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Patrick Camblin

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Steve Rogers

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The challenge isn’ isn’T jusT The changing currenTs, iT’s ’s The shifTing sandbanks hidden under wa waTer. [ cliff, MEc MEMBER ]

shubenacadie river, ns, canada.

Matt McKnight

Touring 1 new

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3 new

custom kayaks Sea kayaking around the British Isles means paddling in advanced “big-seas” conditions. P&H designs boats for safety, and fun, in such conditions. The solid hull construction and watertight Kajak Sport hatches won’t flinch when rescuing loaded boats, and will take it in stride when seal landings unravel into crash landings. Recessed deck fittings avoid any hang-ups. The internal skeg is easily trimmed for any desired balance of tracking and manoeuvrability. 1 new P&h aries 155 A scion of the highly successful Scorpio, the Aries is sculpted to maximize performance in high-energy environments such as surf, tide races, rock gardens and sea caves. it’s a true ocean play boat, with a full bow and stern and ample rocker to reduce plunging and increase responsiveness. The pronounced mid-section makes for easy edge-turning and sidesurfing. Outfitting includes a performance backband, thigh braces, and a skeg. Boat and additional specs will be available June 2010. Custom colours available. length: 15ft. 5in. beam: 22in. 5020-929 $3600

2 new P&h cetus A fast cruiser designed for load hauling expeditions, the cetus becomes a playful, fun, and responsive day boat when unloaded. Stable and efficient, its rounded chine, slightly Vee’d hull, and generous bow rocker allow control while running with waves. The four-hatch design will suit instructors and expedition sea kayakers looking for a boat for exposed trips and conditions. Custom colours available. length: 1710 7ft. 10in. 176 7ft. 5in. 178 17ft. 8in. beam: 1710 22½in. 176 21¼in. 178 22¼in. 5021-058 1710* 28.1kg $3700 5021-060 176* 28.1kg $3700 5021-069 178 28.1kg $3700

Many touring kayaks are available in your choice of colours or with optional touring outfitting such as custom bulkheads and footpumps. visit one of our stores or call 1.800.663.2667

3 new P&h delphin 155 rM The rugged roto-moulded version of the Aries. it delivers similar responsiveness, edge-turning, and side-surfing capability. The triple-layer plastic hull makes it more affordable and lowers the flinch factor if you graze shelly reefs. comes complete with three hatches, bulkheads, a performance backband, thigh braces, and a skeg. Electric Blue, Emerald, Sunbeam. length: 15ft. 5in. beam: 22in. 5020-926 27.5kg $1900

Additional features online at *Not shown


1 P&h scorpio rM and lv Take the expedition-proven cetus, make it in triple-layer plastic, and you’ve got the Scorpio. These boats deliver similar sleek performance, at lower cost. The hulls stand up better to seal launches and landings and to mis-readings of wave sets when threading rock gardens. They come with dropdown skegs, so you can select easy turning or tight tracking. like the composite cetus boats, they have four hatches, including a day hatch and foredeck hatch. Electric Blue, Emerald, Sunbeam. rM length: 16ft. 11in. beam: 22in. lv length: 16ft. 7in. beam: 21in. 5016-023 RM 25kg $1975 5018-793 lV* 25kg $1975


Based in BC, Seaward makes hand-laid fibreglass boats of exceptional quality. Noteworthy features include rudder pedals that pivot rather than slide, allowing you to brace more solidly. To minimize confusion, the rudder lowering and raising lines are on opposite sides of the cockpit. A plastic keel guard protects the stern during landings. Secure nylon straps hold the paddle for paddle float selfrescues; quick-release tabs free it rapidly after re-entry. Colour fades, footpumps, underdeck bags, and locking hatches are also available.



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2 seaward Tyee fg A flatter hull and long waterline make this Seaward’s most stable kayak. it’s an excellent platform for fishing and photography. Yet it’s also a quick and responsive cruiser, and a great all around touring boat. Assorted. length: 17ft. beam: 24in. 5007-717 25kg $3500

3 seaward Passat g3 A seaworthy double with long, graceful lines. Drop the optional seat into the middle hatch and the fully bulkheaded centre compartment becomes a third cockpit for smaller seafarers. long, semi-V hull, and 26in. beam make for comfortable cruising. The high cargo capacity lets you enjoy extended trips and/or luxury camping. Mandarin, Yellow, Yellow Fade. length: 22ft. beam: 26in. 5002-484 41kg $4800

geT on The waTer for less. we want to help you get on the water safely and affordably. buy any boat from us and we’ll give you 15% off the price of any Pfd, paddle, pump, sprayskirt, throwline, or paddling helmet that you buy at the same time. limit of one of each accessory type for solo boats, two of each for tandem boats. Paddlecraft shipping arrangements and this discount offer cannot be processed through our website. Please contact us at 1.800.663.2667 to arrange shipping, and to receive this offer.

blackfish sound, bc, canada.

Gary luhm


2 iMProved

1 venture v kayaks easky 17 Smooth lines and quick nimble performance for the feel of a full-featured touring kayak. Reassuringly Affordable, yet full of features, including singlestable, reasonably fast, it’s ready for well-outfitted layer roto-moulded ultra-linear plastic; flip-top seats that convert from low backrests to high back day trips or multi-day getaways. The lV (low Volume) version will appeal to mid-sized paddlers, or those mode; and rubberized, watertight Kajak Sport hatches. The Smart Track rudders boast low-drag, looking for a snugger fit, higher performance and/ or lower wind resistance. it features a foredeck hydrofoil blades and gas-pedal style footrests that adjust easily while seated. All except the 17’s dayhatch for easy access to on-water essentials. Electric Blue, Emerald, Sunbeam. length: now come with the Pod, a water-resistant storage 16ft. 7in. beam: 23in. case that slips under the foredeck lines to hold snacks, water, cameras, etc., accessible without 5018-790 w/rudder 26.6kg $1600 popping sprayskirts. The 17 LV has a foredeck 5020-936 new lV (w/rudder)* 21kg $1600 dayhatch for the same purposes.

2 iMProved venture v kayaks easky 15 An excellent all-rounder, at home on coastal adventures or on lakes and inland waterways. Suited to day trips, but with enough storage for overnight adventures. The lV (low Volume) lets smaller, lighter paddlers enjoy the performance. Electric Blue, Emerald, Sunbeam. length: 15ft. beam: 15 23½in., 15 lv 22½in. 5021-149 w/rudder 23kg $1400 5021-152 lV (w/rudder)* 21kg $1400

3 iMProved

4 new

3 iMProved venture kayaks

easky 13 w/rudder

Stable enough to give beginners confidence, yet with enough agility and outfitting to take you on your first overnighter. large cockpit makes boarding and exiting easy. Electric Blue, Emerald, Sunbeam. length: 13ft. 7in. beam: 26½in. 5021-147 21kg $1400

4 new venture kayaks flex 11 w/rudder With the most stable hull Venture makes, the flex was designed to launch first-time and family paddlers with confidence and safety. it comes complete with a rudder for easy manoeuvring. With the most stable hull Venture makes, the flex provides a reassuring ride whether the water is calm or a bit lively. The compact length makes for easy lifting and storage. Electric Blue, Emerald, Sunbeam. length: 10ft. 8in. beam: 25in. 5020-935 20kg $895


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Mec staff Tip it can be difficult to find your put-in again after a magical endof-day paddle. Try tying a light stick or flashing bike light in a visible place so you can find your way back easily. robert, store staff Quebec city store

recreaTional inset, Patrick camblin


Evergreen’s years of canoe building have given them great expertise with composite construction. They’ve used that experience in making the Envy, one of the best-performing day touring kayaks around.

Mec Paddlefest

5 evergreen envy infused fibreglass construction makes this day cruiser much lighter, faster, and prettier than its plastic counterparts. it handles easily on and off the water, and won’t dent and disfigure. its greater stiffness eliminates momentum-robbing flexing. All this in a reassuringly stable design that tracks well and turns readily. fore and aft bulkheads and hatches provide storage and flotation. Lime, Mango, Red. length: 11ft. 9in. beam: 28½in. 5006-590 16.8kg $1600

Each store hosts a celebration of canoeing and kayaking at a local waterfront location. These familyfriendly events include boat demos, workshops, and lessons.


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lying in the middle of the enormous coliseum rapid on the Ottawa River is one of the world’s best river waves, the Gladiator. When we rediscovered it this spring it had been three years since water levels were high enough for it to appear. Bracketed by a difficult entry and a terrifying run-out, surfing this wave is a challenge. And the wave is a monster—hard to catch, steep, and incredibly fast, it surges, crashes hard, pitches, and generally makes things difficult. But once it opens up, there are perfect passes to be had. We spent an amazing week battling that beautiful beast of a wave, but then we set our sights on the rivers that feed lac Saint-Jean, four hours north of Quebec city. This area boasts numerous high volume rivers with miles of whitewater flowing south, draining the lakes and boggy areas of the expansive northern plateau. Most have never been run this high; at least not with an eye to finding waves. So, even if we didn’t find anything to return to, we finished each long day on the river with a sense of discovery and accomplishment.

Old Town has more than a century of experience, beginning in 1898 with their first canoe, and in 1940 with the kayak. Their boats are a blend of tradition and technology, reflected in durable designs and innovative plastic construction. Variable layer polyethylene is about 10% lighter than single-layer plastic, but just as stiff.

freesTyle Paradise

6 old Town® loon 100/120 High primary stability and excellent tracking give even fledgling paddlers a sense of comfort and success on flat-water cruises. Rear bulkhead and hatch. Extrasport Xtracomfort Seat. Adjustable footpegs. Deck bungees. Paddle keeper. Single-layer polyethylene construction. capacity: 100 225lb., 120 290lb. Cloud, Sunrise, Yellow. length: 100 10ft. 120 12ft. beam: 100 27½in., 120 28¾in. 5009-834 100, 21.4kg $625 5009-835 120* 23.6kg $735

Despite expeditions to the furthest reaches of the globe, there has yet to be discovered a better area for big water and freestyle kayaking than Quebec. its vast northern watershed yields one of the highest concentrations of big volume rivers in the world and when they wake from their winter slumber—this is a freestyle kayaker’s paradise. Quebec has been our spring destination of choice for years, and each year we return whenever the snow melts and the water rises, excited to get back to the gems we’ve already uncovered, and determined to find more. — Patrick Camblin


Feelfree sit-on-tops are all about easy – they’re easy to paddle, easy to transport, and easy to afford. Reassuringly stable, they can take you fishing, on photo safaris, for pure pleasure cruises, or out for warm-water surfing. Feelfree’s unique built-in “wheel-in-the-keel” lets you roll them single-handed across firm surfaces. Other features include comfortable padded seats, moulded handles, dayhatches, and paddle parks to hold your propulsion secure yet accessible. All-in-all, they deliver lots of fun and features at very competitive prices. 1 new feelfree Moken 10 This compact sit-on-top is easy to store and easy to carry. Moulded-in foot rests. centre console storage area. front storage area with mesh covering. Rear storage areas with bungies. Lime Fade, Orange/White, Sapphire Blend. length: 10ft. 3in. beam: 35in.

1 new

2 new

5021-231 29kg $600 2 new feelfree Moken 12 A pleasure craft for cottage, lakes, ponds, bays or inlets. Adjustable foot rests for a custom fit. centre console storage area. front storage area with mesh covering. Rear storage areas with bungies. Lime Fade, Orange/White, Sapphire Blend. length: 12ft. 4in. beam: 29in.

3 new

5021-232 27kg $800 3 new feelfree corona Tandem This day-tripper can be paddled as a tandem (with room for a small child or pet in the centre) or as a single. Two dayhatches and bungied storage areas in the bow and stern. Wheel in the keel for easy transportation. Lime Fade, Orange/White, Sapphire Blend. length: 13ft. 8in. beam: 32in. 5021-230 31kg $990

No stress getting to the beach “This cart is ideal for all our kayak transporting needs, for various types of terrain. We use it mostly on very rough roads and rocky beaches.” – been There, Paddled That, nova scotia Post a review of your own at

inset, Jeremy Koreski

wheeleez Tuff Tire canoe/kayak cart

accenT Paddles Take a former world champion paddler. Team him up with a materials and technology expert who’s been round the paddling scene for years. And the partnership ensures quality, performance paddles made with an artisan’s passion and an engineer’s precision. All have a low swing weight and a fumble-free set-and-forget LokTite ferrule system: pick left or right feather in any 15 degree increment from 0-90 degrees; twist the ridged knob to dial it in, and from then on just pop the two shaft halves together with the press button. These signature blades deliver clean strokes, forward or backward. The dimensions are just the right size and shape for all around touring and for covering distance efficiently.

4 new

5 new

4 new accent Zephyr carbon he Black. blade: 16 x 49cm. lengths: 210, 220, 230cm. 5021-737 carbon Shaft* 625g $310 5021-738 carbon Bent Shaft 695g $360 5 new accent Zephyr elite fX Yellow/White. blade: 16 x 49cm. lengths: 210, 220, 230cm.

6 new

5021-736 carbon Bent Shaft 890g $250 5021-735 Hybrid Shaft* 820g $200 6 new accent Zephyr vision Translucent Red. blade: 16 x 48cm. lengths: 210, 220, 230cm. 5021-734 Hybrid Shaft 836g $140

7 new

7 new accent Zephyr carbon Polymer and Polymer carbon Polymer Black. Polymer Ivory. blade: 16 x 48cm. lengths: 210, 220, 230cm. 5021-732 carbon Polymer w/carbon Shaft 808g $175 5021-733 Polymer w/carbon Bent Shaft* 963g $215 5021-731 Polymer w/Hybrid Shaft* 893g $125 blade MaTerials carbon he: light and surprisingly robust, thecompression-moulded carbon minimizes swing weight and is stiff enough for immediate power and control. elite fX: Handcrafted solid foam core layered with fibreglass. The foam’s

buoyancy imparts a pleasant lift during the recovery phase of a paddle stroke and aids in sculling and rolling since the blade naturally floats toward the surface. Dynel edging adds rim protection. Dual-colour, mirror-finished gel coat adds beauty. White on face, yellow on back of blade.

Accent carbon Bent Shaft

Accent lokTite ferrule system

shafT shaPes and MaTerials bent: The subtle curves align your wrists in nice, neutral positions for optimal

stroke efficiency and reduced wrist strain.

Polymer: fibreglass-reinforced nylon 6, made with a gas-assisted injection-

straight: The classic design minimizes weight and cost.

moulding process that creates a durable, stiff and affordable blade.

carbon: Accent’s lightest shaft lay-ups. Their straight shafts use 50% carbon

carbon Polymer: Same as the polymer above, but with carbon fibre rather

fibre, 50% fibreglass; the bent shafts use 75% carbon fibre, 25% fibreglass to keep the weight and stiffness right. Both styles are finished off with an outer wrap of carbon twill.

than fibreglass reinforcement to reduce weight and increase stiffness. vision Polymer: A unique translucent blade. The proprietary polyamide and gas-assisted injection-moulding create a blade with a gentle flex that balances weight and durability.


hybrid: A blend of 40% carbon fibre and 60% fibreglass that provides a great

balance of low weight and low price, together with a nice flex.

8 wheeleez Tuff Tire canoe/kayak cart Portage your canoe/kayak over a variety of terrain and never experience another flat. Polyurethane foam tires provide the bounce and load-bearing capacity of traditional pneumatic tires, but won’t go flat if punctured. collapsible for easy in-boat storage. Sturdy double-legged kickstand. capacity: 80kg. 5018-932 4.5kg $100

find racks and carts online at *Not shown

safeTy safe y + accessories sPrayskirTs sPrayskir Seals® has been specializing in sprayskirts for 20 years. They are committed to making comfortable, functional, durable, and safe sprayskirts for any boat. To that end, they publish The Book of Seals. This sprayskirtfitting bible is a complete guide to finding the right-sized Seals skirt for your boat.


1 seals® extreme Tour Perhaps the ultimate for open water: a 3.5mm neoprene deck with a sticky under-treatment that provides an exceptional cockpit seal. Reinforced Seal-Tex edge guard maximizes durability. Waterproofbreathable tunnel adjusts with neoprene waistband, or wear loose with removable suspenders. Grey.



2 seals® adventurer A coated-nylon packcloth touring sprayskirt with a rim-grip/safety-slip technology that seals well against the smoothest cockpit rims. Tensioned stay peaks on the front deck to prevent pooling. Removable shoulder straps. Sealed seams. Reflective trim.

5007-647 610g $125 3 seals® sea sprite Great for typical touring: a 3.5mm neoprene deck with the comfort and adjustability of a waterproof-breathable fabric tunnel. The attachment is looser than the Extreme Tour, making for less of a bomber seal, but easier attachment and release. Adjustable neoprene waistband, removable suspenders. 5010-264 534g $105

5007-648 685g $49-120


4 seals® cockpit seal industrial-strength cargo cover material stands up to road trips to and from the put-in. Tetherhook attaches to decklines. 5007-654 314g $29-65


Touring + safeTy accessories


5 seattle sports® inflatable Paddle float loat inflatable nflatable nylon self-rescue aid. High volume for astex™ great support. Two chambers for security. fastex buckle closure. 1999-903 320g $30 6 new north water four Play Paddle float it’s a double-ended paddle float, a beaching pad for your boat, a kneeling pad, a low back camp chair, and a minimalist sleeping pad (best under your tent floor). Durable nylon and closed-cell foam. 6 new

7 scotty flexcoil Paddle leash for paddles, etc. that need to be secured while in use. Uses two extra strong swivel snaps. flexcoil cord allows for maximum unrestricted movement. 5007-294 150g $19.85

5021-713 952g $85

seals cockpit seal 8 Mcnett aquaseal The duct tape of watersports gear: it adheres to neoprene, nylon, vinyl, canvas, and rubber. Great for repairing wetsuits, sprayskirts, drysuits, and dry bags.


1999-101 50g $6.75


This one actually works “I’ve shredded two nylon covers. This one stood up to a 4000 km trip this summer and still looks brand new.” – steve, ottawa, canada Post a review of your own at

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10 north water wedge Throw bags With flotation sewn around the girth, these bags are pliable and easy to stuff into odd-shaped places. choice of two rope materials, each in two diameters. SpectrX is far stronger, with low stretch for use in mechanical advantage rescue systems, and more resistant to wear and heat, thanks to a double braid sheath. Polypropylene floats, and resists mildew well. it is an affordable option for when technical rescue scenarios are less likely. S, L.




5007-609 Poly 550g $48-65 5007-610 SpectrX 650g $85-120

9 scotty safety kit w/Pump Three of the accessories Transport canada requires for paddlecraft, in one convenient and inexpensive kit. includes a kayak pump, a rope throw bag, a pealess whistle, and a reusable mesh bag, for grab n’ go convenience. Pump is available in two sizes: 13½in. and 21in. 5016-241 Kit w/13½in. pump 709g $50 5016-242 Kit w/21in. pump 807g $55

11 north water small regulation egulation Throw bag Meets the canadian coast oast Guard requirement for a “buoyant heaving line of not less than 15m in length.” Tidy, flat package stows easily; has built-in flotation. 16.7m (55ft.) of ¼in. floating polypropylene rope (800lb. breaking strength). can also be attached to the Quick Release Sea link to extend the towline length.


5007-611 220g $30

12 Mec™ reflective decal Make your paddle or kayak more visible with reflective safety decals. Adhesive sticks to composite, plastic, and metal.


5017-709 3g $2.50

iner 13 level six Paddle biner A big-mouthed biner that clips around most paddle shafts to prevent loss in a rescue. High-grade 7075 aircraft aluminum. 22kN breaking strength. 5019-371 77g $14

15 14

16 standard horizon hX280s vhf radio

14 north water w bag deployment belt Allows a North Water Wedge Throwbag to be worn around the waist so it’s handy for quick deployment in a rescue situation. Belt stays attached to your body, three belt loops keep the bag tight to your waist. 5018-708 127g $20


15 frost river knife Equally useful afloat or ashore, this value-priced knife boasts a stainless steel blade, and a lanyard hole for adding your own loss-preventing loop. The included plastic sheath attaches easily to a belt. Blade length: 10.5cm, knife length is 20.8cm.


Stash this powerful VHf radio in your PfD pocket to stay connected. Submersible to three feet for 30mins. lithium ithium ion battery lasts more than 13hrs. includes Ac and Dc chargers, charging cradle, and belt clip. 5019-709 313g $145

4004-222 90g $19.75 17 scotty sea light Removable suction-cupped mount. Waterproof light shines in a full circle. includes ncludes a safety leash. Uses two AA batteries (not included). 4019-100 137g $36

18 new

18 new lasso lock all A double-looped cable with a user-selected combination lock that lets you secure even paddlecraft without U-bolts to roof racks, trees, etc. 1.3cm. 5021-710 700g $35

More sprayskirts online at

1 new

3 new



4 5

Aquapac® flexible cases meet IP 67 and IP 68 standards and are submersible to at least 4.5m. They’re made from special UV-stabilized polymers. The ultra-secure, rustproof, injection-moulded plastic Aquaclip seals with a simple twist of a lever – no fiddly screws to thread or lips to seal. 1 new aquapac® camera case w/hard lens Waterproof camera case with built-in optically clear hard lens so you can take photos at maximum zoom. Submersible up to at least 4.6m. 20cm circumference. 5021-105 630g $55


2 aquapac® compact camera case Submersible camera case that also protects against dust and grit. Submersible to at least 4.8m. 26.5cm circumference. 5009-816 110g $35 3 new aquapac digital camera case - Mini Submersible camera case for small point-and-shoot digi cams with internal zoom lenses. Protects against dust and grit. Submersible up to 4.6m. 20cm circumference. ®

5021-104 47g $35 4 aquapac® Phone/gPs case Holds a GPS or flat-faced cellphone. Mini 12.7cm long, 15.3cm circumference. Medium 17cm long, 19cm circumference. 5009-993 20g $29


quapac® flip Phone case 5 aquapac Use your flip phone on the water. clear panels let you catch snaps or footage with camera-phones! 20cm long, 15cm circumference. 5009-992 140g $29 6 aquapac® vhf classic cases Suitable for right and left antenna models. small 17.8cm long, 19.3cm circumference. large 22.5cm long, 22.5cm circumference. 5009-994 20g $35 8 Pelican® Protector cases Buoyant and bomb-proof protection against submergence and shock for cameras, radios, etc. Purge valve allows equalizing interior air pressure to facilitate opening after flying or climbing. Watertight to 9m. Removable “pick-n-pluck” perforated foam for customizing compartments for your gear. lightweight structural foam resin. Black, Red. 4009-434 1120* 560g $35 0199-463 1200, 1.3kg $55 4001-189 1300* 1.6kg $65 0199-471 1400* 2kg $100 4003-593 1450* 2.9kg $135 0199-489 1500* 3.2kg $154

7 sealline® hP Map case Sturdy waterproof roll closure map case with a temporarily submersible seal. Tie-down tabs allow it to be secured to the deck. small 34 x 21 x 0.3cm. Medium 43 x 30.5 x 0.3cm. 5018-685 130g $21-25



ooligan gear g barrel and harness h 9 hooligan This unique, bottomless harness makes it a lot easier to transport your water-tight container. The harness is made of super strong cordura® nylon, with beefy shoulder pads and a backpad, for increased carrying comfort. The lid of the plastic barrel is secured by a metal band and clamp, to seal out water and food odours. This seal makes it critter-proof, but not bear-proof. 30L, 60L. 5005-627 Harness 710g $60-85 5002-600 Barrell 2kg $45-60 10 sealline® boundary Pack Packs with waterproof-breathable shoulder straps and waistbelts. They seal with dry-bag-style, rolldown closures. The 70l and 115l have side cinch straps. The 35l uses a top buckle closure. Scrimreinforced vinyl, heavier on the bottom. Blue, Green, Yellow. 35L, 70L, 115L. 5012-987 850g $65-85


Need to talk to us? 1.800.663.2667


w colorado dry duffle 11 watershed combines the security of a full-on dry bag that’s fully watertight (not merely dunkproof) with the packing and carrying convenience of a duffle bag. Kryptothane, a UV-resistant polyurethane laminated to 420-denier nylon packcloth. Black, Blue, Khaki. 104.8L (86 x 39cm).


5010-538 1.5kg $135


12 watershed w y yukon dry duffle The security of a full-on dry bag that’s completely watertight (not merely dunkproof) in an easy-to-pack, easy-to-carry duffle version. Made from rugged kryptothane, a UV-resistant polyurethane laminated to 420-denier nylon packcloth. Blue, Red, Yellow. 68.8L (68.6 x 36.8cm). 5010-537 1.1kg $115

13 watershed ocoee and

chatooga duffle dry bags Great day/ditch bags for sea kayaking or whitewater. ZipDry closure is submersible to over 90m. UV-resistant polyurethane laminated to nylon packcloth. Radio-frequency welded seams. Blue, Red, Yellow. ocoee 43 x 20cm. chatooga 53 x 25cm.


5007-718 Ocoee 14.7l* 595g $70 5010-533 chatooga 29.4l 850g $85


14 Mec™ brooks bag dry bags Well-made, heavy-duty dry bags. Their oval cross-section allows efficient use of space below decks. 1000psi water resistance. Made without environmentally nasty PVc. Rf-welded seams. Made in USA. Blue, Mango, Red. Six sizes: 5-55L. 5010-156 467g $11-30


16 Mec™ weigh lite dry bags lighter-duty dry bags – also great for hikers. Good for consumables since they roll up small. Xl fits many sleeping pads. 200-denier, urethane-coated nylon, with rugged cordura® bottoms. Made in USA. Blue, Silver. Five sizes: XS-XL (5-35L). 15 Mec™ Transparent dry bags Dry bags that let you see what’s inside. long-lasting non-PVc material is flexible and abrasion-resistant 0.5mm polyurethane film. 800-denier PU-coated bottoms, for extra durability. Oval shape packs efficiently. Made in USA. Four sizes: 5-30L. 5018-131 317g $13-26

4011-624 160g $17-25


17 Mec™ Pocket dry bags A water-resistant dry bag that fits in your PfD pocket to protect small essentials you want close at hand. Urethanecoated nylon with a clear peekaboo window. Made in Thailand. small 400ml, Medium 700ml, large 1L. 5003-652 40g $7-8

*Not shown


The waTer was The highesT i’ve ever run on The ashlu. buT iT wenT beauTifully. no carnage. [ todd, MEC MEMBER ]

ashlu river, bc, canada.

Steve Rogers

whiTewaTer kayaks Pyranha is synonymous with cutting-edge designs and materials. Roto-moulded Meta-Lite ultralinear polyethylene makes them stiffer than most North American boats. Connect 30 (C30) outfitting includes a drilled-out seat and hull stiffener to reduce weight. With injection-moulded thigh grips and precise moulding, this makes for some of the lightest fully outfitted kayaks available. New boat specs are approximate at time of printing.

1 new

1 new Pyranha Molan A friendly, forgiving, freestyle park-and-play boat that will let mere mortals take it to the next level and experts go bigger than ever. two-way rails release easily for smooth transitions and keep the hull super loose. that makes getting air, linking combinations, carving, and cartwheeling all more attainable. Assorted. length: s 5ft. 7in. M 5ft. 9in. l 6ft. 1in. beam: s 24in. M 25in. l 26in. 5020-924 14kg (M) $1100 2 Pyranha descended from the legendary InaZone, with improved control and balance, and greater efficiency. Excellent for beginner to intermediate paddlers running big water, surfing, flat spinning and stern squirting. Lifted knee position for greater comfort and more efficient paddling strokes. Narrow profile, softer edges, a lower back cockpit, and a smoother cross-section, make it much easier to roll. Assorted. length: s 8ft. 1in., M 8ft. 4in., l 8ft. 7in. beam: s 25in., M 25½in., l 26¾in.


5018-796 17.1kg (M) $1000 3 iMProved Pyranha burn c30 this popular creek boat and river runner has been tweaked for more control andbetter performance. there’s more bow rocker, more stern volume, and a re-profiled deck to allow for improved directional control after resurfacing. It retains its proven semiflat hull, so it excels in challenging conditions. And the Pyranha vortex rails are still there to provide paddlers with precise carving for must-make moves. Assorted. length: s 7ft. 9in. M 8ft. l 8ft. 3in. beam: s 25in. M 25¾in. l 26¼in.

3 iMProved

5020-925 19kg (M) $1100

outside info online We have the most comprehensive online network of outdoor clubs, courses, and events in Canada. It’s the best place to find used gear, a trip partner, or virtually any outdoor information you need.

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through our membership in 1% For the Planet we donate one percent of sales every year to support wilderness conservation and recreation access.

1 Pyranha everest An excellent expedition boat that can handle big paddlers, big waters, and big trips. Aggressive deck profiling and slightly soft rails allow for great, predictable handling – especially with a heavily loaded boat. Assorted. length: 8ft. 6in. beam: 26¼in.

2 new

5016-025 21kg $1100 2 new Pyranha rebel A river-running/surfing boat that’s sized and shaped to get kids on the water. Great stability and forgiving edges make it easy to roll and easy to surf. It will reward children with early accomplishments, yet won’t be quickly outgrown. Assorted. length: 7ft. 1in. beam: 21½in. 5020-923 12.4kg $800


3 new

whiTewaTer Paddles

4 new

3 new accent rush Based on the Rogue all-purpose blade, the Rush offers great value for beginner and intermediate paddlers. Pick your paddle: fibreglass-reinforced polymer blades with a fibreglass shaft for affordability, or carbon fibre-reinforced polymer blades with carbon/fibreglass hybrid shaft for a substantially stiffer paddle and more power and control. Both have reinforcing aluminum inserts at blade-shaft joints. blade: 18 x 45cm. lengths: 190, 194, 198, 202cm. 5022-323 Polymer 998g $98 5022-325 Carbon Poly 980g $165 4 new accent rogue this all around blade is ideal for river running, creeking, and playboating. Pick your paddle: continuous-weave tri-axial fibreglass blades on a 60% carbon fibre/40% fibreglass straight shaft, or continuous-weave carbon fibre blades on a 70% carbon fibre/30% fibreglass bent shaft. Both deliver power and control, the bent shaft’s just a bit easier on your wrists on epic days. blade: 20 x 45cm. lengths: 190, 194, 198, 202cm. 5022-326 Fibreglass 1kg $200 5022-327 Carbon 993g $325


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5 gaia Paddlesports kayak split stern flotation bag A simple PVC-free float bag for use in the stern of pillared whitewater kayaks. Urethane-coated fabric. 84 x 30 x 8cm (L x W at base x W at point). 5016-253 136g $22

outdoor video contest MEC SWEEt SPotS is a place to share videos that include outdoor, self-propelled action. Submit yours, vote for your favourites. At the end of the year, we announce the winners.

whi whiTewaTer sPrayskirTs s

6 new

6 new level six The blender kevlar evlar A tough-wearing, tenaciously-gripping skirt that fits medium to large keyhole cockpits well. Rugged Rotex neoprene-reinforced side panels. Articulated lip to increase implosion resistance. Blindstitched, glued and taped seams for maximum wear and water resistance. Continuous machine-moulded, natural rubber rand forms to your boat for a tight, dry fit. S-XL. 5021-686 800g $135

whiTewaTer helMeTs 8 Predator full cut traditional style with full coverage for ears, forehead, and base of cranium. Stiff, light, durable, injection-moulded Ralvek® thermoplastic shell. Closed-cell EVA foam lining. detachable pads for a comfortable custom fit. Six Predator three Ellipse® vents for ventilation and drainage. Red, Yellow. One size fits most.


ask and answer Q: can this helmet be used for multi-sports? for example, can i wear it skiing or mountain biking? 9 wrsi current w/vents designed to take many hard hits, this is possibly the safest and most comfortable whitewater helmet out there. Multi-Impact shell consists of an Impact Shell, an EVA foam liner, a polyurethane sub-shell, and another layer of EVA foam. Black, Red, Yellow (M/L only). S/M, M/L. 5016-174 [w] S/M* 460g $75 5016-173 [m] M/L 475g $75

10 shred ready standard full-face Full-face helmet with ABS injection-moulded shell and face mask for lightweight protection. H.o.t. (Hold on tight) retention system fits solidly and securely behind nape of neck. Foam pads for tuning the fit. Carbon Black. One size.

7 seals® Pro rand Excellent for extreme whitewater. Micro-ribbed rand for better grip and seal. oval tunnel for greater watertightess on your body. Reinforced wear areas. Sealed seams. For roto-moulded kayaks only. Numerous sizes available. For exact sizing, call 1.800.663.2667 or see 5016-166 1.1kg $145

5016-227 unisex 500g $55



a: the harness system and shell is not designed for the type of major hits encountered for skiing or biking so we do not recommend using the WRSI helmets for anything but paddling. Ask questions, get answers at



5018-649 unisex 690g $95


11 shred ready Tdub tough fibreglass and aramid shell with dual-density foam liner. deep “bucket” for lots of coverage. H.o.G. retention system. Includes foam pads for tuning the fit. Gloss White, Midnight Blue. One size.

12 shred ready super scrappy Brimmed helmet, can be worn forwards or backwards. Unique H.o.G. (Hand of God) system uses two ratchets to micro-tune the harness for a secure and comfortable fit. Rugged injectionmoulded ABS. Carbon Black, Carbon Blue, Red. S-L. 5000-816 unisex 450g $70

5018-470 unisex 611g $135

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We took a break from fighting the Wind and put it to Work for us, flying my camera on a kite. [ Rick, MEc MEMBER ]

temagami, on, canada.

Rick Galezowski

canoes Prospector kevlar® with ash gunwales



Prospector fibreglass with aluminum gunwales


This well-established boat crafter has made a significant move. Their entire manufacturing process is now situated in the province of Quebec. With their dedication to uncompromising quality and attention to detail, Evergreen continues to produce beautifully finished canoes. Various lay-up options match different budgets and applications. 1 evergreen prospector 17ft. a more full-bodied version of the classic canadian canoe. This Prospector performs well with a variety of loads in most conditions and water types. it’s predictable and responsive, with lots of secondary stability. More length and beam increases living room, bouyancy, and carrying capacity, an excellent choice for extended expeditions, or bringing along a wee one or canine companion. Burgundy (n/a in Royalex®), Green, Mango (n/a in Royalex), Red. length: 17ft. beam: 37in. depth: 14in. 5016-117 Fibreglass/alum* 33.5kg $1165 5016-118 Fibreglass/ash* 34.5kg $1560 5014-392 kevlar®/ash 25kg $2595 5018-929 Royalex* 34.1kg $1785 *Not shown

2 evergreen prospector 16ft. This Prospector mould was Bill Mason’s personal favourite. its classic multi-purpose design is best suited to intermediate and experienced paddlers. Versatility is the key to the Prospector’s enduring popularity. it performs well in all conditions and water types, and with a variety of loads. Burgundy (n/a in Royalex®), Green, Mango, Red. length: 16ft. beam: 34in. depth: 14in. 4011-276 Fibreglass/alum 31.4kg $1150 4011-275 Fibreglass/ash* 31.4kg $1550 4013-388 kevlar®/ash* 22.7kg $2580 4011-277 Royalex/vinyl* 30.4kg $1575

more canoes online For more boats, paddles, and gear for outfitting, visit us online.

3 evergreen cottager The name says it all: the cottager provides wide, stable transportation for a family out for a day of exploring on mellow waters. its keel keeps it on a straightline course with ease. This affordable, durable, and traditionally styled canoe comes with web seats and a deep dish carrying yoke. Green, Red. length: 15ft. 10in. beam: 35in. depth: 13in. 5002-359 Fibreglass/alum 31.4kg $1150

canoEs 21

1 evergreen starburst a true whitewater tandem or expedition tripping boat. The high bow and centre depth provide a dry ride even in big water. 5in. of rocker make it very responsive to sweeps and steering strokes. Vinyl trim, ash thwarts, and yokes. Mango, Red. length: 16ft. 6in. beam: 33½in. depth: 15¾in.


4017-908 33.6kg $1600 Pal kevlar®/spectra® with ash gunwales

Over the decades, Nova Craft’s reputation for quality canoes has spread well beyond their London, Ontario locale. They continue to balance tradition with innovation, including producing classic designs with updated materials and techniques.

2 neW

2 neW nova craft pal kevlar®/spectra® and royalex® lite With the lines of the chestnut canoe company’s classic Pal, this day tripper invites you to paddle for the sheer pleasure of being on the water and enjoying nature. The rocker-free symmetrical hull offers predictable performance paddling alone or with a partner. its low profile slips easily through the wind. Both versions come with laced ash seats, deep dish yokes, thwarts, and handles. The ashtrimmed kevlar/spectra version is light, as well as stronger, and more resistant to UV, abrasion, and fraying than pure kevlar. The aluminum-trimmed Royalex Lite version delivers exceptional durability, with a manageable weight at moderate cost. kevlar/spectra Olive/Sand, Red/Desert White. royalex Burgundy, Green. length: 16ft. beam: 34in. depth: 13in.

Pal Royalex® Lite with aluminum gunwales

5021-725 kevlar/spectra 22kg $3100 5021-724 Royalex Lite 26kg $1645 3 neW nova craft outfitter inspired by the classic northern river tripping Prospectors, the outfitters share the ability to handle a wide range of loads in a wide range of water conditions. The shorter one is a fine compact day use or overnight boat; the longer one is an excellent extended expedition craft. The triple-layer plastic hulls are heavy and aren’t meant for long portages, but they’re great for high-abuse, low-maintenance users like camps, schools, outfitters, and even cottagers who’d rather watch the sunset with a refreshing beverage than muck around with sandpaper and resins. ash webbing seats. Green, Red. 16ft. length: 15ft. 6in. beam: 35in. depth: 14½in. 17ft. length: 17ft. beam: 36in. depth: 15in. 5021-722 16ft. 36kg $935 5021-723 17ft.* 40kg $995

22 canoEs

3 neW


4 hooligan gear yoke pad To make portaging a bit more comfortable. Foam filled nylon and mesh. 5010-671 92g $12.50








canoe paddles MEC offers canoe paddles from Redtail and Grey Owl®, quality crafters from Ontario, plus the family-owned GalaSport. All are experts in canoes, canoeing, and paddles.

8 redtail ottertail deluxe a classic design in affordable laminated poplar and cherry for lightness and beauty. Redtail’s Ergo grip. blade: 30 x 6in. lengths: 51, 54, 57, 60, 63in.

5 grey owl® bentshaft The warmth of wood; the flat-water efficiency of a 12-degree angled blade. shaft: walnut, butternut. Blade: laminated ash, bass, butternut, walnut. blade: 8½ x 19½in. lengths: 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56in.

5007-760 570g (57in.) $35

1903-087 745g (46in.) $75 6 grey owl® Voyageur Wide and short for shallow water; a great all around paddle. shaft: ash, bass, with a cherry grip. Blade: cherry, bass. blade: 7 x 22½in. lengths: 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62, 64in. 1903-095 740g (52in.) $50 7 redtail premium a work of art with the Redtail blade shape. Made with a beautiful mix of ash, cherry, black walnut, and bird’s-eye maple. Features Redtail’s Ergo grip, which feels very natural in the hands. blade: 5½ x 30in. with resin tip. lengths: 54, 57, 60, 63in. 5007-764 635g (57in.) $95

9 redtail ottertail black Walnut For deep-water recreational use. Exotic black walnut, famous for its dark chocolate brown colour and eyecatching grain, boasts the strength of other hardwoods and is extremely lightweight. comfy Ergo grip. blade: 6 x 30in. lengths: 54, 57, 60, 63in. 5007-758 567g (57in.) $85 10 redtail cherry The distinctive Redtail blade shape in cherry wood, robustly laminated to an ash shaft for maximum strength. comfy Ergo grip. blade: 5½ x 30in. with a resin tip. lengths: 54, 57, 60, 63in. 5007-761 740g (57in.) $53 11 redtail beavertail poplar strong, lightweight, and economical. ideal for beginners, or as a spare. blade: 6 x 25in. lengths: 51, 54, 57, 60, 63in. 5007-762 570g (51in.) $20 13 neW north Water paddle anchor


13 neW

straps to a thwart, and wraps around the shaft of your spare canoe paddle. it releases with one quick flip of your thumb. 5021-714 36g $15

12 sit-backer canoe seat adjustable for paddling or lounging. Fits even plastic moulded seats. Two inches of foam. 5008-742 1.4kg $45

More paddles online at *Not shown

pfds 1 NEW Stohlquist descent A rescue-equipped whitewater PFD, with the comfort and security of Stolquist’s new ergonomically articulated Wrapture shaped torso. Multiple adjustments and attachment points let you customize the fit and function to particular paddlers and runs. Contoured padded shoulder straps with Nail Cloth textured surface and stiffeners for portaging. Two expanding pockets hold accessories and water bottles. Quick-release rescue harness and tow tether attachment point. Stainless steel loops for attaching accessories such as crotch straps. Mango. [unisex] S/M, L/XL,XXL.




5021-708 1.4kg $215

3 Kokatat Ronin pro A swiftwater rescue version of the Ronin. Great for whitewater kayakers, canoeists, and touring kayakers, since the rescue harness doubles as a towing system. Meets or exceeds all USCG requirements for Type V Rescue Harness. Reinforced adjustable shoulder straps with thermo-moulded padding. Stretch mesh sleeve for cowtail or whitewater tow tether. Mango, Red. [unisex] S/M, L/XL, XXL.


2 Kokatat Ronin Ultra-comfortable for you, thanks to the unique offset front entry system with an internal harness design. And more comfortable for the planet, thanks to PVCfree Gaia foam that’s super-soft and hugs the body well. Internal grip panel reduces ride-up. Extra large duplex front pocket for storage. Reflective tape on front and rear for improved visibility. Mango, Red. [unisex] S/M, L/XL, XXL. 5012-924 830g $160

5012-926 850g $220

4 Kokatat Msfit Kokatat’s Fit, tailored for a woman’s shape, with princess seams and scooped and contoured PVC-free foam. The shoulders adjust to fit torsos of different lengths, and feature thermo-moulded padding and durable, non-slip Hypalon® surfaces. The zippered side-entry pocket has a keyclip. Glacier, Mango. [w] S-XL.

4 [w]

6 [w]

4017-443 [w] 820g $125

5 [w]

5 Stohlquist BetSea Built-in cups, anatomical contours, and princess seams assure comfort for full-figured female paddlers. Diagonal cross-chest cinch straps create a close, comfortable fit, and reduce ride-up. PVC-free foam. Mesh side panels keep you cool. Quick-draining mesh pocket with zipper closure and key lanyard. Mango, Red. [w] S/M, L/XL. 4017-581 [w] 765g $130

24 PFDs

Products designed with the earth in mind

6 Kokatat Msfit Tour All the comfort, function, and female-specific tailoring of the MsFit. Two bellowed stretch mesh side pockets, one vertical top loading pocket, reflective tape on the front and back, and a strobe lash on the back. PVCfree foam. Glacier, Mango. [w] S-XL. 4017-444 [w] 860g $145

7 Stohlquist Wedge-E Low-profile, low-cut, side-entry. Great for playboating and river-running. Neoprene compression shoulder straps adjust for different torsos. 500-denier Cordura® shell. 3M® reflective accents. Zippered mesh pocket with key lanyard. Four-way knife lash tab. PVC-free foam. Mango, Red. [unisex] S-XXL.


Tech Talk You’ve found the perfect PFD – it fits well, suits your paddling style, and you want it to last. Here’s a few things to keep in mind. Don’t sit on your PFD. It may seem like a comfy cushion, but you should be wearing it – not sitting on it – as abrasion and compression could reduce its buoyancy. Hand wash your PFD with warm water and a gentle soap. Then completely dry it out before storing it away, to reduce the chance of mildew. And always store it out of direct sunlight – UV rays degrade the fabric and make it more brittle and less durable over time.

4017-580 765g $110

8 Kokatat Orbit Whitewater and freestyle boaters will appreciate the low profile and unrestricted movement of this pull-over style. PVC-free Giai foam. Uncluttered torso has shoulder adjustment ladder locks and excess shoulder webbing hidden under stretch panels. Front and rear internal grip panels prevent ride-up. Cobalt Blue, Orange. [unisex] S/M, L/XL.


5002-964 627g $135


10 Kokatat Outfit Kokatat’s Fit PFDs are made with contour-cut foam to provide a comfortable and secure fit. Deep-cut neck and armholes, short torso, and stretch-mesh side panels for freedom of movement. Lots of adjustment options. High, wide, back panels for some impact protection, stash pocket with an external zip pocket. PVC-free foam, rugged 500-denier Cordura® outer shell, supple oxford nylon lining. Cobalt Blue, Mango. [unisex] S-XL.


9 Kokatat Outfit Tour The contoured comfort of the OutFit, with added tourworthy features, including an additional vertical pocket for a VHF or GPS, an additional lash tab on the back, and front and back reflective trim. PVC-free foam. Cobalt Blue, Mango. [unisex] S-XL.

4017-442 850g $125


5000-581 830g $145


11 North Water Quick Release Belt For retro-fitting PFDs that don’t have quick-release chest harnesses, or upgrading those that do. Fully adjustable. 544kg (1200lb.) rating. Rescue training required for safe, effective use. 5009-043 204g $35

12 North Water pig Tail with Carabiner Use with PFDs equipped with quick-release belts. Stretches to maintain a constant line tension. 4006-327 145g $28


13 North Water pfd Quick Release Sea Link This nylon towline attaches to any quick-release PFD harness. Built-in flotation, paddle carabiner, and shock absorbing system. 3.6m. 5007-612 550g $65

All PFDs sold by MEC are Canadian Government approved for use in paddlecraft.

PFDs 25

clothing 1 nEW [m]

2 nEW

2 nEW Kokatat tropos light Anorak A hooded jacket to keep the spray away. Waterproof and mildly breathable Tropos with LYCRA速 wrists, reflective tape on sleeve pocket, and adjustable bungee waist. Azul, Citrus. [unisex] S-XXL. 5021-571 349g $165


1 nEW level Six the Duke Drytop Entry-level pricing with high-end features. Made with 2.5-ply Syphon, fully taped seams and double tunnel waist for a reliably dry seal. Neoprene over-gaskets protect the latex. Mustard/Riverstone, Olympic Red/Riverstone. S-XXL.


5021-689 [m] 605g $220

3 Kokatat tropos t light Full Blast Jacket A full-featured splash jacket for warm water. It offers the comfort of Tropos Light, a soft nylon with a waterproofbreathable urethane coating, and the watertightness of an adjustable double skirt and Smoothskin neoprene/ bungee drawcord waistband. Adjustable, coated LYCRA速 collar and cuffs. Zippered mesh chest pocket with key lanyard. Azul, Citrus. [unisex] S-XL.


5009-907 390g $115

tropos light Breeze Jacket 4 Kokatat t A simple, effective, and affordable recreational pullover that protects against wind, spray, sun, and rain. Made of Tropos Light fabric, a soft nylon with a waterproof-breathable urethane coating. Factorysealed seams. Adjustable, coated LYCRA速 collar and cuffs. Zippered, self-draining left sleeve pocket with key lanyard. Adjustable bungee drawcord waist. Azul, Citrus. [unisex] S-XL. 5009-905 375g $80 5 Kokatat tempest Pants w/Socks Featuring built-in socks, these are drier and easier to get on and off than pants with latex seals. Durable, comfortable three-layer Tropos waterproofbreathable fabric. Neoprene waistband with Grey. [unisex] S-XXL. adjustable tabs. 5018-225 545g $145


Our website shows you country of origin for every product we sell

6 Mcnett UV tech Protects against sun damage and colour fading, and rejuvenates. Use it on wetsuits, drysuits, latex seals, plastic and fibreglass kayaks, paddles, PFDs, etc. Non-glossy, nonslippery formula.Water-based, and biodegradable.


5011-045 473ml $14 7 Mcnett

Wetsuit/Drysuit Shampoo Cleans and conditions neoprene, latex seals, coatings, laminates, and synthetic and natural elastic fibres (including LYCRA速).

1999-028 237ml $5.50


8 Kokatat helix Drytop This affordable, lighter-duty drytop offers the comfort of Kokatat’s proprietary Tropos waterproof-breathable fabric. Factory sealed seams. Tropos Light inner skirt. Dual-adjustable outer skirt incorporates hook-and-loop compatible neoprene. Latex wrist and neck gaskets with super-stretch neoprene selfdraining cuffs and collar. Self-draining, zippered chest pocket with key lanyard. [m] Cobalt Blue, Radish. [w] Aqua, Radish. [m] S-XXL [w] S-L.

8 [w] 9

5009-913 [m]* 675g $205-220 5009-914 [w] 625g $205


9 Kokatat gMER/gMED Drysuits Waterproof-breathable Evolution 3-ply GORE-TEX®, designed for comfort, performance, and durability. A built-in relief zipper (full dropseat on women’s) makes life easier. Integral GORE-TEX socks let you customize the insulation and overshoes. The overskirt/waistband seals tightly to your sprayskirt. Metal-toothed zipper is waterproof to 9m. Competition Cut underarms maximize freedom of movement. Cobalt Blue, Mango, Radish (unisex only). [unisex] S-XXL [w] S-L, XL Short. 5009-928 GMER 1.8kg $995-1065 5009-930 [w] GMED* 1.7kg $1050

10 Kokatat Rogue goRE-tEX® Drytop Arguably the most technologically advanced drytop around. GORE-TEX Evolution fabric for the body. GORE™ XCR® on the side panels and sprayskirt tunnel for maximum breathability, comfort, and mobility. GORE-TEX Cordura® reinforcements on the shoulders, elbows, and forearms. Superstretch neoprene neck and wrist cuffs. Black, Radish. [unisex] S-XXL. 5007-205 725g $395-440

MEc Staff tip Pulling on a wet and cold wetsuit isn’t any fun. But if you put it in a dry bag and pour hot water over it to warm it up, it will be a lot less painful. Jesse, Store Staff Vancouver store


11 Kokatat tectour

XcR® and tropos Anoraks

Superbly designed and detailed touring tops. Easy off-and-on dual-adjustable outer skirts; roll-away integral storm hoods; glued latex gaskets with protective LYCRA® overcuffs; high-visibility reflective tape; and zippered, bellowed, self-draining sleeve pockets (two on the XCR, one on the Tropos). Choose GORE-TEX® XCR for maximum breathability and durability, or Tropos for affordable waterproof-breathability. Mango, Radish. [unisex] S-XXL. 5012-927 Tropos* 675g $280 5012-961 XCR 700g $475

More drysuits online at *Not shown

1 Xcel Ventex tops Made for surf skiers, dragon boaters, and other performance paddlers, these tops are loose fitting, lightweight, cool, and breathable. Four-way stretch nylon and spandex fabric wicks moisture and dries fast. UPF of 30. [m] Dark Red, Gold, White. [w] River Blue, White. [m] S-XL [w] XS-L.

[w] 1 [w]

5018-262 [m] L/S 208g $38 5018-278 [w] L/S 145g $38 5018-264 [m] S/S 180g $34 5021-694 [w] Cap Slv 119g $34

2 [m]



3 nEW [m]

2 Bare chillguard Paddling Shirts These long-sleeved shirts will help fend off chilly breezes while you’re in the boat or on the beach. Wear them alone or as a layer. Made of brushed LYCRA® fleece fabric that wicks moisture away from the body. Flat seams throughout for long-term comfort. [m] Black, Olive. [w] Black, Mediterranean Blue. [m] S-XL [w] S-L. [w]

5010-380 [m] 330g $60 5010-383 [w] 225g $60 4 level Six the Pro guide and

4 [m]

goddess neoprene lined Shorts

[w] 3 nEW level Six Padded Paddling Shorts These nylon/LYCRA® cycle-inspired shorts are kind to your behind. 4mm neoprene padding gives you a comfortable seat even on hard surfaces. Great for performance paddling and dragon boating. [m] Black. [w] Black/Charcoal. [m] S-XL [w] XS-XL.

The styling look of board shorts, with a welcome bit of warmth from a neoprene liner. The Guide’s liner is 0.5mm thick, while the Goddess provides a little extra, with 2.5mm. Cargo patch pockets. Buckle closure. Outer fabric is quick-drying 100% polyester microfibre. [m] Black, Navy Blue. [w] Black/White. [m] 30-38 [w] 4-12. 5007-190 [m] Guide 350g $75 5013-642 [w] Goddess 335g $75

5021-683 [m] 137g $45 5021-684 [w] 124g $45 [w]


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5 [w]

5 Xcel Sport tights Made for competitive or fitness oriented women on the water. Sun-protective and easy-moving, they can be worn on their own or under board shorts. Heavy-weight, four-way stretch, 88% nylon/12% spandex. Drawstring elastic waist. UPF 50+ rating. Black. S-XL.


5018-279 [w] 252g $40 6 MEc™ Seymour Paddling cap A helmet-compatible cap that reduces noggin numbness in a capsize or swim. Polyurethanecoated fleece. Chinstrap prevents loss and keeps earflaps in place. XS/S, M/L, XL/XXL. 5019-626 Unisex 30g $15

8 nEW

7 MEc™ capilano Paddling hood A full-coverage hood for cold months, cold waters, and big waves. Four-way stretch fleece, fuzzy on the inside for warmth, with polyurethane coating to prevent evaporative heat loss. S-XL. 5019-008 Unisex 65g $20


8 nEW MEc™ hot Mitts Smokin’ protection against heat loss and wind chill. 5mm neoprene with fleece lining and a PU grip pattern on palms. XS-XL. 5021-656 Unisex 180g $35

9 nEW

9 nEW MEc™ holy Mitts Serious warmth, elevated to holy status by a dexterity-enhancing palm cut-out. 5mm neoprene, fleece lining, and PU palm grips. XS-XL. 5021-655 Unisex 172g $35


10 MEc™ cyclPad gloves Cold-weather gloves with 3mm neoprene backs and sides for maximum warmth, and 2.5mm neoprene palms for greater “feel.” PU palm pattern resists abrasion and improves grip. Cold water paddlers, surfers, and cyclists love them. XS-XL. 5005-038 Unisex 265g $18

11 MEc™ Power Phase Paddling gloves Blister prevention for warmer weather. Light, breathable nylon backs. Amara® (synthetic leather) palms. PU-coated finger fabric for lightness and less bulk. Grippy finger and palm treatment. XS-XL.


5005-034 Unisex 160g $16


12 MEc™ catch gloves Mid-range warmth, high-end feel, and great grip. 2mm neoprene backs. Amara® (synthetic leather) palms and sides. Reinforced at high-wear areas. Grippy PU palm pattern. XS-XL. 5005-035 Unisex 160g $22

13 MEc™ Release Fingerless gloves Palm protection for warm-weather paddling. 2mm nylon-reinforced neoprene on the backs and wrists. Amara® palms. PU pattern on palms increases paddle grip. XS-XL. 5005-039 Unisex 140g $19

All MEC paddling hoods and handwear shown here are made in China.


1 nEW

3 nEW

3 nEW MEc™ Moque Boots Adjustable elastic forefoot straps for a more comfortable, supportive fit that will stay on better in a swim. 3mm neoprene. Plastic insoles add support and protection. Outsoles have a triangular pattern for better durability and grip. Whole sizes 5-13. 5021-652 Unisex Low 700g $25 5021-651 Unisex High 834g $33

MEC™ Moque Boot Low

MEC™ Moque Boot High


2 nEW

1 nEW MEc™ low tide Boots For cold weather/cold water paddling. 5mm neoprene keeps your feet warm wet or dry. Plastic midsoles provide additional support. Rubbery outsoles are triangular patterned for additional grip on submarine rock. Whole sizes 5-13.

2 nEW MEc™ Bubba neoprene Slippers Low-profile slippers for snug boats and tough feet. 5mm neoprene. Thin rubber soles, diamondpatterned for better grip. Whole sizes 5-13. 5021-650 Unisex 474g $23

5021-654 Unisex 1.3kg $65 5 Vibram® FiveFingers KSo If you like the feeling of bare feet these may be for you. Designed to Keep Stuff Out (KSO). Stretchy abrasion-resistant material wraps your entire forefoot to keep out grit and gravel. Grippy Vibram® rubber soles. Agate/Grey Camo (w only), Black/Grey Camo (m only), Grey/Clay. [m] 41-46 [w] 37-41. 5015-878 [m] 323g $85 5015-879 [w] 266g $85

6 [w]

4013-787 Unisex 220g $10

[w] 5 [m]

6 Vibram® FiveFingers Sprint As close to bare feet as you can get without exposing flesh. The low profile is great for boats, scrambling on seaside rocks, or kiteboarding. Tenacious razorstriped Vibram® soles offer great dexterity, control, and stability and flex, to let you work your foot muscles. [m] Castle Rock/Grey, Khaki/Clay. [w] Chili, Slate/Lichen. [m] Euro 41-46 [w] 37-41. 5013-135 [m]* 318g $80 5013-136 [w] 250g $80

FiveFingers Sprint Best runners out there “Embrace your barefooted self and buy some of these!” – Ellorneo, cochrane, AB Post a review of your own at


*Not shown All MEC paddling footwear shown here is made in China.

eo Paddling Socks 4 MEc™ neo Convert old runners into paddling shoes. 3mm neoprene for warmth. Three-piece construction; no seam under the sole. Whole sizes 5-13.

7 [m]

7 Vibram® FiveFingers Flow A colder water/weather version of Vibram’s wildly popular “gloves for your feet.” Neoprene lining and EVA footbeds add warmth. GM50 performance rubber outsoles are razor-siped, for grip on a variety of surfaces. Black, Grey/Camo. [m] Euro 41-46 [w] 37-41. 5015-887 [m] 374g $90 5015-888 [w]* 317g $90

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thEtiS iSlAnD, Bc, cAnADA.

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