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WE LISTEN. WE DEVELOP. WE DELIVER. the power of the consumer voice that has influenced the new roll out for the Mountain Buggy car seat capsule

FORWARD FACING, FORWARD THINKING INNOVATION we introduce a new innovation that is leading the car seat market in Europe

FROM YOUR CAR TO THE CITY our most travel system ready capsule, than ever before! installs intuitively for your ultimate convenience!


Mountain Buggy are committed to delivering safety and quality awareness

Mountain Buggy’s long history of engineering and certification now extends to car seats, giving peace of mind from newborn up to 12 years of age. For over 20 years, Mountain Buggy has been designing quality and safety assured products that surpass the global safety standard requirements. Our safety conscious team of engineers, designers and parent testers are dedicated to ensuring Mountain Buggy’s mark of quality runs through all our products. Aside from being world class and safety certified, our two premium new car seats offer what other brands can’t – Mountain Buggy’s strong DNA bloodline: adaptability, durability, simplicity, and manoeuvrability. We are also committed to building our own understanding of car seat safety. This has resulted in internal test studies on impact absorption foam, formally training staff on car seats and installation (Child Restraint Program), research on trends coming through on safer car seat installation, and being on top of global certification changes. We support the New Zealand educational website

We Listen. Develop. Deliver. We are always here to support you All you need to know about any of our products, is on hand through We also have a number of certified child restraint technicians here at Mountain Buggy who are always here to help. We are always keen to hear from you, as nothing is too big or too small to talk about. Don’t hesitate to call on 0800 11 94 37.

Approved standard in New Zealand Mountain Buggy car seats meet the European Standard ECE 44, which is approved for use in New Zealand. To be approved by this standard our car seats passed a series of intensive and rigorous testing which included design, construction and performance requirements (frontal, rear and overturning impact performance tests).

“80% of car seats are incorrectly installed. It’s time to help put a stop to this and keep our children safe.”

premium, lightweight infant car seat capsule newborn – 9 months* *age reference is a guide only


protection, versatility and comfort for your baby We know that when parents are planning to purchase their first buggy, it’s important to choose an infant car seat capsule soon after (or together), preferably of the same brand to ensure peace of mind. With the arrival of protect, we make the purchase decision so much easier for parents, as they can now choose a Mountain Buggy car seat capsule to

match their chosen Mountain Buggy. With this Mountain Buggy car seat range, protect makes the ‘mobile parenting’ package complete – perfect as a first time parent combination! ISOFIX and BASEFIX bases are also available for protect to make fitting into the car a lot easier and fuss free.

lightweight and travel system ready, simply click and go protect installs intuitively! Mountain Buggy protect delivers a choice of installation: either a seat belt (must be installed correctly), BASEFIX (a universal base secured with the seat belt), or with an ISOFIX base, designed to

make the fitting of child seats into vehicles quick, simple and all above safe. ISOFIX (International Standards Organisation FIX) minimises the risk of not installing the capsule correctly into the car.

coming soon seat belt installation



Always refer to product instructions for installation. Car seat capsules can take time to install so we highly recommend that suitably qualified people assist parents and caregivers to install the capsule safely and correctly in the car.

easy fit



safer fit

click fit

slim fit

BASEFIX and ISOFIX base – offering a safe fit that works for you


age newborn – 9months*

ultra light weight – 3kgs extremely easy for moving from a car to buggy

handle shaped for comfort in hand or on elbow

seat load 13kg

hood providing shade in and out of the car

side protection

product weight 3kg

high side protection with EPS foam

dimensions 35 x 65 x 42cm (h x w x d)

removable liner and removable / adjustable energy absorbing head and hip foam inserts for newborns

5-point safety harness with friction strips under belt pads for added crash performance

safety certified for NZ: NZ ECE R44/04

lumbar cushion black / stone


urban jungle

removable newborn lumbar support cushion



*age reference is a guide only



MB mini

travel system ready with receivers on board - compatible with all Mountain Buggies (and strollers that take maxi-cosi capsules)

universal sun and storm covers available! sold separately

forward thinking, forward facing innovation Mountain Buggy extends its car seat family, from newborn to 12 years* *age reference is a guide only

haven with safeguard ™

With Mountain Buggy’s strong DNA running through, haven with safeguard is the number one credible choice for parents who seek an alternative safe option from rear facing.

haven offers comfort and support for up to 36kgs. safeguard has been safety tested from 9kg, and has been proven to be safer than the standard 5 point harness. safeguard offers maximum safety by evenly absorbing the impact force over a larger area of the body, significantly reducing the stress to the head, neck and shoulder area. A great car seat that grows with your child, haven offers 5 height positions with extendable high impact side wings for optimal protection, and a built in ISOFIX system at the base of the seat for optional use with ISOFIX or non-ISOFIX cars.

haven colourway black / stone

5 height positions 5 height positions with side wing protection - lengthen the back seat in 5 stages, and as you extend, the side wings expands for more protection and more comfort for your child as they grow

safeguard Group 1

retractable ISOFIXtures retractable ISOFIXtures offer adaptability for non ISOFIX and ISOFIX fitted cars

easy maintenance breathable, wipe clean fabrics for easy maintenance and your childs comfort

side wing protection retractable/ expandable side wing protection cleverly expands and protects as your child grows

seat back adjustment adjust the width of the backrest for the comfort of the child

angle adjustment seat back angle adjustment located in the special inner structure of the backrest and seat

age 9kg – 36kg* *age reference is a guide only

seat load max 36 kg

product weight 7 kg without safeguard 7.5 kg with safeguard

width 65-77 x 55 x 44 cm (h x d x w) (77 at the highest)

safety certified for NZ: NZ ECE R44/04

what is safeguard ? ™

safeguard is a passive and safe alternative to the 5-point harness. It slides easily into haven’s armrests acting as the guardian to lock the child into place in the seat.


5 -point harness

safeguard offers maximum safety, evenly absorbing the impact force over a larger area of the body. This significantly reduces the stress to the head, neck and shoulder area.

A 5-point harness holds the child back at the shoulders on impact force, creating concentrated pressure on the shoulders and neck. This results in extreme head and neck movement.


safeguard protection zone

impact areas using a 5-point harness

Initiatives are always evolving as the industry continuously looks at car seat safety. In the past 10 years expert opinions on topics have evolved as research changes our thinking on best practice. The safeguard technology is the safest initiative in the revolutionary world of child car seat safety.

Innovative technology leading the car seat market in Europe Leading brands in Europe have embraced this technology in their car seats and are consistently achieving outstanding results in independent consumer safety tests.

Who are the testing organisations? “If there is one thing parents can rely on then it is Stiftung Warentest, ADAC and ÖAMTC test results. These independent testing institutions check the car seats from top to bottom. Crash tests and endurance tests are just some of the exertions every car seat has to endure. “Test winners” are all products that were considered one of the best seats in their categories” (UK) The following organisations are considered to be the most important product testers in Europe due to their rigorous testing and high standards.

ADAC (Germany) ADAC is one of the most recognised awards programme with regards to child safety in Europe (together with Stiftung Warentest). With 18 million members, it is the largest automobile organisation in Europe.

Stiftung Warentest (Germany) Stiftung Warent is a consumer organisation involved in investigating and comparing goods and services in an unbiased way.

OAMTC (Austria) Austrian Automobile, Motorbike and Touring Club. Sister organisation of the German ADAC.

Which? Which? is an independent tester of consumer products in the UK.

Brands such as Recaro, Cybex and Kiddy have all received accolades for the level of safety provided by their safety cushion car seats. The tests have been conducted by leading product testing organisations who are highly respected and well recognised as an authority on product safety.

About the leading brands using this technology Recaro

Cybex video one

Recaro is a brand that prides itself of revolutionising the way we sit safely in cars, planes and motor sports for over 100 years; using the latest technology and innovations. Recaro has several safety cushion seats in their range with their latest addition, the Monza Nova IS, recently receiving high results in the top safety tests conducted by Stiftung Warentest, ADAC and OAMTC. This seat has also won gold in the Mother&Baby UK Awards 2013, Which? Best Buy in car seats for June 2013 and winner of ‘Best car seat group 1,2,3 2013’ by

Cybex video two

Cybex Cybex conducts hundreds of crash tests a year and like the above brands, Cybex has been recognised by Stiftung Warentest, ADAC, OAMTC, and Which? Best Buy in car seats for November 2013. It has also been rated as ‘very recommendable’ by TSC, the leading automobile association in Switzerland with 1.6 million members. Here are some video examples of how the Cybex front shield car seats perform in an accident protecting the child, versus a 5-point harness. Please click on the images to the right to watch them.

Kiddy The Kiddy Guardianfix Pro 2 which uses the safety cushion technology has also received top results from tests conducted by Stiftung Warentest, ADAC, OAMTC, and won the Which? Best Buy in car seats for November 2013. Here is a video example of how a Kiddy safety cushion car seat performs in an accident, holding the child secure and protecting from side impact. Please click on the image to the right to watch video. UK parenting website,, listed two car seats with front shields in their ‘pick of car seats 2013’ due to them being a safe option.

Kiddy video one

Meeting the standards for sale in New Zealand As you know, for a car seat to be sold in New Zealand it must meet one of four accepted standards. – the joint New Zealand/ Australia standard, European Standard

Our commitment to safety As a brand committed to safety and providing safe options for parents, we have undergone rigorous testing of the haven with safeguard, giving it the Mountain Buggy mark of quality.

Selling with confidence It is important to note that there is some negative views online about a US impact shield car seat. Please keep in mind that these views are about one particular example which is very different to haven with safeguard. If you receive comments from parents who have come across these comments and video, please assure them that the haven with safeguard is a very different product. The safety cushion style that haven uses has been approved by the toughest critics in Europe due to the high performance and safety that they witnessed in their rigorous testing.

ECE44, US Standard FMVSS 2013, and the Japanese standard for in-built car seats. The haven with safeguard meets the European Standard ECE44.

What parents are saying about the haven with safeguard “My wife has always been set on extended rear facing for our girls but talking her through the safety features of the haven with safeguard, she was convinced to try it with our girls. My 18 month old daughter loved being forward facing and was clearly very comfortable and safe behind the safeguard. Our elder daughter loved having an ‘adult’ seat belt rather than the ‘five point harness’ that she is used to. By far, the most important thing was that we felt that both children were in a very safe seat - this is always the number one thing that we look for. We’re thrilled with the experience and would definitely recommend this to family and friends. My wife has given me the go ahead to buy a haven for each of our girls, she is that convinced of its safety” John, dad to Lexie and Megan. “Initially I was nervous of no 5-point harness, purely because it is what I have always known but the concept of the safeguard made sense to me so I decided to give it a go. I am totally convinced by the result. My two year old son looked snug and



well protected much more so than in his 5-point harness. The safeguard, combined with the well padded sides cocooned him in a way that made him look well protected from all angles. He was very comfortable and relaxed with his arms resting on the safeguard. After seeing him in this car seat, I know understand why this style of car seat is considered to be such an exceptionally safe option”. Vik, dad to two year old Zack. “With a busy two and a half year old, getting her into our usual harnessed car seat can sometimes be a struggle. However the great thing about the haven was the minute she sat in it she was super happy to be there and enjoyed me putting the safeguard on her ‘big girl’ car seat. Even though to her she felt like it was a step up age wise, she was just as safe and restrained as in her harnessed seat. My husband was intrigued at first and a little unsure but when her saw her in it and safely tucked in, he was completely convinced” Allanah, mum to 2 year old Blake


engineered for the mountains

designed for the city

Luxe 3  
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