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Alana Lee EPA Vapor Intrusion Project Manager 415-972-3141 Penny Reddy EPA Groundwater Project Manager 415-972-3108 Leana Rosetti EPA Community Involvement Coordinator 415-972-3070

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The chemical trichloroethene (TCE), a known carcinogen, has the potential to migrate from shallow ground water and upwards through subsurface soil into overlying buildings by “vapor intrusion.” These vapors may have the potential to migrate upward through the soil and soil gas, and enter buildings through cracks in the foundation and floors, and utility piping conduits.

High priority area for indoor air sampling

2012 Grab Groundwater sample locations

Next Phase of indoor air sampling

TCE concentration in parts per billion in shallow ground water (13 to 40 feet below ground surface)

Source: EPA


Leong Drive residents Some residents attending the meeting were surprised to learn of another area with elevated levels of TCE in the groundwater, but where indoor air testing isn’t being done on nearby homes for lack of funds. “We just found out it is not funded, that worries us,” said Ben Longoria, a resident of Easy Street, as he pointed to an area on a map shown as the “Moffett study area.” “We are actively searching for responsible parties in this area” to fund cleanup and indoor air testing, Ready said. Siegel added that it was unlikely that a polluter would be found with “deep enough pockets” to help. Lee said the EPA had not done any indoor air testing in the homes on Leong Drive closest to the hot spots on the site of a former Denny’s and a motel, where the indoor air was found at acceptable levels. Groundwater samples from 2011 showed concentration as high as 12,000 parts per billion in two locations across the street from homes. “Just because you are in that area doesn’t mean you are on Leong where you should be particularly concerned,” Siegel said at the meeting. Concentrations as high as 440 parts per billion were found nearby on the west side of Moffett Boulevard on a property once home to the county’s vector control yard, purchased a few years ago by the city, possibly for a shopping center. After the meeting, Siegel said he wanted to make it clear to those in the Wagon Wheel neighborhood that it is unlikely most people are going to be affected by the contamination. “They tested 30 homes and only came up with two. Even if they find something, they can install a system that protects you,” Siegel said, referring to vapor control systems. Officials said they were going to be going door-to-door in the neighborhood soon and would send out a new fact sheet that discusses the dangers of TCE over the following week.

pling is available,” Siegel said. “If you’ve had your property sampled, it should be disclosed.” Not every new homeowner is notified. There might be a notice buried in paperwork for a home that “tells you about a Superfund area,” Siegel said. “But they don’t tell you about your specific house. I don’t believe California requires that specific info. But I’m not an attorney so I can’t guarantee that.” For homes with elevated levels, vapor control systems are installed by the polluters to draw the vapors out from under the home and exhaust the vapors above the roof-line, which Lee assured residents was safe. Of the two homes with elevated levels on Evandale, one had a ventilation system installed in early February that still requires modification to clear up the air to levels to below the EPA limit. The other household is still having its system designed. The systems also protect homes from radon, a naturally occurring carcinogen that some consider more dangerous then TCE, said Peter Strauss of the Center for Public Environmental Oversight. The EPA once estimated that it would take 300 years to clean the plume but more recently, the estimate was revised to 100 years, Siegel said. “Pump and treat” methods have pulled tons of TCE out of the ground and filtered it out, but the last little bit is proving very hard to remove. Intel has begun experimenting with cleanup methods that involve injecting TCE-eating bacteria into the ground, called “in-situ bioremediation” with promising results. But it is hard to cover large areas with it, or areas where buildings stand in the way of drilling into the ground, Siegel said. “The question is, will it take forever?” Siegel of the cleanup. “The responsible parties are arguing that you can’t totally clean it up, so why try?” For more information, visit the EPA Region 9’s MEW study area website at Or contact these EPA officials:

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chemical “that can migrate up through conduits and preferential pathways,” Lee told residents at the meeting. EPA has not completed sampling the area’s groundwater and is trying to get permission from private property owners to see how far the plume really goes. Ready lamented not being able to do more testing just north of Evandale on Fairchild Drive. She said a number of utility lines in the street had blocked the necessary drilling.

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