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Parkwood Community Center Helping the Youth of Today Build a Better Future.

Supply List Request Form for Volunteers The Center has an inventory of equipment and supplies available for the Recreation department. These can be found in the supply closet and if we do not have what you need in inventory, please mark the item below. Submit the completed form to John Doe in the main office.

Sporting Equipment

Miscellaneous Equipment

 Baseball

Classroom Supplies

 Hula hoop

 Baseball glove


 Stapler  Paper Clips

 Basketball

 Hula hoop (kids)

 Rubber bands

 Golf balls (package of

 Jump rope

 Glue stick



 Liquid Glue

 Jump rope (kids)

 Scissors (L)

(package of 2)

 Bubbles (toddlers)

 Scissors (R)

 Ping Pong paddle

 Sticky mitts (kids)

 Scissors (R – child)

 Soccer ball

 Sidewalk chalk

 Scissors (L – child)

 Tennis balls (package

 Pool noodle

 Paper: Color_________

 Pool float (small)

 Cardstock: Color

 Ping Pong balls

of 3)  Tennis racquet

 Pool float (medium)

 Tennis racquet (junior)

 Pool toy (toddlers)

 Volley ball

 Pool Toys (youth)

 Volleyball net (adult

 Water volleyball kit


 Horseshoes

 Volleyball net (child height)

All supplies belong to Parkwood Community Center


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