — to grasp the total package.

“Homework and baseball keep me busy, but with my free time there are many extra-curricular activities that take place on campus for everyone to participate in. MAC is certainly my home away from home that has lots to offer, and I have greatly enjoyed my time here so far.” Connor Bowie Business Administration/MBA Mercy Presidential Scholar/Baseball Ancaster, Ontario, Canada

Make plans to visit our campus. If possible, come when classes are in session so you can meet students, sit in on classes and get a feel for college life. Let us know when you’re coming so we can arrange your personal tour. We can set up meetings with professors from your proposed major, coaches from your sport and counselors from Admissions and Financial Aid.

If you’re wondering whether a campus visit is all that important, just keep this in mind: your college selection impacts the rest of your life. We’ll see you soon!


Cresson, Pennsylvania is 90 miles east of Pittsburgh. The campus of Mount Aloysius College is just off U.S. Route 22, about 13 miles west of Altoona, 30 miles north of Johnstown. We’re easy to find. Just follow the signs near the Cresson exits on U.S. 22. GPS Coordinates: North: +40° 27’ 35.52” West: -78° 36’ 1.74”

Driving Directions From Harrisburg, Philadelphia and Points East

From Pittsburgh, Ohio and Points West

• PA Turnpike west to Bedford (Exit 146)

• Continue east on Route 22 past Ebensburg

• North on Route 220/I-99 to Route 22 west (toward Ebensburg)

• Exit at the Cresson interchange

• Route 22 west to exit at Cresson Summit

• At light, turn left onto Admiral Peary Highway

• Turn right onto old Route 22

• Travel approximately .25 mile to Mount Aloysius College

• Travel approximately 2 miles to Mount Aloysius College

• Route 22 east from Pittsburgh

• Merge right and follow Route 53 north to intersection

From Erie and Points North

From Washington, D.C., Virginia and Points South

• Route 79 south to Route 422 east toward Ebensburg

• I-270 north to I-70 west

• Route 219 south to Route 22 east

• At Breezewood, take PA Turnpike west to Bedford (Exit 146)

• Continue on Route 22 east and exit at the Cresson interchange • Merge right and follow Route 53 north to intersection

• Travel north on Route 220/I-99 to Route 22 west (toward Ebensburg)

• At light, turn left onto Admiral Peary Highway

• Exit Route 22 west at Cresson Summit

• Travel approximately .25 mile to Mount Aloysius College

• Turn right onto old Route 22


• Travel approximately 2 miles to Mount Aloysius College


Mount Aloysius College is a comprehensive, private, Catholic, co-educational, liberal arts and sciences based college offering undergraduate and graduate education emphasizing career preparation and Mercy values. Our campus overlooks the Allegheny Mountains in the Laurel Highlands of west central Pennsylvania. 14,500

Alumni working in leadership

positions around the world


Unduplicated head count

1,300 Approximate number of full-time students 1,200 Approximate number of part-time undergraduate, graduate and continuing education students 18 Average class size 14 to 1 Student/faculty ratio 193 Acres on MAC’s mountaintop campus 175 Professors/Faculty members (no graduate assistants) 70 Academic programs 20 Academic concentrations 14 NCAA D-III athletic programs 100 Student organizations, service opportunities, social events and intramural programs 94% Students receiving financial aid and scholarships 99-100% Placement rate in certain specialty fields (nursing, medical imaging, health sciences) 100%

Campus wireless access


Students who perform community service


Mount Aloysius Viewbook  

A look inside our campus, our classrooms, and our family at Mount Aloysius College