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Inheritance Download by Christopher Paolini

Click Here to Download the Book Only a short time ago, Eragon - Shadeslayer, Dragon Rider--was just an impoverished farm boy, and his dragon, Saphira, merely a blue stone in the woodland. Now the destiny of a whole society is weighted on their shoulders. Lengthy months of practice and conflict have delivered triumphs and optimism, but they have additionally delivered agonizing loss. And yet, the true fight lies in the future: they must face Galbatorix. When they do, they must be powerful enough to conquer him. And if they are not successful, no one can be. There will be only one chance. Eragon and his dragon have progressed beyond what anyone ventured to long for. But will they be able to overthrow the wicked king and return lawfulness to AlagaĂŤsia? And if they can, at what price? This is the much-awaited, astounding ending to the world wide best selling Inheritance cycle.

Reviews I can't believe the amount of time that must have went into writing this book, let alone the whole amazing series. Christopher Paolini probably has one of the most creative minds in the world. The creatures and characters he comes up with are simply mind-blowing; the detail in each one makes them seem like they're reality. Yet at the same time, throughout the whole series, he comes up with a balance between the characters. Not just one or two characters being the "Unstoppable Mastermind", each characters have their limits and weaknesses. One thing I loved about this was the magic perspective. In most books, I HATE magic. For example, I can't stand Harry Potter. Magic in this book is controlled. Only a few people have the ability to use it and when they do, it uses ALOT of their energy. This means the book doesn't turn into a crazed world full of maniacs flying around on broomsticks playing sports and lighting everything on fire. I also love the connection and bonds between the dragons and the riders and the sinister feel of the Empire. My favorite race have to be the elves. From the start they were loyal, brave intelligent and powerful. They worked in perfect cooperation with eachother and as symbiotic organisms with the earth and nature. This book was also my favorite of the series, I had waited in anticipation for months and finally when I heard that it was released, I leapt up and ran to the bookshop. This book, I think, was the longest. I love long books, as long as they are good and not total blabber throughout the whole story. The war scenes were spectacularly conjured, with amazing battles and duels. This Book is no match for any other.

Inheritance was a spellbinding end to a great series with masterful word-smithing done by none other then

Christopher Paolini. It is an enthralling read that follows three characters heavily entwined in fate - the last free dragon rider, Eragon, his cousin, Roran, in his attempt to overthrow the tyrannical and oppressive King Galbatorix. As well as traitorous rider to both sides of the war, Murtagh, the elder brother of Eragon, imprisoned by oaths. As the fate of civilizations rest heavily on Eragon's shoulders, he must work through the ambivalent grays within politics, fight endless battles against conniving monsters, deal with heartbreak, rejection, betrayal, loss and sacrifice. Roran, must also fight through his own demons while desperately trying to keep his loved ones safe in such treacherous times. Murtagh on the otherhand, is in constant doubt of his moral compass and resents both sides in the war for ripping away what could have been the simple life he wanted. This final book draws the reader in from the start, setting a fiery pace right where the third book, Brisingr, left off - Laying siege on Belatona, with the rebels, the Varden, where Eragon's dragon narrowly escapes death. Then in an attempt to find Roran's betrothed, he is captured by an ancient race of monsters from which he must fight his way out of, but not before facing demons from the past. In the meantime, Murtagh struggles internally for his love for -once friend and leader of the Varden- Nasuada, or dwell in bitter resentment of the unjust way the Varden had treated him. The final showdown between Galbatorix, Eragon and Murtagh is a spectacularly gripping piece; the end being clever and avoiding the pitfall clichĂŠs that many other novels fall into. This is truly an exciting, nerve-wracking, brilliant conclusion that does not disappoint!

Inheritance is the fourth and final installment of Christopher Paolini's bestselling Inheritance cycle. From the first page we are instantly drawn back into the meticulously detailed world of Alagaesia, where together the mystical races of human, dwarf, elf and urgals to name a few have joined forces to bring down evil King Galbatorix. Personally Inheritance is my favorite book in the series, I really felt like I was part of the journey and not just an outsider looking in. I not only read the words on the page but I felt them, I shed tears of joy, tears of sorrow and laughed with the characters. However most of all I loved the unpredictability of the plot twists and turns which had me reading until the early hours of the morning several nights in a row. Paolini neatly tied together the loose ends but I like the way he left Eragon's future open ended as it gives me hope we may one day be returned by Paolini to the world Alagaesia and perhaps Eragon and Saphira. In my reading of the text the Inheritance cycle did not only explore the obvious themes of good versus evil but it dealt with bigger issues of racial conflict and reconciliation in the way the people of Carvahall, the dwarves, elves and urgals put aside their conflicts and worked together to create history and change the fate of Alagaesia. Whilst throughout was also a message of hope as even when the hardship struck and the outcome of the quest looked bleak something would occur to once again make us believe bringing down Galbatorix was still a possibility. I strongly reccomend the Inheritance cycle to fans of "Lord of the Rings" and "Game of Thrones"

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