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The Walkthrough

21st Century Style In this edition, the mountainteacher invited friends and co-authors Kirk Henwood and Cheryl Rice to publish a quick users guide to the modern day administrator’s Walkthrough. Kirk and I actually presented this at the 41st Annual CASE Conference in Breckenridge, CO the summer of 2010. With rave reviews from administrators from all over the state we decided to play with a new Web 2.0 tool Issuu to display our digital reference guide. Although we understand that we are not pioneers when it comes to Google Docs/Forms and the Classroom Walkthrough, we felt compelled to create for those who have not yet been exposed as well as for those who are looking for an alternative digital platform. We hope you enjoy. In this digital user guide we will explore Google Docs/Forms, the iPhone, and trends/data of the Walkthrough.

The Results

The Platform

The Tool

Finding a template is easy!

You can simply start by using a key word: education or walkthrough

Of course, you can preview first before choosing.

You can also narrow by sorting, types and categories.

Next, is editing! On this screen you will have a few options to play with.


will go over in this guide the following: Add item, Themes, and Email.

First, you will start with the Add item pull down . This menu allows you to edit the form. We are always saying around here to work smarter not harder—so, take advantage of the template and just tweak if necessary. You’ll notice that when it comes to questions you can add several different types. On the next page we will go over a few of those types in detail.

When you begin to think about what types of items/questions you what to display on your walkthrough form you may want to consider the types of trends you are wanting to see in the classroom. In the below screenshot we are choosing “Multiple Choice” from the pull down menu.

In the Multiple Choice set-up it allows you to create the Question Title: Type of Instruction and then allows you to actually change (if you want) the Question Type, but again, we are choosing for this example Multiple Choice which allows the user to choose only one option versus say, “Checkboxes” which allows the user to choose all that apply. You can create as many types of questions as you feel necessary for your form.

Next, you can choose from several themes. By selecting Theme, you will be taken to sheets of themes to choose from. Remember, nothing is set in stone and you can change themes the same as you do desktops.

Now that you have your form created, you will need to get it to your iPhone. First you will need to email it to yourself. You will need to open the email from your iPhone. Once the email is open, you will open the link to your Walkthrough Form. This will of course take you into Safari (or your browser app) and show you the form in Google Docs. At that time you will want to save it as a bookmark to your Home Screen. You will want to select the + sign at the bottom of the Form on your iPhone and then select “Add to Home Page”. Now is becomes an easily assessable short cut to your Google Walkthrough form. If need be, you can enlarge the screen as you would in web content by stretching your fingers apart. Your Walkthrough Form is live and once you “submit” the data it will automatically show in your data responses inside Google Docs. From there you can decide how you want to view your data—either in a spreadsheet or in visual graphics. Good Luck!!

Not necessary to include form

Open email on your iPhone.

Open the link to your Walkthrough Form.

Once viewing your Walkthrough Form via Google Docs on your iPhone you are going to want to add it to your Home Screen by first selecting the + sign.

Then select “Add to Home Screen”.

Choose the name for your shortcut.

You did it!!

Spreadsheet view - Shown as Default

Visual Data - Found under Form Tab, select Show Summary of Responses

21st Century Walkthrough  

A 21st Century Walkthough for the iPhone

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