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Arts & CrAfts icon Key N ORTH • SOUTH • EAST WEST • R iver ArTS DOWNTOWN P OuTlyiNg AreA B HAll Of fAme H gO lOCAl A APPAlACHiAN grOWN

continued 2 Barbie Angell

3 Allan Wolf

3 Laura Hope-Gill

creAtive Writing schooL or orgAnizAtion 1 Great Smokies Writing Program, UNCA N 1 University Heights, Asheville 251-6099 •

3 Steebo Design W

The first Papas & Beer in Asheville and still the best! 1 Mexican Restaurant #1 Best Value #2 Taco #

355 Haywood Road, Asheville 253-4610 •

Fiber Artist 1 Barbara Zaretsky R Cotton Mill Studios, 122 Riverside Drive, Studio D, Asheville 505-2958 •

2 Lisa Klakulak, Strong Felt

3 Jen Swearington W 915 Haywood Road, Suite 103, Asheville 275-0305 •

3 Stacey Budge-Kamison, UrbanGypZ Artisan Yarn

LocAL Author 1 Ron Rash W P

Lunch & Dinner All ABC Permits Kmart Center

(Next to Biltmore Square Mall)

665-9070 28


AUGUST 14 - AUGUST 20, 2013

701 Warren Wilson Road, Swannanoa 771-3715 •

3 UNCA Literature Department N 1 University Heights, Asheville 251-6411 •

creAtive Writing teAcher 1 Tommy Hays, UNCA D 1 University Heights, Asheville 250-2353 •

2 Janet Hurley  215-9002 •

2 Rick Chess, UNCA D 1 University Heights CPO#2140, Asheville 251-6576

3 Aile Shebar

Western Carolina University, Cullowhee

stroLL suPreme

2 Sarah Addison Allen 

Last year saw a few alternative studio strolls and tours pop up around town. But it’s hard to compete with the cement foundations, breweries and ever-growing number of restaurants that give the River Arts District Studio Stroll that warehouse-y charm and first place in the Best Studio Stroll/Driving Tour category.

3 Allan Wolf

3 Charles Frazier

Thank you Asheville!

2 The MFA Program for Writers at Warren Wilson College E P

LocAL Poet 1 Glenis Redmond  B

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Mountain Xpress 08.14.13 (Best of WNC, Pt. 2)  

Mountain Xpress' annual readers poll.

Mountain Xpress 08.14.13 (Best of WNC, Pt. 2)  

Mountain Xpress' annual readers poll.

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