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The Silent Wife Nook Edition by A.S.A. Harrison

Click Here to Download the Book Todd and Jodi have reached an awful point in their relationship. Much is on the line, including the well-to-do lifestyle they lead in their beautiful waterfront condominium in Chicago, as she, the assassin, and he, the victim, rush crestfallen toward the main event. He is a fervent cheater. She lives in a world of denial. He lives in dual worlds. She revels in settling scores. He decides to play for keeps. She doesn't have anything left to lose. Related in alternating voices, The Silent Wife is the story of a marriage in the throes of dissolution, a couple headed for calamity, concessions that cannot be made, and promises that won’t be kept. Expertly plotted and reminiscent of Gone Girl and These Things Hidden, The Silent Wife ensnares the reader from the first page and does not give up.

Reviews The reason I enjoyed this book so much was because I could totally relate to the main character Jodi. She’s non-confrontational, takes comfort in the simplicity of daily routine, and is determined to live an uncomplicated, comfortable lifestyle with her husband. Todd, on the other hand, takes for granted the serene world Jodi has created for him. When his extramarital affair leaves him no choice to abandon his ideal life with Jodi, something breaks in her. Todd’s selfishness and his desire to want the best of both worlds backfires on him when Jodi seeks the ultimate revenge. The book is narrated in alternating chapters, “Her” and “Him.” In Todd’s chapters, he does nothing but make excuses for himself in an attempt to justify his destructive actions. The most interesting aspect of Jodi’s narrative is her psychotherapy background. Her knowledge of human behavior gives her an amount of patience, even denial that can often make her seem aloof. Jodi’s staunch complacency made me admire her, but also doubt her. She’s an incredibly complex character trying to navigate the world that she created and Todd has shattered. The revelations Jodi comes to in her self-assessment are alarming. She retreats to a dark place within herself as the conclusion unfolds. The end is intense and thought-provoking and I appreciated the undefined outcome that the author presented.

From the moment the story begins, you feel the strange rippling emotions moving through the characters, and as you get to know them you are slowly forced to enter their inner lives. Each chapter, moving from her point of view to his, gives you just enough information to keep you hungry for more. As we follow Jodi and Todd, we see that their lives have been filled with deceits and poor choices, and we (or I should say I) felt compelled to stay with the story to see where those choices end. The supporting players in the novel are well-developed and relatable, the setting picture perfect, and the flashbacks to Jodi's childhood necessary to fully understand her final actions. I agree that the characters are both sometimes pathetic and sometimes unlikable, but I'm kind of certain that's how we all are at certain moments in our lives. In the hands of a good writer, even pathetic and unlikable

characters can be compelling, and this author managed to really reel me in. Awesome read!

Labeled as the next Gone Girl, The Silent Wife is a terrific book, a clever and addictive psychological thriller with its biggest strength being the building tension increasing towards the unexpected conclusion and the remarkable way it depicts not only the collapse of a marriage but also of the individuals in it. I guess I can see the similarities between the two books. I loved Gone Girl and think its one of the most original and cleverly written books I’ve read in a while, I don’t think TSW is on the same level but its an amazing book never the less. Both paint a picture of a dysfunctional marriage, and the story is told in alternating chapters or points of view. Both couples have more flaws than qualities and are characters that you hate or just love to hate. You often find yourself not knowing who are the bad or good guys and who to root for. Todd and Jodi are married for almost twenty years. He is a developer and she is a part-time psychotherapist and they have no children. They live in a beachfront condo, live a comfortable life, leading a seemingly perfect existence together. Todd is a cheater, Jodi knows about this but pretends she doesn’t. Todd finds himself in a crossroad. He is having an affair with a younger woman. The woman is his best friend daughter. She gets pregnant. Throughout the book you find out that they both suffered traumatized childhoods that maybe molded them into what they are now, Todd a self-centered and hedonist men, Jodi a somewhat cold-hearted woman, permanently in denial that loves to pretend she lives in the land of the stepford wife’s. Most of the time I ended not knowing for whom I should root for sometimes I rooted for Todd but most of the times I was on Jodi’s side. One thing I’m sure, when this happens it is definitively a sign you are reading a good book. The ending was surprising and not wanting to spoil it let me say that things are definitely not what they look like. On a side note I’ve read the book knowing that the author, A.S.A. Harrison had passed away in April. Her husband said: “There is sadness about missing what is about to happen with the launch of her novel,” “However, she did see its success in terms of the numerous countries that have bought publishing rights and, as well, she was very happy about the very positive endorsements from other authors the novel had been receiving.” I wish and predict The Silent Wife will be a great success, it deserves.

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The silent wife kindle edition  
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