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maiden voyage last year, organizing the first-ever Los Altos Hacks event for a crowd of about 200 teenagers. In total about 35 projects were designed, including a virtual-reality interface for scanning Google search and calendar tools. Another winning project was an iPhone application that suggests recipes from photos of items in your refrigerator. Putting on the event wasn’t easy — it required eight months of planning and about $25,000, which thankfully was paid by sponsors. In particular, Microsoft provided crucial help by hosting the event at its La Avenida campus in Mountain View. Much of that cost came from providing free admission and three meals, both of which seemed like necessities for a high school crowd, Mehta said. The bill for this year’s event — Los Altos Hacks II — is expected to total only $12,000, thanks mainly to the Mexican-food chain Chipolte agreeing to provide most of the meals. As of now, Los Altos Hacks II has signed up 15 schools and about 300 students. Mehta said the group is still working to attract more women in hopes of



About 200 students from across the Bay Area attended last year’s Los Altos Hacks at the Microsoft campus in Mountain View. An even larger crowd is planned for the second event next month. Organizers for the Los Altos Hacks say they tailored their event for high-school age students.

reaching a 1:1 gender ratio. They are also hoping to recruit more mentors who can help coach the younger crowd for the day. Los Altos Hacks II is scheduled to start at 10 a.m. on Feb. 4 at the Evernote headquarters at 305

Q Mountain View Voice Q Q January 6, 2017

Walnut St. in Redwood City. Anyone interested in getting more information or participating in the event can learn more at Email Mark Noack at V

Mountain View Voice January 6, 2017  
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