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Click Here to Download the Book New York Times best selling author Jodi Picoult is broadly renowned for her shrewd observations into the hearts and minds of genuine individuals. Now she relates the poignantly gripping saga of a family ripped to pieces by contradictory desires and an impassioned love that wins over human frailty. My Sister's Keeper analyzes the meaning of being a competent parent, a competent sister, a competent person. Is it ethically appropriate to do what is required to protect a young person's life, no matter if that requires overstepping the rights of someone else? Is it worthwhile attempting to find out who you truly are, if that pursuit causes you to like yourself less? If you should obey your own heart, or allow others to guide you? Yet one more time, in My Sister's Keeper, Jodi Picoult undertakes a contentious real-life topic with poise, astuteness, and sensitivity.

Reviews A seemingly normal family consisting of 2 parents and 3 children is faced with making life-and-death decisions that no family should have to make. Each member is, at times, pitted against another and then, just as quickly, finds him/herself supporting that same person as circumstances shift and awareness dawns on each person at different times and in different ways. The writing is beautiful, descriptive, emotional, and brutally honest in the context of this difficult topic. The main characters take turns narrating the story, so a single situation is often seen from multiple perspectives. This makes it easier for the reader to understand each character's position, but much more difficult to deem any character "good" or "bad"...which seems to be our typical inclination in any adversarial situation. As readers move through the story, they will experience love-hate relationships with all of the characters, making it hard to determine who's right and who's wrong and, ultimately, leading the reader to question his/her automatic tendency to dissect even the most complex situations into such simplistic parts and pieces. This book is a great read that engages both the reader's heart and mind. At the least, it is an enjoyable way to pass the time; at the most, it may actually change how the reader perceives controversial or adversarial situations by making it a little more difficult to assign fault or blame without knowing or considering the "whole story."

I loved My Sister’s Keeper. It was a thought-provoking novel that brought up the issue of family values. Anna was a child who was brought into the world using genetic altering so that she would be a perfect match for her sister Kate who has a very aggressive form of Leukemia. The idea was for Anna to be able to donate he blood, bone marrow or what ever else Kate needed in order to keep her sister alive. The novel is written in fist person accounts from all of the main character. In each chapter the characters take turns telling the story form their own perspective or adding to the story by sharing additional flashbacks or thoughts. The book brings up the

thought of loosing someone you love so much but knowing that it may be time to give up the battle and let them go. When Anna eventually sues her family for medical emancipation it makes you think about the story from her side. How she has to spend countless nights in the hospital, undergoing countless procedures without thanks just to save her dying sister. The controversy brings up a whole new issues and by being able to see what all of the characters are thinking the controversy is no longer one sided. At first it seems as though Anna should be correct and what she is arguing about is completely valid but as soon as you read about it from the other characters points of view you begin to realize that maybe what Sara was doing was right and that Anna should want to go through all these procedures just to save her sister, and that her suing her family is unjust and selfish. I really enjoyed this book because it gets you thinking, and unlike most books, it exposes multiple sides to the same story.

Having read about half a dozen Picoult novels, I have come to both appreciate and be critically aware of he style and predictable character developments. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by this book. While much of her other work resembles previous styles, this one is unique in both style and characterization. A story that focuses on a family struggling with keeping a life together that is attacked from all fronts by situations in the lives of each of the three children. Jessie, the oldest, is a rebellious and mischievous teenager with a proclivity for getting into trouble; Kate, the middle, is a girl who has struggled her whole life with a rare form of leukemia which strains the energy and life of the family the most; and Anna, the baby, was conceived with the design for and intent of providing the necessary biological material that needed to be donated to sustain Kate's life. Anna, 13, files a petition in court to be given the right to make her own medical decisions in order to not have to give a kidney to her sister at her parent's insistence. The story changes perspective in every chapter, providing the reader with an insider's perspective on the thoughts, experiences and memories of each of the main characters. This is very well done. The only downside, in my opinion, is the change of font with each change in narrator. It is a bit distracting, but eventually becomes overlooked. You will be taken on a roller-coaster ride of emotions as you love-hate-love-hate each character and reach a surprising climactic end. Wonderfully written, this is a must-read novel!

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