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Q Mountain View Voice Q Q December 30, 2016

Most meats at Gambrel & Co. are broken down from the whole animal at the butcher shop.


Robert pointed out that while a phenomenon Robert didn’t many shops receive pallets of experience until he went to colContinued from page 15 boxes of broken-down, vacuum- lege, was “very far away.� “The butcher’s name was Cliff; Amidst a town bustling with packed meat, at Gambrel & Co. startups and tech companies, they break down most of the he was always back behind the counter, and he would always Redwood City craft butcher shop animals themselves. “The beauty of breaking down give the kids little slices of boloGambrel & Co. offers a different a whole animal is all the different gna or ham or something like experience. It evokes the idyllic nostalgia byproducts you get from it,� he that, and he was just always really nice,� Robert recalled. of a European artisanal shop — said. Robert entered the food indusGambrel & Co. makes its one where the butcher knows everyone’s name and can recom- sausages in-house and makes try himself at the age of 14. mend something for an upcom- pre-marinated meats like smoky He worked at a pizza joint and chicken wings, became the manager by the time ing dinner. This dry-rubbed tri- he graduated from high school. personal experiWhile earning his degree and pork ence is exactly ‘It’s almost like tip in botany at the University of tenderloin. Gambrel & Co. Robert said Vermont, he worked as a sous chef-owner Benwe are your he remembers chef at a “little white tablejamin Robert’s intention, one personal sous chef ’ visiting the local cloth restaurant� to pay for his butcher with degree. Because of his minor in that is informed BENJAMIN ROBERT his parents. In sustainable agriculture, Robby his small-town his small home- ert visited a number of farms upbringing in town (population and brought this experience to rural Vermont, years working in the food indus- 800), the single butcher shop his position as executive chef try and time spent living and was where most people bought at the same restaurant when working with butchers in Italy their meat. The supermarket, he graduated. This was when and Spain. “It’s almost like we are your personal sous chef — we order your products, we tell you what to do with them and if you need other advice and inspiration other than that, we’re willing to provide that, too,� he said. The majority of the products that Robert offers come from either California or directly from Italy. With the exception of the Wagyu beef, the meat comes from Marin Sun Farms in Point Reyes, where all of the animals are organically raised in pastures. “Literally, there’s three people who have manipulated your meat before you get it from this shop: the guy who slaughtered it, the delivery driver and myself or Brad (Bain),� Robert said, refer- Gambrel & Co. sells pasta, polenta, sauces and other goods at its ring to his fellow butcher. Redwood City butcher shop.

Mountain View Voice December 30, 2016  
Mountain View Voice December 30, 2016