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My Sister's Keeper Kindle Edition by Jodi Picoult

Click Here to Download the Book New York Times best selling author Jodi Picoult is broadly renowned for her shrewd observations into the hearts and minds of genuine individuals. Now she relates the poignantly gripping saga of a family ripped to pieces by contradictory desires and an impassioned love that wins over human frailty. My Sister's Keeper analyzes the meaning of being a competent parent, a competent sister, a competent person. Is it ethically appropriate to do what is required to protect a young person's life, no matter if that requires overstepping the rights of someone else? Is it worthwhile attempting to find out who you truly are, if that pursuit causes you to like yourself less? If you should obey your own heart, or allow others to guide you? Yet one more time, in My Sister's Keeper, Jodi Picoult undertakes a contentious real-life topic with poise, astuteness, and sensitivity.

Reviews In My Sister's Keeper, Jodi Picoult brings to life the questions of stem cell research and genetic engineering through the book's main character, Anna, and her family. Anna, at age 13 has given bone marrow, stem cells and blood to her older sister Kate. And now her parents are asking her to give Kate a kidney as well. After all, it's what Anna was born to do. When Kate was diagnosed with a rare form of Leukemia at age 3, her parents decided to have another child, genetically engineered to be a match to Kate and hopefully to save Kate's life. Now, 13 years later, Anna is tired of being a pin cushion and is seeking legal action to keep her parents from making her give a kidney - which may save Kate, but puts Anna's life in danger. When I first heard about this book, I couldn't understand how anybody wouldn't do everything possible to try to save a family member, but after reading this book I felt I really understood how that type of decision could be made, although it would be difficult. Picoult does an amazing job of showing this from everyone's perspective, including the defending lawyer's position. There were a few cheesy parts in there, and some predictable story lines, but for the most part I found this book to be a well-written and captivating read. And it made me cry, a lot, so it gets a high rating. Also, I found it difficult to believe that Anna was only 13 in the book. Her thoughts and actions seemed much more mature than that of any 13-year-old I've ever met. It was the one thing that kept stopping me throughout the book, but I just had to accept it and move on. All in all I really liked this book. It got me to think about a subject I've never given much thought to. It also really made me think about what it must be like to be a parent trying to save a child with leukemia, and it made me wonder at what point they should give up.

In this thought provoking page-turner, family, friends, death, sickness, health, ethics, maturity, and love are all explored in great detail. For some readers, that may seem like an overwhelming cornucopia of topics, but don't let it scare you off. Jodi Picoult does a fantastic job of balancing all of these elements. In fact, the book is so spellbinding I already have six friends lined up to borrow it. I never dreamed I would be riveted by a story about a 13-year-old who is balancing life between a beloved leukemia-ridden sister and her own medically worn body and soul. She fluctuates between desperately wanting to keep her family together and wanting to make decisions about her own body. I found myself equally torn as the story unfolds through the Picoult's clever use of six different story tellers. Don't be fooled: this book isn't all about medical terminology and courtroom drama. There are bits of comedy woven throughout that make it seem so realistic you will swear you're experiencing their lives right along with them. Be prepared for the ultimate plot twist and keep a box of tissues nearby.

This book never fails to tug at the heartstrings. Nice pace, I love it !! Plus, I love how the movie has an ending that's different from the book. But I pick up this book cos I like the movie first so Im not the biggest Picoult fan out there. Read a preview of Handle With Care I feel like Picoult's following a tried and tested, AND successful formula of writing about a convolution of what's morally and what's ethically right. This may not be true, but I actually have no wish to go further than My Sister's Keeper. Reasons why I love this book (other than the movie factor) : #1 She actually has an eye for life's detail. So many times into the book I thought to myself 'hey I remember feeling this way but I didn't pay much attention to it then' but there right before my eyes, she string my passing thoughts so perfectly with her words. #2: The characters were portrayed, perfect. You can totally understand why the story turn out the way it is. #3: Fires and stars have been consistently and cleverly woven into the fabric of each characters' lives and you can actually see how the head of the household Brian has a quiet influence on his family. A beautiful book. If you need a tearjerker, try this. Or The Lovely Bones.

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My sister's keeper kindle edition