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Inheritance Audiobook by Christopher Paolini

Click Here to Download the Book Only a short time ago, Eragon - Shadeslayer, Dragon Rider--was just an impoverished farm boy, and his dragon, Saphira, merely a blue stone in the woodland. Now the destiny of a whole society is weighted on their shoulders. Lengthy months of practice and conflict have delivered triumphs and optimism, but they have additionally delivered agonizing loss. And yet, the true fight lies in the future: they must face Galbatorix. When they do, they must be powerful enough to conquer him. And if they are not successful, no one can be. There will be only one chance. Eragon and his dragon have progressed beyond what anyone ventured to long for. But will they be able to overthrow the wicked king and return lawfulness to AlagaĂŤsia? And if they can, at what price? This is the much-awaited, astounding ending to the world wide best selling Inheritance cycle.

Reviews I started with the books when they were first released, and did not enjoy the third book very much. I thought the plot meandered along, and was downright bored, and vowed to not spend my money on the next one. So, I patiently waited to get a copy of Inheritance from my library, because I did want to see how everything came out ...and I will be adding my own copy to my library at some point. I loved this. I couldn't wait to see what was going to happen. I could not imagine that a character as gifted as Eragon could create the tension to keep the story interesting -- he would have to get bigger than Galbatorix at some point. And then he didn't. And the author did not seem to lose his story in the details as he did before -he kept the plot moving. And I liked that not all mysteries were resolved, the big ones were, and hugely so...I knew that meant the possibility of further stories. Also, although this was a fantastic, huge yarn, it was grounded it the experience of being human. We don't know everything that there is to know, and it seems that not everything should be explained in Alagaesia. Highly recommend. If you get bored with the series, just stick with it, it is well worth the time and money invested in the end.

This book called Inheritance is a brilliant book by Chistopher Paolini. Inheritance is the fourth book of the Inheritance series (the first book is Eragon). The genre of this book is mainly fantasy, with a bit of adventure. I would recommend this book to older kids, as young children may not understand some of the vocabulary. You may be wondering what this extremely thick book is about. It's about a boy named Eragon, who was an ordinary boy living on a farm a few months ago. Now he is a dragon rider, who has already been trained by Oromis ( One of the greatest and wisest riders in existence). He has fought many battles with Saphira (his dragon), but he has yet to face Galbotorix. Will he be able to defeat Galbotorix, or will he perish like the other riders who have attempted to kill the great king before?

There are certain bits of this book when it is very boring, but if you force yourself to continue, it becomes really interesting. It is quite hard to predict what is going to happen next in this book. I like this book because the storyline is interesting, and most of the time, I cannot put this book down. Christopher Paolini is a great writer, and is very detailed and descriptive.

I loved this book. Inheritance is easily Christopher Paolini's greatest work yet. The entire series is probably my favorite set of books in the world, but if you are looking into reading Inheritance, be sure to read the first three books (Eragon, Eldest, and Brisingr) as they are nearly just as good as the last but are crucial to the plot. The reasons that I believe that this book is one of the world's greatest modern fictions is due to its plot, creativity, and Paolini's amazing writing style. The series is about a simple farm-boy living in a medieval style world ruled by a ruthless leader. The boy stumbles upon a item that changes his and all lives of the land forever: a dragon egg. What I believes make this story unique is that the plot does not simply tell of Eragon (the farm-boy)'s adventures, it shows him maturing and growing in a way that makes the reader even more attached to the character. The plot in the final book is constantly taking unexpected turns surprising twists. Paolini's writing adds to the book by not only keeping the events fresh and easy to understand, but puts the reader on the edge of their seat and in constant view of many characters. The story is formatted so that every few chapters the point of view is switched between characters. However, it is easy to distinguish the characters personalities and keep up with their separate lives. In other words, Christopher Paolini tells several stories so effectively that each is clear to understand, yet it can and will be intertwined with all the others at several points throughout the entire book. The creativity put into this book is amazing. I felt overwhelmed at times when reading this book, for I felt that I was becoming part of another world. There are several different languages used in this book (including the one used to control magic), all created from the author's imagination. The creatures, history of the land, and the land itself are all fantastically created and depicted in this novel. Another huge factor that sets this book apart from others is the fact that it goes into political details. Cities are not simply taken over and forgotten, they must be governed and kept under control. Eragon must chose which political figures his loyalties lie with to determine the future of himself and much of the land. Finally, Inheritance easily has one of the greatest (and one of the most agonizing) endings to any book and/or series in history. Due to the authors fantastic writing, creativity, gripping plot ideas, and the success of the preceding books, Inheritance is a fantastic read. The only question left is why you haven't picked up this book yet!

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Inheritance audiobook  
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