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Mountain View Market Co-op Grow With Us! Member Investment Initiative Letter of Commitment Member #______________

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I support the expansion project that will meet the needs of our growing cooperative. This project supports our stated Ends goal of continuing to ensure the community benefits from the co-op as we provide an increase in health, awareness, potential for long term well-being, and community self-determination. The Co-op hopes to raise $250,000. Organ Mountain Cooperative, d.b.a. Mountain View Market Co-op, can count on me to lend the Co-op, for an improvement & expansion capitalization loan of $________ (multiples of $500 only). The loan accrues at 3% annual interest, maturing in 5or 6 years, (depending on which option you choose) after completion of the store improvement project described in Form 202X and the Investment Packet.

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Letter of Commitment  
Letter of Commitment