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Cold Mountain Online Download by Charles Frazier

Click Here to Download the Book The protagonist of Charles Frazier's initial novel is Inman, a disenchanted Confederate soldier who did not die as presumed after being gravely injured in a conflict In the course of the final days of the Civil War. Instead of hanging around to be sent back to the front lines, the soul-sick Inman runs off, and commences on a perilous and solitary journey through the traumatized South, making his way home to North Carolina and endeavoring solely to be rejoined with his dearest, Ada, who herself has been striving to keep up the family homestead she inherited. Cold Mountain is a intensely-imagined addition to the printed works of one of the most transformational eras in the history of America.

Reviews Cold Mountain, the book, is a masterpiece. In fact, it is one of my all time favorite novels. Of books I have read in the past 10-15 years, this one stands out as THE Great American Novel. Inman's journey is not just one in which he tries to get home to Ada, but it is a Homerian odyssey of the human spirit, the deep emotional and psychological scars left by the Civil War. The film was a travesty. It was miscast completely. Jude Law and Nicole Kidman were horrid as Inman and Ada, but Rene Zellwegger was the true joke of the film, absurdly cast as Ruby. More importantly, it lacked the poetry of Charles Frazier's prose. Never has a film been so anticipated by me and been so cruelly disappointing, even at the directorial helm of the very capable Anthony Minghella. But the novel... ahhh...captivating. From the first page I was drawn in by the style of Charles Frazier's writing and the lushness of his descriptions. It was as close to perfection as a book can be.

Firstly, I must say this isn't a book for everybody. It especially isn't for young people who cannot concentrate long enough nor do not have an interest in the civil war era. However, if you are looking for a novel that will require your full undivided attention, this is it. In other words, this is the one for very mature adults. The novel works because of its lush, evocative language. Frazier definitely understood the era he was writing about and he understood the period and the land of the time. This comes across perfectly in the way he wrote this novel. So what results is that it's not purely descriptive. It's a novel about the Civil war era, written in the style of that era. A rare achievement. The main character's perilous journey is one where you cannot help but feel involved in somehow. You will find yourself almost willing him on all the way through the novel. The fact that you know what is happening at home further encourages this. Finally, the ending made me cry. It didn't make cry straight away, it made cry after I thought about it days and days later. If you're looking for a novel that will make you cry many days later and in your memory for a long time, this one is it.

Finally, I must reiterate, this isn't for younger readers who wants a story told quickly and efficiently. It's strictly for the mature-minded reader who has the patience and who wants to regain that "old consciousness" that we rarely find these days in novels.

Oh, how I loved this book! Frazier has crafted a fascinating tale of a wounded soldier, Inman, who begins a very long and dangerous walk home towards the end of the Civil War. He's working his way back to Cold Mountain in the southern Blue Ridge Mountains, and his beloved sweetheart, Ada, who is struggling to maintain her father's farm after his death. The chapters alternate in telling about Inman and Ada. We meet the people Inman encounters along the way those who are kind to him, and those who want to imprison or kill him. And we see how ill-equipped Ada is in her new role of farmer, since she led a sheltered, privileged life in Charleston before her preacher father took them on a " mission" to the rugged mountains. The book is based on stories passed down from Frasier's great-great grandfather, family stories and local history. Frasier has taken all that research and created an unforgettable tale of love and loss, hope and despair, and the horrors of war. He weaves local lore (and wonderful use of language) into an engrossing story that keeps interest and curiosity high.

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