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The Da Vinci Code Kindle Edition by Dan Brown Click Here to Download the Book An ingenious code hidden in the works of Leonardo da Vinci. A desperate race through the cathedrals and castles of Europe. An astonishing truth concealed for centuries . . . unveiled at last. While in Paris, Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon is awakened by a phone call in the dead of the night. The elderly curator of the Louvre has been murdered inside the museum, his body covered in baffling symbols. As Langdon and gifted French cryptologist Sophie Neveu sort through the bizarre riddles, they are stunned to discover a trail of clues hidden in the works of Leonardo da Vinci—clues visible for all to see and yet ingeniously disguised by the painter. Even more startling, the late curator was involved in the Priory of Sion—a secret society whose members included Sir Isaac Newton, Victor Hugo, and Da Vinci—and he guarded a breathtaking historical secret. Unless Langdon and Neveu can decipher the labyrinthine puzzle—while avoiding the faceless adversary who shadows their every move—the explosive, ancient truth will be lost forever.

Reviews The Da Vinci Code is truly a great book from the point of view of Robert Langdon, an American Historian. While visiting France, he is called to a museum where a man who he was supposed to meet with earlier was murdered. With the help of a cop named Sophie, Langdon ventures throughout the country trying to solve the murder of Sophie's grandfather by solving his difficult riddles and clues. Once you start this book you will not be able to put it down! It contains many twists that will leave the reader guessing, you don't know who to trust until the last sentece of the book is read. While some people say that the story is inaccurate, but the story is fiction. And others say that the theories told in this story can't be true but they are after all theories. However, the whole story is very interesting and educational for anyone. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys riddles and is in their early teens.

Religious conspiracy...secrets....Da Vinci... I can't say how much I love this book. Actually, I can. This book is great. It's what I really needed during the time I read it. If you're looking for a novel that questions religion, or presents an alternate view on how a situation can be, this book is for you. Without being disrespectful to faith, Dan Brown presents a book that illustrates the possibilites of history. Instead of slandering religion as some would call it, he uses it as a plot tool. Brown stated this fact in interviews as well. This concept made me enjoy it because of its controversy. It made the story interesting. Without giving anything away, the novel is solely about the unlocking of codes surrounding the secrets of a mysterious socitey. Robert Langdon proves to be a ready protagonist. Not only is he intelligent, but he adds a little quirkiness to the plot when he isn't ready to go on the run or takes a minute to look over his mickey mouse watch. Sohpie Neveu, his assistant in the crime, is on the quest to write a wrong and discover her own message left behind by one she loves. One of my favorite things about a Dan Brown novel is the chapters. I love the length! THey vary but are mainly short and to the point, sometimes switching between characters. Now, I've read a previous Brown novel, Deception Point, but was disappointed. It was full of jargon and characters I really didn't cae about reading. Da Vinci Code was much more different. THe characters presented had their motives and obcious reasons why they were picked to give their perspective. Brown did a better job this time around. I'm looking forward to watching the movie and reading the other two books in the trilogy. Yes, I only read the second. Oh, well.

I am really not going into the secret behind the mystery of holy grail but my idea is to somehow see what was the secret behind the success of this book or even if I do not worry about the success of the book, I want to write why I liked this book so much to read it multiple times. First of all, I bought this book purely because of the media publicity that it was getting. Before that I had not read anything of Dan Brown or on the same topic and I did not have much interest as well.

Once I started reading the book, it is really difficult to put it down. Dan Brown has learnt the art of closing each chapter in such a way that you want to know what happens next. This is something that he has done in all his books, though his earlier books became famous only after “The Da Vinci Code�s success. This is an excellent way of writing a mystery or thriller book. Reader is not only waiting for the last page of the book but is equally eager to read next chapter and next page. The second thing that makes it a good read is a controversial and mystery topic. Since it is so difficult to conclusively prove what happened in history, it is easier to use half information for a completely new angle to historical facts. This is something that he has done really well. It actually does not matter whether it is true or not. As long as it sounds a bit plausible, readers will lap it up as I did. Even if it is not true, many readers would wish it to be true and somehow that makes it true for them. Finally, the use of names from current generation of people, places gives it a look of reality. Even though the author may claim that it is a work of fiction to avoid lawsuits against him, when he starts writing about Louvre, various historical places and place of worship across Paris and London, he is asking readers to believe what he is saying. Readers would recognize the places, the pictures and their own experiences of visiting them and it becomes really hard to separate fact from fiction. In the end, whatever he did, he wrote a great book which I have enjoyed reading. Fact or fiction is not for me to decide. In this case, unlike for other books, I even liked the movie adaptation.

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