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Download Cold Mountain Online by Charles Frazier

Click Here to Download the Book The protagonist of Charles Frazier's initial novel is Inman, a disenchanted Confederate soldier who did not die as presumed after being gravely injured in a conflict In the course of the final days of the Civil War. Instead of hanging around to be sent back to the front lines, the soul-sick Inman runs off, and commences on a perilous and solitary journey through the traumatized South, making his way home to North Carolina and endeavoring solely to be rejoined with his dearest, Ada, who herself has been striving to keep up the family homestead she inherited. Cold Mountain is a intensely-imagined addition to the printed works of one of the most transformational eras in the history of America.

Reviews I got this book for my wife for Christmas because I wanted her to learn more about my native North Carolina and, since it was described as a powerful romance, I figured she would read it. The Civil War side of it also attracted me to it. In our interests we are pretty much generic male and female. I got more than I bargained for. My wife's first reaction as she began to get into the book was how beautifully written, how artful, how powerful it was. Then I noticed that as she got nearer to the end reading time began to intrude into time when she was supposed to be doing something else. She couldn't put it down until she had finished. I picked it up as soon as she was done and enjoyed it at least as much as she did. The story starts a little slowly, but it gets more interesting with every page. In addition to the unexpected literary quality, what struck me was the authenticity of the characters in their manner of speech and behavior as well as the loving picture that Mr. Frazier paints of their hardscrabble, close-to-nature existence. Many of the expressions I heard from my older relatives as a boy I saw on the printed page here for the first time. My father's paternal grandfather from the North Carolina foothills fought in Lee's army and was eventually captured at The Wilderness. His maternal grandfather, from the same region, according to family legend hid out in the mountains during the war and later served as a legislator in the carpetbag government in Raleigh. One of my father's earliest recollections, he told me, was listening to these two grandfathers arguing politics. Now I think I know a lot more about what they must have gone through in this very trying time. Thank you, Charles Frazier.

What a beautiful Civil War story. Set among the Blueridge Mountains, a wounded soldier, Inman, contemplates life as he lies recuperating in a hospital. Thinking that war has ruined him enough, he decides that he either needs to separate himself from the brutality of humanity and become a hermit, or return home to Ada, the girl he left behind, and attempt to repair his damaged spirit. From the moment Inman steps through the hospital window on the start of his journey, the reader is led as an

onlooker, experiencing the merciful kindness and companionship of those who help him on his journey home, and the baseness of those impeding his way, always with the fear that he will be captured and returned to the fighting, or killed in his perilous dealings. Ada has a journey of her own, living alone in Black Cove after the death of her father. Raised as a city girl in Charleston, she experiences her own personal road of hardship as she learns to love the mountains and the demands of the farming life she never intended to have. Through each character, the realities of war are placed before the reader with the question changing from: why are we still fighting, to: is it really worth it? The decimation of families, decline of business and prosperity, moral decay and the inner searching for meaning all hit home through the daily dealings of these two and their hope for a better world...if they can only be together. A treasure to read for its perfectly detailed settings and landscapes, and for the understated emotion that plods along like a familiar path, leading where you want to go.

I read this book with a flashlight during Hurricane Isabel. I could NOT put it down. I found the characters fascinating, complex and yet very easy to know. Frazier is able to bring life to his characters and you becoming sincerely invested in their emotions and their trials. I love that the women in this book are strong and yet feminine and conversely, the men are manly without being macho. There is a real yin and yang to this story. I especially enjoyed the alternating chapters going from Ada's point of view during the war to Inman's. Although there are some dry moments in the book, so as in real life, the overall story is gripping, emotionally charged and very realistic. I recently went to see the film and was not at all disappointed by the conversion from book to movie. It was a delight although the subject matter is very grim at times and hard to watch. I think this book will become a classic. It has all of the ingredients of such- strong characters, a gripping tale, wonderful descriptions and the timeless, human need to return home. Touching, beautifully written- a real joy to experience. I have bought this book as a gift for a few friends because I feel it is more than a story. It is an experience.

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Download cold mountain online  
Download cold mountain online