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The Silent Wife ePub Edition by A.S.A. Harrison

Click Here to Download the Book Todd and Jodi are at a bad point in their relationship. A lot is at stake, including the well-to-do life they live in their magnificent waterfront condo in Chicago, as she, the assassin, and he, the victim, dash unhappily toward the main event. He is a fervent deceiver. She lives in a world of denial. He resides in duplex universes. She likes to settle scores. He resolves to not play games. She has nothing left to lose. Related in alternating voices, The Silent Wife is the story of a marriage in the anguish of termination, a pair headed for catastrophe, concessions that cannot be made, and vows that will not be kept. Expertly plotted and redolent of Gone Girl and These Things Hidden, The Silent Wife captures the reader from the first page and doesn't let go.

Reviews Some quite shocking events occur in this book – how can Jodi conduct herself the way she does ? But slowly the story unfolds piece by piece until we gain a level of understanding and some empathy. Jodi’s template mechanism to cope with trauma is to suppress and deny things happen. Of course everything comes to a head and implodes. In the aftermath we wonder if Jodi has gained any insight from the ordeal. And her partner of 20 years is no better – Todd is chronically unfaithful and unable to make decisions or take a stand. Todd allows his relationship with Jodi to stagnate and fade. He allows events with Natasha to spiral out of control. And during the course of the book we come to understand why he behaves the way he does. I do believe it is unfair to compare “Gone Girl” and “The Silent Wife” – to do so creates an expectation that would not necessarily be met. “Gone Girl” is a fast paced, high octane thriller. “The Silent Wife” however takes a more studied approach. This allows us to delve into the characters’ lives, past and present, so we gain an understanding of their psychological makeup. “The Silent Wife” is more conceivable and this is what makes it all the more unsettling. I raced through this book desperate to find out what happened next. I am now reading it again to pick up on all those wonderful nuances that escaped first time around. And I am not disappointed !! If you like to know “what makes a person tick”, understand what shapes their thoughts and motivates a person to behave the way they do then this book should appeal !!

This was sent to me as a proof copy and I really enjoyed it. This is the story of Jodi Brett and Todd Gilbert. They are a couple in a dysfunctional relationship, living together for 20 years but not married and no children. Todd although he says he loves Jodi, has had multiple affairs nearly from the start of there relationship. Jodi is a woman who loves him and has the ability to turn a blind eye to his affairs to keep her comfy lifestyle, until he goes too far. The idea is don't say anything, ignore everything and it won't effect you! All the way through there was a build up of tension and you just knew something was going to happen.

Although in the first few pages it tells you she commits murder, you have no idea how its going to happen and when. I didn't like these people but in some ways felt sorry for Jodi. I felt compelled to keep following their selfdestructive behavior. I really didn't know what was going to happen until the final pages. There was a really good twist at the end. Some have compared this book with Gone Girl, but personally I can't see it. Maybe because they are both called psychological thrillers, but that's the only connection I can find. I shall be looking out for her future books.

No, I didn't "like" these characters, but I didn't need to. Great characters don't need to be likeable. And at first, I didn't like the omniscient narrator, but in the end I felt like it gave the book the perfect eerie feeling especially with Harrison's skill as a wordsmith. As a frequent Chicago visitor, I enjoyed the city's appearances as well. Todd and Jodi are both deeply flawed and we only begin to realize the full extent as the book progresses. They lived through childhood trauma that shaped them into who they became as adults. Jodi is the happy, little homemaker. She is all about what's on the surface. She doesn't want to dig in and find out what is below, which is very odd for her profession as a psychologist. Harrison slowly reveals why Jodi is the way she is through her visits to her own psychologist. But when her psychologist brings her too close to dealing with her past, she stops seeing him. Todd has been more open with his childhood issues, and Jodi pities him for it. In fact, in many ways, Todd is still a child. He's self involved and a serial philanderer. Like a spoiled child, he wants to get his own way and can't understand why people react like they do. Jodi enjoys the responsibility of taking care of him and he is perfectly happy to accept that care. So while it may seem that they are a perfect match, it is ultimately a toxic relationship because of their inability or unwillingness to deal with their childhood issues or really any of their issues as a couple. I don't agree with the complaints about the ending at all. It doesn't end wrapped up in a tight little happy bow. I guess if you need that to enjoy a book, then perhaps this is not for you. But I found it interesting considering the psychological insight we have. Jodi tells herself about how much she has changed and how her patients have benefited so much from her fall from grace, but has she really?

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