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Blue Skies Coffee Company Inventory Plan Providing Quality Coffee at an Affordable Price™


When Conducting Inventory: •

Print out the table below.

Check to make sure that the item that is listed is in the warehouse.

Make sure that each item has the number of stocked items listed.

To do this, physically count the number of each item that is

present. •

Write down the number of items actually present, making sure to

mark any discrepancies. •

Follow the process below for any counts that are incorrect.

Stocked Products Inventory Table Item

Number of Items

12 oz. Can of Organic

230 cans

Ground Coffee; 1 pd. Bag of Whole Bean

27 bags

Organic Coffee; 2 pd. Bag of Decaf Ground

56 bags

Coffee; ½ pd. Bag of Columbian Ground Coffee;

124 bags

Actual Amount

3 12 oz. Can of Decaf. Ground

237 cans

Coffee; Reusable Coffee Filter Basket

45 baskets

#2 Size; Reusable Coffee Filter basket

57 baskets

#4 Size;

Process for Incorrect Inventory Counts

Who Participates in Inventory? All employees of Blue Skies Coffee Company are required to participate in

inventory. Inventory is completed on the 1st Saturday of every new quarter. Employees must have prior approval to be out on this day. Only emergencies will be an excuse for missing inventory.


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