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Are These Your Glasses? Written by Gavin McCormack Illustrated by Jennifer Cooper

Are These Your Glasses?


Gavin McCormack

Are These Your Glasses?

by Gavin McCormack Il l u strated by Jenni f er Cooper

Copyright Š 2015 Gavin McCormack Illustrations by Jennifer Cooper Layout and typesetting by Chaya Mendelson p. cm. ISBN 0-0000000-0-0 All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review. Printed in Australia First Printing 2015

Dedicated to Simon. You are missed. |

Sergio was a penguin who lived in Antarctica.


He lived with his father in a little house by the ocean. 3

At school, Sergio didn’t have many friends. Sometimes he felt lonely.


All the other penguins at his school had the best things.

Sergio’s father wasn’t rich so they couldn’t afford much. 5

One day at school, Sergio noticed a big crowd of girls screaming and shouting. 6

When the group left, he saw that there was a girl crying and a pair of broken glasses on the ground.







r e S

r o r y s f t l o e r her. f o ig

picked up her gla

s e ss



y h a er tears w a e p i . ow

e u s her a tis 9

Sergio told his father what had happened at school. His father was very proud.


He said, “Gifts come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes kindness can be the greatest gift of all.�


Many years passed. Sergio had grown big and it was time for him to find a wife.


His father packed his backpack and Sergio went outside to find all the other penguins.



But when he arrived, nobody would walk with him.

He would have to walk all alone. 14

He walked…

And walked…



And walked.

He was the last penguin to arrive.

All the male penguins had collected their stones to impress the girls, but all the best stones were gone! 18

to be continued‌

Are These Your Glasses?  

Are These your Glasses? is a book aimed at primary school children. It tells the tale of a lonely penguin who is faced with many hurdles as...

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