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Children living in a Kolkata slum work to improve conditions in “Revolutionary Optimists.”



By Elena Kadvany


n one film, a San Luis Obispo massage therapist becomes interested in altruistic kidney donation and gives one of her organs to a stranger. In another, an 11-year-old boy and girl in India become community leaders who fight for access to clean drinking water and polio vaccinations. They call themselves the “Dakabuko Club,” dakabuko meaning to “have the courage of a daredevil.” “Dakabuko” could easily be the theme for this year’s United Nations Association Film Festival, which begins Oct. 17. The documentaries this year focus on different kinds of courage displayed by people from various parts of the world and periods of history. “It’s about having these rare stories about very interesting people that are changing our thinking about the way how we live and also inspiring us,” said festival founder Jasmina Bojic, a Stanford University lecturer and film critic. She brought

United Nations Association festival brings 70 films about individuals making change the festival to Palo Alto 16 years ago, on the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The 10-day film festival features 70 films, with screenings scheduled in Palo Alto, East Palo Alto, Stanford, Atherton and San Francisco. This year’s films expand the notion of what constitutes a human-rights issue, touching on more common topics — environmental issues, health, women’s rights, war, peace, poverty — along with some unexpected ones: cyberbullying, altruistic organ donation, the science of human enhancement, the life of criminal defense lawyers.

The films come from far and wide, but some of the filmmakers are local. In “Perfect Strangers,” Jan Krawitz, the director of Stanford’s M.F.A. Program in Documentary Film and Video, shows the drawn-out pain — physical and emotional — of kidney disease through Kathy, a hospice nurse who has polycystic kidney disease. The film shows Kathy doing home dialysis: a complex, intimate procedure in which an intimidating machine set-up transforms her living room into a hospital room five nights a week for hours at a time. Kathy’s husband, Jim, is the dutiful partner and doctor, trained on

the machine that cleans her blood as her kidney fails to do. Jim is not a match for Kathy. Ellie Edwards, the massage therapist from San Luis Obispo, is a self-described “heart bleeding” liberal with blonde hair died pink at the tips. But she is not radical or hard to relate to but instead rational, kind and insightful. Krawitz describes her as an “every woman” who is not proselytizing or giving an organ away for anything except altruistic reasons. After taking a community-college course and meeting a student with kidney disease who tells her about the need for donors, Edwards decides to look into the issue. She heads to Matching Donors, an online database that matches patients and interest donors for transplants. “I kept looking at those profiles and thinking, ‘If not me, then who?’” Edwards says in the film. The film is punctuated with statistics that remind viewers of the gravity and Continued on next page

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breadth of the issue in this country: More than 350,000 people in the United States are on dialysis. Forty-two percent of patients on the transplant list will die within five years if they do not receive a kidney. Last year, 4,500 people died waiting for a transplant. The film will screen on Oct. 26 at 2:40 p.m. in Annenberg Auditorium at Stanford. A Q&A will follow. Another UNAFF film directed by Stanford-affiliated filmmakers follows a group of Indian children from Rishi Aurobindo, a slum in Kolkata, over the course of several years. “Revolutionary Optimists” is very different from “Perfect Strangers” in subject matter but follows the same theme of individuals finding ways to effect larger change. “Revolutionary Optimists” is co-produced by Maren GraingerMosen, filmmaker in residence and director of the program in bioethics and film at Stanford’s Center for Biomedical Ethics; and Nicole Newnham, who has a master’s degree in documentary

where millions of children make and stack clay bricks instead of going to school. Used to years of government inaction, most community members have become apathetic, preferring to brave the hardship rather than to ask or try for better and not receive it, the film states. But because of one man, Salim, Shikha and many other children are trying for better. Amlan Ganguly, a lawyer who has dedicated himself to empowering and educating children, is a charismatic presence in the slum. His organization is called “Prayasam,” meaning “their own endeavors.” Prayasam is a multifaceted program, with Ganguly at the center: He teaches children English, instructs them in job skills, leads a dance-theater class, starts a school within a brickfield and helps the children turn a garbage dump into a soccer field. The girls are challenged to want more than to have a family at a young age; all of them are encouraged to counter their community’s ever-sinking “aspiration level.” “What’s really interesting about

Ellie Edwards is featured in “Perfect Strangers.”

film from Stanford. In it, the viewer meets 11-year-old Salim Sheikh, an inquisitive, confident leader who already has the wisdom of an adult. “To work in this community, you have to have courage,” he says in the film. His friend and co-conspirator, 11-year-old Shikha Patra, march through the slum with homemade loudspeakers, advertising about upcoming polio vaccinations. Rishi Aurobindo, one of 5,500 slums in Kolkata, is a place of impossible odds for children like Salim and Shikha. The nearest water tap is a three-hour walk. Vaccinations are seldom accessible. Girls are seen as a second-class gender: They’re not supposed to play sports, and 47 percent are married by the time they’re 18 years old. Outside the slums are enormous brickfields 18

(Ganguly’s) work is that he’s not trying to rescue any of the kids,” Grainger-Mosen said in an interview. “He’s trying to really get them to become change agents and take ownership for the slum where they live and change it.” Grainger-Mosen and Newnham themselves became a part of the effort, launching a digital project called Map Your World, inspired by Shikha’s desire to literally put the Rishi Aurobindo slum on the map. The project, still in a beta-testing phase, allows youth anywhere to use cell phones to collect data on any topic (How many people live in one house? Where is the nearest water tap? Where is the closest market with fresh fruit and vegetables?) and then upload all that information, along with photos, to an online map. Since then, the individual has gone universal, with groups of

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Chike Nwoffiah is the festival director of the Silicon Valley African Film Festival.

African, Jewish film festivals coming to Mountain View and Palo Alto


ctober is a fine month for film on the Midpeninsula. Also starting this month are Silicon Valley Jewish Film Festival screenings in Palo Alto and the Silicon Valley African Film Festival in Mountain View. The African Film Festival runs Oct. 11 through Oct. 13, with some 30 feature films, shorts and animated movies by African filmmakers. Opening night brings “GriGris,” a French-Chadian film that tells the story of a 25-year-old African man with a paralyzed leg who wants to become a dancer, but works for petrol traffickers to earn money. There will also be an “African Women in Technology” forum on Oct. 12, with women from 16 African countries who work in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. In addition, the festival will include African drumming and dance performances, workshops, panels, filmmaker talks, African food and an African marketplace. All events are at the Community School of Music and Arts at 230 San Antonio Circle in Mountain View. One-day tickets are $20; a full festival pass is $30, with student and senior discounts. Go to The Jewish film festival runs Oct. 19 through Nov. 17. Now in its 22nd year, the festival features

kids in the Philippines, Philadelphia, Oakland and Seattle getting on board with their own mapping projects. “The film makes kids here feel a little ashamed sometimes — (they see) what these kids can do with so few resources and then what are they doing with more?” Newnham said. “And in other cases, there’s really strong identification and parallels with communities that may be here but share similar problems: social disenfranchisement, poor education, lack of government action.” “Revolutionary Optimists” will

24 dramas, comedies and documentaries; seven of the movies will be screened in Palo Alto, with two special events there as well. The rest of the screenings are in Campbell and San Jose. Chaim Topol, the Israeli actor who played Tevye in “Fiddler on the Roof,” will be the focus of opening night in Palo Alto, taking questions from the audience. Scenes from his movies will be shown and a reception will follow. “Fiddler” will also be screened on Oct. 20 at 2:30 p.m. Other Palo Alto films include “Paris-Manhattan,” about a Parisian Jewish girl obsessed with Woody Allen movies; “Zaytoun,” about a friendship between a downed Israeli pilot and an Arab boy; and “The Gatekeepers,” a documentary featuring interviews with all surviving former heads of the Shin Bet. Actor Elliott Gould will attend a closing-day reception and screening of his movie “Dorfman in Love” on Nov. 17 at 5 p.m. Palo Alto screenings are at the Oshman Family Jewish Community Center, 3921 Fabian Way. General-admission tickets are $11 in advance and $13 at the door ($9.50/$11 for seniors). Opening night is $70 (both advance and at the door) and closing night is $25/$30. Go to or call 1-800-838-3006.

have two screenings: Tuesday, Oct. 22, at 4:10 p.m. in the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies at Stanford; and Wednesday, Oct. 23, at 4:30 p.m. at Eastside College Prepatory School in East Palo Alto. Another UNAFF film, “Submit the Documentary: The Virtual Reality of Cyberbullying,” brings the need for change-makers closer to home. The documentary, directed by Les Ottolenghi, is an expose on the world of cyberbullying. Interviewees include middle and high school students, school administrators, parents of children who

have committed suicide after being cyberbullied, psychology professors, law enforcement, lawyers, Congress members and the director of engineering at Facebook. “If what was going on online was happening in the real world, there would be people marching,” Mary Kay Hoal, founder and president of Yoursphere, a youth social-media platform, says in the film. “There would be real change.” But there hasn’t been yet, and the film tries to explain how and why. Students express how common cyberbullying is, how easy it


         “Of Good Report� will be shown at the Silicon Valley African Film Festival at CSMA.

is to hide behind an anonymous computer or cell-phone screen to bully others, how ineffective they feel their schools’ efforts to help are and how little their parents understand the cultural changes that come with technology. Parents who have lost their children because of cyberbullying tell their stories. Experts discuss the lack of accountability in cyberbullying and the devastating effect of the bystander who sees all but does nothing. As the film progresses, the question emerges: Where’s the solution? The answer seems to fall directly in line with the UNAFF theme: Look beyond the usual efforts — enacting new legislation to deter kids, telling parents to monitor their kids’ internet activity, trying to prosecute cyberbullies — to the simple. Choose to speak out. “Outnumber the bullies,� one young man suggests to a crowd of his peers in the film. “Submit the Documentary� will be screened at Sacred Heart Prep in Atherton on Oct. 21 at 4 p.m. with a panel discussion following.

Other films of local interest include “World Peace is a Local Issue,� the documentation of a 1983 Palo Alto City Council decision to endorse a nuclearweapons freeze, by longtime Menlo Park filmmaker Dorothy Fadiman; “Tesla: Master of Lighting,� which tells a comprehensive story about the life and work of Nikola Telsa, drawing on the 20th-century inventor’s writing; “Extreme By Design,� which follows a group of Stanford design students on a trip to Indonesia, where they apply various design approaches to issues such as water storage. INFO: The United Nations International Film Festival runs Oct. 17-23, with screenings on the Peninsula and in San Francisco. Tickets are $10 per film session general admission and free for seniors (62+) and students with a valid ID. Free admission to the three films in Session 1 (“Eleanor Roosevelt: Close to Home,� “Timbaktu� and “Alias Ruby Blade: A Story of Love and Revolution�) on opening night. Free admission to UNAFF & Kids program on Oct. 18. Free admission to all panels. The full festival schedule is at films.html.




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     '# &!( &' )%#!'"%"&#%!#% $% #(& %''#'"#%("&'%#&'!$''%      

650-948-7160 300 W. El Camino Real Mountain View, CA 94040 Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday: 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Saturday: 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. | Closed Sunday





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os Altos Taqueria has always been in Mountain View. Did the owners want it to be in Los Altos? Not at all. They had two reasons, neither of which is an illusion of grandeur nor the need to hitch up with a Spanish surname. The owners, brothers Armando and Ruben Ruiz, come from Los Altos de Jalisco, the eastern part of that Mexican state. The strip-mall taqueria recalls the Los Altos of their childhood. And, says Armando,

“It is very close to Los Altos.” It’s a tad closer to Palo Alto, but never mind. For 17 years Los Altos Taqueria has quietly and efficiently defended its corner of the golden triangle of taquerias at Old Middlefield Way and Rengstorff Avenue with La Bamba and La Costena (which is soon to move). The food is fast and nourishing. The friendly counter woman flips smoothly between “Hola!” and “Hi. Can I help you?” Much of

The quesadilla suiza at Los Altos Taqueria is stuffed with cheese and carne asada.


FOOTHILL COLLEGE Invites you to join us on the main campus – Room 5015 (Just minutes from either Foothill Expwy or 280)

A SIX-WEEK INVESTMENT AND FINANCIAL PLANNING CLASS Wednesday evenings from 7:00 - 9:00 PM. It is better for you to register now, but you may also register the first evening of class on OCT. 9th. (Class #057). The cost is $49. No prior financial knowledge is required. To register call (408) 864-8817, or online, (in the Financial Planning section).

“Outstanding Course!” “I don’t want to exaggerate, but I truly believe this course has improved my life and my financial well-being. The instructors had an outstanding command of the material and presented it thoughtfully and with great humor & insight.”

Some of the Topic Are: Armando Ruiz, co-owner of Los Altos Taqueria, takes an order from a regular customer.

the clientele at lunch comes from the nearby businesses. If you need a car repair or kitchen remodeling, you could easily assemble a crew in here. “How would you like your eggs?” she asks, about an order of huevos rancheros ($6.25). How often does that happen? The plate overflows with eggs topped with grilled onions and peppers. Shredded lettuce, beans, rice and steaming corn tortillas accompany. Taqueria Los Altos pays attention to breakfast, opening every day at 8:30 a.m. Other eyeopeners include eggs with Mexican sausage, ham and eggs, and chilaquiles. Fresh-squeezed orange juice is $3.50 for the

16-ounce “small” size. Where some places use warming trays, Taqueria Los Altos cooks to order. Chips are fried in-house. Salsa is not up-tothe-minute salsa fresca, just tomato sauce, onions and a little cilantro, but it’s sloppily addictive on warm chips that so recently were tortillas. They are served when you sit down, or with your takeout bag. No extra charge. At the inside end of a strip mall with plenty of parking, Taqueria Los Altos is colorfully draped in faux brick tiles, bright yellow tabletops and blue-seated chairs. Tabletops are cleared immediately. No sitting down to dribbles

of juice from the previous customer’s salsa. Burritos, from $5.79 to the most expensive Super Burrito Wet ($7.25), are enormous. As a plumbing-supply guy said to his colleague: “You know what, Joe, we should’ve split one.” There are vegetarian versions, but the focus is on meat. Ten choices for burritos, tacos and quesadillas cover the usual chickens (barbecued and grilled), pork (green chile, fried, barbecued), beef, tripe and tongue. The carnitas were crispy bits and the lengua was the opposite: tender, juicy chunks. Both were just right. Continued on next page

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Nachos are topped with carne asada, melted cheese, guacamole, salsa and sour cream.

(This space donated to Foothill College. Not paid with tax dollars.) October 4, 2013 ■ Mountain View Voice ■ ■




La Fontaine Restaurant

Join us for samples from our wood-burning oven

Salmon Tartine

Tuesday, October 8th 11:30am - 1:30pm

Chef/Owner Hasan Yildiz


(650) 968-2300 186 Castro Street, Mountain View


Discover the best places to eat this week! AMERICAN


Armadillo Willy’s

856-7700 1700 Embarcadero East, Palo Alto

941-2922 1031 N. San Antonio Road, Los Altos

The Old Pro 326-1446 541 Ramona Street, Palo Alto

New Tung Kee Noodle House 947-8888 520 Showers Drive, Mountain View

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The rice is fluffy and flavorful, not just filling. Ask for whole pintos, black beans or refried. Maybe start with an excellent shrimp ceviche tostada ($2.99), with a crisp tortilla standing up to lots of baby shrimp seasoned with fresh onions and a touch of cilantro. The sandwich we tried, a chicken torta ($5.49), was less successful. The bread was toasted, but the shredded chicken got lost in melted cheese and wilted lettuce. Other items include a kid-size burrito ($3.49), breakfast burrito ($5.52) and on weekends, menudo (tripe soup). A recent $6.99 dinner combination contained an enchilada, a chile relleno, rice, beans, lettuce and tomato — or the same accompaniments with two tacos, one hard, one soft.

Los Altos Taqueria 2105 Old Middlefield Way, Mountain View 650-965-7236 Hours: 8:30 a.m.-10 p.m. daily. Reservations Credit cards Highchairs Catering Takeout Outdoor dining Party and banquet facilities Parking

adjacent lot

Noise Level


Bathroom Cleanliness

very good




Janta Indian Restaurant

Cucina Venti

462-5903 369 Lytton Ave.

254-1120 1390 Pear Ave, Mountain View

The shrimp ceviche tostada is topped with slices of avocado.


Read and post reviews,

Chef Chu’s

explore restaurant menus,

948-2696 1067 N. San Antonio Road

get hours and directions and more at ShopPaloAlto, ShopMenloPark and ShopMountainView

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Huevos con chorizo is eggs scrambled with sausage, served with rice and beans.


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22nd Annual Los Altos Chamber of Commerce


October 5 & 6, 2013 10:00 am to 5:00 pm


“I want the past past,” says Jasmine. Fat chance. The haunted protagonist of “Blue Jasmine,” played by Cate Blanchett, can’t forget her bygone bliss and the horrifying loss of it. A Park Avenue socialite, Jasmine has lost it all and landed on the San Franciscan doorstep of her workingclass sister Ginger (Sally Hawkins), a good soul tested by her long-absent sibling’s demands. Jasmine and Ginger were both adoptive sisters, but when Jasmine made her social-clambering escape, she never looked back, becoming accustomed not only to a certain lifestyle but to a fabulous selfishness, insulated by willful obliviousness. Certainly, “Blue Jasmine” is Allen’s riff on “A Streetcar Named Desire,” an impression only helped along by the casting of Blanchett, who played Blanche DuBois in an acclaimed 2009 production. Blanchett is a force of nature as Jasmine: the beating heart that keeps the schematic picture alive and kicking, and a shoo-in for an Oscar nomination. Though “Blue Jasmine” is more a drama than a comedy, Blanchett’s comic brio, in Jasmine’s blithely imperious manner, magically complements her mental fragility and self-defeating desperation. Rated PG-13 for mature thematic material, language and sexual content. One hour, 38 minutes. — P.C.


While the original “Despicable Me,” from 2010, wasn’t exactly one for the ages, it had provocative undertones courtesy of its antihero, Gru (Steve Carell). Since the first film’s arc arrived at a nice Gru who embraced single-fatherhood with three little girls, there’s little point in blandly extending the story. Then again, though you can’t squeeze blood from a turnip, you can squeeze lucre from a hit movie by sequelizing it. And so Gru finds himself recruited by the Anti-Villain League to root out a super-villain plotting to unleash a mutating serum. Gru reluctantly partners with AVL agent Lucy Wilde (Kristen Wiig). Before long, Lucy’s positioned as the potential mother Gru’s cute daughter Agnes (Elsie Fisher) has been pining for. The courtship of Agnes’ father gets “Despicable Me” into some uncomfortable territory, with distasteful women browbeating and/or boring Gru until he realizes the woman for him has been under his nose all along. Rated PG for rude humor and mild action. One hour, 38 minutes. — P.C.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt rates high on the likeability level, starting out as a child actor and turning in memorable leading roles in the recent “(500) Days of Summer,” “Inception,” “50/50” and “Looper.” Making his screenwritingdirecting debut, the dimpled charmer needs to have viewers on his side: He plays a Jersey boy addicted to pornography. The comedy is broad and the characters stereotypical. Contributing a new iteration to the Don Juan myth, GordonLevitt stars as a modern-day seducer. He cares about only a few things, such as working out in the gym, his pad, his ride, his family and friends, his church, girls and pornography. For him, porn proves more satisfying than sex with a real-life partner — even a perfect 10 like the gum-snapping Barbara Sugarman (Scarlett Johansson). But filmmakers always

Live Entertainment Children’s Alley Fun & Games Fine Wines and Micro-Breweries Over 150 Arts & Crafts Booths Classic Car Show Great Food by Local Restaurants Free Bike Valet For more info call: 650-948-1455

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Scarlett Johansson in “Don Jon.”

Located in the North Parking Plaza between State Street and Edith Avenue.

have to be careful about glorifying the very subject that they are attempting to criticize. Every time Jon clicks on the Play icon of his computer, he — and we — are meant to take pleasure in the experience. He suffers consequences only when Barbara catches him in the act. Rated R for strong graphic sexual material and dialogue, nudity, language and some drug use. One hour, 29 minutes. — S.T.


Writer-director Holofcener (“Friends with Money”) has devised in “Enough Said” a comedy of separation anxiety and conjoining anxiety. Julia Louis-Dreyfus plays Eva, a divorced, middle-aged suburban masseuse with a daughter heading to college. James Gandolfini plays Albert, a divorced, middle-aged suburban TV librarian with a daughter heading to college. So they have a lot in common, including a mutual sense of humor, and they instantly hit it off at a party. The course of true love never did run smooth, and at first, the ways Holofcener observes Eva’s hesitations ring true. The slovenly Albert isn’t exactly an obvious physical match for the fit Eva (a disparity the film never forgets to use to painful effect), and she’s gun-shy in any case due to the specter of their failed marriages. But Albert is sweet and funny, and as Eva puts it, “Our middle-agedness is comforting and sexy to me,” so she proceeds, tentatively in Albert’s presence and recklessly when he’s not around. Rated PG-13 for crude and sexual content, comic violence, language and partial nudity. One hour, 33 minutes. — P.C.


Actor-screenwriter Danny Strong skates along the surface of eight decades of American history with his script “inspired by the true story” of Eugene Allen, a member of the White House serving staff for 34 years. It’s easy to understand the real-life-Forrest-Gump-ian appeal: Oscar winner Forest Whitaker plays Cecil Gaines, who — as Allen did — serves the administrations of Eisenhower, Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, Ford, Nixon and Reagan. The film grasps for greater significance by “enhancing” Allen’s life. After a framing device, “The Butler” takes us to 1926 Macon, Ga., for Cecil’s “origin story.” The 8-year-old cotton picker learns to shut up and serve following a tragedy that writes him a ticket from the fields to the house. Out on his own, Cecil gets further instruction from a hotel waiter (Clarence Williams III) before landing a gig in the White House pantry. Once Cecil is installed as a butler, the film broadens its focus to include his home life with wife Gloria (Oprah Winfrey) and sons Louis (David Oyelowo, convinc-

ingly playing boy to man) and Charlie (Isaac White, then Elijah Kelley). Rated PG-13 for some violence and disturbing images, language, sexual material, thematic elements and smoking. Two hours, 12 minutes. — P.C. No pets please!


A-list talent in front of and behind the camera boosts expectations that Denis Villeneuve’s crime thriller “Prisoners” will deliver the goods. But actors — including Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Viola Davis, Maria Bello, Terrence Howard, Melissa Leo and Paul Dano — cannot elevate the screenplay by Aaron Guzikowski (“Contraband”) into a work of moral complexity and white-knuckle tension. Kidnapped children, devastated and frantic parents, a cool-headed detective and creepy suspects are core conventions. Keller Dover (Jackman) believes in praying for the best and preparing for the worst. Living in a sleepy Pennsylvania town, the loving father trains his family in survival skills. Dover assures his wife (Bello), teenage son (Dylan Minnette) and daughter (Erin Gerasimovich) that he can protect them from anything. One fateful Thanksgiving proves him wrong. Rated R for language, disturbing violent content and torture. Two hours, 33 minutes. — S.T.

RUSH --1/2

The director of “Frost/Nixon,” Ron Howard, brings us in “Rush” another Morgan match-up: 1970s Formula One racers James Hunt and Niki Lauda. “Rush” proves most distinguished by its dual sympathies for British playboy Hunt (an impressive change of pace for Chris Hemsworth) and sour but focused Austrian driver Lauda (Daniel Bruhl). They size each other up as they make their ways through the Formula Three circuit, and Morgan establishes their personalities both in their behaviors and in their traded-off narration of insights like “The closer you are to death, the more alive you feel.” It’s not long before “Rush” arrives at the legendary 1976 Formula One season, but even then, Howard makes clear that it’s not about the races. They’re there, but rushed through kinetically edited montages so we can get back to the concerns of Hunt and Lauda in their careers (threatened by each other’s successes) and married lives (in underwritten turns, Olivia Wilde and Alexandra Maria Lara play Hemsworth and Bruhl’s respective spouses). Rated R for sexual content, nudity, language, disturbing images and brief drug use. Two hours, three minutes. — P.C.

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NMOVIECRITICS S.T.- Susan Tavernetti, P.C. Peter Canavese, T.H.-Tyler Hanley October 4, 2013 ■ Mountain View Voice ■ ■




‘The Life & Photographs of Alberto Korda’ Foothill College presents “Korda Moda,” an exhibition dedicated to Korda’s fashion photography. Gallery hours: Mondays-Fridays, 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. and Saturdays, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Closed Sundays and holidays. Oct. 2-Dec. 6. Free admission; parking is $3. KCI Gallery at Foothill College, 12345 El Monte Road, Los Altos Hills. Call 650949-7082. Shigemi’s Art Works - Ceramics Gallery 9 features ceramics by Bay Area artist Shigemi Sanders. Raku pieces on display include the Kimono collection series, vases, wall hangers and luck shakers. There will be a reception on Friday, Oct. 4, from 5-7:30 p.m. The pieces are on display Oct. 1-27 during Gallery 9 hours. Free. Gallery 9, 143 Main St., Los Altos.

BENEFITS Los Altos Follies The Los Altos Stage Company presents “Fools, Fibs & Foibles,” a musical parody of modern life and politics. Reception with food, wine and a silent auction before and after the Friday and Saturday performances. Oct. 3-5, 7:30 p.m. $60 Thursday; $100 Friday and Saturday. Bus Barn Theater, 97 Hillview Ave., Los Altos. Soirée du Vin Wine Auction The 8th Annual Soirée du Vin Wine Auction will be held, benefiting the International School of the Peninsula. This year’s featured speaker will be Randall Grahm of Bonny Doon Vineyard. Exclusive pouring vintners will be on hand. Oct. 6, 5:30-10 p.m. $275/person. Fremont Hills Country Club, 12889 Viscaino Place, Los Altos Hills. Call 650-251-8520.

CLASSES/WORKSHOPS ‘Attracting Birds, Butterflies and Beneficial Insects to Mediterranean Gardens’ Using the Palo Alto Demonstration Garden as a focal point, Master Gardeners will show how a diverse garden of Mediterranean plants provides benefits beyond saving water. Oct. 5, 10-11 a.m. Free. Master Gardener Palo Alto Demonstration Garden, 851 Center Drive, Palo Alto. Call 408282-3105. ‘Succulents: Ideas for a Water-Wise Garden’ Linda Roark will lead this class on how

to propagate succulents and create a “water-wise” garden. Oct. 5, 9:30-11:30 a.m. $25 members/$35 non-members. Gamble Garden, 1431 Waverley St., Palo Alto. Call 650-329-1356 ext. 201. www. Autism Spectrum Disorders Parent Education Program The Stanford Autism Center at Packard Children’s Hospital is offering a half-day parent/caregiver conference designed to provide information about reducing problem behaviors and building positive skills in the home setting. The program will be divided into two groups depending on children’s age. Oct. 5, 9 a.m.-12:30 p.m. $30 per person. Stanford University/Child Psychiatry Building, 401 Quarry Road, Stanford. Call 650-721-6327. Tomato Canning Class In this class, learn how to preserve/can tomato sauce and stock. Taught by Carlin Otto at a local home. Two classes: 9-11 a.m. and 2-4 p.m. Maximum three people per class. Location and instructions will be given upon registration. October 5, $50. Common Ground Garden Supply and Education Center, 559 College Ave., Palo Alto. Call 650-493-6072. Understanding Diet and Sustainable Gardening Common Ground, an organic garden supply and education center, hosts a class on the Grow BioIntensive method and how it help to plan complete diets and sustainably manage garden fertility. Learn the Biointensive perspective on compost and calories, including a small-scale design detailing how the components work and interact with one another. Oct. 5, 10:30 a.m.12:30 p.m. $31. Common Ground, 559 College Ave., Palo Alto. Call 650-493-6072.

CLUBS/MEETINGS ‘Maintaining Native Plants Throughout the Seasons’ Helen Popper, author of “California Native Gardening, a Month-by-Month Guide” discusses how to maximize gardening using California native plants. Oct. 9, 7-9 p.m. Free for members; $5 for guests. Christ Episcopal Church, Parish Hall, 1040 Border Road, Los Altos. Call 650-948-4614. Astronomy Lecture: Star Formation This monthly meeting of the Peninsula Astronomical

Inspirations a guide to the spiritual community LOS ALTOS LUTHERAN Bringing God’s Love and Hope to All

Children’s Nursery 10:00 a.m. Worship 10:10 Sunday School 11:15 a.m. Fellowship Pastor David K. Bonde Outreach Pastor Gary Berkland 460 South El Monte (at Cuesta) 650-948-3012

To include your Church in

Inspirations Please call Blanca Yoc at 650-223-6596 or email

MOUNTAIN VIEW CENTRAL SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST CHURCH Sabbath School: 9:30 a.m. Saturday Services: Worship 10:45 a.m. Wednesday Study Groups: 10-11 a.m. Pastor Kenny Fraser, B.A.M. DIV 1425 Springer Rd., Mtn. View - Office Hrs. M-F 9am-1pm Phone: 650-967-2189


■ Mountain View Voice ■ ■ October 4, 2013

Society includes talk open to the public. Speaker for October is Kaylan Burleigh of UC Berkeley. Foothill Observatory will open after the meeting from 9 to 11 p.m., weather permitting. Oct. 11, 7:30-9 p.m. Free ($3 parking fee). Foothill College Room 5015, 12345 El Monte Road, Los Altos Hills. Women 2.0’s Founder Friday Silicon Valley Women 2.0, a media company that offers content geared toward women in technology, is hosting this networking event. Founder Friday is meant to promote the creation of new networks among aspiring entrepreneurs, current entrepreneurs and investors. Oct. 4, 6-9 p.m. $15-$50. SurveyMonkey, 285 Hamilton Ave., Palo Alto.

COMMUNITY EVENTS ACS Open House Adolescent Counseling Services (ACS) is hosting an open house as it formally welcomes its fourth program, “Outlet,” which supports LGBTQQ youth through education and advocacy. Oct. 6, 3-6 p.m. Free. 1717 Embarcadero Road, Ste 4000, Palo Alto. Call 650424-0852 ext. 103. El Camino YMCA Gym Reopening The El Camino YMCA’s Wellness Center will reopen after remodeling on Oct. 1 with a formal celebration on Oct. 4. More cardio machines and new Cybex weight equipment will moved in by the beginning of October. Gym hours: 5:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. Free. 2400 Grant Road, Mountain View. www.ymcasv. org/elcamino/ Gamble Garden Community Day This event features children’s activities, a plant sale, food, horticultural resources and more. Oct. 6, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Free. Gamble Garden, 1431 Waverley St., Palo Alto. Call 650-329-1356 ext. 201. www. Mountain View Certified Farmers Market This farmers market features more than 60 certified local producers with farm-fresh fruit and vegetables with organic and Asian varieties, grass-fed beef, eggs, mushrooms, bakeries, plants, herbs, sprouts, cheese, melons and garden tomatoes. Sundays, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. until Dec. 31. Caltrain Station, 600 W. Evelyn Ave., Mountain View. Call 800-806-3276. www.cafarmersmkts. com/markets/category/mountain-view MVUHS & ‘Eagle’ Alumni Day Picnic Yearly alumni gathering for all graduates, former students and teachers of Mountain View, Los Altos and Awalt High Schools. Oct. 5, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Free. Cuesta Drive, Mountain View. Call 650-968-1053.

CONCERTS Daniel Pearl World Music Days Concert Stanford Live and Music at Stanford team up to present this annual tribute concert honoring the life and memory of the slain Wall Street Journal reporter, musician and Stanford graduate Daniel Pearl. Oct. 9, 7:30-8:30 p.m. Free. Memorial Church, 450 Serra Mall, Stanford. Call 650-724-2464. php?code=HARM

DANCE Scottish Country Dancing A fall session starts on Sept. 4 with “Intro Night,” and is free for first timers. After that, the drop-in fee is $10 or $133 for the full session ($8 per night). Everyone is welcome, from complete beginners to experienced dancers. Classes run until Feb. 4. 7:45-10 p.m. Mountain View Sports Pavilion, 1185 Castro St., Mountain View.

ENVIRONMENT Foothill Fall Plant Sale The Foothill College Environmental Horticulture & Design Department presents its fall plant sale, with a spotlight on drought-tolerant and native plants. Sale proceeds benefit the department. Oct. 12, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Admission is free; parking is $3. Foothill College Nursery & Greenhouse Facilities , 12345 El Monte Road, Los Altos Hills. Call 650949-7185. php?sr=2&rec_id=2710

NHIGHLIGHT MOUNTAIN VIEW OKTOBERFEST Steins Beer Garden & Restaurant, the Mountain View Chamber of Commerce and Tied House are hosting an Oktoberfest celebration. There will be several authentic German beers for purchase, German food from local vendors, live music and children’s activities. Open to all ages. Oct. 5-6, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Free. Steins Beer Garden, 895 Villa St., Mountain View.

EXHIBITS ‘Connecting Threads’ This exhibit features quilts handcrafted by workers at the Day Worker Center of Mountain View as well as a “behindthe-scenes” photographic essay. A reception on Friday, Oct. 25, 6-8 p.m. will feature a performance by pianist Henry Mollicone with soprano Elena Galvan. Oct. 11-Nov. 30, Monday-Saturday, 9 a.m.-7 p.m. Free. Community School of Music and Arts Finn Center, 230 San Antonio Circle, Mountain View. Call 650-918-6800 ext. 306.

FAMILY AND KIDS Marine Science Institute Shark Day This educational and interactive day is all about sharks. Learn, touch and feed local leopard sharks at the Marine Science Institute in Redwood City. RSVP online. Oct. 5, 10 a.m.-noon. $10-$20. Marine Science Institute, 500 Discovery Parkway, Redwood City. Call 650-364-2760. www.sfbaymsiorg/

HEALTH ‘Serious Mental Illness: How Can We Promote Public Health and Public Safety?’ The Stanford Health Policy Forum is hosting a dialogue concerning what the health care system and the general public can do to promote the well-being of families who are facing mental illness. Oct. 10, 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m. Free. Li Ka Shing Center for Knowlegde and Learning, 291 Campus Drive, Stanford. www.healthpolicyforum.

LIVE MUSIC Happy Hour and Live Rhythm and Blues Morocco’s Restaurant in Mountain View will have happy hour prices on all drinks and appetizers from 5 to 7 p.m. as well as a performance by the Dan Goghs. Oct. 11, 5-11 p.m. Free. Morocco’s Restaurant, 873 Castro St., Mountain View. Call 650-968-1502. Live Acoustic Guitar & Wine Flight Night with Jack Cutter Thursday Night at Morocco’s Restaurant Mountain View means wine flights and a performance by Jack Cutter. Oct. 10, 5-11 p.m. Free. Morocco’s Restaurant, 873 Castro St., Mountain View. Call 650-9681502. Morocco’s Magic Monday & World Music Tunes These Monday night events, sponsored by the Society of American Magicians, will feature magic and music. Oct. 7-28, 5-9:30 p.m. Free. Morocco’s Restaurant, 873 Castro St., Mountain View. Call 650-968-1502. www. West Bay Opera: ‘Tosca’ Love, passion and a double murder in a this drama. Fully staged, with Regency-style costumes and multimmedia sets. Performances on Oct. 11, 13, 19 and 20. Sundays at 2 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m. $40$75. Lucie Stern Theatre, 1305 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto. Call 650-424-9999.

ON STAGE ‘The Tempest’ at The Pear Avenue Theatre The Pear Avenue Theatre presents “The Tempest.” Sept. 13-Oct. 6, Thursday through Sunday. Sunday matinees are at 2 p.m.; all other shows are 8 to 10 p.m. $10-$35. Pear Avenue Theatre, 1220 Pear Ave. #6, Mountain View. Call 650-254-1148.

RELIGION/SPIRITUALITY Compline - An Evening Service of Song This is a 30-minute service of hymns, anthems and chant sung by Stanford and local choral ensembles. Oct. 6, 9 p.m. Free. Stanford Memorial Church, 450 Serra Mall, Stanford.

SENIORS Silicon Valley Independent Living Center: Housing Search/Assistance An overview of SVILC’s services will be provided at this

Mountain View Senior Center event. SVILC is a nonprofit organization that provides services, free of charge, to those who qualify. Oct. 10, 1-3 p.m. Free. Mountain View Senior Center, 266 Escuela Ave., Mountain View. Call 650-903-6330.

SPECIAL EVENTS MVHS Class of 1963 50th Reunion Looking for classmates to join the Mountain View High School Class of 1963 50th reunion. Call Marcia for more info: 650-968-1053. Oct. 5, $45. Wine Walk - Downtown Mtn. View Explore Mountain View’s downtown, where various wineries - from Carmel to Santa Cruz to Lodi - will be serving wine samples, along with appetizers provided by participating restaurants. Take home a signature glass. Oct. 10, 5:30-8:30 p.m. $30. Castro Street, Mountain View. Call 650964-3395.

LECTURES & TALKS Brandon Sanderson at Books Inc. Mountain View Fantasy writer Brandon Sanderson shares the first book in a new series called “Steelheart.” When a burst in the sky gives certain men and women extraordinary powers, the desire for power and control comes along with it. Oct. 11, 7 p.m. Free. Books Inc. Mountain View, 301 Castro St., Mountain View. month/all/all/1 Eric Schlosser at Books Inc. Mountain View Journalist and author Eric Schlosser discusses weapons of mass destruction in his latest book, “Command and Control.” Oct. 7, 7 p.m. Free. Books Inc. Mountain View, 301 Castro St., Mountain View. Call 650-428-1234. www. MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, author of ‘Tip and the Gipper: When Politics Worked’ As a top aide to former Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill, Chris Matthews witnessed the relationship between O’Neil and President Ronald Reagan. Matthews will discuss their friendship. Oct. 7, 7-8 p.m. $15-$55. Oshman Family JCC, 3921 Fabian Way, Palo Alto. Call 408-280-5530. www. chris-matthews Parent Ed Event: ‘Keep it in Perspective’ Join Challenge Success, a nonprofit founded at Stanford, for this parent education event.. Keynote speaker Dan Pink will join Challenge Success Co-Founders, Dr. Denise Pope and Dr. Madeline Levine, for an interactive discussion about the meaning of success and how to help kids thrive. Oct. 4, 7-9 p.m. $10/ adult. Kids 18 and under are free. Memorial Auditorium, 551 Serra Mall, Stanford. www. Technology and Society Committee Luncheon Forum Brian Day, director of Communication and Outreach at the NASA Lunar Science Institute and Education/Public Outreach Lead for NASA’s Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer mission to the Moon, describes the spacecraft, the science experiments and the status of the mission. Oct. 8, 11:45 a.m.-1 p.m. Lunch is $12. Hangen Szechuan Restaurant, 134 Castro St., Mountain View. Call 650-969-7215. TASC.shtml Travel Tuesdays: Scotland Maureen Jones of All Horizons Travel (and of Scottish descent) will talk about where to golf, fish and hike, as well as how to trace family ancestry. Oct. 8, 1-2 p.m. Free. Los Altos Library, 13 South San Antonio Road, Los Altos.

TEEN ACTIVITIES Club 201 Middle School Dance Club 201 middle school dances are open to Mountain View 6th-8th grade students. Oct. 4, 7-9 p.m. $3 in advance; $5 at the door. Mountain View Community Center, 201 S. Rengstorff Ave., Mountain View. Call 650-903-6331. www.mountainview. gov/city_hall/comm_services/recreation_programs_and_services/teen_services.asp

Marketplace PLACE AN AD ONLINE E-MAIL PHONE 650/326-8216 Now you can log on to, day or night and get your ad started immediately online. Most listings are free and include a one-line free print ad in our Peninsula newspapers with the option of photos and additional lines. Exempt are employment ads, which include a web listing charge. Home Services and Mind & Body Services require contact with a Customer Sales Representative. So, the next time you have an item to sell, barter, give away or buy, get the perfect combination: print ads in your local newspapers, reaching more than 150,000 readers, and unlimited free web postings reaching hundreds of thousands additional people!!


BOARD 100-199 N FOR SALE 200-299 N KIDS STUFF 330-399 N MIND & BODY 400-499 NJ OBS 500-599 NB USINESS SERVICES 600-699 NH OME SERVICES 700-799 NFOR RENT/ FOR SALE REAL ESTATE 800-899 NP UBLIC/LEGAL NOTICES 995-997 The publisher waives any and all claims or consequential damages due to errors. Embarcadero Media cannot assume responsibility for the claims or performance of its advertisers. Embarcadero Media has the right to refuse, edit or reclassify any ad solely at its discretion without prior notice. THE PENINSULA’S FREE CLASSIFIEDS WEBSITE Combining the reach of the Web with print ads reaching over 150,000 readers! is a unique website offering FREE postings from communities throughout the Bay Area and an opportunity for your ad to appear in the Palo Alto Weekly, The Almanac and the Mountain View Voice.

Bulletin Board 115 Announcements Did You Know that Ten Million adults tweeted in the past month, while 164 million read a newspaper in print or online in the past week? Advertise in 240 California newspapers for one low cost. Your 25 word classified ad will reach over 6 million+ Californians. For brochure call Elizabeth (916)288-6019. (Cal-SCAN) Pregnant? Thinking of adoption? Talk with caring agency specializing in matching Birthmothers with Families Nationwide. LIVING EXPENSES PAID. Call 24/7 Abby's One True Gift Adoptions. 866-413-6293. Void in Illinois/ New Mexico/Indiana (AAN CAN) Moms/Daughters- $ Stanford original ringtones Stanford music tutoring

130 Classes & Instruction Airline Careers begin here – Get FAA approved Maintenance training. Financial aid for qualified students – Housing available. Job placement assistance. CALL Aviation Institute of Maintenance 877-804-5293 (Cal-SCAN) Airline Careers begin here – Get trained as FAA certified Aviation Technician. Housing and Financial aid for qualified students. Job placement assistance. Call Aviation Institute of Maintenance 877-492-3059 (AAN CAN) Airline Careers begin here – Get FAA approved Aviation Maintenance Technician training. Job placement and Financial assistance for qualified students. CALL Aviation Institute of Maintenance 888-242-3382 (Cal-SCAN) Paralegal Immigration or Bankruptcy. $395 includes Certificate, Resume and 94% placement in all 58 CA counties. For more information or Call 626-552-2885 and 626-918-3599 (Cal-SCAN) German language class Instruction for Hebrew Bar and Bat Mitzvah For Affiliated and Unaffiliated George Rubin, M.A. in Hebrew/Jewish Education 650/424-1940 Musical Theater Class Kids/Teens

133 Music Lessons Christina Conti Private Piano Instruction (650) 493-6950 Enjoyable Piano Lessons Young, old, beginners, advanced, enjoy the special pleasure of playing the piano in a relaxed setting. Dr. Renee’s Piano 650 854-0543 Hope Street Music Studios In downtown Mtn.View. Most Instruments voice. All ages & levels 650-961-2192 Piano Lessons in Palo Alto Call Alita at 650.838.9772 Piano lessons in Palo Alto


150 Volunteers Fosterers Needed for Moffet Cats FRIENDS OF THE PALO ALTO LIBRARY Moms/Daughters- $ Stanford Stanford Research Study

Cash for Diabetic Test Strips Don't throw boxes away-Help others. Unopened /Unexpired boxes only. All Brands Considered! Call Anytime! 24hrs/7days (888) 491-1168 (Cal-SCAN)

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210 Garage/Estate Sales Mountain View, 1637 Lee Drive, Oct. 5, 9-1 Mountain View, 184 Espinosa Lane, M - Sun, 9-6 Palo Alto, 2135 Williams Street, Oct. 5, 9 - dark VOTED BEST YARD SALE Huge multi family sale. No early birds. Palo Alto, 895 Melville Ave, Oct 5, 9-2 Garage sale. Lots of teak furniture and household items.

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Counseling Services Mental Research Institute clinics offer low cost counseling services by appointment for individuals, couples, families and children in English, Spanish, and Mandarin. Location: 555 Middlefield Rd, Palo Alto. For information, call 650/321-3055

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Kid’s Stuff 330 Child Care Offered EXPERIENCED NANNY

SV: 552 S. Murphy Ave., 10/4-5, 9:30-4 Semi-annual vintage sale. Lace, linen and more for your crafts. x-El Camino

340 Child Care Wanted

ANTIQUE SACRISTY ARMOIRE - $ 620Antique Welsh Dresser - $500 Antiques: No Junk! Bonsai Sales and Service COACH JEWELRY DISPLAY TRAY - $75-

Looking for part time nanny Looking for a part time nanny from 2:45pm to 5:45pm daily. Your primary job is after school care involving driving. Only confident drivers with a valid CDL need apply. Call: (408) 879-7724

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615 Computers

Jobs 500 Help Wanted Finanical Administrator General Help GOODWILL Stores in Palo Alto and Mtn. View are hiring. If interested, apply in person at the store location where you want to work. Mtn. View Store: 855 El Camino Real. Palo Alto Store: 4085 El Camino Way. No phone calls, please Newspaper Delivery Route Immediate Opening Route available on Fridays to deliver the Palo Alto Weekly, an awardwinning community newspaper, to homes and businesses in Palo Alto. Newspapers must be picked up between 6AM and 8AM in Palo Alto and delivered by 5PM. Pays approx. $100 per day (plus $20 bonus for extra large editions). Additional bonus of approx. $200 following successful 13 week introductory period. Must be at least 18 y/o. Valid CDL, reliable vehicle and current auto insurance req’d. Please email your experience and qualifications to Or call Jon Silver, 650-868-4310 Sales Associate

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Home Services 710 Carpentry Cabinetry-Individual Designs Precise, 3-D Computer Modeling: Mantels * Bookcases * Workplaces *Wall Units * Window Seats. Ned Hollis, 650/856-9475

715 Cleaning Services

R.G. Landscape Yard Clean-ups, maintenance, installations. Call Reno for free est. 650/468-8859

751 General Contracting A NOTICE TO READERS: It is illegal for an unlicensed person to perform contracting work on any project valued at $500.00 or more in labor and materials. State law also requires that contractors include their license numbers on all advertising. Check your contractor’s status at or 800-321-CSLB (2752). Unlicensed persons taking jobs that total less than $500.00 must state in their advertisements that they are not licensed by the Contractors State License Board.

House Cleaning in the BAY!!! Navarro Housecleaning Services Apartments and homes. Carpets and windows. 20 years exp., good refs. Call for free est. 650/853-3058; 650/796-0935

Real Estate

Shubha Landscape Design Inc. Tired of Mow, Blow and Go? Owner operated, 40 years exp. All phases of gardening/landscaping. Ref. Call Eric, 408/356-1350

CDL Construction 408-310-0355 Lic 781723B

Olga's Housecleaning Res./Com. Wkly/mo. Low Rates. Local Refs. 25 years Exp. & Friendly. I Love My Job! Ins. (650) 380-1406


S i n c e 19 8 5

650-962-1536 Credit Cards Accepted Bonded & Insured | Lic. 20624

730 Electrical

Clarence Electric Co.

Residential Specialist Troubleshooting Experts Sr/Mil Disc/CC accept Live Response!


Call 650-690-7995

748 Gardening/ Landscaping Beckys Landscape Weekly/periodic maint. Annual rose/fruit tree pruning, clean-ups, irrigation, sod, planting, raised beds. Power washing. 650/444-3030



30 Years in family


Ya       Tree triming & removing, including P   

650.814.1577  650.455.0062 Citiscapes I have landscaped here for over 30 years. Free consultation. Ken MacDonald 650-465-5627 Lic# 749570

J. Garcia Garden Maintenance Service Free est. 20 years exp. (650)366-4301 or (650)346-6781

Owens Construction Thank you SF Bay area for a great 25 years of building! CA Lic 730995

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Residential / Commercial Apartments, drywall retexturing and repair, window cleaning, pressure washing, and more...

25 Years of Exp.



www.JLGARDENING.COM LANDA’S GARDENING & LANDSCAPING *Yard Maintenance*New Lawns*Clean Ups*Tree Trimming*Wood Fences* Rototilling*Power Washing*irrigation timer programming. 17 years experience. Call Ramon 650-576-6242 LAWN MOWING SERVICE - FREE Leo Garcia Landscape/ Maintenance Lawn and irrig. install, clean-ups. Res. and comml. maint. Free Est. Lic. 823699. 650/369-1477.


Bonded & Insured


Lic# 15030605

STYLE PAINTING Full service painting. Insured. Lic. 903303. 650/388-8577

775 Asphalt/ Concrete Mtn. View Asphalt Sealing Driveway, parking lot seal coating. Asphalt repair, striping. 30+ yrs. family owned. Free est. Lic. 507814. 650/967-1129 Roe General Engineering Asphalt, concrete, pavers, tiles, sealing, new construct, repairs. 35 yrs exp. No job too small. Lic #663703. 650/814-5572

Palo Alto Home, 4 BR/2 BA - 5000. month

Professional Office Space Full service building 1,080 sq ft 2nd floor walk-up with kitchenette - great location and access flexible lease available now! $1.60 sq ft. Location: 2083 Old Middlefield Way, MV. Diana, 650/714-8461

801 Apartments/ Condos/Studios

779 Organizing Services

Mountain View, 1 BR/1 BA - $1545

End the Clutter & Get Organized Residential Organizing by Debra Robinson (650)941-5073

Mountain View, 2 BR/1 BA - $1,995

Los Altos - $799000

Sunnyvale, 2 BR/2 BA - $2195/mont

Menlo Park, 3 BR/2 BA - $1099000

Cabo San Lucas: $399 All Inclusive Special - Stay 6 Days In A Luxury Beachfront Resort With Unlimited Meals And Drinks For $399! 888-826-2141 (Cal-SCAN)

803 Duplex

Palo Alto, 3 BR/2 BA - $899000

1-3month home rental

781 Pest Control

Redwood City, 2 BR/1 BA - $2,500.00

Redwood City, 3 BR/2 BA - $599000

805 Homes for Rent

Sunnyvale, 3 BR/2 BA - $599999

855 Real Estate Services


783 Plumbing Middlebrook’s Plumbing/Radiant

799 Windows Bobs Window Cleaning Free Estimates, Serving the Bay Area Since 1980. 650/968-7654

Mountain View, 1 BR/1 BA - $1610

LA: 2BR/2BA Secluded, immac. townhome. Attached 2 car gar. Desirable Toyon Farms. Fresh paint and carpets. $3,750 mo. Avail. 10/1. 650/804-4422 or 650/234-8001

995 Fictitious Name Statement Breathe First Yoga FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No.: 582794 The following person (persons) is (are) doing business as: Breathe First Yoga, located at 225 Pamela Drive, Apt. 225, Mountain View, CA, 94040, Santa Clara County. This business is owned by: An Individual. The name and residence address of the owner(s)/registrant(s) is(are): DOROTHY CORRIGAN 225 Pamela Drive Apt. 225 Mountain View, CA 94040 Registrant/Owner began transacting business under the fictitious business name(s) listed above on: Not Applicable. This statement was filed with the County Clerk-Recorder of Santa Clara County on September 13, 2013. (PAW Sept. 20, 27, Oct. 4, 11, 2013) SCLCDC UNIXPlus FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No.: 582862 The following person (persons) is (are) doing business as: 1.) SCLCDC, 2.) UNIXPlus, located at 827 N. Rengstorff Ave., Mountain View, CA 94043, Santa Clara County. This business is owned by: A Corporation. The name and residence address of the owner(s)/registrant(s) is(are): UNIXSurplus, Inc. 827 N. Rengstorff Ave. Mountain View, CA 94043 Registrant/Owner began transacting business under the fictitious business name(s) listed above on 08/30/2013. This statement was filed with the County Clerk-Recorder of Santa Clara County on September 17, 2013. (MVV Sept. 27, Oct. 4, 11, 18, 2013) REALITY REPLAY FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No.: 582883 The following person (persons) is (are) doing business as: Reality Replay, located at 1375 Montecito Ave., #12, Mountain View, CA 94043, Santa Clara County. This business is owned by: An Individual. The name and residence address of the owner(s)/registrant(s) is(are): LISA J. WILBUR 1375 Montecito Ave., #12 Mountain View, CA 94043 Registrant/Owner began transacting business under the fictitious business name(s) listed above on: N/A. This statement was filed with the County Clerk-Recorder of Santa Clara County on September 18, 2013. (MVV Sept. 27, Oct. 4, 11, 18, 2013)

â– Mountain View Voice â– â–  October 4, 2013

Palo Alto, 2 BR/1 BA - $3400/mont

825 Homes/Condos for Sale

Woodside, 3 BR/2 BA - $1099000

830 Commercial/ Income Property

OMG! NAILS & SPA FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No.: 583048 The following person (persons) is (are) doing business as: OMG! Nails & Spa, located at 2033 W. El Camino Real, Mountain View, CA 94040, Santa Clara County. This business is owned by: Married Couple. The name and residence address of the owner(s)/registrant(s) is(are): CAMERON CHAU 2167 Fieldstone Ct. San Jose, CA 95133 BILLY PHAM 2167 Fieldstone Ct. San Jose, CA 95133 Registrant/Owner began transacting business under the fictitious business name(s) listed above on: Not Applicable. This statement was filed with the County Clerk-Recorder of Santa Clara County on September 23, 2013. (MVV Sept. 27, Oct. 4, 11, 18, 2013) GouwTravel FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No.: 583051 The following person (persons) is (are) doing business as: GouwTravel, located at 1014 Clark Ave., Mountain View, CA 94040, Santa Clara County. This business is owned by: An Individual. The name and residence address of the owner(s)/registrant(s) is(are): BERTHA GOUW 1014 Clark Ave. Mountain View, CA 94040 Registrant/Owner began transacting business under the fictitious business name(s) listed above on: 09/20/2013. This statement was filed with the County Clerk-Recorder of Santa Clara County on September 23, 2013. (MVV Sept. 27, Oct. 4, 11, 18, 2013) BAHARESTAN KIDS FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No.: 583005 The following person (persons) is (are) doing business as: Baharestan Kids, located at 1614 Bonita Ave., Mountain View, CA 94040, Santa Clara County. This business is owned by: An Individual. The name and residence address of the owner(s)/registrant(s) is(are): NARGES ABBASI ORTAKAND 1614 Bonita Ave. Mountain View, CA 94040 Registrant/Owner began transacting business under the fictitious business name(s) listed above on: N/A. This statement was filed with the County Clerk-Recorder of Santa Clara County on September 20, 2013. (MVV Sept. 27, Oct. 4, 11, 18, 2013)


840 Vacation Rentals/Time Shares

All Areas: Browse hundreds of online listings with photos and maps. Find your roommate with a click of the mouse! Visit: http:// (AAN CAN)



Full Service & Move In/Move Out

Dependable, Trustworthy, Detailed

Palo Alto Home located in S. Palo Alto, excellent schools. Hardwood floors,sliding glass doors,large garden,deck, washer/dryer. Available 10/1. Contact

SOLID ROCK PAVING Service your driveway now!


Orkopina Housecleaning

Mtn. View - $4500/mo.

SUPER 8 MOTEL FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No.: 583178 The following person (persons) is (are) doing business as: Super 8 Motel, located at 1665 W. El Camino Real, Mountain View, CA 94040, Santa Clara County. This business is owned by: A Corporation. The name and residence address of the owner(s)/registrant(s) is(are): VEER HANUMAN CORPORATION 1665 W. El Camino Real Mountain View, CA 94040 Registrant/Owner began transacting business under the fictitious business name(s) listed above on: 06/09/1997. This statement was filed with the County Clerk-Recorder of Santa Clara County on September 25, 2013. (MVV Oct. 4, 11, 18, 25, 2013) 305 SOUTH DRIVE FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No.: 583199 The following person (persons) is (are) doing business as: 305 South Drive, located at 2225 Showers Drive, Mountain View, CA 94040, Santa Clara County. This business is owned by: A Trust. The name and residence address of the owner(s)/registrant(s) is(are): JOEL SPENCER KOCH, TRUSTEE 195 Kenny Ave. Santa Cruz, CA 95065 Registrant/Owner began transacting business under the fictitious business name(s) listed above on 09/26/2013. This statement was filed with the County Clerk-Recorder of Santa Clara County on September 26, 2013. (MVV Oct. 4, 11, 18, 25, 2013)


997 All Other Legals NOTICE OF APPLICATION TO SELL ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES Date of Filing Application: September 10, 2013 To Whom It May Concern: The Name(s) of Applicant(s) is/are: VEGGIE GRILL INC. THE The applicants listed above are applying to the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control to sell alcoholic beverages at: 565 San Antonio Rd. Ste. 26 Mountain View, CA 94040-1350 Type of license(s) applied for: 41 - ON-SALE BEER AND WINE - EATING PLACE (MVV Sept. 27, Oct. 4, 11, 2013) NOTICE OF APPLICATION TO SELL ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES Date of Filing Application: September 18, 2013 To Whom It May Concern: The Name(s) of Applicant(s) is/are: BON APPETIT MANAGEMENT CO. The applicants listed above are applying to the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control to sell alcoholic beverages at: 2051 Stierlin Ct. Mountain View, CA 94043 Type of license(s) applied for: 41 - ON-SALE BEER AND WINE - EATING PLACE (MVV Oct. 4, 11, 18, 2013)


un t&S



...Your Condo & Townhome Specialist

0 - 4:3

N SU & M T SA :30P N 4 E OP :30 1

Sa pen


550 Ortega Avenue #B330 Mountain View 2 bed | 2 ba | 1,157 sq ft Updated condo end unit offers ÂżUHSODFHVHFXULW\FRPSOH[ZLWK HOHYDWRUODUJHRSHQNLWFKHQSULYDWH EDOFRQ\ /RV$OWRVVFKRROV

Offered at $675,000

27955 Roble Blanco Court, Los Alto Hills

N SU & AT 0PM N S - 4:3 E OP :30 1



xcellent Silicon Valley location, this wonderful home offers beautiful views, 4 bedrooms + ofďŹ ce on 1 acre close to town. With granite counters & stainless steel appliances in kitchen, elegant living room, 2 story entry, formal dining room, family room, spacious master suite, multiple skylights and vaulted ceilings this property is special and an excellent value. Award Winning Palo Alto Schools: Nixon Elementary School, Terman Middle School and Gunn High School.

Offered at $299,000

Offered at $2,850,000


See virtual tour at







650.917.7989 BRE# 00640629

List Price TBD 203 Ortega Avenue Mountain View






List Price $799,000 Sold Price $800,000 Sold with multiple offers!


Web tour: Classic Old Mill Charmer! 3 Bed. 2 ½ Baths Large 2-car garage attached. Private patio Los Altos Schools! $790,000



419 Ortega Avenue



List Price $645,000 Sold Price $722,000 Sold with multiple offers!

Royce Cablayan BRE# 01062078 The #1 Selling Agent in Mountain View since 1995

Francis C. ROLLAND

Sr. Consultant - Coldwell Banker - Since 1985 Direct: 650-947-2259


Colleen Rose BRE# 01221104  ‡ October 4, 2013 â– Mountain View Voice â– â– 


Mountain View Real Estate

Buying or selling a home this year? s My proven system will get your home looking its best


s)WILLHEavily market your property s )’m a tough negotiator on behalf of my clients and all of my listings this year have sold over asking price


s ) offer a consulting approach rather than a sales approach s So far this year, many of my clients have been able to get the houses they want despite tough competition and multiple offers s ) have a deep understanding of the local market

Give me the opportunity to get the results you want. MICHAEL GALLI President’s Club Phone: (650) 248-3076 DRE# 01852633

LOS ALTOS 167 S. San Antonio Road 28

■ Mountain View Voice ■ ■ October 4, 2013

October 4, 2013 ■ Mountain View Voice ■ ■


Local Area Market Update as of October 1, 2013 City

Homes Homes Active Pending



Santa Clara










Mountain View





Los Altos





Los Altos Hills





Palo Alto



$1,098,000 $23,000,000

Menlo Park




“Is Quality Important to You? We M easure Quality by Results� Yvonne Heyl o w T f o

ÂˆĂ€iVĂŒĂŠÂ­ĂˆxäŽÊ™{LJ{ĂˆÂ™{ r e Pow


, ›Êä£ÓxxĂˆĂˆÂŁ ޅiĂžÂ?JÂˆÂ˜ĂŒiĂ€ÂœĂ€i>Â?iĂƒĂŒ>ĂŒi°Vœ“


Jeff Gonzalez



, ›Êää™ÇnǙÎ Â?}ÂœÂ˜Ă˘>Â?iâJÂˆÂ˜ĂŒiĂ€ÂœĂ€i>Â?iĂƒĂŒ>ĂŒi°Vœ“

Tori Ann Atwell

Team DRE# 70000637 ĂžĂ›ÂœÂ˜Â˜i>˜`Â?ivvJÂˆÂ˜ĂŒiĂ€ÂœĂ€i>Â?iĂƒĂŒ>ĂŒi°Vœ“ {Â™ĂˆĂŠÂˆĂ€ĂƒĂŒĂŠ-ĂŒÂ°ĂŠ-Ă•ÂˆĂŒiÊÓääÊUĂŠÂœĂƒĂŠÂ?ĂŒÂœĂƒĂŠÂ™{äÓÓ ĂœĂœĂœÂ°ĂžĂ›ÂœÂ˜Â˜i>˜`Â?ivv°Vœ“

Broker Associate


(650) 996-0123


DRE# 00927794





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 # & 5   !  &&

 ##6783 && #   /7 & 9# !$*6   :  + ;%!&&  $9/2<':7


9020<':4 >!? %90@3<':


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    "&& '" 



*& !## 

($+  , !   (    &(  (! &

& !    #( $&!$ !$ !     !   &-  ./012


â&#x2013; Mountain View Voice â&#x2013; â&#x2013;  October 4, 2013

October 4, 2013 ■ Mountain View Voice ■ ■


Proven residential real estate expertise for the mid-peninsula.

Are you staying current with the changing real estate market conditions? We offer the one online destination that lets you fully explore: s)NTERACTIVEMAPS s(OMESFORSALE s/PENHOUSEDATESANDTIMES s6IRTUALTOURSANDPHOTOS s0RIORSALESINFO s.EIGHBORHOODGUIDES s!REAREALESTATELINKS sANDSOMUCHMORE

DRE #00994196

Visit Nickâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s LinkedIn profile to read client accolades...


Explore area real estate through your favorite local website:

NICKGRANOSKI And click on â&#x20AC;&#x153;real estateâ&#x20AC;? in the navigation bar. 650/269â&#x20AC;&#x201C;8556


1940 San Ramon Avenue, Mountain View



Open Friday 9:30 - 1:00 Open Saturday & Sunday 1:00 - 5:00

1: 0 0 : 00 : 3 0 - 1: 0 0 - 5 9 I R UN NF OPE SAT & S N O PE

Lovely Mountain View Townhome in a small complex close to everything... shopping, schools, 101, Central Expressway, Google, Microsoft, Linked In.... 2 spacious Bedrooms * 2 Car attached Garage * Private Backyard with Patio * Large Walk-in Closet * Balcony * New Interior Paint * New Laminate Flooring * New Carpet * Stainless Steel Range & Dishwasher * And low HOA dues!

KIM COPHER Coldwell Banker Los Altos - San Antonio Direct: 650-917-7995 DRE License Number: 01423875 32

â&#x2013; Mountain View Voice â&#x2013; â&#x2013;  October 4, 2013

Offered at $648,000

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Nobody knows your neighborhood like your neighborâ&#x20AC;?

October 4, 2013 ■ Mountain View Voice ■ ■








DAV I D T R OY E R â&#x2013; Mountain View Voice â&#x2013; â&#x2013;  October 4, 2013

~ 1,219 SQ FT

~ 6,120 SQ FT LOT

 ( (  %$"!'"!  

#1 AGENT 2012: combined sales in MV, LA, & LAH* 34

&&&      #$! "  !  $ 8 49,0 0 0


October 4, 2013 ■ Mountain View Voice ■ ■


Coldwell Banker


Coldwell Banker and Habitat for Humanity are celebrating a 15 year partnership of helping local families fulfill their dream of homeownership! Now through October 18, we are once again working together to raise money for those in need. Raffle tickets are just $2. Enter to win and you could walk away with the $5,000 grand prize courtesy of Princeton Capital. For a list of prizes, visit


*Must be at least 21 years of age to enter.

SUNNYVALE Sun 10 - 6 $390,000 220 Red Oak Dr 2 BR 1.5 BA Amazing opportunity to own a home in Sunnyvale Lora Hu BRE #00813549 650.941.7040

SAN JOSE $999,000 4 BR 2.5 BA Spanish villa w/classic Old World charm. 1.41ac w/amazing views. Great for entertaining! Greg Stange BRE #01418178 650-208-5196

MOUNTAIN VIEW Sun 1:30 - 4:30 $790,000 49 Showers Dr #H446 3 BR 2.5 BA Large kitchen fully loaded w/plenty of cabinets & counter space. Francis Rolland BRE #00896319 650.941.7040

MOUNTAIN VIEW Sat/Sun 1:30 - 4:30 $1,588,000 285 Stierlin Rd 5 BR 4.5 BA Sleek & modern w/clean lines,smooth finishes,open spaces & 3 mstr ste.Lrg LR & DR,sep FR. Jo Buchanan & Stuart Bowen BRE #00468827 650.941.7040

MOUNTAIN VIEW Sun 1:30 - 4:30 $948,000 129 College St 3 BR 2.5 BA Clean & modern w/wood flrs, granite kitchen, central heat/AC, sep family room, large yard Nancy Adele Stuhr BRE #00963170 650.941.7040

MOUNTAIN VIEW Sun 1 - 4 $446,000 264 N Whisman Rd #8 2 BR 1 BA Beautiful first floor unit, approximately 1,087 sf. Remodeled kitchen. Anni Chu BRE #01189653 650.328.5211

MOUNTAIN VIEW Sat/Sun 1 - 5 $648,000 1940 San Ramon Ave 2 BR 1.5 BA Approx. 1170sqft townhm w/new flrs, carpet, paint. Kim Copher BRE #01423875 650.941.7040

MENLO PARK Sun 1 - 4 $3,150,000 10 Arbol Grande Court 5 BR 4 BA Great floor plan. 2 suites up + main lvl bd & bth. Kit opens to great room. Formal LR & DR Nancy Goldcamp BRE #00787851 650.325.6161

LOS ALTOS HILLS Sat/Sun 1:30 - 4:30 $2,850,000 27955 Roble Blanco 4 BR 2.5 BA Palo Alto Schools, 1 acre view lot; Near town; 4 bedrooms + office; Vaulted ceilings Ellen Barton BRE #00640629 650.941.7040

LOS ALTOS HILLS Sat/Sun 1:30 - 4:30 $2,999,000 24140 Dawnridge Dr 5 BR 4.5 BA Beautiful hm on a quiet court in a prime location close to dntwn w/open flrpln,gourmet kit Bill Gorman & Lorraine Boeggaman BRE #01053691/00649145 408.996.1100

EAST PALO ALTO Second Floor, End Unit! $648,000 3 BR 2 BA Second floor end unit. Master suite, LR, & 2nd BR open to balcony. 3rd BR overlooks creek. Lizbeth Carson BRE #01014571 650.387.2085

DOWNTOWN Sun 1 - 4 $2,399,000 424 Homer Av 5 bdrm 3 ba home near downtown. Hdwd floors,skylight, fam kit opens to private back yard! Maria Arlene Gault BRE #01242236 650.328.5211

Los Altos | Palo Alto | |

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/cbcalifornia |


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■ Mountain View Voice ■ ■ October 4, 2013

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