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My Sister's Keeper Online PDF by Jodi Picoult

Click Here to Download the Book New York Times best selling author Jodi Picoult is broadly renowned for her shrewd observations into the hearts and minds of genuine individuals. Now she relates the poignantly gripping saga of a family ripped to pieces by contradictory desires and an impassioned love that wins over human frailty. My Sister's Keeper analyzes the meaning of being a competent parent, a competent sister, a competent person. Is it ethically appropriate to do what is required to protect a young person's life, no matter if that requires overstepping the rights of someone else? Is it worthwhile attempting to find out who you truly are, if that pursuit causes you to like yourself less? If you should obey your own heart, or allow others to guide you? Yet one more time, in My Sister's Keeper, Jodi Picoult undertakes a contentious real-life topic with poise, astuteness, and sensitivity.

Reviews The reason a reader chooses a novel is to discover the topic the book is based on, but cancer is usually not a topic to be explored. Some readers enjoy romance, mystery, and action; what drew me to My Sister’s Keeper, by Jodi Picoult, published in 2004, was drama. This is a story about a young girl with a life threatening cancerous tumor, but the story really focuses on the girl’s sister and how her parents used her body to try to cure her sister’s cancer. Even though the book is fiction, I was immediately caught up in the drama and couldn’t put it down. Anna Fitzgerald, the protagonist, is confused about the meaning of her life. She was born for the sole purpose to save her sister. Her parents did not intend to have another child, but when Kate, Anna’s sister, battles Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia and needs a bone marrow transplant her parents face a last resort. They create an “exact match” of Kate and name her Anna. She is just like an ordinary girl in appearance, but instead of playing with dolls, she faces intense treatments forced upon her by her parents to save her sister. When Anna is fed up with being poked and prodded she meets Campbell, a lawyer, and asks him to defend her in a lawsuit against her parents for the right to her own body. Campbell agrees to do it for free and the drama begins. Anna struggles to go through with the case because she lives in the same house with her parents and Kate. Anna remains brave even though she knows that if she wins her sister will die. The family is divided throughout the case and once the verdict is read there is one less plate set at the dinner table of the Fitzgerald home, but Jodi Picoult’s conclusions are never predictable. Flashbacks add to the drama and were my favorite part of the novel because they add background knowledge and insight to the deeper meaning of things. The most surprising twist was that Anna loves Kate and wants her to be well. The incredibly sad parts in the hospital made me cry. I didn’t know who to side with in the legal battle, but these parts were necessary because they enhanced the plot and made me want to find out the conclusion.

Picoult’s novel was packed with twists, turns, and tears. The struggle between the family with love, death, and immortality hold the book together and the realistic aspects intertwined throughout make it believable. This medical dilemma could happen to any family dealing with cancer. What would you do to save your child? What ethical boundaries would you push? I could not agree more with the San Jose Mercury News’ review, “Full of insight, inspiration, and heartbreak… Picoult’s handling of the central issue is flawless.” Anna and Kate will have a place in my memory and heart forever. I felt like I became apart of the Fitzgerald family and personally knew them both. Picoult did a phenomenal job developing the characters and I would recommend this book to anyone who likes drama.

A compelling story about a young girl who does not want to give her sister her own kidney, My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult, sheds light on a contemporary struggle. Who knew that donating your organ to your own sister could be a questionable act, especially when you're only thirteen. Anna, however, has undergone countless medical procedures that her life is no different than that of her cancer-stricken sister. Fighting to keep her own life, while allowing her beloved sister to suffer, Anna decides to sue her parents for her right to make her own decisions and become medically emancipated. In this novel, Picoult does a great job convincing the readers that perhaps saving another's life isn't greater than saving one's own life. From, birth Anna has already made donations of organs to her sister without her knowing it. At the age of adolescence, one begins to question things in order to find their own identity. Anna is just like any other teenager finding herself. Throughout the court case, Anna shows her struggle and her surprising maturity. Even her dad surprisingly accepts the fact that Anna's decisions has some value to it, and he begins to support her. In order to save a life, another life will be lost. If Anna donates her kidney to her sister, Kate will be saved, but in return her life won't be normal. But if Anna wants her life to be normal, her sister's life will be lost. Most people will think that there shouldn't be a conflict, but Picoult convinces her readers that Anna's decision to comply to donating her kidney to Kate is not an easy decision.

"My Sister's Keeper" by Jodi Picoult is a book that focuses on thirteen-year-old Anna and her older sister, Kate. Kate has cancer, and Anna is her organ donor. Throughout the story, you get an opportunity to receive insight from different characters about their lives and situations, seeing as how the first-person narration switches throughout the chapters. Each character is unique, but there is one element that brings them all together: love. Personally, I loved this book. It brought out every emotion in me: I laughed, I cried, and I even became upset at some points. I could relate to every character, and as I read, I felt as though I was experiencing everything they went through. Although the genre is fiction, it contains real-life values and situations that everybody can learn from. I also enjoyed the fact that the book was written with much detail, yet still easy to follow. If you love Nicholas Sparks novels, you'll love "My Sister's Keeper." It contains the same subjects as many of his books, such as romance, loss, and family. This is a book I would recommend to anyone willing to take some time to appreciate the life lessons and important elements within the story. They can change your outlook on life, just like they changed mine.

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