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Click Here to Download the Book Only a short time ago, Eragon - Shadeslayer, Dragon Rider--was just an impoverished farm boy, and his dragon, Saphira, merely a blue stone in the woodland. Now the destiny of a whole society is weighted on their shoulders. Lengthy months of practice and conflict have delivered triumphs and optimism, but they have additionally delivered agonizing loss. And yet, the true fight lies in the future: they must face Galbatorix. When they do, they must be powerful enough to conquer him. And if they are not successful, no one can be. There will be only one chance. Eragon and his dragon have progressed beyond what anyone ventured to long for. But will they be able to overthrow the wicked king and return lawfulness to AlagaĂŤsia? And if they can, at what price? This is the much-awaited, astounding ending to the world wide best selling Inheritance cycle.

Reviews This cycle was a huge part of my childhood so it's kind of a bittersweet sentiment to see it end. But I always loved Eragon and it always meant so much for me that it's really hard to accept some events throughout the book because it's not how my idea of how they'd go. Won't say anymore because I don't want to spoiler those who are yet to reach the ending. I must say that I felt a "heavier" and much darker tone to this book that I had felt on the others. I think it's due to the fact that in this book you have more action than in all the others. In the first three, most of the books was about Eragon learning the ways to be a Dragon Rider, but in this one he doesn't learn that much. It's all about the war and involves a lot of fighting. Eragon and Arya's relationship also feels different. She's more willing to accept him and tolerates him more and she is more lively. She doesn't look like that distant and unattainable figure from the other books. And I also must say I approve the Nasuada x Murtahg. Even if I dislike some of his actions. In the end, it's still a pretty good book.

This book was a complete and utter treasure. I can only think of one or two other books that caused me to wrestle against myself: race through it and inhale every bit as quickly as possible but have it end quickly or pace myself, savor every word and make it last. Right or wrong, I read and read every chance I got and devoured it. Paolini's writing has grown and blossomed beyond what I thought was possible. The final book of the Inheritance cycle had depth, detail, emotion, and scope. Every time I began reading, I felt as though I was there in the story with these characters. When I couldn't read, it was though I had stepped away from actual living events, and I felt as though I was missing something until I could dive back in.

I found myself tearing up at the end, saying goodbye to these characters I have grown to know and love. He does such an excellent job tying up loose ends - some I had even forgotten needed resolving. I was very sad to come to the end of this series but I am extremely grateful that Paolini is young and inspired and has decades more writing to go.

I feel so utterly masochistic for reading this and almost cried my heart out reading the last 60 or so pages. I keep thinking to myself the characters aren't real; you don't have to worry, but I have grown so close to them all that they are in my heart, real as can be (Cheesy? Yes, I know). Christopher Paolini is an astoundingly marvelous author to have been able to execute something so brilliant as the Inheritance books, and so much more to have been able to write those horrible words known as THE END. He had me hanging on every last word until page 859 at the very very very end. If anyone remembers how the Lord of the Rings ended, it is the exact same feeling: some sick combination of sadness, joy, nostalgia, regret, and uncalled-for goodbyes. All in all, I loved the book. There were parts (one or two) where I felt like Paolini was just trying to tie up the book as quickly as possible (like that whole it-was-all-a-dream type thing), but he quickly surprised me with entire pages of 'This is actually a valid part of the plot, don't mistake it for a quick solution to Eragon's problems'. One big thing I admire in books, that I found in Inheritance was how whenever I suspected one thing would happen, the book took a sharp turn in another direction as if to say 'Ha, you were wrong!' or something equally infuriating. It was frustrating to the point of madness how often this happened. On the subject of frustrating: Angela, the world's favorite herbalist. She makes me laugh so hard sometimes, that I cry. She is my favorite character in the whole world, and if I could read a whole book about her, I would. She reveals a little bit about herself in Inheritance, but I wish we'd found out more; she puzzles me more than a Sunday crossword. Gosh, I hate those things! On the bright side, Paolini definitely hinted (more than hinted) at a companion novel, or something to that effect, in the Acknowledgements. Anyway, my point is that the book is so totally amazing; the characters are brilliant, even if I wish they would do things that would make me happier; the setting is superb, per usual; the plot is A-mazing, with more twists and turns than Du Vrangr Gata (the wandering path); and Galbatorix sends shivers down my spine. Oh, and you should totally read it!

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