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We woke up on a tiny ledge at 6000 metres, with no food left, and a long way to go. I’m not sure if we’re grimacing or smiling.

Jonathon and JEREMY, MEC MEMBERS. karkoram, Pakistan.

Jeremy Frimer

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News From Your Board. . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Climbing Clothing. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 Climbing Gear. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 Cycling Clothing. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 Cycling Gear. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Fleece. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Footwear. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52 Handwear. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 68 Headwear. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 67

A fair-weather camper discovers the silence and solitude of a campground in winter. A crag climber is captivated by the world of vertical ice. A winter trip becomes an

Insulated Outerwear. . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Kids’ Clothing. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 74 Kids’ Gear. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 78 Kitchen. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41 Knives +Tools . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 Lighting. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 Optics + Instruments. . . . . . . . . . . . . 39

annual event. Daytrips become week-long adventures.

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Pastimes become passions. This is how our journey

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news from your board

Calling for Candidates Are you passionate about MEC? Do you want to contribute to its future? Have you got the skills and experience to do so? If the answer to these questions is yes, we encourage you to stand for election to the Board of Directors. MEC benefits from having new Directors who can provide Canada’s largest retail co-operative with strong and dynamic leadership.

Back row, left to right: Colin K. Campbell, Marc Elrick, Denise Lawson, Sara Golling, Karen Miner, Mike Wearing. Front row, left to right: Esther Speck (Vice-Chair), Linda Bartlett (Chair), Bill Gibson (Treasurer). More information about our directors is available at

For details and eligibility requirements, see or call 604.707.3367. The deadline for nominations for the 2007 Board of Directors Election and for submitting special resolutions is noon Pacific Time, Friday, October 6, 2006.

The MEC Accountability Report A tool to drive performance What issues concern MEC? Are we addressing them? If so, how? If not, why not? What are members, staff, and communities telling us about our performance? These are important questions – questions that MEC’s first-ever Accountability Report will answer. Set to be released this fall, the report is an account of our social, environmental, and economic impacts and performance in 2005. Key goals for the future are also spelled out in the report. The report is critical for several reasons. It is important for us to be transparent and accountable to our stakeholders – members, staff, business and community partners, and others we impact and who are impacted by our operations. It is another step in an ongoing dialogue with you and others about how we are living up to our promise of being a sustainability leader. The report also helps us take stock of our performance to date, set targets and actions for improvement, and build stronger reporting, management, and governance systems.

In addition, the report contains stories of creativity, excellence, and innovation. For example, did you know that MEC PFDs no longer contain PVC (polyvinyl chloride), a highly toxic chemical? It also details things we’re not happy with and are working to improve. For example, our audits continue to find instances of unsafe working conditions in factories, both in Canada and abroad. And it sheds some light on the complexity of MEC and how decisions and trade-offs are made to achieve continual progress. MEC’s inaugural Accountability Report is an effort to put our cards on the table, to show leadership by example, and to challenge ourselves to do better.

Key issues in the report: • MEC’s financial health • The environmental impacts of manufacturing our gear • Our ethical sourcing practices • Greenhouse gas emissions and greening our operations • The MEC workplace • MEC members’ diverse and changing needs • Our efforts to conserve wild spaces and improve access to the outdoors It also includes a section on governance, which will help your Board ensure the long-term well being of MEC.

Esther Speck, Vice-Chair The Accountability Report will be available in October. Please email to request a printed copy or download one online at How are we doing? Let us know what you think. Contact

GOOD Governance II improving The board’s performance The last News from Your Board had a brief article on how your Board operates. It included the statement that “the single most important requirement for good Board Governance is the quality of Directors.” Over the past three years, your Board has made a consistent and concerted effort to improve its performance. A major element of that effort has been the annual review. We started slowly, with each Director assessing the Board’s performance in the first year. The second year we added an assessment of our own performance

as Directors. Last year we included a peer review. At each step in the process we learned and discussed how we could improve. We also undertook training and development programs, both individually and as a group. The result, in my opinion, is that last year’s Board was MEC’s most effective one in the 15 years I have worked with the Board as a director and formerly as MEC’s CEO. Everyone participated, everyone contributed, and there was true mutual respect and support, both among the Directors and with management.

Learn more about your directors and what they do at

Not coincidentally, MEC had its best year ever in 2005. The synergy between an effective Board and strong management is powerful. Seven Directors from last year have returned this year, and our two new Directors are already demonstrating a high level of performance. Our goal is to make 2006 an even better year for MEC and, ultimately, for you. Bill Gibson, Treasurer


TWO OF A KIND. Photo Ryan Creary

Finding a compatible companion for self-propelled adventures is one of life’s sweetest pleasures. You want a partner whose strengths complement yours as yours complement theirs. You want a partner who shares your values. MEC is pleased to have found just such a match in Patagonia. SHARED EXCELLENCE Like MEC, Patagonia’s outdoor credentials are rock solid. Their Capilene® clothing set a new standard for synthetic base layers. Their pioneering welded seam construction makes garments lighter and softer, as well as more weathertight, compressible, and durable. Their ground-breaking BioMapTM knitting technology seamlessly integrates varying fabric types and densities onto a single piece of material. These innovations continue the Patagonia tradition of top-of-the-line quality and performance.

SHARED VALUES Like MEC, Patagonia is committed to providing products that excel in what they call the “silent sports” – non-motorized activities that renew our bonds with the natural world. They’ve donated tens of millions of dollars to grassroots environmental groups. They’re as innovative in introducing sustainable new manufacturing processes and materials as they are in improving technical function.

SHARED PASSIONS MEC and Patagonia share a boundless passion for adventure and The outdoors – and for quality outdoor equipment. That’s why MEC is pleased to offer Patagonia clothing to our members. See our full assortment at

It’s kind of funny. Most people don’t realize the hardest part of waiting out a big storm in a small tent is keeping everybody happy, because nerves will start to fray.

Ryan, MEC member. Selkirks, BC, canada.

Ryan Creary

waterproofbreathAbles 2 MEC™ Shield Bib Pants Designed to deliver durable, full-coverage, foul-weather protection for those travelling in high alpine environments. Made of fully seam-taped 3-ply GORETEX® XCR® with Schoeller® inserts. Fully articulated knees and through-the-crotch zip, operable while wearing Black. [m] S-XXL [w] XS-XL. • a harness. 5007-911 [m] 580g $290 5007-912* [w] 515g $290

Patagonia® at MEC

1 [m]

For even more options in waterproof-breathable clothing, check out our Patagonia products.

3-ply gore-tex® xcr®


1 MEC™ Aegis Jacket Our most rugged mountaineering jacket, built to endure the worst weather. 3-ply GORE-TEX® XCR® provides uncompromising comfort, durability, and protection. Slightly wider cut layers over a down jacket, etc. Top-of-thigh length for maximum coverage. Plenty of pockets keep essentials accessible. Fully adjustable hood fits over a helmet. Coal, Niagara, Poppy (shown). [m] S-XXL [w] XS-XL. • 5007-900 [m] 730g $340 5007-901* [w] 640g $340

2 [m]

3 MEC™ Spectre Jacket Striking the balance between an ultralight storm shell and a full-featured alpine jacket. This close-cut, technical 3-ply GORE-TEX® XCR® garment is geared for alpine climbing in unpredictable conditions. Layers beautifully over a soft shell for light insulation, and doesn’t rise up when you raise your arms. Fully adjustable hood fits over a helmet. Reinforced Curry (shown), Niagara high-wear areas. [m] S-XXL [w] XS-XL. • (shown), Poppy.

3 [w]

5007-907 [m] 540g $350 5007-908 [w] 495g $350 4 MEC™ Ether Pants Fully featured lightweight 3-ply GORE-TEX® XCR® pants that fit under a harness. Great for alpine climbing in variable conditions and a good complement to closefitting soft shell pants in foul weather. Adjustable leg hems cinch to boot tops. Side leg zips for ventilation. Black. Rugged Cordura® scuff guard ankle patches. [m] S-XXL [w] XS-XL. • 4 [m]

5007-909 [m] 435g $225 5007-910* [w] 410g $225

More gear and info online at


*Not shown


2 MEC™ Flight Pants For free riders who want close-fitting, highwaisted pants with the added breathability and weather resistance of 3-ply GORE-TEX® XCR®. Cut close and clean with ample room underneath for an insulating layer. Schoeller® Dryskin stretch waistband, with an adjustable drawcord, ensures a powder-proof seal. Articulated knees. 13mm seam tape. GluedBlack. [m] S-XXL in, internal gaiters. [w] XS-XL. • 5005-040 [m] 620g $265 5005-041* [w] 570g $265

3 MEC™ Sentinel Pants Lightweight and roomy 3-ply GORE-TEX® XCR® backcountry pants. Supple yet abrasion-resistant ripstop nylon face fabric. Articulated knees enhance mobility. Exposed Uretek leg zips with triple zipper sliders. Rugged Cordura® nylon scuff guards over Black. GORE-TEX Classic at ankles. [m] S-XXL [w] XS-XL. •

1 [m]

1 MEC™ Targa Jacket This jacket delivers hard-core backcountry functionality with a wink to casual urban style. For minimalist skiers and boarders looking for a 3-ply GORE-TEX® XCR® jacket to ward off unexpected weather. 13mm seam taping highlights the immaculate finishing. Ultra-compact, foldaway GORE™ Black, Bluebell (w only), Chili, Niagara PACLITE® hood. [m] S-XXL [w] XS-XL. • (m only). 5001-067 [m] 560g $300 5001-069* [w] 490g $300

4012-922 [m] 445g $165 4012-923* [w] 405g $165 3 [m]

2 [m]

3-ply entrant® [m]


MEC™ Gravitate: Built for front-country riders and skiers, the Gravitate delivers a great balance of waterproof-breathable performance, value, and style. The Entrant-EV™ non-porous membrane is enhanced with a Super Durable Water Repellency treatment that minimizes wet-out to maximize breathability. The relatively relaxed fit allows full mobility and easy integration of insulating layers. Made in China. 4 IMPROVED MEC™ Gravitate Jacket Now has a weather-tight, helmet-compatible [m] Black, Marine, Stainless integrated hood. Steel (shown). [w] Azure (shown), Black, Stainless [m] S-XXL [w] XS-XL. Steel. 5010-887 [m] 690g $185 5010-888 [w] 645g $185


5 IMPROVED MEC Gravitate Pants Black (shown), Shadow (shown). [m] S-XXL [w] XS-XL. ™

5010-889 [m] 685g $170 5010-890 [w] 610g $170



2-ply gore-tex® 6 MEC™ Typhoon Pants 2-ply GORE-TEX® pants with full-length side zips. Zipper flaps secure with three snaps, permit good venting, and seal out drips. Rugged scuff patches protect ankles. Elastic waistband. Adjustable drawcord. Made in China. Black. [m] S-XXL, Tall S-XL [w] S-XL, Petite S-XL. 5005-012 [m] 490g $98 5005-013* [w] 460g $98 7 MEC™ Monsoon Jacket This 2-ply GORE-TEX® jacket delivers MEC’s traditional quality, value, and backcountry performance. Tuck-away, volume-adjustable hood with snaps. Longer cut provides [m] Black, full foul-weather protection. Made in China. Marine (shown), Olive, Redwood. [w] Black, Blackberry, [m] S-XXL, Tall S-XL [w] S-XL, Bluebell, Pear (shown). Petite S-XL. 5004-997 [m] 680g $155 5004-998 [w] 630g $155

6 [m] 7 [w]

8 [m] [m]


2-ply entrant® 8 MEC™ Yoho Jacket Excellent value in a basic yet stylish 2-ply Entrant-V™ jacket. Hip length; loose, comfy fit. Nylon face fabric. Zip-off hood. [m] Black, Blue Steel, Cocoa (shown), Made in China. Olive. [w] Black, Cocoa, Ice Blue, Raspberry (shown). [m] S-XXL, Tall M-XL [w] S-XL, Petite S-XL.

9 MEC™ Gaspesie Pants The logical companion to the Yoho Jacket left, with similar construction. Zippered gussets for easy changing. Adjustable elastic waistband. Protective scuff patches. Black. [m] S-XXL, Made in China. Tall M-XL [w] S-XL, Petite S-XL.

5005-026 [m] 610g $130 5005-032 [w] 520g $130

5005-033 [m] 380g $78 5005-036* [w] 350g $78

More gear and info online at

MEC Staff Tip “Before going into the backcountry to snowshoe or ski, take an RAC course. It can save your life, and the lives of your friends. Our website,, has more information.” Karen, Finance MEC Head Office, Vancouver 9 [m]

*Not shown


Tech Talk Overall coverage Uninsulated waterproof-breathables, rainwear, and windwear are known as shell garments. (They’re sometimes called “hard shells” to distinguish them from soft shells -- see page 15.) Shell garments are the outer component of a classic layering system. They shield you (and any other layers you’re wearing) from wind, rain, and snow. Waterproof-breathables are the most versatile shells. They offer the greatest comfort across the widest range of conditions. Waterproof-breathables are breathable (surprise!), but not infinitely so. Get the most from them by being proactive. Before setting off in the morning, remove some layers under your shell until you’re slightly cool; you’ll warm up as you hike, ski, or snowshoe. Planning ahead this way minimizes overheating and sweating. Likewise, when you stop for lunch or to make camp, slip some more insulation under the shell before you start to chill. It’s easier to stay warm than to rewarm.

Learn more at

1 [m]


unlined entrant® MEC™ Hydrofoil: Head-to-toe waterproof-breathable coverage for less than $200 for both pieces. Built for outdoor generalists, the Hydrofoils feature EntrantDT™ coating on mini-twill ripstop 100% nylon, topped off with Kudos Super Durable Water Repellency treatment. Their unlined construction makes them extremely light and compact, so they’re more likely to be in your pack when you need them. Relatively loose fit allows for easy movement and layering. Fully seam-taped. Made in China.

Email News Be among the first to hear about outdoor events, special offers, and news, including tips from MEC’s expert staff.

1 MEC Hydrofoil Jacket Integral, fully adjustable hood with reinforced brim for full weather resistance. Pit zips for added ventilation. All flaps stiffened to prevent catching Algae, (m only), Black in zippers. Hip-length. (shown), Deep Sea (shown). Poppy (w only). [m] S-XXL [w] XS-XL.

Photo Linda Bily

5009-308 [m] 425g $100 5009-309 [w] 395g $100 2 MEC™ Hydrofoil Pants Articulated knees for enhanced range of motion. Full-length side zips for increased ventilation. Elastic waistband with adjustable drawcord. Black (shown), Coal. [m] S-XXL [w] XS-XL. 5006-791 [m] 300g $68 5006-792* [w] 290g $68

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*Not shown


wondering where the skis went? They’re moving to a new MEC Snowsports Catalogue. We’ve been producing a specialized Paddling Catalogue for years. It’s been hugely popular with our members who kayak and canoe. Now skiers and snowshoers also get to enjoy an MEC catalogue made especially with their sports in mind. It’s coming out in October – just in time for winter!

Photo Ryan Creary

Pick one up in our stores or download it from

soft shells 1 MEC™ Hyjinx Jacket For alpine climbing in variable conditions. Stretchy Schoeller® WB-400 soft shell fabric resists wind, water, and abrasion. Waterproof-breathable Entrant® Dermizax® in the shoulders and the adjustable, helmet-compatible hood. Fit allows for Black, Chartreuse/Dolphin (w only, shown), under-layering. [m] S-XXL Fire/Dolphin (m only), Niagara/Dolphin (shown). [w] XS-XL. • 5007-917 [m] 770g $225 5007-918 [w] 675g $225

2 [m]


2 MEC™ Urbane Composite Jacket A performance piece with city-friendly flare. Offers the alpine performance of Polartec® Power Shield® fabric with a smooth weather-resistant outer face and a high-loft inner. Ideal for low to moderate output in cool to cold conditions. Moderately close fit enhances the jacket’s slick profile, helps eliminate cold [m] Black/Dusty Grey, Cypress/Chalk, spots, and improves breathability. Shadow/Grey (shown). [w] Black/Dusty Grey, Bluebell, Pear/Sprout (shown). [m] S-XXL [w] XS-XL. • 5008-509 [m] 535g $140 5008-510 [w] 460g $140

1 [w]


3 MEC™ Pamir Jacket A soft shell built for most backcountry weather conditions. Polartec® Power Shield® Light fabric is tough, breathable, and comfortable. Wear as an insulated windshell, or mid-layer in fouler [m] Black, Niagara (shown). [w] Black, conditions. Athletic fit. [m] S-XXL [w] XS-XL. • Chartreuse (shown), Raspberry. 5000-780 [m] 390g $145 5000-781 [w] 360g $145



3 [m]


Tech Talk all in one (pretty much) A soft shell can blend the functions of two or three garments into one. Depending on the fabric, its treatments, and thermal properties, a soft shell can serve as underwear and/or insulation and/or a weather-resistant shell. The result: low-profile coverage that maximizes freedom of movement. It doesn’t bunch or bind, and its sleek fit makes for great thermal efficiency. Soft shells are comfortable in a wide range of activities and weather conditions. They’re also practical because you don’t have to add or remove layers at awkward times (say, adventure racing or when you’re halfway up the third pitch). Plus they’re great for everyday hiking and backpacking.

MEC™ Ferrata: Made of stretchy Schoeller® Dryskin Extreme, featuring Cordura® on the outside for abrasion resistance and Coolmax® polyester on the inside for comfort. The result is a superb balance of durability, breathability, light insulation, and weather resistance. The Ferratas are optimized for low-profile coverage while you’re on the move in cold conditions. In nastier conditions, slip them over light or midweight underwear or under waterproof-breathable shells. • 4 MEC™ Ferrata Hoodie Close-fitting hood fits under a helmet. Handwarmer pockets are set high to [m] Black, stay clear of a harness. Chestnut (shown), Dijon. [w] Black, [m] S-XXL Raspberry (shown). [w] XS-XL. • 5007-957 [m] 465g $155 5007-958 [w] 420g $155

These garments are weather-resistant, not weatherproof. So if you’re slowing down, or it’s raining hard, augment your soft shell with additional insulation and/or a waterproof-breathable. You’ll be good to go. Or stay.

Learn more at

5 MEC™ Ferrata Ultra Pants For climbers and mountaineers looking for super tough and versatile pants built to endure serious mountain-side abuse. Double reinforced knees and seat. Cut for comfort and maximum mobility. [m] 30-38 [w] 6-14. • Carbon (shown), Dull Navy. 5000-774 [m] 550g $145 5000-775* [w] 470g $145

4 [w]


7 MEC™ Tactic Pants Designed for climbers pushing onward and upward in cool to cold alpine conditions. Made of Malden Mills® Polartec® Power Shield® Light: a stretch-woven nylon fabric bonded to a low-loft fleece backer. Roomy enough to wear over light or midweight long johns, slim enough to slide beneath shell Black. 30-38. • pants.

5 [m]

5007-919 [m] 430g $160

More Online 6 MEC Ferrata Simplex Pants Great all around pants for use in nearly any backcountry situation – summer or winter. Reasonably close fit, somewhere between snug Black, Dull pants and generously cut tights. [m] 30-38 [w] 6-14. • Navy (shown). ™

5001-337 [m] 410g $115 5001-338* [w] 370g $115 6 [m]

This catalogue shows just a small sample of our products. For thousands more choices, visit one of our stores. Or shop online, where you’ll get detailed product information, larger pictures, and plenty of gear info. 7 [m]

Visit us today at *Not shown



Tech Talk down Down is one of nature’s finest insulators. Nothing matches its compressibility, resilience, and warmth for weight. Often mistaken for feathers, down is in fact plumules – tiny pods of light, fluffy filaments that line the underside of waterfowl feathers. All down-fillled garments, however, contain some feathers and feather fibres. Fill power is a measure of down quality. Higher numbers mean more insulation per weight (e.g., 800 fill-power is warmer than 650 fill-power). Caring for Down

1 NEW [w]

Despite its light and fragile appearance, down is very durable. To clean and maintain your down garment: • Close zippers before washing.

1 NEW Patagonia Down Jacket A classic down jacket loaded with features for cold and frosty places. Lightweight shell fabric is a durable microdenier ripstop polyester, with a Deluge® DWR (durable water repellency) finish. Insulated with 700 fill-power goose down, and pieced together with simple sewn-through construction, it’s compressible and packable. Cut to accommodate inner layers when you need extra warmth. Collar is lined with soft, brushed tricot for comfort next to the skin. Elasticized cuff [m] Black, Channel closures keep your wrists warm. Blue, Crimson (shown). [w] Black, Petal Pink (shown), [m] S-XL [w] XS-L. Radar Blue.

• Use a specialty down cleaning soap.

5010-683 [m] 650g $275 5010-685 [w] 510g $275

Learn more at


• Wash gently by hand or use a front-loading washing machine on the gentle cycle. • Run the garment for at least two rinse cycles. • Machine dry using a front-loading dryer large enough for the garment to tumble freely. Set to the lowest heat. Add a clean tennis shoe or tennis ball to break up the down clumps. Make sure the garment is completely dry before removing. A well-cared-for down garment will provide you with comfort and warmth for many years.


2 NEW Patagonia® Down Sweater This ultralight and ultra-warm jacket performs well in frigid mountain conditions. Made of a mini-ripstop polyester with a Deluge® DWR (durable water repellency) treatment. Minimalist design to fit over base layers. Quilted construction keeps the 800 fill-power goose down in place. Two zippered hand pockets with lightweight coil zippers, nylon-bound elastic cuffs, and a [m] Channel Blue drawcord hem to seal out cold air. (shown), Orange Jolt, Palm Leaf. [w] Leaf, Ridge Blue, [m] S-XL [w] XS-L. Rio-Red (shown).

Photo Paul Bride

5010-684 [m] 285g $230 5010-687 [w] 250g $230 2 NEW [m]




3 [m]

4 NEW [m] [w]

3 Cloudveil® Down Patrol Jacket Features a GORE™ WINDSTOPPER® nylon outer shell and 650 fill-power goose down insulation – a unique spin on the standard puffy coat. Sewn-through quilted construction. Cut to allow light additional layers. Removable powder skirt blocks drafts and keeps out spindrift and snow. Zip-off, Black, Leaf (shown, m only), Plum removable hood. [m] S-XL [w] XS-L. (shown, w only). 5008-161 [m] 965g $305 5008-162 [w] 880g $305

4 NEW Cloudveil® Spacewalk Jacket When you need light insulation for alpine skiing or roaming the backcountry in cool and dry conditions, this PrimaLoft® PL1 insulated, Schoeller® Dynamic soft shell jacket answers the call. Rider-friendly features include a powder skirt, internal stretch panels, and an adjustable hood. Mid-thigh length. Zippered handwarmer pockets, and chest pocket with stretch mesh pocket bag, handle any storage issues. [m] Cumin (shown), Pompei. [w] Chocolate, Lavender. [m] S-XL [w] XS-L. 5010-914 [m] 910g $295 5010-915* [w] 780g $295

5 NEW Cloudveil® Iceflower Jacket Striking a good balance between performance outerwear and street-worthy style, this is a versatile piece for general outdoor pursuits. Cut to reach the top of the thigh, with a flattering, contoured waist, and a close fit for layering. PrimaLoft® Sport insulation keeps you warm while the 100% nylon taffeta, with a super DWR (durable water repellency) treatment, repels wind and light rain. Two handwarmer Lavender pockets and one secure internal pocket. XS-L. (shown), Storm.

5 NEW [w]

5010-907 [w] 535g $170

Peace of Mind The Co-operators is offering NO COST 2 day multi-trip travel insurance to MEC members: insurance that even covers you for activities such as ice climbing, mountaineering, and skiing.

Just call The Co-operators at


Please have your MEC member number ready.

More gear and info online at

6 NEW Cloudveil® Circuit Jacket Sometimes you need a jacket that performs in the backcountry as well as closer to home. Enter the Circuit. Insulated with a light layer of PrimaLoft® Sport, beneath a weather-resistant nylon taffeta shell with a super DWR 6 NEW [m] (durable water repellency) treatment, this jacket balances performance and street-worthy style. Close fitting. Cut to reach the top of the thigh for mobility. Two handwarmer Pompei (shown), pockets and one secure internal pocket. S-XL. Storm. 5010-909 [m] 510g $170

*Not shown


1 NEW MEC™ Juggernaut Jacket A backcountry ski jacket built to provide great warmth and compressibility without added weight. Treated PrimaLoft® PL1 fibres keep you warm under the tear-resistant ultralight 100% ripstop nylon. Zip-off hood has a shockcord adjustment on each side so you can cinch it down for warmth. Front zipper flap extends into a wrap-over chin guard to protect against cold gusts. [m] Black, Blue Steel (shown), Two handwarmer pockets and one internal chest pocket. [m] S-XXL [w] XS-XL. • Chestnut, Fire. [w] Black, Icicle, Purple Haze, Raspberry. 5010-098 [m] 630g $165 5010-099* [w] 570g $165

1 NEW [m]

2 [m]

2 MEC™ Frobisher 700 Parka An expedition-grade garment, roomy enough to fit over other insulating layers. Fully baffled construction prevents cold spots. Nylon shell features GORE™ DRYLOFT® for windproofness and moisture resistance. Canadian-sourced and processed 700+ fillPersimmon. [m] S-XXL [w] XS-XL. • power goose down. 4015-540 [m] 1.2kg $450 4015-541* [w] 1.1kg $450

3 [m]

3 MEC™ Cygnus 700 DL Jacket A sophisticated combination of baffled and offset quilt construction makes this an outstanding all around, highperformance down garment. The tightly woven microfibre polyester shell, and GORE™ DRYLOFT® hood and shoulder panels, provide moisture and wind resistance. Hip-length cut and moderate fit for easy layering. Insulated with Canadian[m] Black, sourced 700+ fill-power goose down. Dusty Grey/Carbon (shown), Tangerine. [w] Black, Niagara, [m] S-XXL [w] XS-XL. • Tangerine. 4 NEW [m]

5005-054 [m] 825g $310 5005-056* [w] 785g $310 4 NEW MEC™ Inertia Down Jacket A lightweight down jacket that disappears in your pack until called upon at lunch breaks or as emergency warmth. The rugged and compressible 700+ fill-power goose down is secured with simple, sewn-through construction. The fit is trim, not tight, to allow for inner layers. Shell is a lightweight 20-denier, 100% polyester with a DWR (durable [m] Black, Chestnut, water repellency) treatment. Fire (shown). [w] Black, Chartreuse, Raspberry (shown). [m] S-XXL [w] XS-XL. • 5010-083 [m] 585g $250 5010-084 [w] 515g $250


5 [m]

5 MEC™ Magma Jacket For ice climbers on-belay, winter mountaineers, and skiers needing warmth at lunch. Soft PrimaLoft® PL1 insulation keeps you warm, while the light 40-denier GORE™ DRYLOFT® ripstop nylon shell repels spindrift. Roomy for accommodating insulating Black (w only), Carbon (m only), layers, easy to stuff into a pack. [m] S-XXL [w] XS-XL. • Niagara, Tangerine (shown). 5005-060 [m] 850g $205 5005-061* [w] 760g $205


6 IMPROVED MEC™ Kamouraska Parka Designed with winter walks, star gazing, and other low-output activities in mind, this generous full-length women’s coat features double offset quilted construction and luxurious goose down. Integrated baffled hood with removable faux fur trim keeps out biting cold and wintry winds. Cross-dyed nylon/polyester shell fabric. Insulation is 550 fill-power goose down. Internal chest pocket has MP3 headphone hole. Azure (shown), Black, Coffee. XS-XL. • 5011-314 [w] 1.1kg $295

Check Availability Before you drop in to your local MEC store, check our website to see if what you want is in stock. Visit



7 IMPROVED MEC™ Frontenac Parka The quintessential Canadian parka – an excellent choice for low-output activities such as walks on local trails on cold winter days. Made of 70-denier nylon for excellent abrasion resistance, with a super durable water repellency finish. Insulated with 550 fill-power goose down for superior warmth. Baffled hood with removable faux fur trim. Black, Blue Steel (shown), Coffee. S-XXL. •

8 [m]

9 NEW [m]

5011-318 [m] 1.4kg $295

9 NEW MEC™ Frostbreaker Jacket A warm, durable parka at an exceptionally reasonable price. For general snowy fun and moderate aerobic activities in frigid conditions. Waterproof-breathable Entrant® shell, with a super durable water repellency treatment, keeps you dry while MEC Hyperloft insulation keeps you warm. Moderately roomy fit accommodates a range of body shapes and allows for layers. Made [m] Black, Driftwood, Marine in Thailand. (shown). [w] Black, Blackberry, Bluebell. [m] S-XXL [w] XS-XL.

8 MEC Tremblant 575 Jacket and Vest Featuring warm, durable, and soft 575 fill-power duck down in a soft nylon shell, these garments are perennial best-sellers at MEC. Sewn-through construction in the torso, with doublequilting through the shoulders, ensures even coverage and warmth. Snug but not tight fit, with a kidney-covering length at the back. Draft-dodging, close-fitting collar. Zippered inside pocket/stuff sack. [m] Algae (shown), Black, Cocoa, Shadow Made in China. (Vest only, shown). [w] Black, Blackberry, Cocoa (Vest only), Raspberry. [m] S-XXL [w] XS-XL. ™

4015-523 [m] Jacket 835g $110 4015-524* [w] Jacket 785g $110 4015-520 [m] Vest 420g $60 4015-521* [w] Vest 360g $60

More gear and info online at


5010-465 [m] 1.0kg $125 5010-466* [w] 990g $125

*Not shown


FLEECE LIGHTWEIGHT FLEECE 1 NEW Patagonia® R1.5 Jacket Great alone or over a thin base layer when you’re on the move in colder temps or on blustery days. BioMap® knitting seamlessly integrates denser, warmer fleece over the body core. Open, gridded, more breathable fleece on underarms, back, cuffs, and hem. Regulator 1.5 Polartec® Thermal Pro® fleece, double-sided with a wicking [m] finish. Mesh slits provide mobility in high-flex zones such as shoulder blades. [m] S-XL [w] XS-L. Mango, Royal (shown). [w] Crimson, Icelandic Blue (shown). 5011-019 [m] 425g $180 5011-006 [w] 385g $180 [w] 2 [m]

1 NEW [w]

2 MEC™ Micro Check Vee and Crew Sweaters The recessed grid pattern of Polartec® Micro Check fleece makes these sweaters compact, [m] Black, warm, and incredibly breathable. Trim but forgiving fit layers beautifully. [m] Chalk, Marine (shown), Redwood. [w] Black, Blackberry, Bluebell, Pear (shown). S-XXL [w] XS-XXL. • 4014-576 [m] Vee 220g $42 4017-528 [w] Crew 195g $42

3 Sportif Flurry Zip-T Featuring a snug fit and clean lines that optimize thermal performance and allow for easy layering. Venting neckline for variable warmth. Polyester textured fleece. Contemporary colours and surface Black, Bluebell (shown). S-XL. texture. 5009-599 [w] 210g $32

3 [w]

4 Sportif Svelte Pullover An easy-fitting casual pullover. Great around camp, in the cabin, or on daytrips. Cut loosely to fit easily over base layers. Exterior is knit polyester, with a sweater-like texture. Inside layer is polyester microfleece for warmth and moisture management. Bonding between the layers is discontinuous, for Algae/Charcoal (shown), maximum breathability. M-XXL. Black/Khaki.


4 [m]


5010-259 [m] 455g $49



5 IMPROVED MEC™ Volant Jacket and Pants Tremendous versatility, comfort, and mobility have made the Volants wildly popular. Now they’ve been updated with trimmer styling for even better performance. The clean lines of these lightweight fleece pieces make them exceptional mid-layers or heavy base layers on very cold days. The highly breathable Malden Mills® Polartec® Classic 100™ has a bit of LYCRA®, allowing a trim fit without any compromise in mobility. Main seams on the jacket are flat-locked to reduce layering bulk. Pants have a rear pocket Jacket Black, Bluebell (shown, and a comfortable non-roll waistband. [m] S-XXL w only), Redwood (shown, m only). Pants Black. [w] XS-XL. • 5010-373 [m] Jacket 285g $55 5010-372 [w] Jacket 280g $55 5010-378* [m] Pants 240g $45 5010-374* [w] Pants 190g $45

MEC Staff Tip “When filtering very dirty water, use a paper coffee filter as a prefilter. Wrap it around the intake hose with a twist tie and start pumping. The coffee filter will block larger debris and save you from cleaning the filter as often.” Jonathan, Product Team Leader MEC Ottawa store





MIDWEIGHT FLEECE 6 IMPROVED MEC™ Slipstream Jacket and Zip-Crotch Pants Excellent insulating mid-layers for ice climbing or backcountry skiing. We’ve made the fit a bit trimmer on the third generation of these popular pieces, but kept the great fabric: Polartec® Power Stretch® polyester fleece, enhanced with a Hardface® polyurethane coating for greater abrasion resistance, water repellency, and wind resistance, while still providing lots of breathability. Patterns and pocket placements designed to accommodate Black, Icicle (shown, w Jacket only), Pesto harnesses. Important: wash separately. [m] S-XXL [w] XS-XL.• (shown, m Jacket only). 5010-551 [m] Jacket 570g $110 5010-550 [w] Jacket 455g $110 5010-553* [m] Pants 450g $99 5010-552* [w] Pants 420g $99

More gear and info online at

7 NEW [m]

7 NEW Patagonia® R2 Jacket An excellent midweight technical layering jacket. The new R2 fabric has variegated fibres: some are lightweight for loft and warmth, others are denser to support the high-loft fibres. The result is enhanced compressibility, breathability, stretch, warmth, and wind resistance. Articulated elbows and stretchy panels under arms and along the torso reduce bulk. Main body: R2 Polartec® Thermal Pro® polyester fleece. Panels: R1 Polartec Power Dry® [m] Crimson (shown), Whale Blue. polyester/spandex treated with a wicking finish. [w] Leaf (shown), Ridge Blue. [m] S-XL [w] XS-L. 5011-021 [m] 370g $180 5011-007 [w] 325g $180

*Not shown


1 MEC™ Trek Jacket, Vest, and Pants These simple, functional favourites are made of rugged and warm Polartec® Classic 200™ fleece. Relaxed fit for a wide range of body shapes and sizes. Thoughtful features include zippered handwarmer pockets and flat-locked seams that reduce bulk and make for comfortable layering. With their quality fabric, careful construction, and great prices, Trek fleeces deliver classic MEC value. Made in [m] Jacket Black, Cedar, Driftwood, Hudson Thailand. Blue (shown). Vest Black, Driftwood, Hudson Blue (shown). Pants Black, Carbon. [w] Jacket Black, Bluebell, Pear (shown), Lavender. Vest Black, Bluebell, Lavender (shown). Pants Black, Carbon. [m] S-XXL (Pants n/a in XXL), Tall M-XL (Vest n/a in Tall). [w] S-XXL (Pants n/a in XXL), Petite S-L (Vest n/a in Petite).

Tech Talk as Warm as you want to be

1 [m]

Underwear layers are like drywall inside your home. Shell garments are akin to the boards, brick, or cladding on the outside. Fleece is like the insulation between the two: it’s what truly keeps you warm. Without adequate insulation, you’ll be cold no matter how well the rest of your clothing keeps out wind and rain. Unlike insulation in your house walls, you can fine-tune your fleece to your own needs. If you’re working hard, or it’s not too cold, lightweight fleece should keep you warm without heating you up too much. If your activity level or the thermometer drops, try midweight or heavyweight fleece instead of, or along with, the lightweight stuff.

5000-814 [m] Jacket 420g $39 5000-822 [w] Jacket 390g $39 5000-825 [m] Vest 310g $29 5000-826 [w] Vest 280g $29 5000-827* [m] Pants 390g $29 5000-829* [w] Pants 365g $29

Down or synthetic-filled clothing is lighter and more compact, but fleece wins hands-down in near-indestructibility. It retains its warmth-giving loft for years, rarely tears or abrades, and provides considerable insulation even when damp. When the weather is calm and dry, you can peel off your waterproof-breathable jacket or wind shell, and wear your fleece on its own. Some new versions of fleece have built-in coatings or membranes that block wind and, to a limited degree, rain. This means you can carry on in different types of weather without the binding and bunching of an outer shell. You can layer lighter fleece underneath for additional warmth. And should the snow and sleet gods snarl, you can always slip your waterproof-breathable jacket back on.

Learn more at [w]


2 NEW [w]

[w] [m]

2 NEW MEC™ Amenity Jacket A high-tech twist on tradition, tailored to work as the mid-layer of a traditional layering system. Intended for multi-day mountain trips, this jacket has superb construction and cutting-edge fabrics. The Polartec® Thermal Pro® fleece is a special Biomimicry version inspired by the fur of arctic animals. Longer, coarser “guard hairs” on the fabric create and maintain loft. These are interspersed with a dense “underfur” of microfibres that trap warm air. The result: an outstanding warmth-to-weight ratio, superb moisture transfer, and excellent breathability. Side panels and underarms are Polartec Power Stretch® fleece for range of motion and breathability without the weight and bulk of zippered underarm vents. Chartreuse (shown, w only), Coal, Fire (shown, m only). [m] S-XXL [w] XS-XL. • 5010-370 [m] 400g $95 5010-369 [w] 365g $95



HEAVYWEIGHT FLEECE 3 [w] 3 MEC™ Fifi Jacket This lightweight, urban-friendly women’s jacket delivers the heavyweight warmth of Polartec® Thermal Pro® bouclé fleece. The unique fabric offers the warmth of high-loft fleece with a unique outer texture that is sure to turn a few heads. Ideal as an insulating mid-layer or as stand-alone Black, Raspberry outerwear in cool, calm conditions. XS-XL. • (shown).

6 NEW [w]

5007-896 [w] 400g $99

4 MEC™ Incumbent Jacket This slim and trim Polartec® Wind Pro® fleece jacket is four times more wind resistant than a traditional fleece jacket. A buttery soft, high-loft backer offers exceptional warmth for the weight. Cut to fit close to improve thermal efficiency and layering potential. A superb all around piece. Cocoa (shown), Coal. S-XXL. • 5007-881 [m] 715g $99

4 [m]


5 [m]

WINDPROOF FLEECE 6 NEW Patagonia® Lightweight R4 Jacket Active in brisk weather? This warmer, stretchy piece blocks wind without impeding your mobility or causing you to get uncomfortably overheated. Low-nap microfleece with a stretchy middle layer of Polartec® Windbloc® and inner R1 voided grid construction for wicking and insulation. Underarms are non-laminated stretch R1 for maximum mobility and breathability. Neck gasket reduces heat loss and wind penetration. One external zippered chest stash pocket. Two internal pockets. Two zippered hand pockets, placed high for harness compatibility. Drawcord hem. Regular fit accommodates some layering, but keeps the [m] Black (shown), Sultan silhouette trim. Red. [w] Persian Red (shown), Starfruit. [m] S-XL [w] XS-L.

5 MEC™ Haste Jacket Descended from our popular Katabat tops, and improved in both price and performance. The main fabric is Malden Mills® Polartec® Windbloc® fleece. Thanks to its polyurethane membrane, it’s windproof, yet stretchy and easy moving. A DWR treatment fends off light precipitation. Capestyle shoulders eliminate stitching around the neck, and flat seams reduce chafing. Low-profile microfleece collar feels cozy next to the skin. Fold-over chin guard protects faces. Full-length flaps behind the zippers seal out drafts. Two high pockets with mesh pocket bags let you warm your hands. Polartec Power Stretch® underarm and wrist inserts reduce bulk, improve ventilation, and enhance freedom of Black, Bluebell (shown, movement. Made in Thailand. [m] S-XXL [w] XS-XL. w only), Driftwood (shown, m only). 5007-886 [m] 515g $99 5007-887 [w] 490g $99

More gear and info online at

5011-022 [m] 510g $225 5011-008 [w] 470g $225 [w]

*Not shown


Riding is not a series of calculated moves like climbing or whitewater. You’re just out there to have a good time and have as much fun as you can.


Ryan Creary





TRAINERS 1 Inline® Fluid Trainer Italian-made, sealed unit offers smooth, quiet resistance that increases as you pedal faster. Strong, stable aluminum frame. Large fins disperse heat. Folds for storage. Accepts most road and mountain bike wheels. 5006-910 9.2kg $259

2 NEW Tacx Cycleforce

Sirius Mag Trainer

Magnetic brake, soft gel rolling cylinder, and stainless steel running surface. Quiet and durable. Ergonomic, stable frame springs lightly in use and folds for storage. Ten resistance levels. Setting lever fits even oversized handlebars. 5011-708 9.1kg $320

LIGHTS 3 NEW Planet Bike™ Alias HID

4 Planet Bike™ Beamer 5 LED Front Lightset

Integrated 14.4V lithium ion battery charges in under 3hrs. and provides a clean profile and quick attachment. Solarc Light technology bulb is equivalent to 40W. Run time: 2.5hrs. on high, 3.25hrs. on low. Mounting bracket and carry case included.

Flashing and steady modes, with extremely bright LEDs. QuickCam™ mounting. Burn time: 100hrs. Two AA batteries included.

Lighting System

5010-451 110g $17.75

5011-275 950g $389




5 NEW Nite Hawk® K2 Emitter Lightset Super-bright LED and lens technology for brightness akin to a 15W halogen bulb. Settings include 100, 50, 25, 10, and 5%, plus several flashing modes. Burn times: 4.75 to 74hrs. Includes a NiMH battery pack and ultra-fast digital charger. • 5011-877 1.2kg $159

6 NEW Nite Hawk® Emitter Pro Lightset Ultra-bright LED with a custom-engineered lens for brightness similar to a 10W halogen bulb. Burn time: 100% 9hrs+, 10% 96hrs. Fully adjustable aluminum head. Uses four AA alkaline or rechargeables (sold separately). •

7 NEW Filzer i-Beam Rear Light Waterproof design with rubber seal. Six bright red LEDs help make sure you’re seen from behind. Uses two CR-2032 lithium batteries (included). Burn time: 150hrs.

8 MEC™ Turtle Front and Rear LED A tiny single LED light. Small elastic band attaches to handlebar, fork, or keychain. Two modes: solid and fast flash. Rear light is red. Burn time: 100+hrs. Two CR-2032 lithium batteries included. Made in China. 5006-705 White 10g $3.50 5006-706 Red 10g $3

5011-880 15g $7.75

5011-762 920g $69

ACCESSORIES 9 NEW MEC™ Hardshell Arm and

Leg Armour


Excellent protection for off-roading or terrain parks. Polyethylene joint cups and forearm/ shin guards, combined with laminated mesh, and comfortable compression-moulded foam that’s been perforated to reduce heat and moisture build-up. All carefully articulated for maximum mobility and securely strapped to stay in place. Made in China. 5011-442 Arm 300g $35 5011-441 Leg 800g $47

More gear and info online at

11 NEW


11 NEW Exustar® E-SM450 Winter


10 Pryme® 8 Helmet A hard-shell multi-sport helmet for off-road riding, inline skating, skateboarding, etc. Includes inner padding to ensure custom fit. Black, Grey, White. XS/S, M/L, XL.

For cold but not deep-freeze conditions. (For extra warmth, choose a larger size and add extra socks.) Warm, weatherproof neoprene ankles. Uppers: lightweight polyurethane-coated leather. Aggressive nylon-fibreglass outsoles. SPD® compatible 37-47. plates.

5006-627 445g $19

5011-761 1.0kg $79

*Not shown



1 VDO® C3DS Wireless


Reliable digital technology has almost none of the transmission or interference issues of analogue. 16 functions, 7 language options. Wireless Digital Cadence Transponder available (sold separately).

2 Filzer dB2L Cycling Computer Simple and affordable with a large, easyto-read two line display. Speedometer. Tripometer. Odometer. Auto trip timer. Speed comparator (pace relative to average speed). Speed tendency (acceleration and deceleration).

5010-457 50g $75

5005-087 70g $11.50

Digital Computer



4 Planet Bike™ Freddy Fender

Speedez Road Fenders

Super flexible, virtually unbreakable, all weather polycarbonate. Attachment system mounts in seconds to most road frames. Stainless hardware is pre-installed.

3 MEC™ Aqua-Not Panniers Built to withstand monsoons. 420-denier, high-tenacity packcloth with polyurethane coating in and out. Watertight radio-frequency welded seams. Rustproof hardware. RF-welded rear pocket with waterproof zippers. Secure, stable mounting system. Reflective Scotchlite® Black, Red. logos. Made in Thailand.

5009-474 405g $19.50

5010-454 Pair 46L, 1.7kg $179 5010-455* Single 18L, 850g $78


MAINTENANCE AND SAFETY 5 Filzer Chain Cleaner An inexpensive gadget for cleaning your chain while it’s still on the bike. Replacement brushes available. 5010-479 70g $16.50


6 Schwalbe® Snow Stud Tires Hardened steel studs provide optimal traction on icy roads. Grooves on the side of the tread dispel snow. Wire bead. For front or rear use. 4018-655 26 x 1.9in. 795g $55 4018-656* 700 x 38C 820g $55



7 Filzer Multi-Tool Make minor repairs with this multi-tool. Features a Torx® T25, Phillips, and flat screwdriver, hex wrenches (2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm), and socket-style 8mm allen key that fits on #6 hex. 5007-723 146g $5.75 8 Velomann V2500 Repair Stand Workstand with quality features like adjustable height and 360-degree rotation. Quick-release levers for fast and easy setup. Aluminum vise swivels on its own axis. Steel tube construction with aluminum joints. Includes work tray. 5010-504 6.0kg $109



9 Cactus Creek Safety Vest Hard-to-ignore super bright neon green for daytime visibility. Neon orange Reflexite® stripes for night-time safety. • 5005-691 120g $16.50




10 Planet Bike™ Extra Guard Sport II Long U-Lock


12 Planet Bike™ T-Handle Aluminum Mini Pump

Extra strong for medium- to high-risk areas. Hardened steel shackle/bar. Includes multi11 x 28cm. position mounting bracket.

11 Beto® Cycling Floor Pump Fits Presta and Schrader valves. Large, easy-to-read gauge. Steel barrel. 160psi.

Reversible Presta/Schrader valve with thumb-lock lever. Locking T-handle. Frame clips included. Aluminum body.

5007-735 1.2kg $16.50

4013-154 1.4kg $25

4010-971 145g $9.50


1 [w]

3 NEW [m]


2 [m]

CYCLING CLOTHING 1 MEC™ Whoosh Pants and Jacket Commuting functionality, with urban-friendly features. Polyester face laminated to waterproof-breathable Entrant®EV membrane. Reflective Scotchlite® strips enhance night-time safety. The jacket has a zip-away backflap for a casual bomber-cut profile when you’re on foot. The pants feature two-way polyurethane-­coated zippers that open to the top of the hip to provide ventilation and easy on/off, and articulated knees and seamless gusseted crotch for a Jacket Dull Navy full range of motion. Made in China. (w only), Mauritius Blue (m only), Red, Yellow (shown). Pants [m] S-XXL [w] S-XL (Pants also in XS). Black.

2 MEC™ Whirlwind Tights Sleek, stretchy tights featuring a windproof, breathable front panel and water-repellent treatment, with a brushed nylon/spandex back panel. Perfect for cool-weather Black. [m] S-XL, commuting or cross-country skiing. Tall M-XL. [w] XS-XL. • 5006-480 [m] 325g $75 5006-481* [w] 220g $75

5007-952* [m] Jacket 560g $175 5007-955 [w] Jacket 500g $175 5009-603* [m] Pants 415g $95 5009-604* [w] Pants 395g $95

3 NEW MEC™ Hydrocycle Jacket Our sleekest waterproof-breathable commuter jacket. Lightweight, with fully taped seams, pit zippers, and reflective trim. Mini-twill ripstop nylon with Entrant®-DT microporous polyurethane coating. Super DWR (durable water repellency) treatment. Semi-relaxed fit with lower back coverage. Men’s has sleeve pocket and zippered chest pocket; women’s has two zippered front pockets. Made in China. Note: stock n/a until end of October 2006. Azure (shown, w only), Coal (shown), Fire, Mauritius Blue [m] S-XXL [w] XS-XL. (m only). 5010-578 [m] 325g $115 5010-579 [w] 285g $115

4 MEC™ Super Microft™ Jacket This classic polyester commuter jacket is windproof and water repellent. Underarm zips and adjustable wrist closures. [m] Black, Mauritius Rear pocket becomes a carry pouch. Blue, Red (shown), Yellow. [w] Azure, Dull Navy, Red, Yellow. [m] S-XXL, Tall M-XL [w] XS-XL. • 5006-463 [m] 410g $65 5006-464* [w] 390g $65

4 [m]

5 [m]

5 MEC™ Cyclone Tights Relaxed-fitting tights ideal for rainy day commuting. Made of 75-denier stretch polyester knit laminated to Entrant®-EV, a non-porous waterproof-breathable membrane. Although the fabric is waterproof, the garment is not completely Black. [m] S-XXL [w] XS-XL. • waterproof, as the seams are not taped. 5008-988 [m] 240g $69 5008-989* [w] 210g $69

More gear and info online at

MEC Staff Tip “If you’re out in temperatures below freezing, it’s a good idea to have fully synthetic lubricants, as they are not affected by the cold. Oil tends to have a higher viscosity when it’s cold.” TJ, Rentals Coordinator MEC Halifax store

*Not shown



1 IMPROVED MEC™ Streamline Vest Wind-resistant core coverage that fits in a pocket. Now with reflective trim, an improved fit, and three rear pockets. Versatech® Lite Matrix ripstop polyester front; breathable [m] Black (shown), Niagara, Stainless polyester mesh back. [m] S-XXL Steel. [w] Azure, Black, Raspberry (shown). [w] XS-XL. • 5010-584 [m] 130g $44 5010-585 [w] 120g $44


2 [m]

2 MEC™ Cadence Jersey This midweight jersey provides extra warmth on cool rides. Stretchy nylon/spandex fabric with a flat outer face and brushed inner surface. Scotchlite® reflective logo on Azure (shown, back of collar. Three rear pockets. w only), Coal (shown), Mauritius Blue (m only). [m] S-XXL [w] S-XL. •


5009-275 [m] 325g $59 5009-276 [w] 285g $59

3 [m]

Tech Talk Cycle commute Safely Learn and follow the rules of the road. When you move predictably, it’s easier for motorists to avoid you. Besides, cyclists can’t demand respect as legitimate traffic if they don’t respect traffic laws.

3 MEC™ Vuelta Tights Eight-panel tights with a comfortable, stream-lined fit. Nylon/spandex fabric has a flat outer face and brushed inner Black. surface. Ankle zips. Gripper elastic on ankle cuffs. [m] S-XXL [w] S-XL. • 4017-761 [m] 275g $62 4017-762* [w] 250g $62

Bright clothing helps you stand out. Lights are essential at night, and a good idea on gloomy days. However, even if you’re lit up like Las Vegas, assume you’re invisible. Ride defensively. Scan ahead for potential trouble. Make eye contact. Signal your intentions. And yield to bad drivers, even if the law’s on your side. There’s not much satisfaction in being dead right.

4 MEC™ Nanu Lobster Gloves One pocket holds the index and middle fingers, the other the ring and pinky fingers. Increased warmth without decreased dexterity. Ripstop nylon, with Pittards® leather palms. Brushed polyester lining and synthetic insulation. Sniffle patches on Black. XS-XXL. thumbs. Made in Vietnam. 5009-077 180g $38

5 MEC™ Waterproof Cycling Shoe Covers Seam-taped packcloth and urethane-coated industrial fabric. Black. XS-XL Reflective strips. Made in Vietnam. (approx. 6-7 to 14-15).

Learn more at 5



5009-241 195g $29


6 NEW Castelli® Unity Jersey Designed specifically for women road cycling on cooler days. Midweight polyester, brushed for warmth and softness. Two rear pockets, one with a reflective logo. Athletic cut. Binding elastic at cuffs and hem prevent ride-up. Azure/Black (shown), White/Black/Pink. S-XL.

Looking for More? This catalogue features only some of our freeride and Castelli road products. There’s a much larger selection online and in-store.

5011-569 [w] 210g $75

Visit us at


7 NEW [m]

6 NEW [w]

7 NEW Castelli® Aquila Jersey For road cycling on days when more coverage is desired. Quick-wicking, fast-drying polyester, brushed on the back for a warm, soft texture. Athletic cut. Three rear pockets. Binding elastic at cuffs and hem. Reflective logo on lower Anthracite, Royal (shown). S-XXL. left pocket. 5011-566 [m] 230g $90


8 NEW Castelli® Windproof Cycling Gloves Excellent for cool, dry conditions. Windproof fabric features a thermo-regulating membrane sandwiched between a nylon/LYCRA® face, with a brushed interior. Synthetic suede palms. Neoprene wrists with Velcro® closures. Terry Black, Royal Blue/Black. S-XXL. wipes for drips. 5009-016 65g $69


10 DeFeet® Duraglove™ Seamless and lightweight. Wear them under shell gloves, or on their own. Cordura®, nylon, and LYCRA® on the outside for durability, soft CoolMax® on the inside for insulation and moisture transfer. Grippy rubber pattern on palms and Black. S-L. fingers. 5003-860 70g $17

More gear and info online at


9 DeFeet® Wool-E-Ator™ Socks High-quality, lightweight Australian merino wool, with a thermal weave instep for comfort and ventilation. Charcoal. S-XL. 4013-150 30g $11

DeFeet® Un-D Shurt™ and Tank* Offering outstanding moisture-wicking properties, these garments make a perfect base layer. Thin, breathable 90% MicroSupreme and 10% wicking polyester fabric. Extended tail for lower back protection. Open-weave White. construction promotes breathability. Unisex S-XL. 5006-747 L/S 100g $36 5006-745 Tank 80g $25 5006-746 S/S 100g $31

11 NEW [m]

11 NEW MEC™ Freeride Quilted Vest Warm enough for cool-weather cycling descents; stylish enough for après-riding activities. 100% recycled polyester shell and lining. Primaloft® insulation. Fleece collar. Relaxed fit. Two handwarmer pockets (one MP3 player-friendly). [m] Black, Clay (shown, m only), Raspberry (w only). [m] S-XXL [w] XS-XL. • 5010-581 [m] 390g $62 5010-582 [w] 340g $62

*Not shown


You don’t want to let go. You want desperately to be given the chance to climb but sometimes the weather just won’t let up.

KATY, MEC member and gear tester. SW pillar of cerro pollone, patagonia, argentina.

Andrew Querner





ICE TOOLS 1 NEW Black Diamond™ Reactor A high-performance tool for moderate to steep ice, scrappy alpine terrain, and dry-tool trials. The modular steel head offers optimal clearance and secure placements when climbing featured ice. Curved aluminum shaft has an offset grip for easy hand-switching, while aluminum-reinforced dual pommels protect fingers from abuse. Leashless, with a clip-in hole on the grip. B-rated Laser Pick is easily replaceable. 5011-532 Hammer 670g $185 5001-514* Laser Pick, B-rated 94g $35

2 Petzl® Charlet Quark This popular steep ice and mixed tool features a high-clearance shaft with an ergonomic grip. Enhanced hand notch at the bottom of the shaft reduces fatigue and facilitates leashless climbing. Aluminum throughout creates a lightweight, balanced tool. Comes with releasable Clipper leash (note: accidental leash release is a possibility) and B-rated pick. 5005-797 Hammer 645g $298 5005-799* Axe 645g $298 4014-140* Quark Pick, B-rated 130g $48 5001-542* 4mm Quad Pick, T-rated 130g $48

3 Grivel® Taa-k-oon A leashless tool developed for technical ice and mixed climbing. Its deep clearance curve clears obstacles without levering the pick out. The beefy T-rated Mixte Pick takes dry tooling in stride. An adjustable trigger distributes weight onto the strongest finger. The ergonomic pommel, designed specifically for leashless climbing, supports the hand. Hammer version only. Shaft is covered with non-slip material. 5005-757 730g $278 4011-183* Cascade Pick, B-rated 140g $53 5006-656* Mixte Pick, T-rated 134g $49

4 NEW Grivel® X Monster A specialized ice and mixed tool that acts like a hooked extension of your arm. Aggressively toothed pick (non-replaceable) is thin for good ice penetration, and has an integrated hammer. Rounded insulated handle is comfy to grip. Multiple grip possibilities along the shaft for single tooling, swapping, etc. Inexpensive, lightweight flat shaft technology contributes to great value. Leashless, but has a leash hole. Hot-forged, B-rated, CE certified. 5011-518 670g $150

MEC Staff Tip “Before ice climbing, heat your ice axe handles by placing them under your armpits. You will get more dexterity and comfort and you’ll be able to wear thinner gloves.”



5 NEW Grivel® Ice Tool Trigger A scoop-like rest that slides onto ice tools to create a platform for the hand or forefinger. Compatible with Grivel tools and some Two sizes: Small fits shafts up others. to 20 x 30mm, Large fits bigger shafts. 5008-678 20g $24


Hugo, Climbing Product Specialist MEC Quebec store Vizion Face Shield

6 Petzl® Elios Class This lightweight helmet has a durable hard shell with a foam liner to provide good protection. Glacier Blue (shown), Quick-adjust knob at back. Integral headlamp clips. CE certified. Size 1 fits 48-56cm pea heads, Size 2 fits 53-61cm massive craniums. Orange. 4017-545 325g $63 5001-534 Vizion Face Shield 60g $48

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*Not shown




1 NEW Grivel® Rambo 4 Adjustable, asymmetrical, fully rigid crampons for steep ice and mixed. Forged front points set up as dual/mono, symmetrical or offset, and can be quickly changed with a single screw. Shorter secondary front points amp up lateral stability. Rigid plastic antibot (included) has soft active sections to aid snow removal. Removable heel spur. Adjustable length. For Fits 38-48. rigid, welted boots.


2 Grivel® G14 Steep-ice-style front points combined with horizontal semi-rigid frames for all around alpinists. Easy dual/mono point conversion. Includes antibot plates with active snowexpelling design. Cramp-O-Matic style fits welted, rigid boots; New-Matic style Fits 36-47. requires only rear welts.

5011-700 1.1kg $239


5003-202* Cramp-O-Matic 1.1kg $228 5003-203 New-Matic 1.1kg $228



3 NEW 4 Black Diamond Sabretooth Semi-rigid, all-conditions crampons that excel on mixed alpine ground. Shearavoiding horizontal front points. Serrated teeth on secondary and midpoints to offer better bite. “Outboard” midpoints for excellent stability and traction. Clip style for boots without toe welts. Easy, tool-free adjustment. Antibot included. S/M fits [m] US 4½-10, M/L 7-13. ™

3 NEW Black Diamond™ Cyborg Modular, semi-rigid crampons for ice and hard mixed climbing. Rock-shoe-like precision comes from a combination of three front point configurations, articulated centre rail, and aggressive serrated primary points. Front points grip fine edges and small ice smears, while secondary points offer stability in softer ice and snow. Fits most boots with well-defined heel welts. Fits 36-46. Antibot included. 5011-533 1.05kg $205 5011-535* Antibot 110g $22.25

Outside Info Online We have the most comprehensive online network of outdoor clubs, courses, and events in Canada. It’s the best place to find used gear, a trip partner, or virtually any outdoor information you need.

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5 Petzl® Charlet M10 Many configurations for steep waterfall and mixed climbing. Rear and forward oriented secondary points. Semi-rigid design, strengthened upfront with vertical rail construction. Change from mono to dual, and/or symmetrical to offset front points. Fits 34-45. For welted, rigid boots only. 4013-918 1.06kg $243 4014-164* M10 Antibot 160g $42

6 Petzl® Charlet Fakir Semi-rigid carrying case for your crampons and other pokey things, such as ice screws and spare picks. Zip closure. Drainage/ ventilation holes. Nylon. 5005-801 155g $19

5005-792 Step-in 1.05kg $129 5005-791* Clip 1.05kg $119 5005-793* Antibot 98g $25






Note: All quick-release systems may accidentally unclip. 7 Black Diamond™ Android Quick-release clip detaches padded wrist loop from tool for fast, hassle-free protection placements and tool-free moves. 4015-701 105g $45 8 Black Diamond Robo Padded wrist cradle. Double D-ring closure works well even when iced up.

9 Petzl® Charlet Freelock Can be retrofitted to any tool. Cinches with one-handed downward pressure; tightness adjusts with buckle. Moulded foam cradle.

4013-820 65g $18

5001-865 40g $25

10 Petzl® Charlet Clipper Detachable For Petzl tools; can be retrofitted to other tools that have similar holes on shaft. 5001-540 62g $53 See page 80 for size conversions.


12 Photo Katherine Fraser


ICE PROTECTION 12 Black Diamond™ Turbo Ice Screw As Turbo Express, but without quick-drill knob. 13, 16, 19, 22cm. CE certified.

11 Black Diamond™ Turbo

Express Ice Screw

Spinning knob for speed. Colour-coded. Chromoly 10, 13, steel. All but 10cm are CE certified. 16, 19, 22cm. 4018-378 158g (16cm) $54

4018-379 145g (16cm) $39 14



14 Petzl® Charlet Laser Sonic

13 Grivel® Helix Ice Screw Unique fixed spinning lever gives good leverage for fast placements. Reverse thread increases pull-out resistance. Non-folding handle with quick-spin knob. Chromoly steel. 15, 20cm. CE certified.

Ice Screw

Unique hanger-on-a-hanger design for very fast placements – allows you to clip in early. Nickel-plated chromoly steel. Four teeth. All but 10cm are CE and 10, 13, 17, 21cm. UIAA certified.

5008-787 168g (15cm) $48

5002-900 185g (17cm) $69



15 Grivel® 360 Ice Screw Super-fast placement via the foldable lever. Good in tight placements. Thread design spreads forces and optimizes holding power. Chromoly steel. CE certified. Med. (16cm), Long (20cm).

16 DMM Bulldog Ice Piton Great in seams and places too small for ice screws. Dyneema-slung.

4015-294 179g (Med.) $66

4014-468 175g $25

17 Petzl® Charlet Nitro Shock Absorbing Slings Runners that reduce impact force on protection by ripping open at the stitches until they reach full loop strength. Tearing threshold: 2.5kN. Breaking strength: Nitro 1 20cm, two branches, low-impact absorption. Nitro 2 24cm, two 22kN. branches, medium absorption. Nitro 3 16cm, six branches, high absorption. 5007-033 40g (20cm) $22-35

19 Black Diamond™ Ice Screwup A rollable packcloth pouch for holding ice screws when not in use. Holds up to six screws in individual slots. 5008-377 80g $9

accessories 18 Petzl® Charlet Caritool Holds ice screws and pitons on waistbelt. Top profile lets you park screws to get to the right size. For racking only – not full-strength.

As a teenager, Katy began bouldering in Victoria, BC, and pushed further into the mountains with her brother Kris and the Alpine Club of Canada. She explored many local peaks and visited legendary rock climbing destinations like Yosemite, but never really considered an expedition-style adventure. That is, until she saw a slide show featuring Karen McNeill (one of Canada’s most prolific female climbers who died recently on Mount Foraker in Denali National Park, Alaska). “I saw pictures of Karen climbing in the Himalayas and I was totally inspired,” says Katy. The images of those faraway peaks motivated Katy and her friends to apply for an expedition grant from the Canadian Himalayan Foundation. Fortuitously, Karen was on the granting committee and helped the young women secure the needed funds.



Katy Holm, an accomplished climber and one of our gear testers, reflects on what inspired her to climb and what motivates her adventures in the mountains.


Since then, Katy has climbed all over the world, documenting three first ascents on big walls in Greenland, and attempting to free the south­west pillar of Cerro Pollone in Patagonia, Argentina. Recently she knocked off first ascents of Chibu, the northwest summit of Chiwen, and an unnamed peak in the Siguniang region of China. Closer to home, she has ticked four first ascents in the Coast Mountains and stood on the summit of Mt. Waddington, the highest peak in BC. However, Katy knows that climbing isn’t about bagging peaks and claiming first ascents. For her, the real draw is the friendships she has forged. “Climbers are some of the most joyful, childlike people I’ve ever met,” she says. “The hardships and achievements we’ve shared in the mountains bond us together. So much of what I love about climbing, and about the mountains, are the people I’ve met and the friends I’ve made.”

5005-802 25g $8 *Not shown

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TRAINING 1 Metolius® Simulator Hang Board Every conceivable grip you’d ever want to train on: full-hand jugs, rounded full-hand slopers, flat slopers, three-finger and two-finger pockets, and a multitude of edges. Tapers from top 77 x 20cm. to bottom to provide forearm clearance. Screws included.


4015-359 6.2kg $89 2

2 Metolius® Slim Gym CNC


Hang Board

In dorms across Canada. Economical and compact. Mounts over your door frame or elsewhere. Excellent as a system 50 x 16cm. training tile. 5001-548 3.3kg $56


4 Metolius® Mega Packs Great-value, wall-in-a-box kits that get novices started or let indoor veterans spice up existing walls. A mix of screw-on foot jibs, micro crimpers, medium-large holds, and medium mini-jugs. Bolts, T-nuts, and wrench included.

3 Metolius® Wood Grips Training Board Made of eco-friendly alder wood, with a finger-friendly assortment of jugs, edges, pockets, and a big fat sloper. Includes comprehensive instructions, 72 x 18cm. a training guide, and mounting hardware. 5007-165 4.5kg $97

5 Teknik Thug Mondo, easy-to-grip hold. Great for easier walls, finishing jug on a steep wall, or overhead on a roof. Sold singly. Various shapes (sorry, no choice). Bolt included. •

5005-787 30 holds 7.3kg $105/set 5005-788* 40 holds 8.6kg $138/set 5005-789* 50 holds 12.7kg $168/set

5001-714 1.3kg $18/each 5

6 Metolius® Hueco Roof Jugs A pair of larger holds that recreate Hueco’s famous pockets. Large enough for anyone, and superb for stronger climbers on roofs and steep angles. Bolts included.


7 Teknik Franco A big curvaceous sloper with ribbed striations that make it slightly easier to grapple with. The curved, rounded shape has subtle finger and thumb catches. Sold singly. Bolt included. •


5009-182 800g $28/each

5007-177 2.3kg $24/set


8 Teknik Tron Slopers Beefy slopers with a rounded shape and subtle scoops. While slightly easier to grasp, they still provide plenty of challenge on steep surfaces. You’ll have fun wrestling on vertical to gentle overhangs. Pack of two. Bolts included. •


9 Metolius® Sessions Minijugs Medium-sized positive wee juglets. Great on low angles for starters; awesome as big muscle users on steep angles for experts. Choice of two sets of five. Bolts included. 5007-176 800g $37/set

5009-623 1.0kg $32/set 11

10 Teknik Locusts Medium-sized, for advanced climbers on steep surfaces. Incut double edge with varying positions for great matching and pinching potential. Bolts included. Set of three. •

11 Teknik Crickets A ten-pack of positive two or three finger dishes with small uniform edges – perfect for peppering into gaps on your wall to work on your crimp power. Their uniformity lets your create system ladders. Good footholds for novices and possible handholds on vertical terrain. Bolts included. •

5009-181 1.0kg $34/set

4015-029 1.4kg $52/set




12 Teknik Fang Foot Jibs Build core body tension strength. Small footholds with fang-like protrusions for easier toeing, especially on steeper walls. Set of 10. Screws included. Assorted colours. • 5000-087 130g $11.50/set


13 Teknik Flaps Smaller, very incut screw-on flake holds that mimic the sharp incuts of Hueco. Screw on for between-T-nut-versatility. Set of ten. Self-tapping screws included. • 5007-405 325g $43/set

15 NEW


15 NEW Megahold The Beast This big open-hand sloper is a beast for holding on to the steeps. Slap this hog on your wall for endless hours of satisfying training. Bolt included. •

14 Teknik Jellies 5-Pack Five comfy, smallish to medium holds. Good for training on steeper walls, and for novice climbers. Multi finger grooves are incut to just shy of the second joint. Bolts included. •

5011-163 1.7kg $21/each

5009-180 420g $36/set


16 Friction Petrified Mini Jugs Rough-textured holds that simulate real rock. Medium-sized with striations and holes to offer extra options for grips and thumb catches. Pack of five. Bolts included. •

17 Friction Moon Rocks These small-to-medium holds are pitted with thumb-dimple scoops and holes. Incut edges make an easy grip until the going gets really steep. Ten-pack, bolts included. •


5010-258 1.4kg $49/set

5010-257 1.3kg $42/set

18 NEW 18 NEW Megahold Steeps Easy-to-grab, easy-to-hold medium-sized jugs with a rough profile similar to real rock. Add a new steep section to your home wall and crank away on these. Set of five. Bolts included. •


19 Lily T-Nuts For attaching holds to wood panels. • 4006-507 Box of 100, 840g $19.25/box

5011-162 1.8kg $42/set

21 NEW

chalk bag and chalk 20 NEW Flashed Sugar Daddy Chalk Bag This flat-bottomed, communal chalk bag can accommodate two hands at once. Secure shutter closure, brush strap, anti-spill pocket, fold-over grab handle, and outside pocket.

20 NEW

21 NEW Flashed Refillable Chalk Balls Nylon mesh filled with natural carbonate of magnesia. 5011-507 60g $5.75

Use INTERAC® Online

5011-914 225g $23

Fusion Chalk

24 Flashed Brush

Prefer not to put things on a credit card? You can now use the Interac Online service when you shop on our website.

Non-slip liquid chalk to keep your 60ml. • palms dry.

5007-530 $3.50

For more info, see

23 NEW 24

22 Flashed Chalk Balls Big or small mesh-encased balls. • 4016-678 30g $3 4016-678* 60g $3.90 4016-678* 90g $4.50


23 NEW Flashed Liquid

5011-506 16g $3.75

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*Not shown


3 NEW [m] 1 NEW [m]

CRAG AND GYM CLOTHING 1 NEW Patagonia® Go-T This techy, moisture-wicking shirt looks like a casual top, but it’s a cunning combination of organic cotton and polyester that manages [m] Batik Blue, moisture and resists pilling. Ivy (shown), Sultan Red. [w] Blue Harbour, [m] S-XL [w] XS-L. Palm Leaf. 5010-698 [m] 245g $54 5010-704* [w] 225g $54

2 [m]

2 Sickle® Crossfire Pants Keep cool with these midweight cragging pants made of durable, supple organic cotton. Gusseted inseam for a full range of Latte, Lead (shown). S-L. motion.

3 NEW Prana® Jedi Pullover Find the force with this top on cool, dry days at the crag. Made of a moisturewicking polyester/spandex Polartec® Power Dry® fabric. Snug (not tight) fit. Grey (shown), Rust. S-XL.

4 [m]

4 Blurr® Axiom Pants Cotton corduroy, with a hint of LYCRA®, provides a touch of warmth and allows full movement on the rock. Loose, comfortable Charcoal (shown), Cocoa. 28-36. fit.

5011-171 [m] 310g $72

5009-700 [m] 475g $57

5005-841 [m] 780g $65

8 [w]

5 NEW [w]

5 NEW Patagonia® Serenity Tights Organic cotton tights built for hard climbs and abrasive rock faces. Midweight organic cotton and spandex jersey knit. Contoured fit, Batik shaped waist, slightly flared hem. XS-L. Blue (shown), Black, Deep Plum. 5010-705 [w] 325g $72

7 NEW [w] 6 [w]

6 Blurr® Jill Hoodie A classic polyester hoodie with a relaxed but tailored fit. Great for kicking it at the crag or warming up for your morning boulder Black, Olive (shown). XS-L. session. 5008-403 [w] 540g $66

7 NEW Sickle® Conway Pants Destined to be a core piece of climbing clothing. Made of earth-friendly midweight organic cotton canvas with a gusseted Latte, inseam for full range of motion. XS-L. Lead (shown).

8 Prana® Core Hoodie Warmth for women at the gym or the boulder base. Polyester-spandex fabric. Flat-faced exterior with a fleecy soft interior. Drawstring-free hood. Grass (shown), Coffee. S-XL. 5008-413 [w] 270g $78

5009-703 [w] 450g $59 *Not shown



We will change the world in everything we do. and everything we don't. sustainability and Mec At MEC, we recognize that everything we do has significant social and environmental impacts. Everything from the raw materials we use to the people in the factories who make our gear. Our sustainability efforts are about helping to reduce, minimize, or eliminate those impacts. Everywhere. In how we run our business, treat our people, develop our products, and get involved in the community. It’s not just a good way to run a business. It’s the only way.

Some examples seem small but actually aren’t, like our shopping bags. A staff member approached our Board about the many environmental problems caused by plastic bags. This led to two solutions: we now offer a 100% compostable shopping bag (made from non-GMO corn starch), or, we make a 5-cent donation to an environmental group if you don’t take a bag at all. And today, 40% of our members don’t take bags.

We strive for leadership in sustainability, yet we’re first to admit that there’s still tons to do. And the best way to lead, we believe, is by example.

Members do even more. Every time they buy something from MEC, a portion of the sale goes to our grant programs. $8 million since 1987. To conserve wild spaces, and educate and inspire Canadians in the outdoors.

Some examples of our success are big, like our energy consumption. After looking hard at the greenhouse gas emissions from our facilities, we created a plan to procure green energy for our highest emitters. Now, with wind-powered electricity for our two Alberta stores, we’ve reduced our overall emissions by half.

To learn about the David Suzuki Foundation’s vision for sustainability go to

Yes, we want to change the world. To live, work, and play in a more sustainable way. In everything we do, and everything we choose not to do. To find out how else we're tackling sustainability challenges at MEC, visit

Photo ho Mathieu Dupuis is




HEADLAMPS 1 Petzl® Myobelt SB5 Powerful xenon halogen and five LEDs. (Three brightness levels.) Remote battery pack can be stored inside a jacket. Reserve power mode. Rotating bezel for on/off switch, beam adjustment and switch-lock. Burn time: 4-90hrs. Distance up to 90m.* Four AA batteries included.

2 Petzl® Myo XP Single, super-bright 3W Luxeon® LED with time-controlled “boost” function. Diffuser lens for proximity lighting. Burn time: 70-170hrs. Distance up to 65m.* Three AA batteries included. 5007-242 175g $74

3 Petzl® Tikka XP High-powered 1W Luxeon® LED. Three intensity settings, plus strobe and boost. Diffuser lens for proximity lighting. Burn time: 60-120hrs. Distance up to 50m.* Three AAA batteries included. 5008-338 95g $48


5007-279 173g $84 4

5 Petzl® Tikkina Two-LED headlamp. Perfect for proximity lighting. Burn time: 140hrs. Distance up to 23m.* Three AAA batteries included. 5007-233 78g $24


4 Petzl® Tikka Plus Four LEDs. Three intensity settings plus blinking. Burn time: 100-150hrs. Distance up to 32m.* Three AAA batteries included.

6 Princeton Tec Eos High-powered 1W Luxeon® LED. Three constant light modes plus strobe. Burn time: 2-60hrs. Distance up to 55m.* Blue, Orange (shown). Three AAA batteries included.

5002-592 78g $34

5007-248 105g $42


8 7

7 Princeton Tec® Scout Two LEDs. Very compact. Three levels of light output. Two emergency signalling/blinking modes. Burn time: 24-48hrs. Distance up to 17m.* Four lithium coin batteries included. Light Blue (shown), Orange. 5001-803 45g $23


8 Black Diamond™ Zenix IQ Super-bright 1W LED and a dual LED deliver power and proximity lighting. IQ circuitry monitors battery power and features mode memory. Burn time: 4½-70hrs. Distance up to 35m.* Two AA batteries included.

9 Black Diamond™ Cosmo Four LEDs for proximity lighting. Tilt feature. Three settings including strobe. Burn time: 75-150hrs. Distance up to 18m.* Marigold, Silver (shown). Three AAA batteries included.

5007-454 162g $46

5009-962 78g $28

FLASHLIGHTS 10 Princeton Tec® Impact XL Side-emitting 1W LED flashlight. Waterproof integrity to 100m. Burn time: 50+hrs. Four AA Black, Red, Yellow (shown). batteries included. 5007-249 182g $42 11 Princeton Tec® Pilot LED Single LED. Ultra-compact. Ideal for “just in case.” Clips onto headlamp bands. Available with white, red, or green LED (great for preserving night vision). Burn time: 15hrs. Two lithium coin cell batteries included. Green, Red, White (shown). 5007-247 15g $13.50


Help Out by Saying No 12 NEW 10


12 NEW Pelican® VB3 A two-LED proximity light in a durable, water-resistant Xylex housing. Hinged head opens to activate the light. Convenient clip attaches to surfaces up to 1.3cm thick. Pivots 180 degrees. Burn time: 100hrs. Two coin cell batteries included. Aqua (shown), Black, Yellow. 5010-519 30g $19

MEC is the first major Canadian retailer to use 100% compostable and biodegradable shopping bags. Go one step further – say no to a bag and we’ll donate a nickel to an environmental cause. * Distance measure is with fresh batteries.


optics + instruments 1 NEW



SUNGLASSES 1 NEW MEC™ Alpine Glacier glasses for serious glare protection. Eight-base curve polarized polycarbonate lenses. Rigid, removable side shields. Rugged TR90 frames. Two frame/lens combos.

2 NEW MEC™ Cayenne Mid-temple style, for medium to large heads. Good in bright conditions. Rugged TR90 polarized frames and polycarbonate lenses. Two frame colours.

3 NEW MEC™ Phoenix For small faces with high cheekbones. Adjustable nosepads to customize the fit. Rugged TR90 frames, polycarbonate lenses, and microfibre case. Four frame/lens combos.

5011-297 30g $80

5011-743 28g $80

5007-574 30g $36



4 NEW MEC™ Halo Ten-base polycarbonate lenses with exaggerated wrap. MEC D-centred technology maximizes optical clarity. Spring hinges and adjustable nose pads. Two frame/lens combos.


5 NEW MEC Odyssey Rugged TR90 nylon frames for larger faces. The optically correct, polycarbonate lenses will give you an accurate world view. Two frame/lens combos. ™

5010-429 30g $27

6 NEW Bollé® Spank For small to medium faces. Good in moderately bright conditions. Chunky frames and oversized temples for extra coverage. One frame/lens combo. 5011-739 40g $61

5008-476 30g $27




wrist computers AND watches 7 Suunto® Observer Wristop For serious adventures. Main features: altimeter, barometer, digital compass, dual time functions, and chronograph. Electroluminescent back-light display. Stainless steel casing.

8 Suunto® Vector Wristop All the critical features you need to navigate in the backcountry, confirm slope aspect, and perform basic weather forecasting. Black, Blue, Khaki, Pink (shown), Yellow. 5003-185 30g $220

11 NEW

11 NEW Suunto® M-3DL NH Leader Baseplate Compass For serious explorers. It’s accurate across the northern hemisphere, with clear markings and adjustable declination. 5010-586 90g $34

More gear and info online at

10 Timex® Ironman Mid-Size

HRM 30-Lap

Range of useful training functions includes five target zones; 30-lap memory with average heart rate, recovery rate timer, and calories burned; and a flippable display for easier reading of important data. 5007-783 40g $97

5009-352 40g $119

Sustainably Yours

5003-183 84g $330


9 Polar® F6 Heart Rate Monitor OwnZone® and OwnCal® functions create personalized warm-up, heart rate, and calorie expenditure goals. Fitness bullets indicate each ten minutes in target zone. Can uplink data to Polar Personal Trainer web service.


We know that making, selling, and using our products has an impact on our planet. That’s why we’re trying to live, work, and play in a different way. *Not shown MEC sunglasses are made in France, Taiwan, and China.


knives + tools 3


1 NEW Buck® Lumina LED Knife The partially serrated stainless steel blade will saw through rope, while an LED in the translucent body sheds light on your task. Four light functions including flash. Auto shut-off. Two lithium Blue, Red, Smoke. batteries included.


2 NEW Buck® NRG Knife A compact, go-anywhere, frame-lock knife with a bottle opener and lanyard hole. The hawk-nose style blade is stainless steel, with an anodized aluminum handle. Black, Blue, Red.

5011-759 102g $49.50

3 Victorinox® Climber Knife Small and light enough to fit in a pocket, this knife is well equipped to deal with a wide variety of contingencies. 4002-284 75g $34

5011-757 34g $18.50 5


4 Victorinox® Camper Knife The essentials: two blades, wood saw, corkscrew, can opener, bottle opener, two screwdrivers, wire stripper, awl, key/lanyard ring, tweezers, and toothpick. 0901-108 95g $27.50 8

8 Leatherman® Wave II Multi-Tool Leatherman’s premier multi-tool has large easy-to-open external tools, a large bit driver, stronger scissors, plus all the standard implements, making the Wave II a cut above. Nylon sheath. 5006-137 240g $80



5 Victorinox® Outrider

Lockblade Knife

A comfortable contoured handle with a large blade. Lots of kitchen and shop gadgets, including three screwdrivers, wire stripper, wood saw, scissors, and tweezers. 4004-955 135g $45 9

4008-006 35g $20

5003-400 30g $34.50



9 Leatherman® Kick Multi-Tool Loaded with 15 of Leatherman’s most requested, most functional tools. New longer implements make it easier to slice, saw, file, and screw. Zytel contoured inserts on handle improve grip. Larger wire cutters. Includes black nylon sheath. 5006-135 150g $34

6 Victorinox® Sport Knife Economical pocket knife with generous gadgetry, including two blades, screwdriver, wire stripper, awl with sewing eye, tweezers, toothpick, and more.

7 Victorinox® Swiss Card Lite Tool Fully functional Victorinox tool kit in a slender credit card profile. Packed with useful tools such as pressurized ballpoint Onyx, Pink, Ruby pen and LED mini light. (shown), Sapphire.

10 Leatherman® Squirt P4 Multi-Tool All tools accessible from the outside. Features spring-action, fold-out needle-nose pliers, wire cutters, crosscut and single-cut files, awl, 6cm knife, x-small and medium screwdrivers, small Phillips screwdriver, Glacier bottle opener, and lanyard ring. (shown), Inferno, Storm Grey. 5000-712 155g $34.75


11 Leatherman® Charge Ti Multi-Tool Precision-crafted titanium handles, bronze bushings, and locking exterior blades that can be retrieved with the flick of a thumb. Unique steel bit drivers deliver a new level of utility. 5006-138 238g $114 12 Bitinit® Multi-Tool Holds up to five bits at once, for repairs to camp stoves, bikes, and other gear. Includes Phillips #2 and 3, flathead, and 3mm and 4mm hex, in a tough plastic body. 5008-870 40g $12.50



1 2


STOVES 1 Primus® Gravity MF Stable and compact, with a low centre of gravity. Flat spider construction with four foldaway legs. Preheats quickly, with good flame distribution. Burns white gas, gasoline, kerosene, and LP gas. Boils 1L of water in 5mins. Includes windscreen and heat reflector. 5010-063 341g $100

2 Brunton® Nova™ A compact stove. Precision simmering control. Burns white gas, kerosene, diesel #1, auto fuel, jet fuel, and others – all with a single jet. Jet can be cleaned while stove is burning. Boils 1L of water in 3.5mins. 600ml fuel bottle, stove tool, spare o-rings, and stove bag included.


3 MSR® XGK™ EX A bomber expedition stove built to burn hot and melt heaps of snow day after day. Burns white gas, kerosene, unleaded auto fuel, diesel, aviation gas, JP-8, and Jet 1-A. Boils 1L of water in 3.6mins. (white gas) or 2.9mins. (kerosene). Stove bag included. 5007-304 396g (w/o bottle) $164

4019-094 420g (w/bottle) $143 6 NEW 5 7


6 NEW E5 Vacuum Insulated Travel

Mug, Food Jar, and Bottle

COOKWARE 4 MSR® BlackLite™ Gourmet Cookset Non-stick aluminum. Black exterior paint boosts heat absorption. Grooved pot bottoms. Includes PanHandler™ pot lifter and dish towels. 1.5L and 2L pots, 18.5cm frying pan. 4010-864 665g $60

5 GSI Hard Anodized Extreme™ Cookset Hard anodized aluminum with triple-coat non-­ stick coating. 1L and 1.5L pots, 2 lids/ frying pans. Spiral-turned bottoms reduce slippage. DiamondBack Gripper™ and storage bag included. 4017-308 715g $51

These vacuum-insulated containers keep food and drinks hot. They’re made of stainless steel, plastic, and finger-friendly rubber, with leak­proof lids so snacks won’t mess up your pack. Sturdy rubber bases keep them upright. Integrated, stainless steel carry loops have handy carabiners for attaching to your pack.

7 Primus® LITECH Trek Kettle Light and tough saucepan/kettle hybrid. Hard anodized aluminum. Holds just under 1L. Wide enough to hold a 250g LPG canister and small stove inside. 5007-330 216g $25

5011-356 590ml, 780g Bottle $32 5011-364 470ml, 600g Jar $30 5011-355 470ml, 640g Mug $28



11 Pristine® CI02 Water Treatment Buffered chlorine dioxide. Effective against viruses, pathogenic bacteria (incl. campylobacter) and protozoa (incl. giardia, cryptosporidia).




8 MSR® Miox® Purifier Compact, ultralight, and easy to use, the Miox works like a mini version of a municipal water treatment system. No pumping required. Will purify 0.5-4L at a time. Effective against viruses, pathogenic bacteria (incl. campylo­ bacter) and protozoa (incl. giardia and cryptosporidia). Also removes tastes and odours caused by chemicals and toxins. Does not remove particulate.

9 MSR® MiniWorks™ EX Water Filter A light and compact filter. The 0.3 micron ceramic filter with carbon core removes pathogenic bacteria (incl. campylobacter) and protozoa (incl. giardia and cryptosporidia). Carbon core removes odour and taste caused by some chemicals. 1L/min. output. Threads directly onto wide-mouth 63mm bottles or any Dromedary® bag.

5003-049 99g $154

5001-239 454g $87

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10 Katadyn® Pocket Water Filter The gold standard in workhorse filters. For extended travel or expedition use. 0.2 micron silver impregnated ceramic depth filter to remove pathogenic bacteria (incl. campylobacter) and protozoa (incl. giardia and cryptosporidia). Ouput up to 1L/min.

4012-604 70g $15.75 4013-495* 175g $21

Katadyn® Micropur® MP1* 30 chlorine dioxide tablets. Effective against viruses, pathogenic bacteria (incl. campylobacter) and protozoa (incl. giardia, cryptosporidia). 5001-354 20g $16

4013-733 550g $325

*Not shown Unless otherwise noted, fuel canisters and bottles are sold separately. For fullest protection against viruses, use water filters and microfilters in conjunction with a chemical treatment.



Note: The first weight listed in each tent description is the minimum weight; the second is the packaged weight. Minimum weight includes the tent and frame, and the fewest pegs and guylines necessary to properly set it up. Packaged weight includes the full tent, instructions, stuff sacks, repair swatches, plus all guylines and pegs.

1 MEC™ Lightfield This expedition-oriented four-season, two-person mountaineering tent is a sturdy, elongated geodesic dome. Two vestibules: the deeper serves as a storage area; the smaller as a weather “airlock” for ins and outs. Zip-out mesh skylight for warmer weather use. Fly is 2000mm coated 75-denier polyester taffeta. Floor is 10,000 coated HT-Seal™ 40-denier ripstop nylon. Canopy is undyed for greater strength and Paprika/Dijon. to reduce dye effluent. Easton® 7075 aluminum poles.



5003-220 3.4kg/3.7kg $369








Lightfield Height inside 0.95m

TGV Height inside o.95m


2 MEC™ TGV The Lightfield’s smaller, fleeter cousin: a light two-person tent that’s strong enough for full-on mountain use all year round. Critical reinforcements, patches, and ties are welded to eliminate leaks and hand sealing. Selfequalizing Hypalon® anchor points for maximum strength. Same fabrics and coatings as the Lightfield. Sturdy Yunan scandium alloy poles. Paprika/Dijon. 5007-443 2.7kg/3.1kg $269


3 MEC™ Nunatak A Himalayan-proven four-season mountain shelter for two or three people. The windfoiling, snow-shedding shape, high headroom, and numerous external and internal guypoints make it expedition-ready. Four poles fed through continuous mesh pole sleeves form a stable geodesic design. Two integral vestibules. Same bomber fabrics Paprika/Dijon. and coatings as the Lightfield. Easton® 7075 aluminum poles.




5003-222 5.0kg/5.4kg $492



Nunatak Height inside 1.24m



4 MEC™ Tarn 2 and 3 These stable three-pole, three-season tents have big, bright windows and vented peg-out vestibules. The Tarn 3 accommodates two capaciously, or three close and comfy. The 2 is snugger for two, but is also lighter, more compact, and wind stable. Fly is 2000mm coated taffeta polyester. Canopy is undyed ripstop nylon. Floor is 10,000mm Tarn 2 Driftwood, Paprika. coated HT-Seal™ fabric. 7001-T6 aluminum poles. Tarn 3 Dijon, Driftwood.






Tarn 2 Height inside 1.2m

Tarn 3 Height inside 1.3m

5 NEW MEC™ Opera House 2 A two-person, three-season shelter with easy assembly, graceful lines, and an airy interior. It’s light and compact where it can be, and strong where it needs to be, thanks to a roof made of silicone- and polyurethane-coated fabric and a floor of our famous HT-Seal™. Flysheet: ripstop nylon, 1500mm polyurethanecoated on one side, silicone-coated on the other for water repellency. Floor and lower walls: field-proven HT-Seal, 70-denier 10,000mm polyurethanecoated nylon taffeta. Rugged Air-Hercules scandium poles, shock-corded in a Dijon. single unit. Optional vestibule available.





5011-372 2.1kg/2.2kg $249 5011-373 Vestibule 350g $33




5003-229 Tarn 2, 2.4kg/2.6kg $182 5003-230* Tarn 3, 3.1kg/3.3kg $226

Opera House 2 Height inside 0.94m

6 Spider Travel Bed Net A circular bug shelter roomy enough to cover two sleepers, or a queen-sized bed. Cool, open-weave mesh blocks blackflies and mosquitoes but not no-see-ums. Includes Height: 2.5m. carrying case. 1301-027 850g $48


MEC Staff Tip


7 Peak Outdoor Gear Double Hammock Add a touch of la dolce vita to base camps, paddling trips, or tropical treks. Nature watch or read, take a siesta, or snuggle with your sweetie – there’s room for two. 100% parachute nylon is soft, breathable, rugged, and rot/mildew-resistant. Tested to 159kg (350lb). Stuff sack Green/Tan, Red/Yellow, Royal/Baby Blue. included. Total length: 3m. 5005-421 580g $65

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“When winter camping, dig a small trench in the snow (about a foot deep), in front of your tent door. That way you can sit inside your tent, with your legs outside, and be comfortably seated while taking your boots off or putting them on.” Philip, Writer MEC Head Office, Vancouver *Not shown All MEC tents are sewn in Vietnam or China.



Volume Standards:


All our sleeping bags are tested for packed volume according to standards set by ASTM. Volume, or compressibility, is the area a bag takes up when stuffed into its sack using 111kg (1 psi) of pressure.

Small fits up to 5ft.6in. (168cm) Regular fits up to 6ft. (183cm) Long fits up to 6ft.6in. (198cm) X-Long fits up to 7ft. (213cm)


Rated to -30°C/25cm loft 750 fill-power goose down Medium-cut mummy bag 14.8L packed volume


1 MEC™ Thor WINDSTOPPER® -30°C Ideal for ski touring and winter mountaineering. A windproof, water-resistant GORE™ WINDSTOPPER shell wrapped around premium 750 fill-power goose down. This light and compact bag offers tremendous warmth and outstanding value. Draft-blocking yoke and Shadow. muff collar system. Side block baffles keep down centred. 5009-394 Small 1.7kg $375 5009-394 Regular 1.8kg $405 5009-394 Long 1.9kg $425

Rated to -20°C/17cm loft MEC Hyperloft/575 fill-power duck down Medium-cut mummy bag 14.2L packed volume

2 MEC™ Hybrid -20°C Premium 575 fill-power duck down through the core. Synthetic MEC Hyperloft insulation at the bag’s bottom, hood, outer shell, and lower footbox. Warmth and weight Lava. comparable to pure down, with more affordability and resilience to wet. 5000-134 Small 1.9kg $134 5000-134 Regular 2.0kg $149 5000-134 Long 2.1kg $156

4 3

Rated to -20°C/22cm loft 750 fill-power goose down Medium-cut mummy bag 12.4L packed volume

Rated to -12°C/21cm loft 750 fill-power goose down Medium-cut mummy bag 11L packed volume

3 MEC™ Asgaard WINDSTOPPER® -20°C Shares the critical design features of the Thor (#1 above). Pure winter performance for Shadow. all but the most savagely cold conditions.

4 MEC™ Pharaoh DF -12°C Suitable for three-season backpacking and mountaineering. 750-fill-power goose down provides exceptional warmth for the weight, as well as unbeatable durability. Wind and weather-resistant GORE™ WINDSTOPPER® fabric in the top side of the hood, the first Deep Sea. tube, and the footbox. Neck yoke and rear muff.

5009-297 Small 1.5kg $350 5009-297 Regular 1.6kg $365 5009-297 Long 1.7kg $385

5000-132 -12°C Small 1.3kg $255 5000-132 -12°C Regular 1.4kg $270 5000-132 -12°C Long 1.5kg $285



Rated to -12°C/21cm loft 575 fill-power duck down Medium-cut mummy bag 10.5L packed volume

Rated to -12°C/14cm loft MEC Hyperloft/575 fill-power duck down Medium-cut mummy bag 10.1L packed volume

5 MEC Raven -12°C 575 fill-power duck down delivers the durability and quality of down at a price comparable to equivalently rated synthetic bags. Polyester ripstop shell. Hood and Gravel. insulated neck yoke. Draft tubes. Side block baffles keep down in place.

6 MEC™ Hybrid -12°C Featuring Hyperloft insulation on the underside and Hyperloft underlaid with duck down on the top side. This combination makes for a high-performance bag that’s lighter and more compact than an all-synthetic bag, yet less expensive and more robust in damp Green Tea. conditions than an all-down bag. Light microfibre shell. Silky nylon lining.

5000-135 -12°C Small 1.6kg $140 5000-135 -12°C Regular 1.7kg $150 5000-135 -12°C Long 1.8kg $160

4017-056 Small 1.5kg $125 4017-056 Regular 1.6kg $132 4017-056 Long 1.7kg $139





Rated to -7°C/14cm loft /15.1L packed volume Rated to -12°C/15cm loft /18.4L packed volume MEC Hyperloft Generously-cut mummy bag

7 MEC™ Habanero -7°C and -12°C A relaxed mummy profile and synthetic insulation make this a welcome bag on any trip where dampness is a concern. Neck yoke, encapsulating hood, tapered footbox, and draft tube lock in heat. 30 and 40-denier ripstop polyester shell, 45-denier nylon taffeta -7°C Mauritius Blue. -12°C Molten. lining. X-Small in left zip only. 5009-044 -7°C X-Small 2.0kg $82 5009-044 -7°C Small 2.1kg $85 5009-044 -7°C Regular 2.1kg $88 5009-044 -7°C Long 2.2kg $91 5009-044 -7°C X-Large 2.3kg $94

8 MEC™ Emperor Penguin WINDSTOPPER® Overbag Adds 5 to 10°C to a bag’s warmth. Also reduces the condensation of perspiration in the main bag, keeping its insulation drier and warmer – particularly valuable on long trips in very cold conditions. Can also be used alone in moderate conditions (to approximately +12ºC) or as an emergency bivy sack. Half-length zipper on each side.

5009-045 -12°C X-Small 2.3kg $87 5009-045 -12°C Small 2.3kg $89 5009-045 -12°C Regular 2.4kg $92 5009-045 -12°C Long 2.5kg $95

5009-397 Small 860g $136 5009-397 Regular 875g $141 5009-397 Long 890g $147


SLEEPING PADS A pad is a necessity, not a luxury. All sleeping bag temperature ratings assume the use of one. Without a pad, any bag’s effectiveness is drastically reduced as the ground steals your body heat. A good pad/bag combo is the most weight- and cost-efficient way to stay warm. Note: R-value is a measure of insulation provided. Higher numbers mean more warmth.


12 Exped® Downmat 7 and 9 Plush ultralight pad filled with 700 fill-power down. Delivers more insulation for the weight than a comparable self-inflating foam mattress, and packs just as small. Stuff 7 Long 178 x 52 x 7cm, sack acts as a pump. R-value: 4.9 (7 Long), 8.0 (9 Long). rolled 25 x 13cm. 9 Long 193 x 65 x 9cm, rolled 38 x 18cm. 5007-468 7 Long 855g $150 5007-473 9 Long 1.2kg $180

9 MEC™ Kelvin 3.8 A medium-thickness pad suitable for mountaineering and backpacking through 4-season Small 153 x 51 x 3.8cm, rolled 30 x 14cm. Reg 183 x 51 x use. R-value: 2.8. 3.8cm, rolled 30 x 16cm. 5010-167 Small 645g $55 5010-167 Regular 775g $60 10

10 Therm-a-Rest® Trail Lite A self-inflating mattress light enough to satisfy backpackers, but cushy enough for more Small 119 x 51 x 3.8cm, rolled 53 x 10cm. coddled car campers. R-value: 3.8. Reg 183 x 51 x 3.8cm, rolled 53 x 11cm. 5009-939 Small 600g $52 5009-939 Regular 910g $61 11

11 Therm-a-Rest® Prolite Designed for moving fast and light. Mildly tapered cut with rounded corners. Short 119 x 51 x 3.8cm, rolled 28 Suitable for 4-season use. R-value: 3.2. x 10cm. Reg 183 x 51 x 3.8cm, rolled 28 x 13cm. 5003-695 Short 510g $94 5003-695 Regular 740g $116

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Tech Talk Synthetic, natural, OR both? There’s a lot to like about synthetic sleeping bag insulations. They’re very affordable. They hold up to dampness much better than down. If a synthetic bag gets completely soaked (which is mercifully rare), it can be wrung out and can eventually dry through body heat alone. A sopping down bag, on the other hand, may be impossible to dry in the field without a series of warm, sunny days. And it’s not just full-on liquid like rain or melted snow that can be a problem. In really clammy air, the kind often found just above the freezing point, down can lose fully half its insulating ability, but synthetic insulation may only lose 15-25%. So why is down still the primary choice of experienced mountaineers and winter campers? For the same warmth, down bags are lighter than synthetics by a third or more, and correspondingly more compact. Down forms to your body like a glove. With fewer voids of dead air around you, you warm up faster and stay warm with less energy. Though it’s more expensive, a well-cared-for down bag can last a decade or longer. (Synthetic bags are noticeably skimpier and colder after a few years.) So on a cost-per-comfortable-night basis, down is pretty cheap. Extended sub-zero trips can see a slow but relentless build-up of dampness in down bags. This is caused by body moisture condensing inside the down before it can breathe through the outer shell. That’s the time to have a protective synthetic overbag, or one of our down/synthetic hybrid bags.

Learn more at All MEC bags and pads shown here are sewn in China. All bags include a nylon stuff sack.




Yannis Dessureault





1 Arc’teryx® AC2 Acrux 50 Alpine pack performance with drybag waterproofness, thanks to urethanecoated fabrics, watertight construction, and roll-top closure. Back frame is a tri-laminate of EVA foam, resilient Kydex plastic, and aluminum stays that transfer the load efficiently without inhibiting mobility. Padded hipbelt pods remove for use with a harness. Topaz. Short (43/52L, 1.6kg), Standard (46/55L, 1.7kg), Long (49/58L, 1.9kg). •

2 Arc’teryx® AC2 Naos 55 and 70 Innovative expedition/trekking packs that boast removable lids; side straps for skis, etc; anatomically structured hipbelts attached by load transfer discs; body-conforming radial-formed shoulder straps 55: Cobalt and hipbelts; and quick-access kangaroo pockets. 55: Short (53/62L, 2kg), Standard Blue (shown). 70: Graphite. (56/65L, 2.1kg), Long (59/68L, 2.2kg). 70: Short (70/80L, 2.2kg), Standard (73/83L, 2.3kg), Long (76/86L, 2.4kg). • 5009-837 Naos 55 $441 5009-838* Naos 70 $499

5009-836 $399

Alpine Climbing AND Cragging


3 MEC Alpinelite 30, 45, and 60 Ultralight top-loaders for serious alpine climbing, skiing, or backpacking, all compatible with MEC shovel or snowboard attachments. Reinforced bottoms complement Dyneema ripstop nylon bodies. The 30 is a crampon patch-equipped daypack. Remove its back padding and it folds into its own pocket. The larger sizes boast twin stays; plastic framesheets; fully contoured hipbelts and shoulder straps; and thermomoulded backpads, plus full-length, weatherproof side zips for easy access; Uretek-lined crampon pouches that are flush-fit to avoid snags; Dull Denim, and waistbelt gear loops that double as tool loops. 30: Standard (26L, 660g), Long (30L, 675g). Paprika (shown). 45: Short (44L, 1.7kg), Standard (45L, 1.8kg), Long (47L, 1.9kg). 60: Short (51L, 1.8kg), Standard (55L, 1.9kg), Long (59L, 2.0kg). ™

5008-503* Alpinelite 30 $49 5008-504* Alpinelite 45 $139 5008-505 Alpinelite 60 $149 4 NEW

5 [m]

TREKKING 4 NEW MEC™ Ibex 65 and 80 Fully featured for multi-day backpacking and/or mountaineering. Interchangeable shoulder straps and waistbelts, and a floating backpad plate for fine-tuning fit. Body contact surfaces are 3-D mesh for breathability. Main compartment access via top spindrift collars or vertical zipper. Separately zipped sleeping bag compartment. Hydration system ready. Twin waistbelt pockets for small items. Removable ice axe loop. Twin stretch-mesh water bottle pockets. Fiddlehead/Carbon, Petrel/Carbon (shown). 65: Short (61L, 2.8kg), Standard (65L, 2.9kg), Long (68L, 3.0kg). 80: Short (76L, 2.8kg), Standard (80L, 2.9kg), Long (83L, 3.0kg). 5011-458 Ibex 65 $159 5011-460 Ibex 80 $169

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5 Arc’teryx® Bora 62, 65, 75, 80, and 95 Leading-technology, high-concept backpacks. Features include: weatherproof, WaterTight™ Uretek pack fabric; WaterTight exterior zips; snow-shedding, stretch-woven material on body contact surfaces; a recess for your head; four-layer heat-laminated thermo-formed hipbelt; laminated internal pocket inside kangaroo pocket; and sleeping bag compartment. The 62 and 75 are Inkspot (shown, all packs), Black (65, 80 only), fitted to female proportions. 62: Short (58L, 2.7kg), Standard (62L, 2.8kg), Sangria (62, 75 only). Long (66L, 2.9kg). 65: Short (61L, 2.8kg), Standard (66L, 3.0kg), Long (71L, 3.1kg). 75: Short (64L, 2.9kg), Standard (68L, 3.0kg), Long (72L, 3.2kg). 80: Short (72L, 3.0kg), Standard (77L, 3.1kg), Long (82L, 3.2kg). 95: Short (86L, 3.2kg), Standard (92L, 3.4kg), Long (99L, 3.5kg). • 5003-160* [w] Bora 62 $365 5003-205* [m] Bora 65 $365 5003-206* [w] Bora 75 $387 5003-207 [m] Bora 80 $387 5003-208* [m] Bora 95 $409 *Not shown All MEC packs are made in Vietnam. For information on pack sizing, see, or call 1.800.663.2667.


1 Gregory® Triconi A faithful, comfortable companion for week-­­long hikes, a day of cragging, or intercontinental traverses. Response suspension system automatically adjusts and delivers custom fit. 3-D precurved harness and waistbelt. Single stay. Top, side, and bottom zip-through access. Low-profile front pocket. Dual hydration hose ports. Side stretch pockets. 630-denier and 210-denier high-tenacity nylon. Waterproof tarpaulin fabric bottom. Spruce Blue. X-Small (60L, 2.4kg), Small (63L, 2.5kg), Medium (65L, 2.6kg), Large (69L, 2.7kg).

2 Gregory® Deva 60 A comfortable multi-day backpack with a suspension system, designed for women, that automatically adjusts for a custom fit. 3-D, precurved harness and waistbelt. Narrow, ventilated back panel. Single stay. Compression stuffing panels. Top pocket converts to a waist pack for side trips. Top, side, and bottom zip-through access saves digging through your stuff. Crossover compression straps. Low-profile front pocket. Hydration hose port and removable sleeve. Side stretch pockets. 630-denier and 210-denier high-tenacity nylon. Waterproof tarpaulin fabric bottom. Azure. X-Small (57L, 2.3kg), Small (60L, 2.4kg), Medium (63L, 2.4kg).


5009-846 $212


5009-847 $212

hydration 3 NEW MEC™ H2Go, H2Flo, and H2Yo A trio of super lightweight and breathable bags for highly aerobic activities such as cycling or mountain running. Stretch mesh holsters in the main compartments hold your favourite hydration system (not included) close to your back for maximum comfort and stability. The Hypalon hydration hose exit flap and hydration tube holders on both shoulder straps let you rig things the way you want them. Twin zippered waistbelt pockets hold energy gels, ID, etc. Hypalon bike light holders add nighttime safety. Bodies: silicone- and polyurethane-coated ripstop nylon. Backpads: 3-D nylon mesh and perforated EVA foam for comfort and breathability. 3-D mesh on shoulder straps and waistbelts. Algae/Coal, Coal, Petrel/Coal (all shown). 5011-492 H2Go 8L, 615g $34 5011-491 H2Flo 15L, 655g $36 5011-490 H2Yo 19L, 780g $47

3 NEW 4



4 Gregory® Reactor Streamlined and optimized for adventure races and similar endurance events. Ready for a hydration pack (not included). Dual hydration ports. Front panel pocket. Front mesh compression pocket. V-pull compression straps. Gullwing waistbelt with mesh pockets for food bars, gel-packs, etc. Yoke-style harness with breathable Aero-Tech™-lined back panel. Ergometric canted bottom. Shock Blue (shown), Reflective taping. Warp Red.

5 Gregory® Stimulus This svelte pack is built for the bare-bones minimalist who only wants to carry a hydration system, first aid kit, and some energy bars. The unique yoke-style harness ensures a snug, close fit that stays put when you are on the move. Hydration system Shock Blue, compatible (not included). Warp Red (shown).

5009-848 11L, 700g $64

5007-121 5L, 500g $49


6 NEW Nalgene® 1.5L, 2L, and 3L H2Flo



CXC Bladder

Aquaguard antimicrobial formula eliminates residual tastes and odours. Lightweight yet tough construction. Articulated shut-off valve with magnetic clip. 80mm cap for easy washing. 5011-032* 1.5L, 180g $25 5011-033* 2L, 235g $26 5011-034 3L, 345g $28


8 Source C-2 Hydration System Same health- and taste-preserving film as the Widepac™, plus internal baffles for stability. Cap is compatible with filtration systems and 1.5L, 2L, 3L. big enough for ice cubes.

7 Source Widepac™ Hydration System A unique antimicrobial film over the PE material keeps the reservoir and hose free of bacteria, and the water free of that off-putting plastic taste. Widepac top allows easy cleaning and features a user-friendly closure. 1.5L, 2L, 3L. 7

5007-452 3L, 200g $13 8

5007-447 3L, 200g $12 9 Source Tube Insulator Being iced off from your water is no joke. Winterize your hydration pack with this tube insulator, complete with a heat-pack holder. Nylon cover with insulating foam. One heat pack included. 5009-906 75g $7


10 NEW Air Hiking 18

DAYPACKS HIKE, Climb, AND BIKE 10 NEW MEC™ Air Hiking 18, 22, and 28 Comfortable-to-carry framed daypacks. Trampoline-style backs with mesh contact surfaces keep your back dry; weatherproof external zippers and built-in pack-away raincovers do the same for your gear. An interior reservoir holster, hose port, and shoulder strap holder await your favorite hydration system. Hose holder doubles as cellphone holder. Ice axe loop and holder. Coal (18 & 22 only), Fiddlehead, Hipbelt pockets for gel, cash, or coins. 28: Short (26L, 1.4kg), Standard (28L, 1.5kg). Petrel (all shown).

Air Hiking 22

5011-461 18L, 1.3kg $72 5011-463 22L, 1.4kg $77 5011-464 28L, 1.5kg $86

Air Hiking 28

DAYPACKS Ride AND SKATE 11 MEC™ Jet Ranger A perfect pack for backcountry day trips. Front harness holds a snowboard or skis. Skis can also be mounted diagonally. Outermost pocket is contoured for a shovel blade. Top pocket Black/Carbon, is perfectly sized for your goggles. Fiddlehead/Dark Olive, Petrel/Carbon (shown). 5001-498 24L, 960g $69


12 MEC™ Dragonfly Holds the essentials on the hill or in the ’hood. Unique external strap for carrying a skateboard, snowboard, or even in-line Black/Carbon, Fiddlehead/ skates. Dark Olive (shown), Petrel/Carbon. 5002-860 17L, 685g $39 12

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48-hr Hold Service If you want to make sure an item will be available at your local MEC, call the store before you visit. We will gladly put it on hold for up to 48 hours. Visit us at

*Not shown All MEC packs are made in Vietnam.


2 MEC™ Flux Sling Pack This slick-looking city-living sling pack is perfect for toting a small lunch and all your day-to-day necessities. Main compartment is big enough for lunch and a jacket, and the exterior electronic device pocket is made for, well, electronic devices. Hideaway compression straps. Made of 420-denier Black/Carbon (shown), Velocity nylon. Desert Red/Carbon, Fiddlehead/Carbon.

DAYPACKS LIFESTYLE 1 MEC™ Pod Sling Pack A practical day-tripping rig for both urban and natural environments. A slick cellphone pocket rides at the front for easy access. Main pack has storage for an iPod® or Discman®, a wallet, writing implements, Aloe/Carbon (shown), Black, and PDA. Desert Red/Carbon, Lagoon/Carbon.

5006-495 12L, 545g $34

5001-497 7L, 335g $21

2 1

3 MEC™ Flux 23 and 28 At home on the trail, on the bike, or around town. Main compartment is big enough for lunch and a rain shell. Exterior slash pocket, two external side pockets, plus an easy-access top pocket perfect for a personal music player. Two hideaway compression straps hold a jacket or yoga mat. Weatherproof external zippers. 420-denier Velocity Black/Carbon, Desert Red/Carbon, nylon. Fiddlehead/Carbon (shown). 5006-486 23L, 600g $44 5008-941* 28L, 800g $49



DAYPACKS BOOK AND CoMPUTER 4 MEC™ Bookbag and Deluxe Bookbag Storage for a laptop, books, and academic supplies. Twin water bottle pockets. Back compartment with key clip, mini pockets, pen slots, and a covered port for headphone wires. 3-D mesh on back and Black, Desert shoulder straps. Deluxe is larger, with more pockets. Red/Carbon (shown), Fiddlehead/Carbon (shown), Petrel/Carbon.



5005-966 Bookbag 24L, 800g $32 5005-954 Deluxe 30L, 940g $39 Gigabyte 5 6

6 Blurr® Shuttle Pack Combines clean, elegant aesthetics with practical and functional features. This commuter-friendly pack can safely and comfortably carry your laptop and all your other important urban sundries. The rugged ballistic nylon fabric will take the knocks of daily life, and the EVA foam computer pocket will protect your laptop. Dimensions: 40 x 31 x 15cm. Black, Olive (shown). 5010-972 19L, 1.1kg $53


5 MEC™ Computer Kilobyte, Megabyte, and Gigabyte Transport your laptop and peripheries in comfort, style, and security. The Gigabyte is big enough to carry everything for the e-office on the go, including a portable printer/scanner/ fax. It also has a subdivided mid-layer pocket for files and extras. The Megabyte has many of the same features (without the pocket) in a slightly smaller package. The Kilobyte is a sling-style hip bag, just big enough for your laptop. All bags have an internal laptop holster that will keep your computer off the ground when you set down the pack. Small padded top pocket with a separate zipper holds a PDA/MP3 player. Compression thermo-moulded Black/Carbon, Petrel/Carbon (both shown). padding on front and back. 5005-967 Kilobyte 10L, 750g $52 5005-970 Megabyte 21L, 830g $66 5005-971 Gigabyte 30L, 1.1kg $82


9 MEC™ Fast-Track Rolling Duffle A deluxe trunk on wheels for the world traveller. It has smooth rolling wheels, a one-hand-operated telescoping handle, and a hideaway shoulder harness. The panel-style opening, well-placed mesh storage bags, and shoe bag make Slate/Black (shown), packing a breeze. Slate/Breccia.

7 MEC™ Pangea 40, 60, and 75 These sleek packs have full, lush suspension systems that zip behind panels for luggage mode. All are 630-denier Superpac nylon, reinforced with 1050-denier nylon in high-­ abrasion areas. They boast water-resistant zippers; grab handles; bottom utility straps for a jacket, sleeping pad or yoga mat; and plenty of pockets, organizers, and compartments, including twin zip-away water bottle holders and handy pouches on the hipbelts. The carry-on-­ sized 40 features a padded laptop sleeve. The 60 and 75 have detachable compartmented Merlot/Chili, daypacks with internal security pockets and zippered MP3 pockets. 40: Short (40L, 2.1kg), Standard (40L, 2.2kg). 60: Petrel/Dull Navy (both shown). Standard (60L, 3.0kg), Long (60L, 3.1kg). 75: Standard (75L, 3.2kg), Long (75L, 3.3kg). 5008-539 Pangea 40 $154 5008-540 Pangea 60 $204 5008-541* Pangea 75 $213


8 MEC™ Fast-Track Carry On Roller Speed through airports with this rolling, carry-on bag. The internal shoe compartment helps keep your clothes clean. Internal compression straps and mesh pouches keep your kit where you packed it. Comes with removable daypack. Meets most two-bag carry-on size restrictions. Sand/Breccia, Slate/Black (shown), Slate/Breccia.


5003-355* Small 80L, 4.0kg $112 5003-355* Medium 110L, 4.8kg $133 5003-355 Large 130L, 6.9kg $161


5003-358 51L, 3.9kg $130


11 On Sight Tarmac Duffle This bombproof expedition-grade duffle is excellent for organizing and hauling loads of gear to far-off destinations. Designed by structural sewing experts to take a pounding and come back for more. Huge D-style flip lid. Heavily reinforced stress Black (shown), points and seams. Black/Red. 5006-876* 70L, 1.5kg $88 5006-876 100L, 1.7kg $108 5006-876* 140L, 2.0kg $127 10 MEC™ Flux Duffle A slick duffle bag/sling pack hybrid with a large main compartment and separate wet storage. Great as a climbing gym bag or crag pack. A pair of exterior slash pockets and end pockets keep your gear sorted. Removable shoulder strap and Black/Carbon (shown), clasp handles. Desert Red/Carbon, Fiddlehead/Carbon. 5006-483 35L, 840g $46



12 MEC™ Duffle and Odyssey Duffle Tough, strong, heavy duty nylon, with broad webbing handles. Side-grip trunk handles. Taped internal seams, #10 YKK® zips. Zippered side pocket. Odyssey has Black, Dark hideaway shoulder straps. Olive, Dull Navy (shown), Merlot. (Odyssey in Black only.) 4000-984 Small 35L, 600g $21 4000-984* Medium 58L, 800g $25 4000-984* Large 103L, 1.1kg $29 4000-984* X-Large 136L, 1.2kg $32 4001-652* Odyssey 136L, 1.5kg $55

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*Not shown All MEC packs are made in Vietnam.


For me, alpine climbing is not about summits. It is about getting out and moving through wild terrain in the mountains. SHAWN AND SEAN, MEC MEMBERS. MT. ANDROMEDA, AB, CANADA.

Andrew Querner


3 NEW [w] 1 NEW [w]

WINTER BOOTS 1 NEW Baffin® Snofield With a full lace-up front and secure, snow-proof locking collar, these casual women’s snowboots are well-suited to easy-going winter wandering. Uppers are rugged 1000-denier nylon. Midsoles are shock-absorbing GelFlex. 6-11. • Outsoles are high-traction rubber. ATR: -40°C. 5011-127 [w] 1.8kg $99

2 [m]

2 Baffin® Bison Well-made all around, high-cut winter boots with removable liners. Rugged 1000-denier nylon uppers with rubber lowers. Fully seam-sealed join for reliable weather protection. Snow collar provides protection from deep snow soakers. Removable inner facilitates quicker drying at the end of the day. Lightweight rubber outsoles with wide, grippy lugs for improved traction 7-13. • on snow-covered surfaces. ATR: -35°C.

3 NEW Baffin® Sonic and Rush For light to moderate snowshoeing, hiking, or just having fun in the snow. Men’s have highly water-resistant nubuck leather uppers, a removable five-component inner boot system, and slip-resistant natural rubber outsoles. Women’s have burly Timberwolf nubuck leather uppers, secure lacing, GelFlex midsoles, and outsoles of high traction rubber. ATR: Men’s [m] 8 -13 [w] 6-11. -35°C, Women’s -20°C. 5011-125 [m] Sonic 2.3kg $149 5011-135 [w] Rush 1.2kg $109

5008-392 [m] 2.2kg $89 [m]



6 NEW [w]

4 NEW [w]

5 NEW [w] 4 NEW Columbia Bugalution and Bugabootres Snowshoe-ready three-season waterproof boots built to provide warmth and agility. Great for moderate to high-­output cold weather pursuits. Both models feature high-traction, non-marking Omni-Grip rubber outsoles and Thinsulate® insulation. The women’s is more heavily insulated, great for colder feet and/or lower temperatures. ATR: Men’s -25°C, [m] 7-12, 13 [w] 6-10. Women’s -35°C. ™

5011-202 [m] Bugalution 1.2kg $149 5011-203 [w] Bugabootres 1.3kg $149

5 NEW Hi-Tec® Yeti 2 and Verbier Lightweight, flexible boots for all kinds of winter sports, even in cold, damp settings. Both models feature grippy carbon rubber outsoles and warm, low-profile Thinsulate® insulation. The uppers on the men’s are seam-sealed waterproof nubuck leather; on the women’s, they’re fabric and treated suede leather, with an integrated water-resistant membrane. ATR: Men’s -30°C, [m] 7-12, 13, 14 [w] 6-10, 11. Women’s -25°C. 5010-876 [m] Yeti 2 1.5kg $139 5010-878 [w] Verbier 1.1kg $119

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6 NEW Merrell® Thermo 6” Shell WTPF Versatile boots with a unique slush-proof thermoplastic wrap and a moulded ridge for snowshoe straps. Great for casual winter wanderings and snowshoeing. Uppers: nubuck leather with a polyester mesh bellows tongue. Thinsulate® insulation and Polartec® 200 fleece lining. Foil laminate heat-reflecting insoles. Midsoles: tapered nylon for moderate torsional rigidity. Vibram® outsoles with 6mm [m] 8-12 [w] 7-10. deep lugs. ATR: -25°C. 5011-112 [m] 1.3kg $159 5011-113 [w] 1.1kg $159

ATR=Active Temperature Rating. See page 54 for details.


Tech Talk Booting up for WINTER Do you go for higher-intensity, shorter-duration, warmer-weather winter sports, such as snowshoeing daytrips on trails? Try light, sleek, lower-cut boots with moderate insulation. They’re easier to walk or run in, with or without snowshoes. Top them off with a pair of gaiters if you’ll be facing deep snow or slush. If you’re less active, out for longer stretches, and/or out in colder conditions, you’ll probably be happier in more heavily insulated, calf-high boots. They are bulkier, but their looser fit allows better blood circulation and more room for extra socks. Removable liners let you dry both the insulation and the boot’s interior more easily. That’s a good thing on any outing – and a near necessity on multi-day trips. Winter Boot Temperature ratings There are three important things to remember about our Active Temperature Ratings (ATR): 1. As “Active” suggests, these ratings assume you’re on the move. If you’ll be standing around, step up to a warmer boot and/or one with room for additional socks.



2 [w] 1 [w]

1 Salomon B29 Waterproof Insulated mid-height boots for casual use. Uppers: seamsealed full-grain nubuck leather. Midsoles: gel pack inserts provide insulation and cushioning. Outsoles: deep, selfcleaning, reverse saw-tooth treads. ATR: -18°C. [m] 8-12, 13 [w] 6-10.

2 Merrell® Thermo Pathfinder Waterproof Stylish, ankle-height winter boots for moderate conditions. Uppers: split and nubuck leather. Polartec® 100 thermal insulation protected by waterproof membranes. Midsoles: compression-moulded EVA with air cushion heel inserts. Outsoles: Vibram® Thermo multi-sport. ATR: -15°C. [m] 7-12, 13, 14 [w] 6-10.

5008-691 [m] 1.2kg $169 5008-692 [w] 1.0kg $169

5008-708 [m] 1.1kg $169 5008-709 [w] 880g $169


2. Our ratings may not be the same as the manufacturer’s. There is no official testing standard for boot temperature ratings. Based on our experience, we’ve tried to provide figures that let you compare relative warmth accurately across brands. 3. Your real-world experience can vary. You’ll be warmest when you’re well-fed, well-rested, and active. If you know from experience you tend to have cold feet (often the case for women), or if you’ll be pushing the limits of your endurance, build in a comfort cushion by opting for warmer footwear that’s roomy enough for additional socks. Carry spare socks so you can change to dry ones as needed. You’ll be off on the right foot for winter fun.

3 NEW [m]


4 [w]

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Photo Neil Piller


3 NEW La Sportiva® Trango Extreme Evo Light GTX Lightweight, waterproof, and insulated technical boots that excel on modern mixed routes in all but madly arctic conditions. Uppers are water-repellent Cordura® reinforced with treated Lorica® leather. Lined with a waterproofbreathable GORE-TEX® membrane and Duratherm® insulation. Flexible ankle panels ensure adequate mobility for gymnastic moves on mixed routes. Midsoles are an insulating 9mm Hytrel® plastic. Outsoles are Vibram® Lavardeo with antishock inserts for improved cushioning. Heel and toe welts are compatible with clip-on crampons. Euro 40-46. Stiff enough to support rigid crampons. 5011-455 [m] 1.6kg $405

4 La Sportiva® Nepal Evo GTX Lightweight and versatile. Manages all-mountain terrain and steep ice with equal aplomb. Uppers: premium siliconeimpregnated Idro-Perwanger rough-out leather with sticky rands. Warm, waterproof GORE-TEX® Duratherm® liners. 9mm thermal insoles. Patented flexible ankle system provides ample lateral support yet allows challenging crampon placements. Integrated snow gaiters. Shock-absorbing inserts under heel and ball of the foot. Outsoles: Vibram®, with an Impact Brake System that cushions shocks and [m] Euro 40-46 [w] 38-42. improves traction. 5009-329 [m] 2.1kg $495 5010-080 [w] 2.1kg $495



7 [m]

5 NEW [w]

6 [m]

BACKPACKING 5 NEW MEC™ Purcell Superb value for budget-conscious backpackers. Uppers: weather-resistant nubuck leather with a one-piece front and toe rand. Split-grain leather collar. Midsoles: EVA with full-length nylon shanks for torsional support. Rockered for a smoother stride. Outsoles: durable lugged rubber with braking and [m] 7-12, 13 [w] 5-10. toe-off zones. Made in China. 5011-151 [m] 1.4kg $135 5011-152 [w] 1.3kg $135

6 Raichle® Kootenay 5 Built with input from MEC, a 5th generation backpacking boot for tackling terrain when carrying all but the heaviest loads. Uppers: 2.4 to 2.6mm full-grain, smooth side-out leather, with leather-lined heel and ankle. Midsoles: shockabsorbing polyurethane with supportive TPU arch wedge and moulded HDPE shank for torsional rigidity. Outsoles: [m] 7-13, 14 Vibram® rubber for excellent traction. Med, 7-12, 13, 14 Wide [w] 5½-11 Narrow, 5-11 Med.

7 Montrail® Blue Ridge GTX Great for multi-day backpacking trips. Built on genderspecific Integrafit® lasts. Classic one-piece 2mm nubuck leather uppers, with waterproof-breathable stretch GORE-TEX® linings. Unique tongue design resists shifting. Midsoles: lightweight, durable polyurethane. Outsoles: [m] 8-12, 13 [w] 6-10. Vibram® Talon for good traction. 5006-998 [m] 1.4kg $259 5007-475 [w] 1.5kg $259 [m]

5009-890 [m] 1.5kg $210 5009-891 [w] 1.5kg $210 10 [w]

8 NEW [m]


DAY HIKING 9 [w] 8 NEW MEC™ Killarney 2 For all types of terrain. Uppers: weather-resistant nubuck leather. One-piece front upper section with toe rands. Midsoles: shock-absorbing compression-moulded EVA. Full-length nylon shanks for torsional support and stiffness for moderate loads. Outsoles: durable lugged rubber, defined braking, 9 Montrail® Comp [m] 7-12, 13 [w] 5-10. toe-off zones. Made in China. The famously fitting Comp, with fresh styling and an 5011-149 [m] 1.3kg $99 improved outsole rubber that offers better traction. Uppers: 5011-150* [w] 1.2kg $99 full-grain 2mm leather with ventilated mesh panels. Plush [m] mid-high collars provide support. Support straps provide optimal heel control. Midsoles: dual-density polyurethane with full-length TerraFlex™ protection plates. Outsoles: 11 [w] [m] 8-13 [w] 6-10. carbon rubber. Medium fit.

10 Hi-Tec® Ascent Beefy day hiking boots, also suitable for lightly packed overnighters. Uppers: nubuck leather with waterproofbreathable eVENT® membrane. Moisture-wicking linings. Soft, padded, split leather collars. Midsoles: compressionmoulded EVA foam, board-lasted with steel shanks for added rigidity. Outsoles: custom-designed Vibram® with aggressive [m] 8-12, 13 [w] 6-10. lugs for grip. Medium fit. 5007-521 [m] 1.4kg $169 5007-522 [w] 1.1kg $169


5006-987 [m] 1.0kg $150 5006-996 [w] 780g $150

12 [w]

11 Vasque® Breeze GORE-TEX® XCR® Beefy enough for fast and light travel on moderate terrain. Uppers: nubuck and mesh with extra-breathable, waterproof GORE-TEX XCR linings. Midsoles: contoured EVA, with integrated nylon flex plates. Outsoles: Vibram® Contact with high-traction lugs at the heel strike and toe-off [m] 7-12, 13 [w] 6-10. areas. Forefeet are rockered to support a natural gait. Medium fit.

12 Zamberlan® Jasper GT Premium day hiking boots designed for full days on rough trails in variable weather conditions. Uppers: nubuck full-grain leather with integrated GORE-TEX® booties. Midsoles: graded polypropylene for good support and consistent flex pattern across [m] 8-12, 13 [w] 6-10. all sizes. Outsoles: Vibram®. Medium fit.

5002-858 [m] 1.2kg $209 5002-859 [w] 1.1kg $209

5008-548 [m] 1.5kg $229 5008-550 [w] 1.3kg $229

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*Not shown Note: See page 80 for European size conversions.



[m] [m]

3 NEW [w]

1 [w]

2 NEW [w]

TRAIL RUNNING 1 Salomon® XA Pro 3D Supportive and breathable. All around trail running shoes built for a variety of conditions. Uppers: abrasion-resistant mesh with protective toecap. One-pull lacing. Gusseted tongue and mudguard protect feet from trail debris. Midsoles: triple-density EVA foam with a torsion-control chassis that cradles the heel. Outsoles: sticky lugged rubber. Moderate [m] 7-12, 13 [w] 6-10, 11. motion control. 5009-767 [m] 790g $129 5009-768 [w] 670g $129

2 NEW Adidas® Supernova Stitchless forefoot provides comfort and breathability. Uppers are seam-free for a precise fit. Antimicrobial sock liners. Moulded EVA insoles. Midsoles are adiPRENE®, designed to prevent excessive pronation. Outsoles are differentially lugged Traxion for maximum grip in all directions. The women’s model fits the unique proportions of the female foot and ankle. Medial inserts provide [m] 7-12, 13 [w] 6-10. additional motion control.

3 NEW Nike® ACG® Air Zoom Steens 3 Great fit and loads of technical features. Uppers: twopanel anatomical bootie for a good fit. Durable frames for protection and support. Midsoles: full-length articulated Phylon®. Shock-absorbing Heel Air-Sole®. Zoom Air-Sole unit in the forefoot adds responsive cushioning. Outsoles: carbon rubber BRS 1000 in the heel for durable traction with forefoot waffle blade traction, and sticky rubber for [m] 8-13 [w] 7-10, 11. superb grip – wet or dry. 5010-713 [m] 680g $145 5010-716 [w] 560g $145

5011-559 [m] 660g $140 5009-789 [w] 640g $140 [m]



4 NEW [w]

6 [w]

5 NEW [w]

LIGHT TRAIL HIKING 4 NEW Salomon® Solaris 2 Low Approach footwear with a running shoe feel. The multidirection lugs deliver great traction. Uppers: split leather and mesh for durability and breathability. Gusseted tongue blocks debris. Well-padded collar adds comfort, fit, and support. Midsoles: polyurethane on a light chassis. Outsoles: lightweight Salomon Contagrip® rubber. [m] 7-12, 13, 14 [w] 5-10. 5011-482 [m] 980g $99 5011-485 [w] 850g $99

5 NEW Timberland® Endurion Low Ultralight and breathable: great for warm weather adventures. Uppers: lightweight, breathable mesh. Midsoles: ¾-length, dual-density, posted, and compressed EVA with a PU lower heel cartridge for a stable heel strike. Grooved stability plate lets forefoot flex independently on varied terrain. Outsoles: Vibram® rubber with variable lug [m] 8-12, 13 [w] 6-10. pattern for street and trail.

6 Garmont® Nagevi Plus Anatomically designed light trail hikers for folks with low- to mid-volume-sized feet. Uppers: leather and synthetic textile with suede trim and mesh rear quarter. Nylon webbing lace retainers enhance the fit. Midsoles: stable EVA with TrailSpeed spine for additional support, trail-friendly flex, and excellent pronation resistance. Outsoles: aggressive tread with reliable downhill braking traction and self-cleaning lugs. [m] 8-12, 13, 14 [w] 6-10. Moderate motion control. 5009-654 [m] 1.0kg $125 5009-655 [w] 890g $125

5011-155 [m] 772g $115 5011-178 [w] 615g $115 7 Salomon® Fusion and Symbio Innovative soft shell trail shoes. Designed to provide good performance and comfort on moderate terrain. Uppers: functional, stretch-woven fabric with glued reinforcements for excellent durability and abrasion resistance. Midsoles: compression-moulded EVA foam. Outsoles: Dual compound lugged rubber helps you get a grip on slick surfaces. [m] 8-12, 13 [w] 7-10.

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7 [w]

5009-581 [m] Fusion 860g $129 5009-582 [w] Symbio 750g $129


Rock Solid Guarantee All gear you get from MEC is guaranteed. We also guarantee the product selection advice offered through our catalogue, website, and staff. Rock solid advice. Rock solid gear. That’s our guarantee.

[m] [m]

8 [w]

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9 NEW [w]

8 Merrell® Pulse II Generous style, support, and abrasion resistance for light to moderate trails. Uppers: pieced nubuck and split leather. Mesh and leather bellows breathable tongue. Midsoles: EVA with arch shank for great support and torsional rigidity. A 4.5mm footbed provides some shock absorption. Outsoles: [m] 7-12, 13 [w] 5-10. lugged Vibram® for traction.

9 NEW Keen™ Targhee II Light All around light trail shoes. An eVENT® waterproof-breathable membrane sandwiched into the uppers lets them (and you) take wet conditions in stride. Uppers: treated leather with nylon panel inserts that provide stability and abrasion resistance. Outsoles have durable carbon rubber lugs to [m] 7-12, 13 [w] 6-11. provide all-conditions traction.

5009-852 [m] 580g $129 5009-853 [w] 495g $129

5011-194 [m] 910g $175 5011-196 [w] 755g $175

11 [m]


10 [w]

10 Garmont® Eclipse XCR® Low-cut comfortable shoes offering support and stability comparable to heavier boots. Uppers: nubuck with nylon mesh and GORE-TEX® XCR waterproof-breathable liners. Reinforced toe and rand. Midsoles: polyurethane with durable shock attenuation. Spine system cushions and propels foot forward. Outsoles: lugged Vibram® provides stability, [m] 8-13 [w] 6-10. traction, and pronation resistance.

11 Garmont® Flash XCR® Light, fully waterproof, highly breathable, and ready to go with little or no break-in time. Nubuck leather and nylon uppers with GORE-TEX® XCR laminate. Internal thermoplastic spine supports the foot while allowing flex and excellent pronation resistance. Vibram® G3 outsoles give durable traction and downhill braking and are self[m] 8-13 [w] 6-10. cleaning. Snug, low-mid volume fit.

5006-045 [m] 1.0kg $179 5007-448 [w] 900g $179

5009-652 [m] 1.1kg $199 5009-653* [w] 950g $199

13 MEC™ Kokanee GORE-TEX® Sculpted cut fits closely (may not fit bulky boots). Three-ply waterproof-breathable GORE-TEX uppers. Durable 1000-denier Cordura® lowers. Wide, secure Velcro® front openings. Shockcord top seals with cordlocks. Made in Black, Carbon, Delta Blue, Poppy (shown). Vietnam. [m] XS (2-5), S (5-8), M (8-11), L (11-13), XL (13-15).


GAITERS 12 MEC Gaiters Excellent value in basic gaiters. Both feature waterproof packcloth bottoms and side zips. Waterproof-breathable made in Canada, nylon made in Vietnam. W-B Black (shown), Chili, Navy Blue. Nylon Black, Blue3, Sage/Black. [m] S (4-7), L (8-13).


5006-030 W-B 240g $35 0210-021* Nylon 240g $15


4008-858 235g $42 14 Yaktrax® Pro Traction Device Walking or running on non-technical snow or ice? These easy-to-carry little gizmos slide onto footwear to reduce the odds of slipping. Removable performance straps. S [m] 5-8½ [w] 6½-10, M [m] 9-11 [w] 10½-12½, L/XL [m] 11½-14+ [w] 13-15. 5002-768 280g $35

*Not shown

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1 NEW MEC™ Hut Booties 2 A real treat for your feet after a day of shredding the slopes or cranking frozen falls. MEC Hyperloft synthetic insulation performs well even in damp environments (Hello, Coast Range!). Shell fabric is 70-denier nylon, lined with 50-denier brushed polyester. EVA footbeds. Shockcords at ankles seal in heat and seal out snow. Outsoles are polyester with a grippy coating. Made in Blue2, Navy Blue, Red (shown). XS-XL. China.

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5011-597 170g $29 3 NEW


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2 NEW Rastro Thermostat Fleece Slippers Great for padding around the cabin. Uppers: warm polyester fleece with elasticised cuffs. Midsoles: dense open-cell foam for cushioning and insulation. Outsoles: suede that looks Nordic Blue (shown), Nordic Wine, good and lasts well. XXS-XL. Spring Leaf, Taupe.

3 NEW MEC™ GET Down Booties 2 575 fill-power duck down is light and compact; great for huts and cold dry tenting (not great for damp camps). Nylon shells lined with brushed polyester. Internal ankle elastics snug the fit without crushing the down. Polyester fleece footbeds. Foam soles for crush-resistant insulation underfoot. Ankle shockcord seals. Outsoles are polyester Fire, Navy Blue with a grippy coating. Made in China. XS-XL. (shown), Shadow.

5011-699 190g $25

5011-601 140g $35

5 Wigwam® INgenious Hiker Merino Performance construction with a wool outer knitted directly to a synthetic inner. 65% merino wool, 25% nylon, Charcoal (shown), Gun 10% spandex. [m] 5-9½, 9-12, 12-15 Metal. [w] 6-10, 10-13.

6 Wigwam® INgenious Snowsports A winter-weight version of the Hiker (left). Black. [m] 5-9½, 9-12, 12-15 [w] 6-10, 10-13.

SOCKS 4 Great Canadian Sox Company Super-Wool Hiker GX Warmth, durability, and stretch. 74% merino wool, 20% nylon, 6% LYCRA®. Black, Navy Blue, Taupe (shown). [unisex] M-XL. • 5006-539 120g $7.50

5001-646 125g $18.50

5001-651 125g $15.50 4

7 Wigwam® Ultimax® Liners 32% olefin, 33% acrylic, 20% nylon, Black, White. and 15% spandex. [m] 6-9½, 9½-12, 12-15 [w] 4-7, 7-10, 10+. 4003-526 40g $9





8 Wigwam® 40 Below Great value in fully cushioned, winter thermal socks. 50% wool, 48% nylon, 2% spandex. Black, Grey, [m] 6-9½, Navy Blue, Olive. 9½-12, 12-15 [w] 7-10, 10+.

9 MEC™ Polartec® 200 Classic, midweight polyester fleece offers excellent warmth for weight. Knit nylon cuff keeps socks up. Low-profile, flat-locked Black (shown), Mauritius Blue. seams. 3½-6, 6-8, 8-10, 10-12, 12-13. •

4008-030 100g $9

4017-687 80g $10.50





1 NEW Patagonia® Wind Tracker Jacket, Vest, and Tights Light, stretchy coverage for heart-pumping Nordic skiing or winter running in cold and dry conditions. Front panels are polyester knit sandwiched over a wind-blocking polyurethane film, and treated with a Deluge® DWR (durable water repellency) finish. Elsewhere, quick-drying polyester/spandex panels provide flexibility and warmth. Fits comfortably over light base layers, or beneath a shell or heavier insulation. Jacket features chafe-free offset seams, a large rear pocket, and thumb loops. Vest has zippered chest pocket and large rear pocket. Tights boast flat-locked seams and glued-in, zippered handwarmer pockets. Jacket [m] Black, Mars Red/Black (shown). [w] Black, Blue Harbour/Black (shown). Vest and Tights [m] and [w] Black. [m] S-XL [w] S-L. 5010-798 [m] Jacket 325g $200 5010-799 [w] Jacket 310g $200 5010-796* [m] Vest 230g $155 5010-797 [w] Vest 220g $155 5010-800 [m] Tights 310g $170 5010-801* [w] Tights 285g $170

1 NEW [w]

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2 NEW [m]


2 NEW Patagonia® Houdini Full-Zip Jacket Now you need it, now you don’t. This breathable, weather-resistant jacket virtually vanishes in your pack. But when the weather goes south, it reappears to protect you from wind and light rain. Crazy light and compact ripstop nylon, topped with a Deluge® DWR (durable water repellency) treatment. Contoured fit. Interior chest [m] Ocean Blue pocket doubles as a stuff sack. Drawcord hood and hem. (shown), Palm Leaf, Stainless. [w] Blue Harbour (shown), Hot Ember. [m] S-XL [w] S-L. [w]

5010-792 [m] 100g $160 5010-793 [w] 100g $160

*Not shown






1 IMPROVED MEC™ Dervish Windshirt and Windvest Now with an improved fit, plus the shirt has a lighter, snap-front closure. Polyester Versatech® Lite Matrix® ripstop face fabric sheds wind and drizzle. Vests have stretch-mesh backs for Windshirt [m] Algae, Black, Marine. [w] Black, Chartreuse ventilation, and reflective trim. (shown), Raspberry. Vest [m] Black (shown), Marine. [w] Black, Bluebell (shown). [m] S-XXL [w] XS-XL. • 5010-568* [m] Jacket 155g $49 5010-569 [w] Jacket 140g $49 5010-570 [m] Vest 115g $44 5010-571 [w] Vest 90g $44


3 MEC™ Breeze Trail Running Jacket and Pants

2 NEW [w]

2 NEW MEC™ Jetstreak Jacket and Vest Optimized for cold-weather aerobics. They deliver judicious warmth, lots of mobility, and a great balance of weather protection and breathability. And they’re MP3 player friendly! Front torsos (and jacket arms) are Isowind®: soft, supple polyester sandwiched around a weather-blocking membrane. Back panels are stretchy nylon and spandex Superroubaix® for warmth and breathability. Zippered Jacket handwarmer pockets thaw fingers post-run. [m] Black, Marine/Black (shown), Redwood/Black. [w] Black, Bluebell/Black (shown), Raspberry/Black. Vest [m] Black, Marine/Black, Stainless Steel/Black. [w] Black, Raspberry/Black (shown), Stainless Steel/Black. [m] S-XXL [w] XS-XL. • 5011-009 [m] Jacket 430g $100 5011-010 [w] Jacket 375g $100 5011-011* [m] Vest 305g $75 5011-012 [w] Vest 270g $75


Made of polyester produced from recycled materials! Streamlined designs layer flawlessly over wicking layers or underwear. Soft polyester boasts a Teflon® DWR (durable water repellency) finish. Jacket has stretch mesh underarm gussets, front and back chest level vents. Pants have articulated knees. Jacket [m] Coal/Black, Marine, Redwood. [w] Bluebell, Coal, Raspberry (shown). Pants [m] and [w] Black, Coal (shown). [m] S-XXL [w] XS-XL. • 5006-378* [m] Jacket 290g $59 5006-381 [w] Jacket 230g $59 5006-383* [m] Pants 160g $33 5006-384 [w] Pants 150g $33 3 [w]



4 MEC™ Rapidi-T Shirts Basic wicking pieces with a semi-relaxed fit. Layer beneath other clothing on brisk fall or spring runs; wear alone when it’s warmer. Moisture-wicking [m] Algae polyester microfibre mini-mesh fabric. (shown), Black, Marine, Redwood. [w] Black, Bluebell (shown, L/S only), Chartreuse (S/S only), Raspberry, [m] S-XXL [w] XS-XL. • White.

4 [w]

5009-287 [m] L/S 175g $19 5009-289 [w] L/S 145g $19 5009-285* [m] S/S 135g $17 5009-286* [w] S/S 110g $17

5 [m]

5 MEC™ Fast Forward Tops This line-up of sleek and technical high-output apparel is built for maximum performance with a fabric that will keep you comfortable as things heat up on the trail, track, or crag. Cut to fit close, the Polartec® Power Stretch® fabric is a nylon, polyester, and LYCRA® blend with a sun protective UPF rating of 15+. Zip-T is in a heavier-weight Zip-T [m] fabric for more versatile cooler-weather use. Black, Marine/Coal (shown), Redwood/Black. [w] Coal/ Black, Dark Bluebell/Coal, Raspberry. T-Shirt [m] Black/ Coal, Light Marine/Black, Redwood/Coal. [w] Bluebell/Coal, [m] S-XXL [w] XS-XL. • Coal/Black, Popcorn/Coal.


MEC Thermal Made of Superroubaix®, a stretchy nylon/spandex fabric with a flat outer face and a comfy brushed inner face, the Thermals are good for a wide range of cooler-weather pursuits. • 6 MEC™ Thermal Hoodie A good-looking, easy-moving hoodie with an athletic cut. Long sleeves with built-in thumb holes for additional coverage. [m] Black, Functional, snug-fitting hood. Marine (shown), Redwood/Black. [w] Bluebell, Coal, Raspberry/Coal (shown). [m] S-XXL [w] XS-XL. • 5007-913 [m] 340g $58 5007-914 [w] 285g $58

5009-075 [m] Zip-T 210g $50 5009-076* [w] Zip-T 160g $50 5009-073* [m] S/S T-Shirt 155g $32 5009-074* [w] S/S T-Shirt 120g $32

[w] 7 [m]

6 [m]

MEC™ Thermal Tights* Uncomplicated thermal tights. Six-panel construction for fit and mobility. Elasticized Black, Coal (w only). waist. [m] S-XL [w] XS-XL. • 5007-920 [m] 250g $45 5007-921 [w] 220g $45

7 MEC Dart Pants Comfy and mobile for warm-ups and trail running, these pants are made of quick-drying flat-knit polyester. They feature a wide, comfortable elastic waistband with an adjustable drawstring, tapered legs, ankle zips with reflective trim, and a zippered, Black/Coal. S-XXL. • side-entry wallet pocket. ™


5002-371 [m] 270g $38

8 [w]

8 MEC™ Surge Tights Men’s four-panel multi-sport tights are tapered to the ankle for an uncluttered profile. Women’s pants feature a contemporary cut, fit, and feel. Fitted through the hip, relaxed through the legs, with a slightly flared cuff. All are Black. polyester and spandex. [m] S-XL [w] XS-XL. • 5009-383 [m] Tights 275g $24 5009-384 [w] Pants 345g $30

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9 [w]

9 MEC™ Dash Pants Made of comfy flat-knit polyester. A great option for women who aren’t fond of tights but want quick-drying mobility for warm-ups and running. Wide, comfortable elastic waistband with adjustable drawstrings; two front pockets with low-profile, quick-drying mesh linings; and wide, easy-moving leg Black/Coal. XS-XL. • openings. 5002-373 [w] 290g $25

*Not shown


TREKKING + TRAVEL 1 NEW Patagonia® Vitaliti Sport Hoodie A technical hoodie made of plaited jersey with mesh panels. The natural features of organic cotton, with polyester next to the skin to wick perspiration away. Sleeves, hood, and side panels are cotton and polyester mesh, while the front and back are cotton and polyester with spandex for Black, stretch. Garment washed to give it a soft, comfortable hand. XS-XL. Blue Harbour, Elderberry (shown), Palm Leaf. 5010-936 [w] 215g $55

1 NEW [w] 3 NEW [m]

3 NEW Patagonia® Brushed Vitaliti Crew-Neck Shirt A classic crew for adventures in the wilds or around town. Organic cotton, blended with Tencel® and polyester to deliver comfort, mobility, and moisture management. Straight hem with side vents. Brushed and garmentBatik Blue, Sprout, Stainless, washed for softness. S-XXL. Velvet Brown (shown). 2 NEW [w]

5010-931 [m] 300g $59

2 NEW Patagonia® Silent Passage Organic Cotton T-Shirt The comfort of soft, organic cotton with a hint of spandex for stretch, resulting in a relaxed-fitting shirt that moves with you. Deep, scooped neck adds to the feminine styling, and taped shoulder seams add comfort next to the skin. Print is both screened and stitched on. Black, Blue Harbour, Hot Ember (shown), White. XS-XL. 5010-930 [w] 200g $41 4 NEW [w]

5 NEW [m]

4 NEW Patagonia® Mystery

Stretch Pants

Quick-drying trousers with a clean finish and smooth drape. Stretchwoven nylon and polyester fabric has a DWR (durable water repellency) finish, making them easy care as well as easy moving. Tailored with straight legs, body-slimming side seams that wrap forward, and a wide, flat waistband to tame wandering belts. Two quarter-top front pockets, two rear pockets with flaps, and a security pocket on the left Black (shown), Velvet Brown. leg. 4-14.

5 NEW Patagonia® Pima Organic Cotton Shirt A naturally grown classic in an autumn-coloured palette. The 100% organic pima cotton is lightweight, resilient, and Alpaca Brown exceptionally soft. Tapered hem, relaxed fit. S-XXL. Fade Stripe, Nightfall Fade Stripe (shown). 5010-935 [m] 255g $77 6 NEW Patagonia® Late Shift Pants The look and feel of cotton canvas, in a light, quick-drying nylon. These durable pants are great under a harness. Angled side seams and gusseted crotch allow mobility. Two hand pockets, a zippered security pocket, and a small hip Alpaca Brown (shown), Seagrass. 30-40. pocket.

5010-929 [w] 340g $91

6 NEW [m]


5010-928 [m] 510g $85


9 NEW [m]

7 NEW [w]

7 NEW Prana® Chenille V-Neck Sweater Plush fabric in a practical sweater that’s equally at home on the slopes or in the chalet. Chenille polyester has a whisper of spandex, achieving baby-blanket softness with stretch Black, Grass, for a flattering fit. S-XL. Mulberry (shown). 5011-115 [w] 200g $69

8 [w]

8 MEC™ Terra Nova Stretch Pants Cool and contemporary pants for trekking, climbing, and scrambling. Tactel® Ispira® nylon with integrated mechanical stretch. Subtly contoured side and back panels. Narrow waistband sits just over the hips. Integrated fold-over waist strap with hookand-loop closure. Toggled drawcords on Black, Chalk, Shadow leg openings. 4-16. • (shown).

9 NEW Prana® Alias Zip-Neck Sweater This classic pullover makes a great travel buddy. It’s like your favourite sweater, but made of high-performance polyester fleece, for good insulation without bulk. The neck zipper is backed with a protective placket. Charcoal (shown), Crimson, Sand. S-XL.


10 IMPROVED MEC™ Tripper

Stretch Pants

5011-107 [m] 355g $59

An MEC classic. Improved pattern for a better fit, with LYCRA® added to the nylon for easier moves. Drawcords at legs seal out bugs and drafts. Mesh-­lined hand pockets add Black, breathability and drainage. Zip fly. 30-42. • Chalk (shown), Shadow. 5009-136 [m] 325g $61

5009-177 [w] 235g $61


13 IMPROVED [m] 11 [w]

12 NEW [w]

11 Prana® Tenaya Stretch Pants Tough enough for the unbeaten path without being too rough to wear around town. Nylon fabric with spandex for a touch of stretch. Quick-drying and colourfast. Webbing belt and buckle closure. Zippered thigh cargo Black, Latte (shown). XS-L. pocket.

12 NEW MEC™ Megantic Shirt A casual performance T-shirt made of recycled, quick-drying polyester to manage moisture. Textured diamond mesh knit. Off-White, Purple Haze (shown), XS-XL. • Raspberry.

5009-728 [w] 250g $69

5010-555 [w] 160g $25

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13 IMPROVED Prana® Zion

14 IMPROVED Prana® Performance

Tough, technical, and great for climbing. Quick-dry nylon/spandex doubled on knees and bum. Legs snap up for hot days or wading streams. New simple waist closure needs no Earth, Kona (shown). S-XL. belt.

Polyester base layer for cool weather. New fabric is antimicrobial and moisturewicking. Cut close for layering, gusseted for Brick, Cypress, Slate (shown). mobility. S-XL.

5011-118 [m] 475g $69

5011-117 [m] 280g $59

Stretch Pants

Snakebite Zip-T


2 [w]

3 [m]

2 Sportif Ella Stretch Turtleneck A basic first layer for cooler conditions, whether you’re hiking or trekking. The casual, contemporary style will take you smoothly from trail to trattoria. Made of a knit polyester with a bit of spandex for fabulous stretch, a smooth outer face, and Black, Mallard comfortable fuzzy inner. XS-XL. (shown), Off-White, Purple Haze.

1 NEW [w]

3 Sportif Epic Shirt Classic trekking shirt amped up with functional features like mesh panel venting. Quick-drying nylon and polyester blend Atlantic Blue, fabric. UPF: 15-24. S-XXL. Driftwood (shown), Light Grey. 5006-939 [m] 310g $48

5008-336 [w] 165g $29

1 NEW Sportif Emily V-Neck Top Made of a polyester and spandex fabric, this stylish top is comfy enough to wear next to the skin during long days in cold conditions. Raw edges with contrast stitching add flair. Black, Mallard, Pear (shown). XS-XL. Relaxed fit. 5011-189 [w] 190g $33

6 NEW [m] [w] 4 [m]

4 Sportif Keane and Traverse Stretch Convertible Pants Zippered calves eliminate the need to remove shoes. A plethora of pockets ensures carrying convenience. Burly nylon with spandex. UPF: 40-50+. Chalk (shown), Dusty Grey [m] 30-42 (shown), Olive. [w] 4-16. 5009-786 [m] Keane 575g $58 5009-788 [w] Traverse 430g $58


5 [w]

5 Sportif Toaster Fleece-Lined Pants Tough coated nylon canvas with a DWR (durable water repellency) treatment and full fleece lining. Great for all sorts of winter activities, from snowshoeing to snow Black, Merlot (shown). shovelling. 4-16.

6 NEW Sportif Sutter Fleece-Lined Pants Serious warmth for winter hiking. Rugged nylon canvas is coated with water-resistant polyurethane, treated with DWR (durable water repellency), and lined with polyester fleece. Gusseted crotch. Zip cargo pocket. Black, Chocolate (shown). 30-42.

5005-284 [w] 560g $51

5011-186 [m] 680g $51



7 [m] [w]

NATURAL FIBRES 7 MEC™ Organic Cotton T-Shirts These heavyweight organic cotton T-shirts are staples in any wardrobe. Available in long [m] Black, Marine (shown), Pesto, Redwood, White. and short-sleeved. Made in India. [w] Black, Bluebell, Pear, Sangria (shown), White. [m] S-XXL [w] XS-XL. 5002-179 [m] L/S 270g $14 5002-180 [w] L/S 190g $14 5002-177* [m] S/S 210g $12 5002-178* [w] S/S 150g $12


8 IMPROVED MEC™ Asulkan Merino Wool Zip-T Our classic pullover in nature’s own thermal fabric, improved with a better fit. Incredibly soft merino wool controls skin temperature and humidity, traps heat, and washes well. Durable, flame-resistant, and won’t retain odours. Fabric has lots of natural stretch and pill resistance to help maintain its good looks. [m] Driftwood/Off-White (shown), Marine, Off-White/ Driftwood. [w] Icicle (shown), Purple Haze, Raspberry. [m] S-XXL [w] XS-XL. •

9 NEW [m]

5010-556 [m] L/S 375g $79 5010-557 [w] L/S 295g $79

MEC Staff Tip 9 NEW MEC™ Birch Organic Cotton

Flannel Shirt

This flannel shirt is just the thing for fall walks and winter evenings by the ski hut stove. Made of midweight 100% organic cotton flannel. Classic stand-up collar and single chest pocket. Curved hem and loose, generous cut. Two-button adjustable cuffs. Cocoa Plaid (shown), Made in Portugal. S-XXL. Marine Plaid, Pesto Plaid. 5010-558 [m] 235g $39

10 [m]


10 MEC™ Randonée Organic Cotton Pants Blending the best traits of organic cotton and nylon, these great-looking pants will take the abuse of traveling and trekking. Redesigned modern Chalk (shown), Olive, styling and slightly fuller, more contemporary cut. [m] 30-42 [w] 4-16. • Shadow (shown). 5009-228 [m] 350g $63 5009-231 [w] 320g $63

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“Check your first aid kit before each trip. Replace missing items, like adhesive bandages and tweezers. Don’t forget the thermometer. Also, be sure to check the expiration dates on ointments and medicines.” Carelle, Web Content Developer MEC Head Office, Vancouver

*Not shown


Layering 101

Think of your outdoor clothing as a system made up of a base layer, mid-layer, and waterproof-breathable layer. When worn properly, this versatile system will keep you warm, dry, and comfortable in the majority of weather conditions you’ll face. Base layer Worn next to the skin, the base layer is the first component of your clothing system. Most quality base layers are made of performance knit fabrics cut with a slightly snug or close fit. This allows the garment to quickly and efficiently draw moisture away from your body, helping to keep your skin dry and warm. Mid-layer Worn on top of your base layer, the midlayer’s primary role is to trap the warmth your body creates. Mid-layers also allow moisture vapour transferred from your base layers to escape, helping you stay dry. A mid-layer should fit close, but not tight, to ensure the greatest range of movement and to prevent binding under your waterproof-breathable layer. Waterproof-breathable layer Worn on top of your mid-layer, this outer layer is your best defence against the elements. Made of robust woven fabrics married to a waterproof-breathable membrane, these garments allow some moisture vapour from your base and midlayers to pass through the membrane. However, the primary role of the outer layer is to prevent wind and wet weather from compromising your clothing system. Learn more at


Moisture wicking Thermal insulation Breathability Weather protection Abrasion resistance


Moisture wicking Thermal insulation Breathability Weather protection Abrasion resistance

waterproof-breathable layer

Moisture wicking Thermal insulation Breathability Weather protection Abrasion resistance

HEADWEAR 1 NEW Outdoor Research® Nazca

2 NEW Cloudveil® Rayzar Hat Schoeller® 3X Dry fabric. Strong water and cold-shedding performance. Four-way stretch fabric for comfort. Flat-locked seams for [m] Indigo (shown), Vine. low-profile fit. [w] Lavender (shown), Mint/Algae. One size fits most. •

Earflap Toque

The insulating power of lambswool paired with a soft polyester microfleece lining to keep Barley (shown), forehead and ears warm. One size fits most. Coffee.


5011-332 48g $24

5011-030 [m] 60g $38 5011-031 [w] 60g $38

3 NEW Ambler Peace Hat Comfortable, low-rise fit. The natural warmth of a 100% wool shell with a comfy polyester microfleece headband liner. Hand-knit and handCream, Indigo, Plum (shown). dyed in Nepal. One size fits most. 5011-405 75g $26

2 NEW [m]




4 Ambler Scooter Beanie A hand-knit, hand-dyed wool beanie made in Nepal. Fleece lined for warmth and wind Assorted colours resistance. Low-rise fit. One size fits most. (sorry, no choice).


5008-630 85g $25

5 NEW Prana® Vertical Stripe Beanie A lightweight beanie with four-way stretch, for a snug fit that prevents heat loss. Suitable for climbing and other aerobic activities in cool weather. 95% polyester, 5% spandex. Brown, Crimson (shown), Light Grey. One size fits most. 5011-322 60g $25

6 NEW Nike® ACG® Running Cap A featherweight polyester skull cap for winter runs, with reflective accents for visibility. Snug, contoured fit enhances thermal and wicking Black. One size fits most. properties.

7 NEW MEC™ Midweight Power Dry® Balaclava Exceptional protection against the worst weather. Engineered in winter-savvy Canada and made from warm, wicking, antimicrobial Black (shown), Electric Blue. fabric. 98% polyester, 2% LYCRA®. One size fits most. •


5011-128 35g $17.50

5009-447 40g $11 7 NEW 9


8 NEW MEC™ Midweight Power Dry® Toque A midweight cap for cross-country skiing and other cold-weather aerobic activities. Grid pattern on the inner surface breathes, while the exterior disperses moisture for rapid drying. 98% polyester, 2% spandex. Black, Electric Blue (shown). One size fits most. •

9 MEC™ Polartec® 200 Toque A simple, classic toque made of warm, durable, and quick-drying midweight Polartec 200 fleece. Black, Blush, Bluebell, Chili, Cypress, Mauritius Blue (shown). S-L. • 4017-678 35g $6

5009-446 30g $8.50

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2 MEC™ Out O’ Bounds GORE-TEX® Gloves Nylon shells with three-layer GORE-TEX inserts. Pittards® Armortan goat leather palms. Removable fleece liners. XS-XL. 5005-375 240g $69

4 NEW [w]

3 NEW MEC™ Blast XCR® Gloves For extreme winter adventures. Schoeller® DWR-treated nylon shells, reinforced with water-resistant Pittards® Armortan leather hands. Removable GORE-TEX® XCR liners. XS-XL. Hyperloft and midweight fleece insulation. 5010-306 330g $110

5 [m]


MOUNTAIN 1 Black Diamond™ Guide Gloves Shells: Schoeller® WB four-way stretch fabric, with Pittards® Armortan goatskin palms and leather finger caps and knuckles. Removable liners: GORE-TEX® XCR® insulated with warm-in-the-wet PrimaLoft® on the backs and crushproof S-XL. fleece on the palms, lined with brushed tricot. 5008-376 320g $149

6 [m]

4 NEW MEC™ Dr sNO Gloves Premium-quality, soft shell backcountry gloves with short gauntlets. Weather-resistant, breathable stretch-woven shells and rugged Pittards® Armortan full-leather palms. DryHand™ knit fleece linings. Shockcord closure at wrists, [m] S-XL [w] S-L. with surface-mounted cord lock.

5 Black Diamond™ Mercury 2 Mitts Warmth for the harshest conditions. Breathable nylon shells with Pittards® Armortan leather palms. Waterproof, removable liners feature separate trigger fingers, PrimaLoft® insulated backs, and Polartec® Thermal Pro® palms. [m] S-XL [w] XS-L.

5010-387* [m] 150g $45 5010-389 [w] 120g $45

5008-368 [m] 335g $79 5008-371* [w] 335g $79



Cross-country skiing 6 Auclair® Lillehammer XC Gloves 3M® Thinsulate® insulation for warmth without bulk. Stretch nylon mesh backs. Brushed polyester linings. Goatskin [m] S-XL [w] S-L. palms. 5005-602 [m] 150g $34 5005-603* [w] 125g $34


7 MEC™ Relay XC Gloves Wind-blocking LYCRA®/fleece laminate covers most of the hands. Terry cloth forefingers and thumbs for breathability and nose wiping. Synthetic suede palms. LYCRA finger sides XS-XL. for dexterity. 5008-244 110g $25

8 MEC™ Glide XC Gloves Low-profile cross-country ski gloves with soft, light insulation on backs. Synthetic suede palms and LYCRA® at fingers give a flexible, dexterous grip. Corded nylon backs with brushed tricot linings. Terry cloth nose wipes. XS-XL. Neoprene wrists with Velcro® closures. 5008-243 90g $20



11 NEW [w] 10 NEW

multi-purpose insulated 9 MEC Snowfall Mitts Warm gauntlet-style mitts with integrated fleece linings. Nylon hand backs. Grippy synthetic Weaver palms. Fleece linings: single layer on palms and double layer on backs. XS-XL. Shockcord gauntlet closures. Elastic wrists. ™

10 NEW Gordini® DA Gore™ Goose Mitts II Superior warmth and weather resistance. Shells: three-layer waterproof-breathable polyester with GORE-TEX® inserts. Goose down and fibre fill insulation, synthetic wicking S-L. linings. Goatskin and stick grip palms give dexterity. 5011-266 250g $75

5010-333* [m] 240g $70 5010-336 [w] 220g $70

5008-230 175g $29

12 NEW

11 NEW MEC™ Howler Gloves Short leather gauntlets for hard-playing skiers and riders. Pittards® Armortan leather hands with a leather overlay makes an extra durable layer on palms. Schoeller® stretchwoven wrist panels reduce bulk. Polyester and wool fleece [m] S-XL [w] S-L. insulation with Hyperloft on the backs.

13 [m] 14

12 NEW MEC™ Rustler Gloves Multi-purpose gloves with tough Pittards® Armortan leather exteriors. Comfortable and durable, they’re equally appropriate for backcountry hiking and long winter walks. Plush microfleece liners. Leather strap and snap closures, with elastic on the XS-XL. underside of the wrists for a snug, secure fit.

13 MEC™ Gradient GORE-TEX® Gloves Affordable gloves with protective GORE-TEX membrane between the nylon outer and brushed tricot lining. Fibre fill insulation: lighter on the palms for gripping, and heavier on the backs for extra warmth. Synthetic Sure Grip palms. [m] S-XL [w] S-L.

5010-390 180g $57

5008-231 [m] 190g $39 5008-232* [w] 170g $39

15 [m]

17 NEW


15 MEC™ N2S™ WINDSTOPPER® Gloves Super-light aerobic multi-sport shells. GORE™ N2S (nextto-skin) fabric makes them water resistant, windproof, and highly breathable. Wear them alone, over thin liner gloves, [m] S-XL [w] S-L. or beneath heavier gloves.

16 MEC™ Wind Pro® Gloves Soft, technical, and durable. Made of wind-resistant Polartec® Wind Pro fleece, with long-wearing synthetic suede palms. Elastic wrist closures for a warm, snug fit. [m] S-XL [w] S-L.

5008-239 [m] 55g $25 5008-240* [w] 45g $25

5008-297 [m] 70g $23 5008-298* [w] 70g $23

SHELLS 18 NEW MEC™ Freefall XCR® Shell Gloves Mid-length weatherproof gauntlets for backcountry skiing and riding. Schoeller® shells with DWR. Rugged Pittards® Armortan leather hands XS-XL. and palms. Tricot fleece linings and GORE-TEX® XCR inserts.

More gear and info online at

5005-275 225g $64

16 [m]

multi-purpose LIGHT

5010-321 225g $99

14 Cloudveil® Troller Gloves Rugged gloves for outdoor professionals. Stretchy, breathable Schoeller® backs. Washable, water-resistant leather elsewhere. No waterproof-breathable inserts for maximum breathability. PrimaLoft® PL1 insulation and heavy S-XL. built-in fleece linings provide warmth even if wet.

18 NEW

17 NEW Black Diamond™ Power Stretch® Gloves Versatile and lightweight liner-style gloves. Made of soft, stretchy, quick-drying Polartec® Power Stretch, with durable XS-XL. but dexterous Pittards® leather palms. 5011-096 45g $15

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2 MEC™ Expedition Stretch Winter/mountaineering-weight underwear, made of a special, voided-grid version of Polartec® Power Dry®. Channels across the fabric’s inside face trap air for greater warmth and breathability. This also improves stretch, letting us tailor sleekfitting garments that further enhance insulation and layering performance without impeding mobility. Ideal for low to moderate aerobic intensities. Polyester, 2% spandex. [m] Carbon, Persimmon (shown). [w] Carbon, Icicle [m] S-XXL [w] XS-XL. • (shown), Lavender.

1 NEW [m]

Expedition-weight layering provides serious warmth, for the worst winter conditions the backcountry can throw your way. These pieces are designed with clean, uncluttered lines, for a smooth fit that allows a generous range of movement beneath your outer gear. Wicking ability keeps your skin dry and comfortable during low- to high-intensity activities. 1 NEW Patagonia® Capilene 4 The contoured fit and soft, wicking fabric form a sleek layer that slides easily under outer garments. Flat seams on the Zip-Ts provide bulk-free comfort and eliminate chafing under pack straps and harnesses. 50% recycled and 100% recyclable polyester fabric, with Gladiodor™ [m] Zip-T Black Stainless natural odour control. Cross Dye, Crimson Fire Cross Dye (shown, n/a in Long Johns). [w] Black, Petal Pink (n/a in Long Johns). [m] S-XXL [w] XS-XL.

5007-852 [m] Zip-T 285g $43 5007-853 [w] Zip-T 250g $43 5007-846* [m] Long Johns 230g $37 5007-847* [w] Long Johns 220g $37

2 [m]

5010-858 [m] Zip-T 155g $100 5010-863* [w] Zip-T 150g $100 5010-861* [m] Long Johns 165g $87 5010-867* [w] Long Johns 160g $87

Tour Patagonia® We’re excited to now be carrying Patagonia clothing. From technical to casual, we’ve got you covered. See our full selection online:

inside view





3 NEW [m]

Midweight garments trap body heat to provide a layer of warmth in temperatures ranging from cool to cold. The polyester fabric is quick-wicking and fast-drying, so your skin doesn’t get cold and clammy. Non-restrictive fit. 3 NEW Patagonia® Capilene 3 Fabric is double-faced for twice the performance: brushed interior retains body heat, snagfree exterior glides smoothly beneath outer layers. Fit is contoured and sleek without being restrictive. Earth-friendly polyester is 64% post-consumer recycled and 100% recyclable, with [m] Zip-T Classic Navy, Crimson Sultan Red Cross Gladiodor™ natural odour control. Dye (shown). Long Johns Black, Classic Navy (shown). [w] Zip-T Black, Mangosteen/ [m] S-XXL [w] XS-XL. Petal Pink (shown). Long Johns Black, Mangosteen. 5010-859 [m] Zip-T 240g $69 5010-864 [w] Zip-T 185g $69 5010-862 [m] Long Johns 200g $59 5010-868* [w] Long Johns 190g $59



4 MEC™ Midweight Power Dry® The right stuff for the white stuff. Warm, wicking, quickdrying, and easy moving. Polartec® Power Dry fabric has [m] a gridded backing for better venting and stretch. Black, Electric Blue. [w] Black, Blue Mist. (m and w Turtleneck [m] S-XXL, Tall and Boot Top Long Johns in Black only.) M-XL. [w] XS-XL, Petite S-L (Turtleneck and Boot Top Long Johns n/a in Petite). •

4 [m]


5009-490 [m] Zip-T 285g $40 5009-488 [w] Zip-T 250g $37 5009-494 [m] L/S Crew 180g $37 5009-491* [w] L/S Crew 160g $32 5009-483* [m] Long Johns 155g $36 5009-482 [w] Long Johns 140g $34 5010-272* [m] Turtleneck 200g $40 5010-277* [w] Turtleneck 180g $35 5010-283* [m] Boot Top Long Johns 160g $34 5010-288* [w] Boot Top Long Johns 155g $31

Tech Talk what lies beneath Underwear is the foundation of any clothing layering system. For that reason, it’s sometimes called a base layer. You may think that underwear is all about adding warmth. That’s certainly an important purpose, especially when it comes to midweight and heavyweight underwear. But underwear has another role that’s just as important as providing insulation – sometimes more important. That function is moisture management. By moving sweat away from your skin and passing it outwards through your other layers to where it can evaporate, underwear improves both your comfort and the long-term effectiveness of the other clothing you wear. Any insulation works better when not damp with accumulated sweat.

MERINo Nature’s own technical fabric, merino wool is warm, breathable, and wicking. More odour-resistant than many synthetics, it has a soft, anti-itch texture that’s strong and durable. While traditionally thought of as a winter fabric, its insulating abilities can make it surprisingly comfortable in warmer conditions. Moisture-resistant and flame retardant.


5 NEW Patagonia® Wool 4 Zip-T Like your best loved sweater, amped up. A terry-looped back makes a soft, warm, and resilient surface that feels great on the skin. Deep front zipper for climate control, backed by a lightweight draft flap for next-to-skin comfort. [m] Hot Ember, Nightfall (shown). Raglan sleeves. [w] Black, Evening Sky (shown). [m] S-XL [w] XS-XL.


5010-879 [m] 230g $159 5010-869 [w] 225g $159


Very light underwear, such as our Silkweight garments, isn’t intended to insulate much at all. Instead, it’s mainly designed to keep your skin dry. In warm but wet conditions, the most comfortable combination may be lightweight underwear worn directly underneath waterproofbreathable shells. Or if you’re hiking hard in dry fall or spring weather, try slipping some Silkweight beneath a regular shirt and pants. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the difference it makes to your comfort.

Learn more at

Photo Linda Bily

5 NEW [m]

*Not shown

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1 MEC™ Merino Naturally high-tech, merino maintains its warmth when damp, and insulates against cold and heat. Fine yarns, for a soft jersey with good stretch and pill resistance. Flat seams for comfy [m] Zip-T layering. Ideal for low/moderate aerobic intensities. Machine washable/dryable. and Turtleneck Coal/Persimmon, Marine/Coal (shown). Long Johns Coal, Marine. [w] Zip-T Coal/Raspberry, Pear/Pesto (shown), Raspberry/Coal. Turtleneck Coal/Raspberry, Off-White/ [m] S-XXL [w] XS-XL. • Blueprint (shown). Long Johns Coal, Blueprint. 5010-335 [m] Zip-T 245g $69 5010-332 [w] Zip-T 235g $69 5010-316* [m] Turtleneck 200g $65 5010-334 [w] Turtleneck 185g $65 5009-506* [m] Long Johns 195g $64 5009-511* [w] Long Johns 185g $59

1 [m]

2 NEW [m] [w]

2 NEW Patagonia® Wool 3 Natural insulation for cold conditions. Streamlined fit in a soft jersey knit that feels great next to the skin. The Zip-Ts have a mid-height collar and deep zipper for venting, with ribbing panels under the arms and sides to increase breathability [m] Batik and stretch. Long Johns have a gusseted crotch for mobility. Blue (n/a in Long Johns), Charcoal Heather (shown). [w] Black, Evening Sky [m] S-XL [w] XS-XL. (shown, n/a in Long Johns). 5010-877 [m] L/S Zip-T 200g $146 5010-872 [w] L/S Zip-T 195g $146 5010-881* [m] Long Johns 200g $128 5010-885* [w] Long Johns 195g $128



3 NEW Patagonia® Capilene 2 Super lightweight and highly breathable, for endurance activities in warm to moderate temperatures. The streamlined fit also makes them a great base under heavier layers when the sun goes down. Flat seams won’t chafe. Fabric is 50% recycled, 100% recyclable polyester. Gladiodor™ [m] Black natural odour control finish. (shown), Classic Navy. [w] Black, Icelandic [m] S-XXL Blue/Ocean Blue (shown). [w] XS-XL.




Weighing barely more than a food bar in your pack, light layers are more about wicking than warmth. Superior moisturemanaging fabric draws perspiration away from your skin to keep you comfortable. A popular choice for balmier conditions when insulation isn’t required.

5010-820 [m] L/S Zip-T 180g $59 5010-843* [w] L/S Zip-T 145g $59 5010-841* [m] Long Johns 180g $50 5010-845 [w] Long Johns 140g $50


4 MEC™ Silkweight Increases your comfort even in warm conditions by helping keep you dry next to the skin. This ultra-light knit of Polartec® Power Dry® fabric is 100% polyester, but “silkweight” best conveys its wicking capacity, awesome breathability, and next-to-skin comfort. Ideal [m] for low to high aerobic intensities. Hudson Blue (shown), Stainless Steel. [w] Dull Navy (Boy-Cut Briefs have white trim), Purple [m] S-XXL [w] XS-XL. • Haze (shown). 5008-031* [m] L/S Zip-T 160g $34.50 5007-860 [w] L/S Zip-T 135g $34.50 5008-032 [m] L/S Crew 140g $29.50 5007-858* [w] L/S Crew 110g $29.50 5008-026* [m] Long Johns 155g $29 5007-859* [w] Long Johns 120g $29 5008-027* [m] Classic Briefs 60g $15 5007-856* [w] Classic Briefs 40g $11.25 5007-845 [w] Boy-Cut Briefs 35g $12.25

4 [w]



5 NEW [w] [C/D]

6 [w]

7 NEW [A/B]

7 NEW Patagonia® Active Bras Soft, wicking fabric feels great on the skin. No bulky hardware, so you get a smooth fit under form-fitting tops. Black, Icelandic Blue (n/a in Classic), Nylon and spandex. Tiny Bra (A/B) XS-L Classic Bra (C/D) 34-40. White. [w]

6 MEC™ Seamless Seamless garments utilize a special knitting process that virtually eliminates seams. The result – very low-profile garments that layer beautifully, reduce chafing, and deliver a close, supportive, tailored fit. Very body-conscious yet forgiving, with fantastic stretch properties and excellent next-to-skin comfort. Ideal for low to moderate aerobic intensities. Soft, stretchy Tactel® nylon, spandex knit blend. [m] Black, Olive, White. [w] Azure (n/a in Boy-Cut), Black, Raspberry (shown), Wasabi (Boy-Cut only), White. [m] S-XXL [w] XS-XL. • 5007-835* [m] Boxer Briefs 60g $12 5006-592 [w] Bra 50g $21 5009-349 [w] Boy-Cut Briefs 50g $11 5006-597* [w] Briefs 50g $9

5010-870 [w] Tiny Bra (A/B) 30g $37 5010-875 [w] Classic Bra (C/D) 55g $46

5 NEW Patagonia® Active Cami A lightweight singlet for minimal coverage when the heat is on. Soft, ultra-cooling fabric keeps you comfortable when you’re hiking or climbing in hot weather. In less balmy conditions, makes a good base under extra layers. Tubular, seam-free construction eliminates chafing. No shelf bra to restrict movement. 96% nylon with 4% stretchy spandex. Blue Freeze/Aqua Pool (shown), Icelandic Blue/Blue XS-L. Harbour, Petal Pink/Mangosteen. 5010-854 [w] 45g $41

9 NEW [w]

8 NEW Patagonia® Active Boxers Fabric is silky and soft, making an ultra-comfy next-to-skin layer. Slim fit with a functional fly and covered elastic   with Gladiodor™ natural odour control. Black, Blue S-XL. Canyon (shown), Sultan Red. 5010-834 [m] 100g $41

8 NEW [m]

9 NEW Patagonia® Active Hipster and Briefs Silky soft, supple, and stretchy, these are great base layers when you’re skiing in the backcountry, or trekking exotic landscapes. Breathable, wicking fabric glides easily beneath outer layers and keeps you cool and dry. Seamless edges won’t creep, chafe, or roll over. Nylon with a bit of spandex. Petal Pink/Mangosteen (shown), Icelandic Blue/Blue XS-XL (XL n/a in Hipster). Harbour, Blue Freeze/Aqua Pool. 5010-850 [w] Hipster 40g $23 5010-847* [w] Briefs 30g $23 *Not shown

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youths’ insulated 1 NEW MEC™ Hacker Jacket and Pants High-performance insulated outerwear for older kids. Entrant V® fabric is waterproof-breathable and windproof, with a Super DWR (durable water repellency) treatment. Cut roomy for extra layers. Jacket has heavier insulation in the body and hood for core warmth, and lighter fill in the sleeves for freedom of movement. Chest pocket is headphone-friendly. Pants have articulated knees, a gusseted crotch, zippered cuffs, and internal gaiters. Black (Pants only), Bluesteel (shown), Bluebell Made in China. 8-16. (shown, Jacket only), Olive, Raspberry (Jacket only).

2 SportHill® InFuzion Zip-T Close-fitting and moisture-wicking, for moderate to high-output sports such as cross-country skiing. Azure, Black, Stretch knit polyester, LYCRA® blend. XS-XL. Poppy (shown).

5010-452 Youths’ Jacket 775g $89 5007-935 Youths’ Pants 525g $75 1 NEW


5008-613 Youths’ 525g $49

3 SportHill® X-C Pants Great for winter training, crosscountry skiing, snowshoeing, etc. Made of 3SP® fabric, a very windresistant polypropylene, LYCRA® blend that balances breathability, insulation, Black. XS-XL. and ventilation. 5001-422 Youths’ 240g $65

youths’ waterproofbreathables


4 NEW MEC™ Hydrofoil Jacket Waterproof, moderately breathable fabric and taped seams offer good protection with little bulk. Polyurethane-coated nylon with DWR (durable water repellency) finish needs no lining, so it’s light and easy to pack. Integral adjustable hood has reinforced brim. Loose fit, hip length. Zippered pockets with flaps. Pit zips, Velcro® cuffs, drawcord hem. Made in China. Azure (shown), Black, Deep Sea. 8-16. 5010-450 Youths’ 280g $77


5 MEC™ Hydra Jacket and Pants Outstanding value for waterproof-breathable shells. The rugged nylon exterior has an Entrant-V™ microporous coating. Fully taped seams and a Super DWR (durable water repellency) treatment provide maximum wet weather protection. Jacket has raglan sleeves, an attached hood, front zipper storm flap, two zippered chest pockets and two zippered handwarmer pockets. Pants have articulated knees, four pockets, and half-leg zips for easy on and off. Both lined with nylon taffeta. Jacket Black, Bluesteel, Raspberry (shown). Pants Black, Coal (shown). 8-16. Made in China. 5007-937 Youths’ Jacket 460g $97 5007-938 Youths’ Pants 335g $79


youths’ FLEECE 6 NEW Patagonia® Puffball Reversible Jacket A packable insulated jacket that resists wind, rain, and snow. Polyester solid shell can be reversed with nylon quilt interior. DWR (durable water repellency) Batik Blue, Batik Blue Forest finish. Two pockets, contoured hood. XS-XL (6-14). Print, Elderberry, Natural Sparrow Print (shown). 5010-964 Youths’ 425g $130


8 NEW Sportif Davis Fleece Pants Outdoor classics with a relaxed fit, articulated knees, and generous pockets. Made of soft, warm polyester microfleece. Drawcord waist. Two front hand pockets, two back Velcro® Black, Olive (shown). 8-16. pockets.

7 MEC™ Dynamic Hoodie, Vest, Jacket, and Pants High-performance pieces with contemporary styling, in Polartec® 200 Classic fleece. All cut for layering, Jacket and Hoodie each have two pockets. Pants have adjustable, Black (shown, n/a in Hoodie), built-in belt. Made in Thailand. Driftwood (Hoodie and Pants only), Marine (n/a in Pants), Sangria 8-16. (shown, n/a in Pants). 5007-939 Youths’ Hoodie 335g $35 5010-453 NEW Youths’ Vest 200g $26 5007-940* Youths’ Jacket 365g $33 5007-941* Youths’ Pants 265g $27


5011-198 Youths’ 570g $23




youths’ ACTIVEWEAR 9 Sportif Maya Crewneck Top Simple and stylish with a contemporary fit that works well alone, or as a layer. Soft, supple polyester microfleece with Mallard, Pear (shown), flat-locked seams for comfort. 8-16. Purple Haze, Sangria.


5008-322 Youths’ 135g $22

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10 Sportif Renegade Convertible Pants These cool and utilitarian convertible pants are also lightweight, quick-drying, and abrasion-resistant. Great for any type of light hiking or trekking adventures. Nylon canvas fabric with a UPF Dull Navy, Dusty Grey, Light Olive (shown). of 40-50+. 8-16. 5009-645 Youths’ 180g $30 11 Sportif Sutter Fleece-Lined Pants Durably water-repellent polyurethane-coated nylon, lined with polyester check fleece. For moderate-output winter Black, Tadpole activities, from trekking to snowshoeing. 8-16. (shown). 5008-332 Youths’ 570g $39

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*Not shown

KIDS’ ACTIVEWEAR 1 NEW MEC™ Organic Cotton Full-Zip Hoodie Comfy cotton meets versatile fleece. Three-piece hood, ribbed waist, and cuffs fit snugly to seal out chills. Two handwarmer pockets. Organic cotton with polyester. Bluesteel, Cocoa (shown), Icicle. Made in India. 8-16. 5010-809 Youths’ 340g $27 1 NEW


2 MEC Organic Cotton T-Shirts Our classic T’s feature a heavyweight, hard-wearing organic Marine (shown), Pear, cotton knit fabric. Made in India. 3-6, 8-16. Raspberry, White. ™

5002-190* Kids’ S/S 100g $8 5002-194 Kids’ L/S 140g $10

KIDs’ UNDERWEAR 3 MEC™ Midweight Underwear Polartec® Power Dry® fabric is warm, moisture-wicking, and quick-drying; just the ticket to keep things fun in cold, clammy conditions. Long johns have wide elastic waist and Navy Blue, Pear flat seams for snug inner-layer comfort. 3-6, 8-16 (Zip-T in 8-16 only). • (shown).



5003-518 Youths’ Zip-T 120g $20 4005-218* Crew 100g $17.50 4005-219* Long Johns 80g $17.50

MEC™ Toaster: Durably water-repellent polyurethanecoated nylon outer shell. Synthetic insulation stays warm even when wet and stands up to frequent washings. • 4 MEC™ Toaster Parka Insulated hood seals out drafts. Drawcords at waist and hem. Zippered and flapped hand pockets. Scotchlite® reflective piping around the chest. Elasticized cuffs. Blackberry, Hook-and-loop flap covers front zip. 3-6, 8, 10. • Mauritius Blue, Pear (shown), Poppy.


6 MEC™ Toaster Toddler Suit Two front zippers angle outwards to clear the knees. Durable nylon scuff patches on the knees. Scotchlite® trim for visibility. Warm hood with elasticized draft seals around face and neck area. Elasticized wrists and cuffs. Reinforced, heavy nylon cuffs fit over boots, and have inner loops for Mauritius attaching boot stirrups. Blue, Pear, Poppy (shown), Purple 2T, 3T, 4T, 5, 6. • Haze.

4007-742 Kids’ 660g $89 5 MEC™ Toaster Bib Pants Adjustable, elasticized shoulder straps allow for growth. Full side zips. Durable nylon knee, bum, and cuff patches. Cuffs fit over boots. Internal snow Black, Poppy, cuff seals out snow. 3-6, 8, 10. • Mauritius Blue (shown). 4007-743 Kids’ 545g $85

4015-204 Kids’ 810g $89 4





MEC Staff Tip “Camping with your kids? Put each change of clothes in separate ziplock bags. Your child can grab a bag in the morning and have a set of clothes for the day. At night they can stuff the dirty ones back in the bag.” Carelle, Web Content Developer MEC Head Office, Vancouver

7 MEC™ Yeti Hooded Jacket, Vest, and Pants Affordable, durable, warm, and quick-drying Polartec® 200 fleece. Nylon/ Jacket Azure (shown), LYCRA® trim. Comfortable flat-locked seams. Blackberry, Mauritius Blue, Poppy. Vest Mauritius Blue, Pear, Poppy. Pants Black, Blackberry, Mauritius Blue (shown). 3-6 (Jacket also avail. in size 8). • 4017-563 Children’s Hooded Jacket 230g $29 4017-565* Children’s Vest 135g $22.50 4017-566 Children’s Pants 30g $16


infants and toddlers 8 NEW Patagonia® Puffball Reversible Jacket,

Pants, and Bunting Suit


These fully insulated layers form a snug cocoon over little bodies and protect them from the grumpiest weather. Solids are polyester and prints are nylon. Both reverse to the quilted side for a new look. Wind and water-resistant, quick-drying fabrics with DWR (durable water repellency) finish. Insulation is warm and low bulk. Pants have a gusseted crotch for Batik Blue Forest Print (shown, comfort. n/a in Pants), Blue Harbour, Natural Sparrow Print (Bunting Suit only), Petal Pink (shown). 3m (Bunting Suit only), 6m, 12m, 18m, 24m (18m and 24m n/a in Bunting Suit). 5010-962 Jacket 255g $90 5010-966* Pants 155g $63 5010-968 Bunting Suit 270g $109



MEC™ Ursus: Wear these alone in warmer weather or as insulating layers in colder conditions. Made of Polartec® 200 fleece, which is warm, quick-drying, and stands up to countless washings. Nylon, LYCRA® trim. Bluebell (shown), Pear, Popcorn (shown), 6m, 12m, 18m (Jacket Poppy (Jacket only). also in 2T). •


9 MEC™ Toaster Bunting Suit Full body coverage for cold and snowy days. Soft, durable Thermolite® Plus insulation under a polyurethane-coated nylon shell. Elasticized face seal and wrist and ankle cuffs hold heat in. Dual front zippers allow quick diaper changes. A generous fleece patch reduces heat loss from chest area. Nylon lining for easy on/off. Mauritius Blue, Pear (shown), Poppy, 6m, 12m, 18m. • Purple Haze. 4017-645 570g $75

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10 MEC™ Ursus Jacket Safe, drawcord-free hood. Chin guard on zip. • 4017-642 140g $25

MEC™ Ursus Overalls * Full through-the-legs zipper. Hook-and-loop shoulder straps. Fold-over cuffs cover the feet. • 4017-643 130g $28 11 MEC™ Ursus Bunting Suit Double front zippers for diaper changes. Full hood with stretchy trim. Fold-over cuffs cover hands and feet. • 4017-644 245g $40

*Not shown


2 3



1 MEC™ Crown Hat Polartec® 200 fleece. Under-chin hookBluebell/Popcorn, and-loop strap. Pear/Popcorn (shown), Popcorn/Bluebell, XXS-L. • Poppy. 4017-616 Kids’ 50g $10

4 MEC™ Balaclava Polartec® 100 stretch fleece. Head and Black, Blackberry neck coverage. S-L. • (shown), Pear, Poppy. 4013-171 Kids’ 50g $12

6 NEW Ultra Dri-Max® II Jr. Gauntlet Gloves

5 MEC™ Essential Mitts Our most “extreme” kids’ mitts. Ripstop nylon shells with rugged Softgrip fabric on palms and finger boxes. Waterproofbreathable microporous inserts. Polyester Dexfil Soft insulation provides warmth, even if wet. Detachable leashes. Made in Black. S-XL. Vietnam.

Ultimate hand and wrist coverage with good grip, for any cold, wet activity. Nylon shell with fleece lining, waterproof inserts, and heater-pack pockets. Made in Vietnam. Dark Grey/Light Grey, Dark Grey/Navy S-XL. Blue, Olive/Black (shown).

5008-256 Kids’ 180g $24

5011-192 Kids’ 175g $14.50


child carriers


7 MEC™ Toaster Mitts These gauntlet-length shelled fleece mitts are perfect for cold, wet, windy weather. Two layers of insulation on back of hands, and full Polartec® 300 fleece liners. Made in Black, Mauritius Blue (shown), Vietnam. S-XL. (Toddlers’ n/a in XL.) Pear, Poppy. 5005-254 Kids’ 110g $13.50 5005-255* Toddlers’ 80g $13.50


8 MEC Happytrails Padded hipbelt and frame top, adjustable shoulder harness, and five-point child restraint harness. Diaper bag converts to a daypack. Rain/sun hood included. 420-denier nylon, aluminum frame. Made in Vietnam. Navy Blue. For kids up to 23kg. 4011-890 3.0kg $109

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9 Deuter® Kid Comfort III Secure H-shaped safety belt, and Vari-quick shoulder harness system. Fold-out aluminum legs, height-adjustable seat. Main pack is 600-denier polyester. Nylon rain/sun roof. Steel Blue/Black. Teddy bear included! For kids up to 22kg.


4017-615 Kids’ 35g $5.50

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3 MEC™ PT200C Toque Polartec® 200 fleece. Black, Driftwood XS-L. • (shown), Marine, Poppy.

4017-617 Kids’ 54g $10




2 MEC™ Roaster Hat Polartec® 200 fleece. Under-chin hookBlackberry, Bluebell/ and-loop strap. Popcorn, Pear/Popcorn, Poppy (shown). XXS-L. •

5001-152 3.0kg $245 5001-258* Raincover 140g $27




12 NEW

13 NEW

boots packs 10 MEC™ Teeny Genie Daypack Compact and top-loading. Zippered lid pocket, mesh side pockets, key holder, 25mm waistbelt, nametag holder, padded backpad and shoulder straps, . Made in Vietnam. Fiddlehead/Coal (shown), Lagoon/Coal.

11 MEC™ Kids’ Dome Daypack Reflective Scotchlite® on shoulder straps and bungee. Zippered main compartment. Nylon packcloth with 1050-denier bottom. Fiddlehead/Coal, Made in Vietnam. Lagoon/Coal (shown).

5005-973 12L, 625g $25

5005-972 11L, 435g $16

12 NEW Hi-Tec® Verbier Jr. Winter Rugged, dependable trail hikers. Treated suede, with Thinsulate® insulation and full-length EVA sock liners. Rubber outsoles have an aggressive, multi-directional tread. Stone Blue. 13, 1-6. ATR: -15°C. 5010-880 Kids’ 680g $70

13 NEW Sorel® Kicker 720 Winter Solid, warm, waterproof-breathable snowsports boots. Fabric and leather uppers have reflective graphics and beefy insulation. Rubber outsoles with multi-directional lugs. Jet. 3-8. ATR: -40°C. 5011-206 Kids’ 1.3kg $69

16 15


14 NEW 16 Hi-Tec® Altitude IV Jr. Approach High-top boots for trekking with a light pack. Uppers: waterproofed, seam-sealed full-grain leather. Fully gusseted leather tongue. Midsoles: EVA with partial shank. Outsoles: 1-6, carbon rubber multi-directional lugs. 10-13, 3½-5½ half sizes. 14 NEW Rastro Slush Puppy Winter Boots with great value and superior weather protection. Reinforced fabric uppers with taped and laminated film liners. Lugged Navy rubber outsoles. ATR: -20°C. 28-40. Blue/Ceramic/Black. 5011-640 Kids’ 1.3kg $49.50

15 Baffin® Contour Winter Mid-calf winter boots with removable liners. Reinforced toe and heel bumpers. Aggressive tread pattern and durable outsoles. Encapsulated gel-pack midsoles offer insulation and cushioning. ATR: -25°C. 1-6. •

5009-818 Kids’ 700g $75 17 MEC™ Junior Gaiters Nylon packcloth gaiters attach to boots to protect cuffs, socks, and boots from mud or snow. Made in Vietnam. Black. Fits kids’ shoe sizes S (10-13), L (1-6). 4009-503 Kids’ 135g $9

5005-483 1.4kg $69

socks and booties

20 Fox River® Wick Dry® Turbo Jr. Ski Medium-weight. Above-calf length. 57% nylon, 41% DuPont® Navy Blue/Slate Blue, Thermolite®, and 2% LYCRA®. 10-13, 1-4. Black/Dusty Grey (shown), Black/Red.

18 Wigwam® Merino Comfort Hiker 70% merino wool, 25% nylon, 5% elastic. Charcoal, Navy Blue, Sand (all shown). (4-7 4-7, 7-10, 10-2, 1-5. n/a in Sand).

5006-089 Kids’ 50g $11.50

4013-075 Kids’ 55g $8 19 Wigwam® Ingenius Merino Hiker Jr. Soft merino on the outside, and wicking polypropylene on the inside, give the benefits of a two-sock system without the bunching and friction. Simple, yet revolutionary. Outer: 40% merino, 30% nylon, 25% olefin, 5% LYCRA®. Inner: Charcoal, Gun Metal (shown). 10-2, 1-5. 100% olefin. 5008-703 Kids’ 65g $11




21 NEW MEC™ Hyperloft Booties Insulated booties that resist cold, wind, and water. For larger infants and toddlers riding in the sled or running around the cabin. Ankle drawcords make them stay put. Soles are tough, water-resistant, skid-proof acrylic and polyester. Windproof nylon shell, fleece footbeds, cushy midsoles. Blue2 (shown), Navy Blue, Red. S-XL. Made in China.

21 NEW

5011-689 Toddlers 125g $17 *Not shown ATR = Active Temperature Rating. See page 54 for details.

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sizing chart






Finding your size Adult Sizing Please take the time to measure

yourself first before ordering. The measurements shown for each size refer to body dimensions. Kids’ Sizing Please measure your child, rather than

relying on their age for sizing. A. Arms Bend elbow gently, then measure from centre of back of neck out to point of shoulder, down to back of elbow, and forward to wrist. B. Chest/Bust Measure fullest circumference, keeping tape up under arms and around shoulder blades. C. Hands (knuckle circumference) Measure around a

flat hand at the knuckles; do not include your thumb. Also measure hand length from the base of palm to end of middle finger. Use the larger of the two measurements to select your glove size.


Height 5´ 8½˝– 6´ 2½˝

S 37˝ 94cm Chest Waist 30˝ 76cm 37˝ 94cm Hips Arms 33˝ 84cm 31˝ 79cm Inseam Neck 14½˝ 37cm

Women’s Bust Waist Hips Arms Inseam

Height 5´ 3˝– 5´ 9˝

XS (0-2) S (4-6) 32˝ 81.5cm 34˝ 86.5cm 61cm 26˝ 66cm 24˝ 35˝ 89cm 37˝ 94cm 73.5cm 30˝ 76cm 29˝ 27˝ 68.5cm 28˝ 71cm

Unisex Chest Waist Hips Arms Inseam Neck

1.72–1.88m (sizing for MEC clothing)

M 40˝ 101.5cm 33˝ 84cm 40˝ 101.5cm 34˝ 86.5cm 31½˝ 80cm 15½˝ 39.5cm

L 43˝ 109cm 36˝ 91.5cm 43˝ 109cm 35˝ 89cm 32˝ 81.5cm 16˝ 40.5cm

XL 47˝ 119.5cm 39˝ 99cm 46˝ 117cm 36˝ 91.5cm 32½˝ 82.5cm 17˝ 43cm

XXL 51˝ 42˝ 49˝ 37˝ 33˝ 17½˝

XL (16-18) 42˝ 106.5cm 34˝ 86.5cm 45˝ 122cm 33˝ 84cm 31˝ 79cm

XXL (20-22) 45˝ 112.5cm 37˝ 92.5cm 48˝ 120cm 34˝ 87.5cm 32˝ 80cm

XL 47˝ 119.5cm 39˝ 99cm 46˝ 117cm 36˝ 91.5cm 32½˝ 82.5cm 17˝ 43cm

XXL 51˝ 42˝ 49˝ 37˝ 33˝ 17½˝

129.5cm 106.5cm 124.5cm 94cm 84cm 44.5cm

1.6–1.75m (sizing for MEC clothing) M (8-10) 36˝ 91.5cm 28˝ 71cm 39˝ 101.5cm 31˝ 79cm 29˝ 73.5cm

L (12-14) 39˝ 99cm 31˝ 79cm 42˝ 112cm 32˝ 81.5cm 30˝ 76cm

Height 5´ 4˝– 6´ 1˝ 1.62–1.85m (sizing for MEC clothing) XS S 34˝ 86.5cm 37˝ 94cm 27˝ 68.5cm 30˝ 76cm 34˝ 86.5cm 37˝ 94cm 30˝ 76cm 32˝ 81.5cm 28½˝ 72.5cm 30˝ 76cm 14˝ 36cm 14½˝ 37cm

M 40˝ 101.5cm 33˝ 84cm 40˝ 101.5cm 34˝ 86.5cm 31½˝ 80cm 15½˝ 39.5cm

L 43˝ 109cm 36˝ 91.5cm 43˝ 109cm 35˝ 89cm 32˝ 81.5cm 16˝ 40.5cm

129.5cm 106.5cm 124.5cm 94cm 84cm 44.5cm

Shoe Size Conversion US Men’s 3½ 4 4½ 5 5½ 6 6½ 7 7½ 8 8½ 9 9½ 10 10½ 11 11½ 12 12½ 13 13½ 14 14½ 15 US Women’s 5 5½ 6 6½ 7 7½ 8 8½ 9 9½ 10 11 12 13 UK 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 European 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 Mondo Point (cm) 22.5 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31

Hats S (67∕ 8 –7) Head 21½ –22˝ 54 – 56cm

M (71∕ 8 –7¼) 22½ –22¾˝ 57– 58cm

L (77∕ 8 –7½) 23 –23½˝ 58.5 – 60cm

XL (75∕ 8 –7¾) 23¾–24˝ 60 – 62cm

Mitts + Gloves

M 8 – 8½˝ 20 –21.5cm

L 9 – 9½˝ 23 –24cm

XL 10 –10½˝ 25 –27cm


XS S 6 – 6½˝ 15 –16.5cm 7–7½˝ 18 –19cm

Infants’ + Toddlers’

(Toddlers’ sizing includes diaper allowance)

F. Hips Stand with feet together and measure at fullest circumference.

Chest Waist Hips Arms Inseam Height Weight

12 mos 19˝ 48cm 19½˝ 49cm 19˝ 48cm 123/4˝ 32.5cm 10½˝ 26cm 28½˝ 72cm 20lb 9kg

18 mos 20˝ 51cm 20˝ 51cm 20˝ 51cm 14˝ 35.5cm 12˝ 30.5cm 31˝ 79cm 24lb 10kg

2T 21˝ 53cm 20½˝ 52cm 21˝ 53cm 15½˝ 39cm 13½˝ 34cm 34˝ 86cm 29lb 13kg

3T 22˝ 56cm 21˝ 53cm 22˝ 56cm 17˝ 43cm 15˝ 38cm 37˝ 94cm 34lb 15.5kg

4T 23˝ 21½˝ 23˝ 18½˝ 16½˝ 40˝ 38lb

G. Inseam Measure inner leg from crotch to below


3 22˝ 56cm 21˝ 53.5cm 22˝ 56cm 17˝ 43cm 15˝ 38cm 37˝ 94cm 34lb 15.5kg

4 23˝ 58.5cm 21½˝ 54.5cm 23˝ 58.5cm 18½˝ 47cm 16½˝ 42cm 40˝ 101.5cm 38lb 17kg

5 24˝ 61cm 22˝ 56cm 24˝ 61cm 20˝ 51cm 18˝ 45.5cm 43˝ 109cm 44lb 20kg

6 25˝ 63.5cm 22½˝ 57cm 25˝ 63.5cm 21½˝ 55cm 19½˝ 49.5cm 46˝ 117cm 49lb 22kg

10 28˝ 71cm 24½˝ 62cm 28˝ 71cm 25½˝ 65cm 24½˝ 62cm 54˝ 137cm 73lb 33kg

12 30˝ 76cm 25½˝ 65cm 30˝ 76cm 27½˝ 70cm 27˝ 68.5cm 58˝ 147cm 87lb 39.5kg

14 32˝ 81.5cm 26½˝ 68.5cm 32˝ 81.5cm 29˝ 74cm 28½˝ 72.5cm 61˝ 155cm 100lb 45.5kg

16 34˝ 86cm 27½˝ 70cm 34˝ 86.5cm 30½˝ 77.5cm 30˝ 76cm 64˝ 162.5cm 115lb 52kg

D. Head Measure circumference above brow ridges

and above ears. E. Height Stand with back straight; measure from

highest point on head to floor.

the ankle bone. H. Neck Measure circumference at base of neck. I. Waist Measure at narrowest circumference. Tall + Petite Sizes For TALL SIZES add 2˝ (5cm) to inseam, arms, and the overall length. For PETITE SIZES subtract 1.5˝ (4cm) from inseam, arms, and the overall length. Shrinkage All MEC garments have been sized

to accommodate any shrinkage that may occur. Cotton garments have been pre-washed. For best performance, please follow the care instructions sewn into each garment. Boot Fitting It is best to buy boots in person. If you

cannot reach one of the MEC retail stores, we will do our best to fit you by mail. Please include your shoe size. You may need a larger size if you hike in thick socks. We cannot guarantee a boot’s fit when ordered by phone, mail, fax, or web. You can return/exchange boots that have not been worn. For more information, please phone us.


6 mos 18˝ 46cm 19˝ 48cm 18˝ 46cm 11½˝ 29cm 9˝ 23cm 253/4˝ 64.5cm 16lb 7.5kg

Chest Waist Hips Arms Inseam Height Weight

Youths’ Chest Waist Hips Arms Inseam Height Weight

8 26½˝ 67.5cm 23½˝ 59.5cm 26½˝ 67.5cm 23½˝ 59.5cm 22˝ 56cm 50˝ 127cm 59lb 27kg

58.5cm 54cm 58.5cm 47cm 41.5cm 101.5cm 17kg

Kids’ Hats

XXS 6 –12 mos

XS 2–3 yrs S 4–5 yrs

M 6 – 8 yrs

L 10 –12 yrs

XL 14 –16 yrs


18˝ 46cm

19˝ 48cm

21˝ 53cm

22˝ 56cm

23˝ 58.5cm

20˝ 51cm

Kids’ Mitts + Gloves S Toddlers’ Kids’

up to 1 yr 5–6 yrs

M 1–3 yrs 7–8 yrs

L 4–5 yrs 10–12 yrs

XL n/a 14–16 yrs

KIDS’ Shoe Size Conversion US Junior 7 European Junior

7½ 8 8½ 9 24 25 26

9½ 10 10½ 11 11½ 12 12½ 13 13½ 1 27 28 29 30 31 32

1½ 33

2 2½ 34

3 3½ 4 35 36

4½ 37



Colour + Pattern Swatches


Alpaca Brown

Atlantic Blue


Batik Blue


Blue Harbour

Blue Mist

Blue Steel






Channel Blue




Classic Navy








Deep Plum

Deep Sea



Dull Navy

Dusty Grey



Electric Blue



Hot Ember

Hudson Blue

Ice Blue







Light Grey

Light Marine





Mauritius Blue

Navy Blue




Orange Jolt

Palm Leaf




Petal Pink




Purple Haze

Radar Blue




Ridge Blue





Sprout MEC

Sprout Patagonia


Stainless Steel



Sultan Red


Velvet Brown


Whale Blue


Alpaca Brown Fade Stripe

Batik Blue Forest Print

More gear and info online at

Icelandic Blue/Blue Harbour

Natural Sparrow Print Marine Plaid

Pesto Plaid


You can count on us to act with integrity. We’re driven by passion, not profit. We continue to look for ways to protect our wild spaces and reduce the ecological footprint of our business. Our Mission Statement Mountain Equipment Co-op provides quality products and services for self-propelled wilderness-oriented recreation, such as hiking and mountaineering, at the lowest reasonable price in an informative, respectful manner. We are a member-owned co-operative striving for social and environmental leadership.

Community Involvement at MEC A portion of each purchase you make at MEC supports wilderness conservation and outdoor recreation projects. Since 1987, MEC has given over $ 8 million to projects that benefit Canada’s outdoor community. Find out more about MEC at

Your Board of Directors MEC’s Board is an integral part of the Co-op; it sets MEC’s direction as an outdoor retailer. The Board takes its cues from you: every year three of the nine Directors’ positions become vacant, and MEC member-owners elect new Directors for a three-year term. For more information visit

MEC’s Rock Solid Guarantee: Straight Goods, Straight Talk Like many retailers, we guarantee our products; if an item hasn’t met your expectations, you can bring it back. Unlike advice offered through our catalogue, website, and staff. If an item you’ve purchased based on this advice turns out to be unsuitable, you can bring it back. In either case, simply return the item for exchange, refund, repair, or credit.

ORDERING AND SHIPPING Shipping For information on shipping rates and restrictions, please visit, or call: 1.800.663.2667 Canada and USA 604.876.6221 Vancouver and international

Looking for an Order Form? You can find one at If you would like one mailed or faxed to you, just give us a call. Please include your member number on orders and correspondence. You can find your member number on the back cover of this catalogue, or look it up at

Whitewater Resort, Nelson, BC, Canada. Photo Alexis Lussier Desbiens

most retailers, we also guarantee the product selection

At MEC, it’s about the gear and a whole lot more. You get fair prices every day. You get quality MEC-brand gear. You get good advice from experienced staff. You get to try before you buy. You’re part of a co-op committed to ethical sourcing. On top of that, you’re supporting worthy environmental causes. Find out more about the benefits of your $5 lifetime membership.

SMALL PRINT N EW L E A F PA P E R environmental benefits statement Mountain Equipment Co-op saved the following resources by using Domtar EarthCote made with 35% post-consumer waste and elemental chlorine free, and New Leaf Reincarnation made with 100% recycled fiber, 50% post-consumer waste, and processed chlorine free.





fully grown



solid waste

greenhouse gases




million BTUs



Calculation based on research by Environmental Defense and other members of the Paper Task Force.

©2006 New Leaf Paper



(Combined savings from our 2006 English and French Winter and Snowsports Catalogues)

SAVE TREES, PLEASE. let us know if this catalogue is a duplicate or unwanted. Is this your current address? If you’ve moved or are planning to move, please call 1.800.663.2667 or go to

or current resident

N EW L E A F PA P E R environmental benefits statement

MEC respects your privacy. We do not sell, rent, or lend our membership list. If you do not wish to receive communications from MEC, please let us know. If you would like more information on privacy at MEC, please go to or call us at 1.800.663.2667 (Canada and USA) or 604.872.6630 (Vancouver and international).

Mountain Equipment Co-op saved the following resources by using Domtar EarthCote made with 35% post-consumer waste and elemental chlorine free, and New Leaf Reincarnation made with 100% recycled fiber, 50% post-consumer waste, and processed chlorine free.




solid waste

greenhouse gases






fully grown

© Mountain Equipment Co-operative 2006. All rights reserved. No part of this catalogue may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior written consent of Mountain Equipment Co-operative.


million BTUs



Calculation based on research by Environmental Defense and other members of the Paper Task Force.

©2006 New Leaf Paper


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Mountain Equipment Co-op Fall Winter 2006 English catalogue archives

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