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At CMP, we love our work. We supply products that arise from the very careful attention we pay to you, combining Italian style and technique on the strength of a truly great manufacturing tradition. We apply the very best technologies to create clothing for different activities, suited to all times of the day: from skiing to outdoor fun or dynamic everyday wear: our clothes fear no rivals. At CMP, we know what we are doing. Our extensive collection means that you will find high-performing clothing suited for all weather conditions. No need to worry over cold, wind, rain or snow any more: whether with our famous natural down jackets or one of our incredible softshells, you can be sure of finding an item designed to protect you in the greatest possible comfort. Our know-how has allowed us to create fabrics of absolute quality: the Artic Fleece, used in different weights and an infinite variety of colours, guarantees thermal insulation and softness, ensuring you find the right item for every season. At CMP, we take care of our customers. Our collection is designed to cope with every moment of the day in harmony with ourselves and the world around us: this is why we propose an infinite variety of colour combinations that not only make for a perfect match with all our clothes, but also ensure the perfect fit for your personality. And we earned Oeko Tex certification more than 20 years ago, thereby guaranteeing the complete absence of harmful chemical substances throughout the production process and with the finished item. All this is also made available to our youngest customers too: indeed, we have devoted an extensive line to girls and boys in their outdoor activities, for skiing and sportswear.




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Welcome to our world: where a love for nature and a healthy life blend in style and colour, creating clothing featuring cutting-edge technology.


CMP layering system Multiple layers are more effective than an individual layer. Our collection has been designed in the mark of our layering system (base layer, mid layer and outer layer) to guarantee maximum protection, the maintenance of body temperature and maximum adaptability to all atmospheric conditions.

Warm | Wet

In medium temperatures, when it is raining, damp and windy: simply wear a Warm or Seamless baselayer to keep the body dry, and a ClimaProtect softshell to protect against the atmospheric agents.

Cold | Dry


In cold temperatures, when it is sunny and not windy: simply wear a Warm or Seamless baselayer to keep skin dry and a second medium weight layer in Arctic Fleece, Softech Carbonium or Stretch Performance to keep body temperature constant.



In cold temperatures when it is windy and raining: it is best to wear a Warm or Seamless baselayer to eliminate the transpiration of the body and keep it dry, a second light weight layer in Arctic Fleece to keep warmth constant, and a softshell WindProtect or ClimaProtect jacket to protect against the wind and rain.


In extremely cold temperatures, when it is windy and raining or snowing: it is best to wear a Warm or Seamless baselayer, which can eliminate transpiration, a second medium weight layer in Arctic Fleece, Softech Carbonium or Stretch Performance, to keep the body warm and a third layer in ClimaProtect, which acts as a barrier to the atmospheric agents.

OUTER LAYER This is the outer layer. A real shield against the atmospheric agents, in some cases it is coupled with insulating materials to improve thermal performance.

MID LAYER This is the middle layer. It withholds heat, keeping body temperature constant; insulation capacity may vary according to the thickness of the fabric or type of padding used.

Base |

wind & rain

BASE LAYER This is the layer that is in direct contact with the skin. Its task is to eliminate the humidity and transpiration produced by the body during physical exertion and, if used in a heavier version, also serves as a first layer of insulation.


Cold | Wet | Windy

body heat


Very cold | Snow | Windy

Base |

Base |





Mid layer Technologies & Certifications

The Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 is an international testing and certification system which has become a safety standard throughout the textile manufacturing chain, covering raw materials, semi-finished textiles and the finished product. The tests and certification are a guarantee that no chemical substances harmful to man or the environment (or banned substances) were used at any stage of the production process and that the final product is completely safe to wear. The greater the contact with the skin, the more stringent the requirements a product has to meet in order to become certified.

The 2014 winter season could not fail to offer an infinite choice of second layers too, the perfect completion of our outfits, whether worn with one of our outdoor jackets or our fantastic ski suits. The range of colours is, as usual, quite extraordinary. Whether looking for a classic colour, or something a bit more special from our second layers, disappointment is not an option. Apart from style, our tradition also features cutting-edge technical solutions. The Arctic Fleece remains a real battle-horse: available in several different weights, our fleece goes from the Light, weighing just 165 grams to the Micro of 175 grams. For those looking for an extremely protective second layer, we suggest the 190-gram Medium and finally, the 286-gram Heavy. Instead, if seeking a light, elastic (4-way stretch) item that insulates particularly well, our Softech Carbonium is the perfect choice. Thanks to the unique carbon brush treatment, the clothing has an incredible capacity to ensure thermal insulation, yet all the time ensuring it is very breathable. Those seeking maximum comfort in all conditions can enjoy an unparalleled highloft fabric: a warm polyester fibre fabric that dries ultra-fast. Wanting a classic look with a cutting-edge result? Our answer goes by the name of Polyknit. Developed around the fleece concept, a special production process means that the fabric has a unique, incredibly lovely feel. Our Stretch Performance fleece continues to have its famous touch: smooth on the outside and soft within, thanks to the fleecing techniques developed in our plants. Created in two different weights, respectively 200 and 160 grams, the clothing can be matched to all our outer layers to cope perfectly with any atmospheric conditions. Our know-how introduces a new concept of second layer; we have combined the functions of our very best polyester with the incredible yield of real Merino wool. The result is a second layer with a revolutionary structure that enables the end consumer to enjoy a valuable product, suited to many different physical activities and perfectly matching with all our jackets.

light 165gr/sqm

micro 175gr/sqm

medium 190gr/sqm

CMP directly controls the entire production chain of its ARCTIC FLEECE pile fabric, managing each step with the utmost care. The Oeko Tex certificate, which has been awarded to us for over twenty years, highlights the care we take in avoiding the use of any material or dye that might damage the environment or anyone wearing our clothes. The studies conducted in the F.lli Campagnolo research centres in over more than thirty years mean that we can offer the public a 100% safe, pile fabric, like Artic Fleece, with its exceptionally soft and resistant characteristics which can be worn on the skin by anyone.

Elastic 4-direction, super-light and insulating fabric, treated with carbon brushes. Perfect fit and optimal transpiration.

This brand new fabric is the key to making ergonomic, extremely breathable, easily washable and quick-drying fleece. The use of elastane helps create a fabric with two different layers: a more insulating, durable and anti-pilling external layer which is windproof and resistant to scuffing, and a softer and more breathable internal layer which quickly evaporates sweat. You’ll feel great, comfortable and your performance can only benefit.

heavy 285gr/sqm

carbonium 180gr/sqm




heavy 285gr/sqm

heavy 285gr/sqm

heavy 250gr/sqm




CMP High-Loft Fleece, warmth, comfort and style. CMP High-Loft fleece insulation works as a light-weight high loft mid-layer insulation trapping air and warmth into your layering system for those cold days, and looks great as a casual outer garment. In producing this product we pay particular attention to using materials that are non toxic to the environment or you.

Knit-tech, a unique blend of colours and fabrics, creates a very warm, comfortable fleece garment that can be used for layering or as an outer fleece garment. In producing this product we pay particular attention to using materials that are non toxic to the environment or you.

Our know-how introduces a new concept of second layer; we have combined the functions of our very best polyester with the incredible yield of real Merino wool which offers high standard of breathability and termoregulation. The result is a second layer with a revolutionary structure that enables the end consumer to enjoy a valuable product, and perfectly matching with all our jackets.


Outer layer Technologies The outermost layer is designed to protect against the wind, rain, snow and harsh temperatures. Without the outer layer, the body would get wet and cool quickly, particularly if the second layer is not waterproofed. The third layer must have a level of waterproofing, wind-resistance and transpiration suited to the activity at hand, in order to avoid any water vapour being produced within. These levels depend on the jacket weight, the materials and technologies used, the type of lining, and whether or not there are air vents. There is no third layer suited to all activities, seasons and atmospheric conditions. This is why CMP proposes outdoor jackets in softshell which has been WindProtect treated, ski and outdoor jackets using the ClimaProtect technology to protect against the harshest cold, down ski jackets made waterproof thanks to the internal coating of the fabric, and Primaloft® padded jackets, ultra-light and breathable. So each activity has its jacket.

For its Ski, Outdoor and Sportswear collections, CMP has created WIND PROTECT, a special micro-porous membrane that ensures total protection against the wind while maintaining excellent breathability.

CMP’s Ski and Outdoor collection comes in response to the needs of those who wish to face outdoor sports challenges and achieve top performance results. This is why all CMP’s outdoor jackets are provided with CLIMA PROTECT technology: a special thermal layer inserted between the fabrics used to make the item, to ensure absolute protection against bad weather conditions.

Super Roubaix is a very soft micro-fibe with a high breathability that keeps the moisture away from the body efficiently. The garments made of Super Roubaix are extremely elastic and keep the body warm.

Eschler is a 4 way stretch, insulated, water resistant, wind proof, breathable soft shell material, that looks great and feels fantastic. The brushed liner helps transport moisture through the fabric to keep you dry and comfortable through out the day. This ultra stretch fabric suits all shapes and sizes.

PrimaLoft® Sport is a premium performance insulation. It is engineered with the new and exclusive Convexion Technology for a maximun volume and more advance performance. This insulation is thermally efficient, wind and water resistant, breathable and compressible. The ultra fine fibers create a high performing insulation without the bulk.








For winter 2014, CMP offers the skiing world a range of clothing that combines Italian style with technical features. The technical contents of our jackets are optimised by dynamic, captivating graphics; the now traditional concept linked to asymmetrical cuts undergoes a complete overhaul with a wide range of cutting-edge style solutions and colours. The freeski line is extended yet further in the wake of last year’s incredible success, taking a style marked by an artisan tradition that is in the brand’s very DNA to the slopes, structured to offer latest generation items both in style terms and technical features. Colour remains the hallmark of CMP and is laid out and developed in all our lines, always seeking out original solutions yet which also have their own, strong character. For 2014 skiing, we suggest 2way and 4way stretch, Softshell and Twill fabrics. Use is confirmed of the Super Roubaix for elastic clothing flaunting that ever-perfect fit, and Eschler for ultra-protective items against water and UV rays, which are also scratch-proof. Our Clima Protect technology makes clothing waterproof, whilst allowing it to breath, thanks to the unique spreading process, meaning that long days can be spent on the slopes, completely protected from water, wind, snow and rain. For those not wanting to renounce the comfort and look of natural down, it gives us great pleasure to announce our technical down jackets that, thanks to a specific treatment, guarantee good waterproofing and a breathable fabric in all atmospheric conditions. Our real jewel of the collection, however, is our Heritage line: here we combine our very best technical solutions with an elegant look for items that hark back to tradition, yet are reinterpreted in a contemporary key; the result is extremely interesting solutions, perfect for those attentive to both practical matters as well as style. A line that will not disappoint. The brand new option is the introduction of the Primaloft: a latest generation padded item of limited weight that ensures you stay high and dry at all times, perfectly heat insulated.

STRETCH SKI JACKET 3W01647 MAN - 3W00146 WOMAN - Ski jackets perfect for all weather conditions. - Clima Protect technology - 8000 WP, 5000 MVP - fully taped seams - elasticated cuffs - removable hood - ski-pass pocket - adjustable drawcord


SKI DOWN JACKET 3W20837 MAN - 3W00346 WOMAN Men’s and women’s ski down jackets. - Clima Protect - fully taped seams - ski pass pocket




3 LAYER SKI JACKET 3W02447 MAN - 3W01406 WOMAN Light jackets that protect against the wind and water, whilst also being breathable making them perfect for skiing and the outdoor life in general. - Clima Protect - 15000 WP, 10000 MVP - external polyester shell, internal membrane and internal jersey fabric - fully taped seams - ergonomic hood - adjustable cuff - lateral aerators


4 WEGE STRECH JACKET 3W05947 MAN - 3W06446 WOMAN - the perfect ski jacket for all conditions. - Clima Protect-Technology - 8000 WP, 5000 MVP - fully taped sears - elasticated cuffs - removable hood - Ski-pass pocket - adjustable drawcord

SKI MELANGE JACKET 3W02647MAN - 3W01246 WOMAN Free ski jackets in technical fabric, taped seams for all weather conditions. - Clima Protect - 5000 WP, 5000 MVP - fully taped seams - removable hood - adjustable drawcord - elasticated cuffs






PRIMALOFT JACKET AND VEST 3Z17547 MAN - 3Z17746 WOMAN Packable technical jackets for skiing and the outdoor life, padded in Primaloft, sleeves and sides in Stretch Performance. - Primaloft padding - inserts and sleeves in Stretch Performance - packable - Primaloft 133gr


Designed for lovers of nature and the outdoor life, the various types of clothing of the Outdoor Performance line make for a concrete solution for winter sports enthusiasts. Our jackets are available in several different types, ranging from the favour down, supplied in different sizes and an infinite wealth of colours, to the Softshells, which, in their simplicity, thanks to the Wind Protect technology, protect perfectly from the wind, at the same time guaranteeing a good level of thermal insulation and breathable fabric. We propose items in highloft, wooltech and our famous fleece, with options that are extremely reliable in all atmospheric conditions. The introduction of padding into Primaloft, giving some of our very best jackets incredible thermal insulation and unparalleled comfort, thanks to its lightness and minimal drying time, completes a collection with cutting-edge technical features and an unmistakeable look. In our Urban line tradition becomes style and uses cutting-edge technology to create versatile, hard-wearing, captivating yet technical items to best cope with the little challenges life throws at us day-by-day. Wool joins with polyester to create padded Wooltech jackets and coats. A unique look that has nothing to envy in technical terms: designed for both men and women, once on, you will not want to take them off. For the coldest temperatures, we suggest our brand new parkas; we have renewed the padding and improved the fit to combine a unique style with great thermal insulation. Down is also a must: despite continuing to offer our best sellers, we have applied a mix stretch jersey fabric giving the customer yet another chance at complete satisfaction with our extensive range.

REVERSIBLE LIGHT SOFTSHELL JACKET 3Z17347 MAN - 3Z17446 WOMAN This reversible jacket has duel functions: The outer uses ergonomic Wind Protect softshell, highly water-repellent and breathable thanks to its membrane that dissipates moisture and excess heat. The inside face fabric is a waterrepellent nylon filled with Primaloft速 providing maximum warmth, that helps create a micro climate, reducing the adverse effects of perspiration and condensation, thus enhancing your comfort and performance, whilst keeping garments ultra lightweight. The result is a performance garment which ensure maximum comfort and freedom of movement offering ideal protection in all weather conditions.




DOWN FIX HOOD JACKET 3Z16247 MAN - 3Z16346 WOMAN Outdoor technical down jackets 3Z16247 men’s and 3Z16246 women’s Hard-wearing down jackets with water-resistant inserts with a dynamic design suitable for all outdoor activities. - 90% down, 10% feather - technical fabric inserts - removable hood - adjustable drawcord - cuin 700


DOWN FIX HOOD JACKET 3Z16447 MAN - 3Z16546 WOMAN Technical outdoor jackets, down-filled and protective external shell. - Clima Protect - 10000 WP, 5000 MVP - fully taped seams - lateral aerators - adjustable cuff and drawcord - cuin 700


3Z62527 MAN DOWN JACKET - 3Z 16026 WOMAN DOWN JACKET Garments padded with natural down, light, soft and compact. In the case, they take up very little room. - 90% down 10% feather - 100% nylon externally - Breathable - Thermal - cuin 550

3E11417 MAN STRETCH PERFORMANCE JACKET - 3E13016 WOMAN STRETCH PERFORMANCE JACKET Second layer full zip in Stretch Performance fabric with an ideal hood for both skiing and the outdoor life in general. - 94% polyester, 6% Elastane - internal fleecing, smooth externally


IN COLORS WE TRUST We believe in the power of colour. We believe in it so much that we have created a new project with colour taking the main stage. Choosing colours is never random, we have our favourites even as children. There are colours that attract and excite us more than others, colours that in some way refl ect us and that have a positive effect on our psyche. Our homage to colour is also a homage to nature, which is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for a brand that has always been identifi ed with the outdoors. In addition to the large selection of colours, we have now added all the advantages of a more coordinated range in order to increase your possibilities for cross selling. We will advise your customers on how to combine items in order to achieve the best look as well as the best protection, comfort and well being.

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CMP chooses to tell the story of real men and women, who live immersed in their passion and their work by wearing CMP garments that fit perfectly with their lifestyle. Consumers are invited to share their experience with the brand by sending videos that show how CMP garments have become a necessary and useful part of their passion and hobbies in life. Luca Crazzolara

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