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Defending Jacob Download by William Landay Click Here to Download the Book For the past twenty years, Andy Barber has been a happily married, respected assistant D.A. in a small Massachusetts town. Within weeks, his professional situation and marriage crumble under the pressure of a case involving the stabbing murder of a teenager. Barber's suspicions originally focus on a neighborhood pedophile, but before long, damaging evidence mounts that incriminates Jacob, his own 14-year-old son. Caught between desperation, loyalty, and instinct, the tenacious prosecutor struggles to make sense of disturbing revelations. Already a Dagger Award winner, William Landay's Defending Jacob brilliantly combines the best features of a gripping psychological thriller, a realistic courtroom drama, and a moving portrait of a family in meltdown.

Reviews You feel like your in this book This book grabs you from the first page! It's heart racing, strong filled with emotions and you feel like your the parents! It really puts you in perspective of what it would be like if this was your child. I couldn't put the book down! It takes you right into the story and you can feel every turn, every emotion, everything that the author is writing!!

Superb Courtroom Drama! William Landay knocked my socks off with this thriller that grabbed me from the first page and didn't let go until the last sentence. The book shows how the judgment of the most professional people can be skewed when they get emotionally involved in their work with a relative. Andrew Barber is an Assistant District Attorney called upon to open an investigation into the murder of a teen. Andrew decides to take it on himself and doesn't get swayed by the fact that the victim was a student in the same school as Andrew's teen son. When some troubling things seem to give clues pointing to his son (Jacob), Andrew brushes them away. Even when his son becomes the prime suspect, Andrew chooses to look towards another suspect. Andrew's actions will later come into question and he will have to defend what he did to the man who was eager to take his job. Andrew must also confront his "hidden" past and the author brings into play the theory of a "murder gene" where the tendency to be violent is passed down from father to son through the genes. A pure "tour de force." Should not be missed!

Waiting for the movie! One of the best books I have read in years. I found myself bouncing back and forth with, "he did it! No he couldn't have done it! Oh my God, maybe he did do it!" Even with all the evidence piling up, and the psychological profile against his son, Andy had me seeing through his blind eyes right up until the very end. And then I STILL found myself wanting to give his son the benefit of doubt! After I finished the book, I was still so engrossed in the story that I felt compelled to explain the whole darn thing to my husband! I read alot and have NEVER described in detail any book to my husband. I couldn't seem to get the story out of my head. That's how good this book is. It will draw you in and take your breath away. The ending...oh my God, the ending. You won't see it coming.

Highly Recommend A child is murdered on his way to school. ADA Andy Barber decides to keep the case, seeing no conflict based on the fact his son, Jake, is another 8th grader at the same school. Until Jake is charged with murder. How well does anyone know their child? When students are finally interviewed concerning the murder, Andy discovers maybe he doesn't know his son as well as he'd thought. After being removed from the case, Andy sets out to prove his son innocent. Having spent years in the DA's office, he knows all too well the 'tricks of the trade', that guilty/innocent doesn't matter as much as the conviction rate. Does he have to prove this to his wife Laurie too? Defending Jacob will keep you reading, turning page after page as evidence is gathered. You'll feel the ostracism from the community. And you'll probably be able to understand.

Rivals To Kill a Mockingbird While no book could ever rival the famous legal classic (and deservedly so), William Landay has managed to weave the righteousness, morality, and character of Atticus Finch with the foibles of a powerful and sometimes weak man. Andrew Barber's commitment to his job as prosecutor and father are diametrically opposed in this page turner. The character development, normally a tedious process of childhood traumas and shadowy, evil characters of a long ago past, is set as a vague background, alluding to what Andy strives to overcome an eventually must face. Told through the viewpoint of only Andy, he splinters in polar directions, as a prosecutor, a father, husband, and community member. The story is always the main character of the book. It will keep you guessing until the very last page, a shocker and well worth the wait.

Move over John Grisham, there's a new writer in town! Although I know that William Landay is anything but a "new" writer, he is new to me, and he is WONDERFULLY TALENTED. I was drawn in by the first page. Mr. Landay weaves his story so tightly that before you know it you are captive in his web. More later when I'm done! I am SO glad that I won this book, I can't even tell you how exciting it is to add a "new" author to my shelves - Harlan Coben is one of my favorites, and Landay writes as well as "seasoned" Coben (let's face it, Coben has GROWN to be a "master" writer, he wasn't one with his first books, he was only good). Anyway, more later![author:William Landay|218843] I cannot praise this book enough, it's everything, intriguing, thought-provoking, and plausible. I'm so thrilled that I've recently seen this book highlighted on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other sites. He's climbing the charts like a fast train, and I recommend you take a ride. I was so impressed that I got copies for everyone in my sister's book club. All I ask is that Landay keep writing; I promise, I'll keep buying!

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