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ellers and buyers alike have reason to be optimistic in 2013. The Summit County real estate market has made great strides forward in its recovery during 2012. We have seen improvements in the number of transactions year-over-year and a reduction in the amount of residential inventory on the market. As of mid-December our transactions are up 17% over last year and our inventory is down 17%. If you take a close look you will also see new construction starting to take place in most areas of the county. One of the newest examples of this is Condos Off Main, a new condo complex with high-end finishes being built right behind our Coldwell Banker office in Frisco. We are also seeing some new singlefamily homes being built, which is good news for vacant land. From the same time frame year-over-year, the number of land sales has increased by 32% in 2012. Just to keep that number in perspective, it took only an additional 25 land sales to jump

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Frisco • $995,000


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Be sure and get all the facts, not just the headlines. 32% over 2011. Currently, with the number of lots for sale in Summit County and at the rate they are selling, we have over a three-year supply. This is the current absorption rate for land, which clearly shows land still has room for improvement. Residential properties are showing much healthier numbers. Frisco, Dillon, and Silverthorne/Wildernest all have about a six-month supply on

the market. Breckenridge is lagging slightly behind with a 10-month supply. Copper Mountain and Keystone are the only communities with over a year’s supply on the market. Both primarily ski resorts, we expect to see those numbers improve with the ski season and the promise of good snow. As you can see, not all areas of Summit County or property types are recovering at the same pace. To these points, when reading or receiving information about the Summit County real estate market, it’s important to have a knowledgeable and trusted real estate team you can turn to so that you get all the facts and not just the headlines. Get the information you need to make all your real estate buying or selling decisions with The Mountain Living Team. ■

The Facts About Transfer WHAT IS A TRANSFER TAX? A transfer tax in Summit County is a fee charged by the municipality every time a property changes hands. The location of the property determines the amount of the transfer tax. Currently, the tax ranges from zero to 2% of the purchase price. WHO PAYS THE TRANSFER TAX? Who pays the transfer tax is determined in the body of the purchase contract. In buyer's markets the buyer typically asks the seller to pay and vice versa in a seller's market. Of course, it is one of the negotiable terms of the contract and can go either way or be split between the parties.


ARE THERE ANY OTHER UPFRONT TAXES IN A REAL ESTATE TRANSACTION? Depending on your specific circumstances there could be. If you are an out-of-state seller, the state of Colorado will withhold 2% for state taxes. You will need to talk to your accountant or tax advisor to determine if filing a Colorado tax return will result in a refund for some or all of this tax for you. The second circumstance is for sellers that live out of the country. A 10% tax is charged to sellers that reside outside the country. The catch here is that if for whatever reason the seller doesn't pay the tax, the buyer is responsible for paying it.

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A Healthy Real Estate Market in 2013?

What You Don’t Know

Might be Hurting You Sometimes the most obvious conversation a buyer or seller should have with their real estate agent is often overlooked. The expectations the client has aren't vocalized and it is assumed that all real estate agents do the same things for their clients. The longer we are in this business the more obvious it is that all real estate agents are not created equal. These inequalities usually aren't obvious initially, and often times go completely unnoticed throughout the entire transaction. The client never realizes there was more to be gained. If these differences aren't noticeable, how important could they be? And, if they are important, how can they be identified? Let's put you in the seller's seat in a sale. You have your property for sale. You have received an offer. It is lower than you would like and unfortunately, in this case, buyer and seller cannot come to terms. Before you know it another offer comes along. This one is better than the last and you come to an agreement to sell your home. Everything goes on without a hitch – but here's what you didn't know. The buyer that brought the first offer was still interested in your home. Their agent had been talking with your agent and your agent knew they were waiting for some repairs you were making to be completed before moving forward. Your agent didn't pass along this information to you and did not try and bid the price up for your home by bringing the other buyer back in. Instead, he let you come to an easy agreement with the buyer in front of you, potentially leaving money on the table instead of in your

pocket. You will never know these details of your sale. Your real estate agent's goal was to sell your home, and he did. Your goal was to sell your home, and you did. But does knowing these details change your perspective of what happened? THERE ARE A COUPLE OF QUESTIONS THIS SCENARIO BRINGS TO MY MIND. • To what lengths is your real estate agent willing to go to help you to not only reach, but exceed your expectations? • When does the easy sale take precedence over what may be better for you? • Are you informed? Every one has a different perspective on any given situation. The best person to determine what is best for you is you. If you aren't given all the facts how can you make a good decision? If your real

estate agent has a different agenda, how are they influencing you? Identifying the real estate agent who is best for you is a tall order. It is difficult to assess, especially in emails or a quick listing appointment. The easiest way to choose your real estate agent is to hire The Mountain Living Team. We pride ourselves on our ethics and morals. We give you all the information and let you make the decisions. That means we don't just tell you what you want to hear but also the things that you need to hear. We give you the facts on all sides of the situation. We prefer to work as your agent, not just a transaction broker. That relationship means we put what you want ahead of what we want. When you hire The Mountain Living Team you realize your real estate decisions may not all be easy or obvious, but they will be your decisions. Start your real estate transaction with a great decision and call The Mountain Living Team today. ■

Annette Zaegel, Buyer Specialist for The Mountain Living Team The Mountain Living Team is proud to introduce our newest team member, Annette Zaegel. Like many other full-time residents, before moving to Summit County full-time, Annette owned a vacation home here where she and her family spent many ski vacations. Over time and while living through a few Texas summers, it was the beauty of Summit County in the summer that summoned her back year after year. When her daughter left for school in California, the idea of moving fulltime to the mountains became a reality. In 2005, she and her husband purchased a beautiful home in Keystone. It was shortly there-

Long Buying and Selling a Home

after that she decided to embark on her real estate career. She joined Coldwell Banker and has been a full-time real estate professional in Frisco ever since. Annette recently decided to join The Mountain Living Team as a Buyer’s Specialist. This move, in her own words, has her “… looking forward to working with such an exceptional and dedicated team. It will provide an opportunity for me to help so many more customers in their search for their perfect mountain retreat. It will be a very exciting 2013!” For more about Annette or the other members of The Mountain Living Team please visit the “About” page on our website.

Distance Because this is a resort area, the majority of our clients who purchase homes are buying them as second homes. Additionally, most buyers live at least 100 miles away (Denver area) and many live hundreds or even thousands of miles away. Although it may seem that it would be difficult to buy or sell a property when you live so far away, thanks to technology, it is surprisingly easy! Electronic signatures are now common place in real estate transactions. No longer do we need to e-mail a contract to the buyer, have them print it out at their end, then find a fax machine to send it back to us. Now our contracts have electronic signatures integrated into them. You just sign your name with your mouse or just click in the box to have your signature entered for you. After a confirmation that it is your legal signature, it is automatically sent back to us, signatures intact. Simple! There are a few lenders who aren’t quite there yet and won’t allow the electronic signatures, so in that case we go back to e-mail and fax. At least we don’t have to send by snail mail like we used to do just 15 or 20 years ago. Inspections can also be ordered on behalf of clients, and the inspectors e-mail their reports complete with photographs. We keep a complete resource list on hand with title companies, inspectors, plumbers, carpenters and handymen, carpet companies and even a company that specializes in shipping artwork. We have done our fair share of uncovering septic tank lids, turning down (or up) thermostats, taking inventories, and emptying owner’s closets and shipping things out. Unwanted items get washed and taken to the thrift store where someone else can use them, and the owner can get a tax deduction. We arrange for repairs, radon mitigation, take back cable boxes and take more photos than are in the MLS for clients to show their families. Our garage has, at times, been full of boxes shipped ahead for clients to pick up when they get out here. We routinely work with sellers we have never met, and sometimes even buyers that we have never met. We do what needs to be done to make what is sometimes a stressful experience as simple and enjoyable as possible for everyone involved. ■

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What Do Buyers Expect


Mountain When They Buy a Home Today? Living

They don’t want a fixer-upper! We have plenty of buyers that say they won’t mind doing some fixing up, but they don’t mean major repairs. They mean paint and maybe carpet. In return for that, they want a hefty price reduction. Your home or condo will sell faster and for more money if you prepare it properly to sell. Buyers expect “nice.” If the seller expects a premium price, the property should have carpeting that is no older than about three years, and current in color and style. White appliances are not the most desirable. Black is OK, but stainless is the current pick. Countertops should be slab granite if possible, especially if the home is $800,000 or more. Formica just doesn’t cut it unless the property is relatively inexpensive. Granite tile is considered better than formica. Ceramic tile, especially 4” tiles, should not be on countertops. Backsplashes are OK, but bathroom walls and floors are where most ceramic tile belongs today. Carpeted bathrooms, while not appreciated by buyers, are relatively simple and inexpensive to tile, so they won’t make or break the sale. An outdated kitchen will. A home priced at $1 million or more needs lots of bells and whistles. Plenty of bathrooms; each bedroom should have its own bath in a very high end home. Kitchens should be designed for cooking as well as for good looks. Gas cook tops with electric ovens seem to be preferable. Wine coolers or cellars are a plus, as is a place for workout equipment. Flat panel TVs are expected. Wood floors are usual in the living room at least, and often in the entire main floor area. Main floor master bedrooms, while hard to find, are coveted. What can you do to prepare your home to sell? Paint, clean and declutter! If you have ever watched the “Sell My House, Please!” type of show on TV, that is exact-



ly what they do. White or even light beige paint is out of style, stick to neutrals like sage, butterscotch or similar colors. Mid tones work well. One accent wall in a brighter color is OK, but stay away from pinks and really bright colors. Clean everything until it sparkles, and keep it that way. That means inside the oven, the shower, the closets and the garage if you have one. Start packing. Get rid of everything but bare necessities even if it means hiding some things in cabinets and closets. But beware, buyers look there too, so the best solution is to pack it up or give it away. Clean off countertops by storing toasters, blenders and can openers in cabinets. Store some of your furniture if you have a lot of it. Furniture today tends to be large in scale and it makes rooms look small. Remove personal photos and items that take a buyer’s attention away from the home. No dead animal heads allowed!

Replace or remove outdated bedding even if you just use new, fresh sheets on the bed instead of a bedspread. If the mattress shows, get a bedskirt. Dealing with rentals is difficult. If a home or condo is rented to long term tenants, you have little or no control. The sale of the property usually means that the tenant must move, so they often make it hard to show and don’t have any motivation to keep it cleaned up. They would prefer it not sell. Sometimes it is best to bite the bullet and keep the home empty for a while so it is saleable. Short term rentals are easier to keep clean as property managers inspect between guests, but the fact that it is booked makes it hard to show. There are windows of opportunity when it is not booked, but many times the property is not available on busy weekends, which is exactly when buyers who might want to see it are in town.

Condos Off Main Frisco's newest condo neighborhood. Quality finishes, stainless steel appliances, gas fireplace, wood floors, jetted tub, and private garages. Two and three bedroom units will be ready for occupancy Fall 2013. Located one block off 4th and Main Street for all the fun and convenience Frisco offers. Frisco is a great year-around location central to three major ski resorts and Lake Dillon. Units have been selling fast so contact The Mountain Living Team for up to date pricing and information about this exciting opportunity.

The Mountain Living Van has had a facelift! You may have seen it around town or parked near our office in Frisco. With skiers on one side, hikers and bikers on the other and a golfer on the back, the Mountain Living van is a testament to what we all love about Summit County. The cargo van is perfect to move a few small pieces of furniture or a few 2x4s. Available free to our clients it’s just one more advantage you have for doing business with the Mountain Living Team. ■

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Use your Smart Phone to take a virtual tour



This beautifully appointed 2 bedroom, 2 bath, Center Village condo at Copper Mountain is exactly what you have been looking for in a ski getaway. Fantastic amenities include multiple hot tubs, fitness room & underground parking. All for $413,900

Spectacular full round log home in one of Frisco's most sought after neighborhoods. This cozy 3 bedroom home has a large master suite with deck, bonus room, amazing details throughout, and a fantastic location near the paved rec path & cross country trails. $995,000

Use your Smart Phone to take a virtual tour

Use your Smart Phone to take a virtual tour



Slope views from this Copper Mountain ski condo with lock off opportunity. Convert this 2 bedroom condo into two units, a one bedroom condo and a hotel suite, quickly and easily to add flexibility to your rental and personal use plans. $379,000

Now available! Rare one bedroom Passage Point condo with slope views! This great Center Village location enjoys superb finishes and amenities and is just across Ten Mile Creek from the slopes of the resort. A must see. $279,900

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This premium Center Village location overlooking West Lake makes a fantastic setting for your one bedroom ski condo. Enjoy fantastic year ‘round views from the extra large deck. Mountains and ski slopes in the distance. $285,000

Nearly one acre, this private lot is the perfect setting for your Summit County get away. Feel like you’re miles away from everything but you’re just 3 miles from the slopes of Breckenridge Resort. In the Peak Seven area of Breckenridge. $184,000

Now is a great time to get your Summit County home!

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S ummit County R eal Estate

For real estate in Summit County, call The Mountain Living Team at (888) 666-0844 4

Use your Smart Phone to take a virtual tour

Use your Smart Phone to take a virtual tour



Overlooking Lake Dillon, this top floor condo in the town of Dillon is a great place to spend your time in the county. An elevator takes you from your covered parking space to this 2 bedroom + loft condo. New stainless appliances & carpeting. $365,000

You’ll love the space in this single family home just blocks from Main Street in Frisco. Enjoy the mountain views while soaking in the private hot tub. A one bedroom mother-in-law apartment gives ample separation if you choose. $559,000

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Enjoy mountain views from this relatively flat lot in the Mesa Cortina neighborhood in Silverthorne. Tap fees partially paid to connect to community water & sewer. Nicley treed third-acre lot off a paved, county maintained road. $230,000

Convenient location just off the 4 O’Clock Run at Breckenridge Resort and still close to town. Just a short stroll takes you to dining, shopping and nightlife from this nicely updated studio condo. Affordably priced at $159,000

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Commercial space for lease across from Keystone Resort. Enjoy slope views from upper level office space with elevator access. Private executive suites for a flat monthly rate or larger spaces for $10/sqft NNN to easily suite your needs.

Fantastic views of Buffalo and Red Mountains from the living room of this 3 bedroom, 2.5 single family home in Dillon. Extras include an attached 2 car garage, hot tub on private patio, two additional decks and backs to National Forest. $360,000

OPEN ALL NIGHT The complete listing inventory of residential properties in Summit County and part of Park County is now available at There is a convenient search capability with no advertising or banner ads to get in the way. If you would like to be notified instantly of new listings that fit your parameters, just let us know and they will be emailed to you as they come up. Call us with your parameters at 888-666-0844 or fill out the form on our Web site at

Haven’t found your Summit County home yet? Search all available properties at 5

EVENTS CALENDAR JANUARY 1-15 6-12 7-12 8 11 11-13 12 12-13 12-13 12 12

Dillon Festival of Lights Ullr Fest - Breckenridge Sprint US Grand Prix – Copper Mountain A-Basin Rise & Shine Rando Race Country Western Dance - Silverthorne On the Road with Windells – Keystone Swift Skedaddle Snowshoe Adventure - Silverthorne Rocky Mountain Masters Series – Copper Mountain Betty Fest – Keystone Cupcakes & Canvases - Keystone US Grand Prix Closing Concert Featuring Wild Belle – Copper Mountain 15-18 Snow Block Stomping Week - Breckenridge 18-20 USASA Rocky Mountain Series – Boardercross & Skiercross Competition – Copper Mountain 18- 2/10 Keystone Culinary Showcase 19 2nd Annual Winter Mountain Bike Race – Copper Mountain 19 En Fuego – Copper Mountain 19-27 NSAA Safety Week – Copper Mountain 22 A-Basin Rise & Shine Rando Race 22-25 The Hole Shot Tour – NorAM Snowboard & Skiercross – Copper Mountain International Snow Sculpture Championships 22-26 - Breckenridge 25 Museum Movie Matinee: “The Gold Rush” – Frisco 26 Moonlight Dinner Series – A-Basin 26 Volcom Peanut Butter and Rail Jam - Keystone 26 Spontaneous Combustion Community Bonfire – Frisco 27 43rd Annual Frisco Gold Rush Races 27 Chili Full Moon Skate - Silverthorne 28-30 Shaun Palmer SBX/SX Camp – Copper Mountain

FEBRUARY 1 1-3 2 8 9 9 10-11 14 16 16 16 22 22-24 23 23-24

Father Daughter Date Night - Silverthorne USASA Rocky Mountain Series – Boardercross & Skiercross Competition – Copper Mountain Nature Valley Family Challenge – Keystone Country Western Dance - Silverthorne Transworld TransAM Competition – Keystone 11th Annual Beacon Bowl & Avalanche Awareness Day – A-Basin Cupcakes & Canvases – Keystone Valentine’s Day Comedy - Silverthorne En Fuego – Copper Mountain Woodward Rail Jam – Copper Mountain Valentine’s Day Weekend at A-Basin Full Moon Showshoe & Dinner - Silverthorne Burton Mountain Festival – Keystone Moonlight Dinner Series – A-Basin Betty Fest - Keystone

MARCH 1 2 2 3

Romp to Stomp Pink Party – Frisco Nature Valley Family Challenge - Keystone Tubbs Romp to Stomp - Frisco Colorado Special Olympics Winter Games – Copper Mountain 5-8 Ms Superpark – Keystone 8 Country Western Dance - Silverthorne 10 Rocky Mountain Series Slope Style Competition – Copper Mountain 10-11 Cupcakes & Canvases – Keystone 15-16 Rocky Mountain Freestyle Devo Championships – A-Basin 16 O’Fuego – Copper Mountain 16 Rail Jam – A-Basin 16-Apr 14 Spring Fever – Breckenridge 17 Rocky Mountain Freestyle Devo Championships – A-Basin 23 Moonlight Dinner Series – A-Basin 29 Full Moon Showshoe Dinner - Silverthorne 29-Apr 10 2013 USASA Nationals – Copper Mountain 30 Earth Hour Celebration – A-Basin 31 Easter Activities – Copper Mountain 31 Easter Egg Hunt & Easter Bunny Visit – Frisco 31 Beach’n Egg Hunt – A-Basin


Winter In Summit County Is All About Skiing… And A Whole Lot More Summit County in the winter can only mean one thing… great skiing! Yes, we are home to several world class ski resorts, including Breckenridge to the south, Keystone and A-basin to the east and Copper Mountain to the west. The skiing and boarding experience is the one of the best in the country. But, there are many other winter activities for the entire family to enjoy. Following are just a few examples of what one can do in between your days on the slopes. A favorite among young and old is the art of tubing. Imagine flying down a hill on a large tube, spinning and laughing your way to the bottom, only to be gently pulled back up the hill to repeat the experience all over again. Tubing hills have been constructed throughout the county. It is becoming a must do winter activity for the entire family. In Keystone, at the top of Dercum Mountain, is a tubing center comprised of six lanes of differing gradients allowing persons of all ages to enjoy the tubing experience. Frisco Adventure Park has also constructed a new six-lane tubing hill which is located in the Peninsula Recreation Area. And the Coca Cola Tubing hill at Copper Mountain has a five-lane tubing hill which is located at the base of the Super Bee lift in the East Village. If you would like a more rigorous activity, there are wonderful trails for Nordic skiing and snowshoeing. In Breckenridge there are lovely trails located on Peak 8 in Cucumber Gulch that wind in and out of the spruce forest with scenic overlooks. On Peaks 6 and 7 one will find over 1300 acres of groomed trails featuring “Kathy’s Viewpoint” cabin with a sauna, and the “Hallelujah Hut,” which is a heated warming hut for you to rest and catch your breath. Keystone offers a Nordic Center

for skiing, skating and snowshoeing. It is located on the River Couse in Keystone and boasts nine miles of groomed trails, guided tours, lessons and a wonderful Soup Bistro serving an all-you-can-eat soup buffet. Frisco has a wonderful Nordic Center for skiing and skating. It is located in the Peninsula Recreation Area on the shores of Lake Dillon. It has 45 kilometers of groomed trails for skiing that wind through the White River National Forrest. And there are 13 kilometers of trails for snowshoeing. If ice skating is a must for your family, there are several options. The Keystone Ice Rink at the Adventure Center in Keystone Village is one of the largest Zamboni maintained outdoor rink in the country. In addition to family skating, there is an area on the ice that is boarded off so guests can enjoy a game of hockey or broomball. The town of Breckenridge has the only indoor rink in the county located off Boreas Pass Rd. There is also an outdoor rink at this location. The times for open skating are limited so you may want to check before you go. For outdoor casual skating, check out the rink at Maggie’s Pond located on Park Ave. and Main Street. It you are looking for a very special

evening, plan to take your family on a dinner sleigh ride. Keystone offers a unique horse-drawn sleigh ride through the beautiful Soda Creek Valley. A wonderful three-course dinner is served in a rustic cabin with lanterns and a wood burning stove. This is truly a memorable adventure the entire family will enjoy. Frisco Nordic Center offers a similar adventure. Guests climb aboard an oak sleigh pulled by mules through the picturesque Peninsula Recreation Area. At the end of the ride is a cozy camp where a three-course dinner is served and live entertainment is provided for your enjoyment. These are just a few of the “other” activities Summit County has to offer. Whether you are here for skiing, or tubing, or snowshoeing, there are many opportunities for you and your family to create lifelong memories that you will cherish for years to come. For information on these and other activities, contact: Frisco Adventure Center 970-668-2558; Keystone Adventure Point 800-354-4386; Keystone Nordic Center 970-4964275; Breckenridge Ice Rink 970-5479974; Breckenridge Nordic Center 970-453-6855; Copper Mountain 866-416-9874. ■

Fun Facts Summit County covers 600 square miles Approximately 3/4 of Summit County land is National Forest The Summit County Courthouse in Breckenridge was officially dedicated on St Patrick's Day in 1910. Keep tabs on the Summit County real estate market with The Mountain Living Team’s monthly e-newsletter.

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2012 At A Glance •

October 2012 had 170 Summit County residential sales. No other month has had that many sales since November 2007. That’s nearly 5 years!

June 2012 had the highest June sales in 5 years.

Copper Mountain • $285,000 See More Information on Page 4!

August 2012 had the highest August sales in 5 years.

November 2012 inventory is down 18% when compared to the same time last year. And down 30% when compared to the same time in 2010.

Frisco sales are up 37% from the same period in 2008. Copper Mountain • $413,900

Most areas of Summit County have seen three consecutive year of sales increases through October. Copper and Keystone are the only exceptions.

The number of sales is up 50% from the same period in 2009.

Dollar volume is up 26% from the same period in 2009.

Dollar volume is up 18% over last year at this time.

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Frisco • $559,000 See More Information on Page 5!

2012 2nd-quarter sales equaled those of the 2nd quarter of 2008, the beginning of our market downturn.

2012 3rd-quarter sales were the best quarterly sales since the 4th quarter of 2007.

2012 sales exceeded 2008 sales and are over 50% of the number of sales during our best year, 2006.

4th quarter 2012 sales are the highest quarterly sales numbers since 2007

The number of land sales in 2012 is up 68% from 2009 sales.

The average residential sales price for 2012 was the first year over year increase since 2008.

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